Sherry Katz – Another New OT VIII Declares Her Conscience

Sherry Katz with her daughter

Sherry Katz with her daughter

In support of Mary Jo Leavitt, whom I consider to be a friend and whom I’ve known over the years as a trustworthy, hard working and totally dedicated Scientologist, it is time I stand up and declare my position.

My “stats”: New OTVlll(attested 2003), GAT Class IV(uninterned), Flag WUS OTC member 13 years(1994-2007) while also Pasadena Org OTC member 2003 till 2007 , IAS WUS Membership Committee Chairman 1995-2000, Founding member OSA gung-ho group “Jewish Scientologists for Religious Freedom” having been part of an investigatory mission in Germany under OSA in 1993, IAS Patron with Honors plus ($140,000 in donations total), Vol 0, Vol 5, 3rd Class Missionaire, Fully Hatted Interned Supervisor, Fully hatted and Gold Sealed Examiner, Fully Hatted and Gold Sealed Dir of Validity, Fully Hatted Course Administrator, FSM, Pasadena Ideal Org contributor over $40,000.00, Pasadena Org staff (Tech Sec) Jan 2007- June 2008(incomplete 2 ½ yr contract), 36 years a devoted Scientologist.

After writing extensive Knowledge Reports on the situations within the current Churches of Scientology delivery orgs and management orgs, and after doing extensive research looking for answers where none could/would be found internally, I feel it is my duty to make it known that I cannot, in good conscience, any longer support the current management of the Church of Scientology. I am hereby exercising my right to relinquish my support to what has become a suppressive, abusive entity. I am also exercising my right to Freedom of Speech. It is stated beautifully by LRH in The Creed of the Church of Scientology :  “We of the Church believe that all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

While there is much to the back story of how my decision came to pass, not the least of which were my experiences at Flag and the Freewinds after my New OTVlll attest in 2003, I thought, for simplicity’s sake, I would include one of the KRs I wrote. This one especially sums up the scene at the local Class V org level after the Basics release in June of 2007. I was on staff at the time as the Tech Sec of Pasadena Org in Southern California . This report was written while I was in progress on a much more extensive 65 page report that I later sent to ten different uplines terminals.


RTC for Admin                                              cc: ED INT
RTC for Tech                                                   COB RTC

Tech Sec Pasadena
Sherry Katz

Knowledge Report
Re: The Basics

Dear Sirs,

As we are now almost a year gone by since the release of the Basics and due to the increase of attacks on the Church, I find that I must write up some observations and situations that may be of interest and may also be contributing to the enemy lines.

The reference that most comes to mind about attacks is from KSW #1 where LRH states, “Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results.”

Here is what I have observed and experienced.

1)      for months up until about 3 months ago, calls were coming in at all hours of the day and night, sometimes as late as 1am in the morning from staff calling to sell the Basics. I personally received about 5 calls a day or more even on my cell phone which number I have only given to a few individual staff members and was not for public broadcast. I had many public who were not pleased about this. Some actually changed their phone numbers, others got angry, others simply would not pick up. At times, I had trouble getting the PCs to pick up the phone when I called as they thought they were going to get into a reg cycle on the Basics. The staff who were calling came from everywhere: orgs, upper orgs, CLO, OSA, etc. I noticed that PAC BASE staff looked tired and stressed. At Pasadena Org, CLO staff like the A/Tech Aide and the Greater LA Programs chief  visit our org to specifically sell Basics to the staff and/or public while our org was suffering and is still suffering badly and is in need of help from management(I’ve written a huge report on this separately and sent up lines)

2)      Our Outer Org trainees that we’ve sent to Flag, (________and _________) are being used, along with other outer org trainees, to do call in for the Basics after their study time, violating HCO PL “Technical Training Corps”. Then they have been too tired to study and move slowly, also violating “Student’s Guide to Acceptable Behavior”. We have had the parents of both of these trainees calling our Qual Sec wondering what’s going on. The intention is supposed to be that our trainees go and come back quickly and that exact point was a selling point to get our org to fill their IGNW 29 B complement: that our trainees would get through their programs fast, fast and fired back to the org.  Our Qual Sec (SSO HFA) has been writing telexes about this and CSWs to get it stopped.

3)      My Class Vl Auditor, _________ who also doubles as the C/S in our org was called on her cell phone which she had by her bed one Friday night in case of an emergency with her daughter. At 12:45 am she heard the phone ringing and picked it up thinking something was wrong. It was one of the MAAs from the AO who wanted to sell her another set of the Basics. (my auditor) was dead asleep getting ready for a morning session the next day and after 10 minutes of the staff member refusing to let her go back to bed, she got angry. The next day, Saturday, I received a verbal order from I believe our ED or OES stating that (_____) was to report to the AO Chief MAA right away that minute. On asking why, there was no explanation. (____) was set to take a PC in but called AO to find out what it was all about. She was simply told that she HAD to come in right then. Instead of violating the Auditor’s Code, I had her take her PC in, write up her folders and finish the C/Sing and then go to AO. Once she got to AO, she told me that she was reprimanded for “being rude” to the MAA on the phone at 1am but that the bottom line was another long reg cycle to buy another set of books for her sister, the AO wanting her to use money she has on account for auditing to do so. She refused.

4)      A week or two after the Basics came out, I had an ASHO F tour come in during the day when I’m not on post. This occurs often that WIAC inspections and such are done in the day by ASHO F tech personnel when I’m not present. At any rate, my supervisor, (_____) was given a cram for a) not having PRO TRS course addendums attached to the PRO METERING course checksheets, stating to (my supervisor) that “you have to think with it” and that it’s “KSW 1” and b) for a person on the Dianetics Auditor Course(I believe a new person) having not been briefed on and sold the Basics. Both of these points are in direct violation of LRH policy “What is a Checksheet”(let alone the RTRC approved course specification of the addendum)and how to run a Division 6 courseroom (at our org the academy, basics, co audit and Div 6B courses are all collapsed). The person who wrote the cram was (_______)who is an ASHOF theory sup. In addition, another “cram” point was that (my supervisor) had a question on there being no addendum for the 0-1V Certainty checksheet(we had a student on it) The ASHO Sup states in the cram: “She(my supervisor) has no students on Academy Levels except one on 0-IV Certainty who is on the B and L Course, but who was not given an addendum because the addendum does not state it is for the “Certainty Course” specifically. I corrected her on this by referencing KSW #1”.

My supervisor told me that the ASHO F tour went ahead and attached Pro TRs addendums to our Pro-Metering student’s checksheets and to the Pro-metering blank checksheets in our filing cabinet. The “correction” for the above supposed outpoints given to my supervisor by the ASHO F sup was cramming on KSW 1, Tech Downgrade, Tech Degrades and Cutatives.

I telexed up the lines about this until the Sr. C/S WUS did indeed acknowledge that Pro TRs addendums were not meant for PRO METERING checksheets and acknowledging that  the next course Level 0 had all the prerequisites listed.

5) In a time when the pressure to get 10,000 Solo auditors on OTVll is at it’s highest and getting public to Flag a top priority and getting people through OTVll of vital importance, I have become privy to public that are being registrated and/or told that they have to/should buy Books and Lectures packages with their intensive money (extra Books and Lectures packages..not for themselves) esp. ones that are doing ethics cycles. A case in point is (________) who finally went down to finish her OTV and got into some kind of ethics cycle and was told by the MAA(I don’t know whom) that in order to get out of Liability she had to buy Books and Lectures packages. All the money she had was her money for her intensives. This she ended up spending on Books and Lectures packages.(which she is still trying to sell)  I personally received a phone call from her while she was at Flag asking if I knew anyone who wanted to buy a set from her. Her husband (____) and my ex husband (____) are good friends and (____) was not quite happy about this. In addition, there is no where in policy that states that an MAA or Ethics Officer should demand something in particular for someone’s Liability formula and insist they do a particular thing and not let them through their condition until they do so. Also, our PSS , (____) told me that on her recent last refresher, that she was registrated to buy Books and Lectures packages and use her Pledge intensive to do so and that it would be acceptable to not have her pledge intensive if she used it for Books and Lectures packages. (____) had no other funds to buy them with. There are a number of cycles like this that I’ve come across but the specific names I forget at the moment.

The main point of all this is that the vital Basics evolution that has, on one hand produced such spectacular results as I’ve ever witnessed in 35 years as a Scientologist, has, on the other hand,  turned into one big Stat Push by definition and policy, with crush sell techniques and the “selling” is not being done per LRH policy…the caring part appears to have gone out and it APPEARS that we as staff are only concerned with GI and getting stats up.  And this point I think is a major point that can especially be pushed by those who seek to cause unrest and spread enemy lines.

At any point where LRH policies are neglected (like What is a Checksheet) and crush sell techniques are used and the public see tired staff(how can staff study the Basics when they haven’t gotten enough sleep) and where management and staff are off post doing other things(like selling Basics), you get a “bad result” situation that can be used to fuel other non survival fires.

The above is true.

Sherry Katz Tech Sec Pasadena Org

NOTE: A permanent record of Sherry’s declaration of independence is on record at

79 responses to “Sherry Katz – Another New OT VIII Declares Her Conscience

  1. Sherry! So good to find you again and THANK YOU for standing up! Let’s get together soon…

  2. ThatsNotMyName

    Wow wow wow!!! WELL DONE! You guys are just… I’ve got no words. What a time to be a scientologist!
    Would the last OT VIII to leave the Church of Miscavology please turn out the lights…

  3. Sherry, Thank you for having the courage to stand up publicly to the oppression!


  4. martyrathbun09

    You all notice how their reports to the church jibe? They were reporting, unbeknown to one another, from thousands of miles apart. Axiom 19, baby.

  5. Sherry, Thank you for being an inspiration for our group and revealing the truth.

  6. “The essence of management is caring.” – LRH

    I really *get* that you care, Sherry, and I thank you for wearing your hat and caring for more than just your own skin.

  7. Thank you for standing up Sherry!

  8. I think the lights will be turned off very soon! It is so over -due. Also those of you check your statements from the FSO that is if you even get them anymore. Monies from accounts are missing and I personally know this to be true. Monies were offed and put into the big basic books push to save someone’s ass. Just more extortion. Lots of people are truly going free today! thanks. I feel like I am in the middle of 9-11 when the planes are being taken over and from the bak comes “Let’s Roll”. This is a great day for Freedom!!!!

  9. I’d LOVE to talk Mary Jo. I was blown away when I saw your face that I must have jumped 3 feet out of my chair. What a surprise! I expect to find many more of our OT Vlll friends here in the near future. What a year, huh?

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  11. Sherry – Fantastic! Well done! Thank you so much for keeping your integrity in. I love you and Mary Jo. 🙂

  12. Thanks Jeff. You have been such an inspiration for me and indeed, a driving force behind exposing the abuses rampant in Church management. Your Counterfeit Dreams blog is one of the most significant accounts of life at Int. Base…but just as significant, it is the account of a man with a dream, who devoted his life to following that dream, who gave his all to the realization of that dream until he could no longer give in good conscience. You deserve everything that is the best of life and may all your future dreams come to fruition.

  13. Hi Sherry! I know you, and appreciate that you have come out. That was an extraordinary KR! Thank you so much!

    I’m not an VIII, but I held a major volunteer post and am in the process of writing up a report that will complement yours. 🙂

  14. Well done Sherry!

    As I wrote to a good friend this just keeps on gettin’ better n’better 🙂

  15. Hi LadyAwake, I look forward to your report. If you want to contact me personally, I would enjoy that. Send communications to Marty and he will forward them to me.

  16. Yes Casey. That exact thing happened to a number of my friends including my husband. In his case, a book package just showed up on our doorstep from AOLA with an invoice written showing the salesperson to be the Chaplain AO. When my husband called to find out what happened, the Treasury person referred him back to the Chaplain who told him that there must have been some “miscommunciation”. The money was just taken out of his acct. without his knowledge(it’s his OT111 package). And he is not the only person I’ve heard the same story from.

  17. Okay, who’s next? Surely the Feshbachs or Craig Jensen can’t be that deaf, dumb and blind. Guys, step away from the money for a second and LOOK! That’s all LRH was ever trying to get us to do. LOOK!

  18. Well done Sherry! Your qualifications and KR are impressive.

    It’s fascinating to read all the KRs that were written months (or years) ago, acknowledged as handled by RTC, yet still persist as problems (never were handled) to this day. The RTC reports line is a very sad joke.

  19. Joe are you serious! the boys you mentioned will not step up come on not going to happen. Things are never as they seem. To Sherry MK, Well I suppose if everyone just says that’s it I want my remaining funds that you illegally took of my account what do you think would happen?

  20. Casey. If you haven’t demanded that the money be put back on your account(like we did) and the books returned, then I don’t see how you would get your money back. If you returned the books and/or did demand the illegally transferred funds back on your acct., sure, ask for a repayment. There’s plenty of people who have gotten their money on account back.

  21. What a brave lady! More power to her. Funny thing – those reports could have been written on the scene in the UK. Seems like it’s all the same situation everywhere.

  22. WOW! At this rate, the scientology cult will have no OTVIIIs! I like the line above where the person says will the last OTVIII to leave please turn turn out the lights?

    This is very validating of my decision to leave as a lower bridge type over 2 yrs ago. I always thought, “If an OTVIII leaves after everything they have experienced, it must be really jacked up!”


  23. Thanks Sherrymk I was told it was taken care of, the excuse was , “Oh that happen to many and those responsible where RPFed”. Well I was like excuse me. I received nothing and I have asked for remaining funds to be sent back and I kept receipts and statements. The last statements I ever received were dated 2000, I have not been back there since 1998 nor authorized anything, neither had other family members authorized anything be taken off.

    It was all pretty sneaky and illegal.

  24. Underground For Now

    Well done Sherry!

    The incident where your husband received books he did not order jarred my memory where I experienced a very similiar shipment. A full set of congress tapes I did not authorize.
    Came right out of my account at AOLA during the Basics Blitz. I tried to send the boxes back. NOT!!!
    The two Bridge sales people would not return my calls. I did not know to write a KR. Of course now I realize the KR would just sort of vaporize. I’ve been at this game with COS for over 40 years. This small group of “Independents” must keep putting the lies in front of the many who refuse to look at the truth.
    All of the Independents who are coming forward are the real heros. These folks should be getting the Freedom Medal.

  25. Well, I’m never really serious, but always hopeful.

  26. Everybody has to start emailing right now. Go on facebook and myspace and send them the link to this page with the two new OT VIII’s. Don’t get all complicated, just send them the link with a short message. Strike while the iron’s hot, do it right now! If you’re declared just do it anyways, with a fake name.

  27. I just wanted to say congratulations to Sherry for taking a stand. More news like this is great!

  28. I just received a Non-Compliance Report to the OT Ambassadors Program from the Ethics Section at FLAG. It reads:

    “There is a situation where very few of the 155 OT Ambassadors in the Clearwater field are actually working on the OT Ambassador project orders and getting products. Specifically, OT7g of the OT Ambassador Project Orders 2009 states: ‘Work with the FLAG Service Consultants in your area to get the lower level public in your field selected to FLAG to take advantage of the Flag Trained Grades Auditors who are standing ready to get the public in your field through their lower grades.’ Last week there were less than 25 public gotten to FLAG for the Grades by top FSM/OT Ambassadors across the entire planet.”

    “I myself have sent 3 emails to ask what prospects the different Clearwater OT Ambassadors have. We have also done technical briefings on the Grades at each of the last four OTC meetings. We have also gotten lists of all the possible Grades prospects in the local Clearwater area and given these out, etc. Despite this there has not been much of a response and there are very few FSMs who are also OT Ambassadors who report in with products.”

    “The above target was directed by COB RTC at Maiden Voyage 2009 and issued by the WDC for Ideal Orgs. I am reporting the following OT Ambassadors to HCO for non-compliance and no-report.”

    A list of 78 names of OT Ambassadors in the Clearwater area follows.

    I think this is working!

  29. Report on Buffalo,
    Talked to my Dad who’d recently tried to disseminate to this guy but the guy had gone to Buffalo org. The guy tried marriage counceling there but said it was horrible. He also said the org was empty. So this is one ideal org which I know to be a flap right now. That’s what happens when you use unusual solutions.

    Why not take all the Sea Org mission actions to boom orgs which is the tried and true method. It’s the Sea org missionaires working with dedicated staff which have made this happen where Ideal orgs have been successful, not the MEST of the building itself. See earlier posts on Ideal orgs to get a full picture of what’s actually happening and how this is a real estate push, LRH refs are included, you have to look earlier on this blog.

  30. Integrity, with a capital I !!!

  31. Craig Jensen and the Feshbacks are going to step up eventually.

  32. The words we legal types use to describe money on account being used for an unauthorised purpose include “stealing” and “conversion” and “stealing by direction”. It’s a crime. That’s why they have to give you the money back.

    Do it, Casey. Hold them accountable.

  33. Sherry, I am one of the people who has perpetrated “attacks” on the church. (By attacks, I mean I protested the abuses and I disseminated a lot of information about the CoS both online and to people in the media and government and law enforcement, where appropriate.)

    Reading your and Mary Jo’s KR’s, I feel so proud of you both. I support you for trying to get things put right and, when it didn’t work, for publicly distancing yourself from the organisation.

    I am not your enemy. I hope you already knew that, but thought I’d make sure.

    You guys – all on this site – are an answer to prayer. I support you as you work to put an end to the frauds and abuses and as you aim to practise scientology in a truly ethical way.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Heather is full of grace in my book.

  35. My father is very elderly and in a nursing home. He had money on account. I did go to get the books but was escorted out for I am supposed to be an SP. I got a golden note but no GRod.

    Anyhow I they would not let me have the books. So I thought that was the end of it. But last last year ASHO took that money on account in the local org and sent the basics to the nursing home without any one’s permission. The nursing home was upset about it. I now have them but no one authorized taking the money at this time.

    He can’t listen to them or study as he is a several time stroke victim.

  36. What is up with the Buffalo Org?

    I used to go to that org.

  37. Craig Jensen has a daughter in Sea org. Matt Feshback’s daughter is Jessica Feshback who is working with DM and covering up all his crimes. She is also Tommy Davis’s wife.

    I am sure it would be hard for Craig and Matt to leave because they will be declared as SPs and won’t be able to see their SO kids.
    DM knows how to keep their kids hostage in the Sea Org.
    Shame on DM!
    I hope Craig and Matt would have enough integrity to do something about it.

  38. Heather,

    As Marty said, you are full of grace and we appreciate people like you.

    Keep it up.

  39. Kat were you there recently or any time after they achieved ideal org status? Can you give a report? If I’m wrong just say it, just say what you’ve observed.

  40. No I could have went when I was called but I declined. I don’t get called often. I did go in after it was the ideal org. I saw it twice.

    Both times it was about empty and I see some deteriation of the paint outside.

    I was escorted out the 2nd time. I saw the DSA once after that. I went to a festival and she was there too.

    I no longer have anything to do with the church. I passed by my desire to return this year.

  41. Been there, Thank you for posting this unbelievable email. I continue to be astounded by what is currently happening. But you are right, “it” is working. I can only hope that DM continues as he is because he is shortly going to find no one there to give orders to, let alone execute them. From all that I’ve found out today, rest assured that there are plenty more OTVllls who have woken up and will soon be going public.

  42. Hello Sherry.

    It´s a fine and serene way to protest and do something about it. Put everything in a KR.

    Each efective strike on arbitraries would bring us a real Scientology like never before.

    I know many more OT´s would follow and hopefully some Auditors too.

    The day we free of prison a “SP Hole” inhabitant as a direct or indirect result of what we´re dong would be a very bright one.

    Keep on strong!

    Roberto Sánchez

  43. Okay thanks Kat, seems to confirm what I was saying. Anyone with experiences with Ideal orgs, either good or bad, please report it.

  44. By reading these reports I had the picture of a driver that is speeding up in proximity of a turn, instead of slowing down.
    To be clearer, it is like David Miscavige don’t care about the church anymore, he care about the money, the more money he can grab right now the merrier and to hell with the church’s integrity.

    I won’t be surprised to see DM run away with the coffee in a not so distant future.

  45. Women OT VIIIs – 2
    Men OT VIIIs – 0

    When are some of them going to grow a pair and come out as these wonderful women have? Ha!!

    I quietly walked away from the totalitarianism I saw nearly 10 years ago after over 25 yrs…quietly, not publicly as you two….the threat of retaliation and attacks are really non-existent thanks to what Marty has begun, then others have subsequently found their voice.

    All this from the courage he and the other ex-Int staffers have shown. It’s Jim Carey hitting the wall and poking the mast of the phony ship through the backdrop in “The Truman Show”. Recommend watching this movie again and compare to what’s happened to CofS and the awakening that’s now begun

  46. We were in the Milano Ideal Org recently. They have 200 Staffmembers on the Org Board and many Missions around them. We saw about 8 PC´s in the HGC. It wasn`t possible to check the academy. We visited the Dic 6 center downtown Milano , what was another bright idea from DM some years ago, to build external Div 6es.
    The Div 6 center was empty. No Div 6 students, no Comm-Course, no HDA. The nice girl there was a bit sad. She said everything empty.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the report.

  48. Sherry I forgot to mention, excellent report.

  49. Micky,

    Geir Isen is a New OT VIII who is the first man and the first OTVIII who left.
    You will be seeing more leaving Miscavology.

  50. Thanks! That was the least of the reports that I wrote and a fairly tame one to what came later.

  51. Concerned Citizen

    Err, I’m pretty sure Geir Isene is a man and an OT VIII!!!!

    So how about it Mickey? would you put your name and picture up here to offer help to those leaving?

    The threat of retaliation is far from non-existent, it is just not as effective when we are a group, not individuals facing the “mighty church” that brought the IRS to it’s knees.

  52. KSW1fan,
    Thanks. Milano is an exception as it’s been very big forever. The Div 6 point is good.

  53. Sherry & Mary Jo,

    Please keep us updated on any harassment you may have received from the church/OSA since you revealed the abuses of Miscavology on this blog.
    It is very important to keep every reader of this blog informed about it.

    Thank you!

  54. Concerned Citizen!

    You are right about saying to Mickey:
    “So how about it Mickey? would you put your name and picture up here to offer help to those leaving?”

    But the truth is that you and I don’t even have our pictures and real names up here yet!

    We can not make others wrong when we are still in hiding ourselves. Right?

  55. Truth and CC,

    You are correct. I spaced it out about Geir being actually the very first OTVIII to come out. My frame of mind when I wrote the “score” was those coming forth on this particular blog; boom boom, first MJ, then Sherry. I really didn’t consider beyond using the vehicle of this blog as the spring board. Sorry and sorry Geir as well.

    Revised Scoreboard:
    Women OTVIIIs – 2
    Men OTVIIIs – 1

  56. Plus this thread and the thrust of what’s happening is specifically of OT VIIIs putting “name and picture up here”….of which I am far from that level.

    The tipping point for getting the Miscavology abuses, lies, alterations, etc. exposed to a point where the doubters and deniers “see the light of truth” is what you are seeing happen here….the very, very top of the bridge public beginning to question the extant situations and exercise their constitutional right to speak out about them.

  57. The first who left recently. Let’s not forget Michael Pattinson OTVIII.

  58. Underground For Now

    I think you need to add one more OT8 leaving to your list.

    Mike Henderson & his wife left in 2005. He was in COS for 34 years; his wife 10 years. He tells a story on video about joining the sea org for 4 months and very quickly came to the conclusion the sea org is a cult. You can watch this April 2008 speech delivered in Clearwater to COS protesters in the theater on Cleveland just around the corner from FLAG. Google Mike Henderson Story pt. 1

  59. Thank you Truth. It has started and I will be posting about it shortly. Fortunately, I have many OTVll and Vlll friends still “under the radar” that have contacted me in the last few days to let me know what is being said about me. It’s actually nothing I didn’t already expect. And I don’t even feel angry or upset. The people involved are all doing what they think is right and are under the same spell as I was for so many years.

  60. sherrymk,

    Thanks for your comm. I completely understand. DM (SP) desperately attacks those who are truly applying LRH and revealing his crimes.

    I am glad to hear that your friends (OTVIIs and VIIIs) know you well enough which DM’s black PR has no value.

    Keep your camera handy so you can take a picture of his PIs when they approach you. We need to show those evil faces to the world on this blog.

    Thank you for all you are doing to reveal DM’s out-ethics, out-tech and off-policy actions.

    We love you!

  61. Underground For Now,

    You are completely right about Mike H and his wife Shannon. Both were on OTVII when they joined SO in 2005 and left after 4 months. I met Shannon at Flag in 2004 and she is a very smart and an amazing being. Shannon was the D of P at the Sandcastle. While on that post, she noticed that OTs confidential O/Ws were talked about among the HCG staff. She reported it several times but nothing changed, therefore she and Mike left the SO.

    I have personally observed DM ordered for PCs’ confidential data to be used to separate friends and families.

  62. martyrathbun09

    Don’t waste your time. I don’t even carry a freaking camera. The chances of PIs coming their way are slim and none. Let’s move on and stop assigning Atilla the Hun powers he doesn’t possess.

  63. I agree Marty.

    Someone pulled the lever and Miscavige’s little cult of Miscavigology is circling the bowl.

    I’ll be posting in the clear soon 🙂

  64. Mickey I’m putting my picture up soon and I’m no where near OT VIII or having their production records. You can put your picture up and it’ll help.

  65. Truth, Marty is right. I’m not in the least concerned about any of that stuff. But your concern is appreciated.

  66. Thanks Sherry, I remember you very well aboard the ship. Contact me if you please.

  67. Get some data about other italian orgs too if you please. If milano is doing that bad, it’s sure disaster and you name it for the staff….

  68. Would enjoy that. How would I go about contacting you? If you send Marty the info, he’ll forward it to me confidentially.

  69. Really really really well done!!!
    I was reading through the comments and the ploy about creating black PR against you cam up in one, and I was just thinking imagine if DM got a really decent sec check and had his overts published… my god that would be a wild ride. “Clean hands make a happy life” comes to mind, the part about people with overts pointing the way to hell for people that have overts.
    Seeing your reasons for standing up and saying “enough!” has helped me to validate myself for my own ability to make the right decision. So thank you.

  70. Marty,

    I noticed in the past you put some of the PIs pictures up on this blog, that is why I suggested it to Sherry.

    I personally don’t give a damn to DM or his money motivated lawyers and PIs.

    I am so glad to see this group is growing and becoming more and more powerful.

  71. Hi Sherry,
    It’s nice to see you have left the church and are expressing yourself publicly. Keep up the good work.

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  73. Hi Steve! Thanks so much. Are you the Steve Curry I know? (bass man?)

  74. not surprised

    wow, here i thought the cigarettes and coffee did her in

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  76. It is so heartening to see Sherry and so many others coming to truth and courage. I haven’t seen much on this, but I think that First Amendment freedom of religion ought to include the freedom not only to enter a religion but to leave one without fear of harassment or retribution.

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