IAS 25th – DM has made zero ethics change

Last night at St Hill

Last night at St Hill

I listened to the IAS event last night – within an hour of its conclusion. I have a number of observations based on the words of David Miscavige.

First, all the exposure about his socking away hundreds of millions of dollars into IAS has resulted in him coming out with a new dead agent caper.  He is now having IAS sponsor certain “Ideal Orgs” in areas of political significance:

“So, there you have it, three new IAS sponsored Ideal Churches of Scientology at the very pivot points of this planet.” (Rome, D.C., and Brussels)

He doesn’t say how much IAS ponied up, but you can rest assured DM is very uneasy about his hoarding of nearly a billion dollars becoming public.

Second, Miscavige’s 25 year recap of IAS was a continuation of the myth that the IAS had a single thing to do with overcoming attacks. He went so overboard as to suggest that IAS is EVERYTHING, to the exclusion of international management and RTC itself:

“Let’s take a good, hard look at how we arrived at today.  Its all because who we are as the IAS. New orgs, new A.O.s, the top of the Bridge itself. Omit the IAS and there’s none of it. So, yes in a very real sense it is the IAS and ONLY the IAS that ensures the Bridge remains pure in the face of darkest suppression and in the most important cultural centers of earth.”

Next time an org rips you off, breaks up your family, or commits out tech on your case try giving IAS a holler and see what happens.

Third, Miscavige continued to fraudulently assert that Scientology has inherent enemies that threaten its very existence just because of its core practices:

“Because of the nature of what Scientology is, it WILL be opposed by the status quo, the power elite, and those who abhor the thought of freedom for another. So it has been, so IT IS.”

What Miscavige has not told his followers is that the only attacks for nearly twenty years have been on account of his own personal abuses, his off-Source and criminal counter policies, his ordered insane regging practices, and his personally executed out-tech. For the past six months I have been witness to his having spent many millions of dollars to suppress the truth of the source of attacks from being published and aired.

Fourth, Miscavige used the affair to propagandize that to “abandon”, “betray”, or “lose faith” in him would be to lose Scientology.

“Because we never took our eyes off the ultimate prize, we stand where we are today. Twenty-five years of magnificent accomplishment, and more than that a future more glorious than we could ever have imagined. And all because we have never abandoned each other, because we have not betrayed one another, because we have kept faith with one another, because we have been true to one another, because we know we are in this together, because shoulder to shoulder, now and forever, we are the IAS.”

You can take it to the bank this is a plea to the high rollers (including TC and JT who sat in the front row taking all this blather in) to “not listen to natter” about der Fuehrer.

None of what we have covered so far constitutes the biggest crime Miscavige has perpetrated and perpetuated. In my view the most destructive thing he’s done is to convince Scientologists to continue to contribute to his plans to force Scientology upon populations by converting the very “power elite” whom out of the other side of his mouth – in the same event – he warns will always be one of Scientology’s biggest threats.  He has managed to take a subject that LRH created and bequeathed to the common man in a bottom up effort to improve the planet and turn it into an elitist, materialist, top-down corruption that will “become public policy with a simple hand shake” (and no doubt handsome greasing of palms).  Read his description of the IAS sponsored new, improved, Ideal, Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C.:

”And while it is still situated in and among foreign embassies, one hundred and seventy four of them to be exact, what rises today at 1422 Sixteenth St is seven stories of 21st century Scientology. The design is classically American and exactly what you would expect of our new church in the heart of the U.S. Capital. And make no mistake it is as elegant as any address on Embassy Row. After all, diplomats and decision makers will soon be formally introduced to Dianetics and Scientology, very much including the LRH beginning library…And lest you need be reminded why this is an IAS sponsored Ideal Org, let’s not forget that a decision made in this town can effect the lives of billions…After all, here is where our human rights initiatives, our drug free world, and Way To Happiness campaigns can become public policy with a simple hand shake.”

Miscavige has confirmed suspicions he first sewed in me in late 2003. At that time he told Tom Cruise in my presence: “I wouldn’t mind (George W) Bush becoming our Constantine*. I mean, he’s dumb as a rock, but he has no problem at all enforcing his stupid decisions no matter what anybody says.” You think he doesn’t get it that Scientology cannot be enforced on somebody against his or her own determinism?  I think he gets it.  I believe he has no intention of forwarding Scientology for any other purpose than his own personal aggrandizement.** And the way he is pursuing it , unchecked, will only result in the subject’s demise. It is a good thing more and more folks ain’t cottoning to his notions anymore.

* “Was Roman emperor from 306, and the sole holder of that office from 324 until his death in 337…The reign of Constantine established a precedent for the position of the emperor in the Christian Church. Constantine himself disliked the risks to societal stability, that religious disputes and controversies brought with them, preferring where possible to establish an orthodoxy.[200] The emperor saw it as his duty to ensure that God was properly worshipped in his empire, and what proper worship consisted of was for the Church to determine.”  – Wikipedia

** aggrandize: 3 : to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of <exploited the situation to aggrandize himself> – Webster’s on-line dictionary

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  1. “….The psychotic personality is distinguished by its irrationality and its perversion of values. The distininguishing characteristic of the computing psychotic is his utter inability to change his mind.”

    – Advanced Procedures and Axioms, L. Ron Hubbard, from definition 2 from the Tech Dictionary of “Computing psychotic.”

    DM’s not budging from his reality.

    His ideas preclude him from reflecting on any valid criticism.

    Thanks so much for setting up this site, and for all the excellent comments from people who speak up here.

    There’s a hell of a lot of things to say about what’s gone on at Int over the last 30 years, and what goes on now with the one man band who premptively does the movement’s thinking.

    I once asked a person who I think is one of the “Gang of Five” persons, what they thought Hubbard envisioned for how Int Management was to be run.

    The “old” 1982 Coord Council HCO PLs are the answer.

    The problem is the one man band decision making is NOT what LRH left Top Management as their marching orders.

    Coord Council policy is Top Management’s marching orders.

    That’s my “admin why” for how everyone has allowed the one man band show of DM to violate LRH’s final idea about how Top Management was to run itself.

    Additionally, I think the top management “why” is also contained in the LRH traffic to ED Int and Exec Strata, between the lines, in that they were supposed to each (Exec Strata members each, that is) were to do their 20 or 25 year studies of their zones of responsibility, which in outside world terms would mean they were supposed to become the “think tank” experts for the movement, and to contribute their long studied and considered full history of LRH’s policies, etc, and the successful programs, projects, evals for their areas.

    THAT is the Top Management that Exec Strata was to have become, and which it was NEVER allowed to have become, due to the ever constant need to blame and scapegoat and label the “who” for this or that strategic downstat trend.

    If Scientology Sea Org top management is EVER to succeed, they have to at least give the top management positions the years of experience and training to get competent enough to be able to be what LRH envisioned, in the Coord Council PLs of 1982 circa.

    My two cents, from my policy viewpoint of it all, and what DM means to the larger bureaucratic history of the Scientology movement’s history.

    What LRH did, at least, was make the CORE management policy unremoveable, which is why, I take a longer view on things.

    I think longer range, the policy will be there guiding whomever is left standing AFTER the relatively momentary one man band person, DM, is gone.

    The key top management policy is the traffic on Exec Strata, CMO Int management duties, and Coord Council contributions by the top management people.

    DM’s successfully thrown out top management, essentially using other LRH policy and using his own irrationalities and king of the mountain personality to throw the movement off of LRH’s final years of admin writings/orders.

    When DM’s cross orders aren’t there to blind Int Base staff, they will revert to looking in their hat packs and reading what LRH last said to them about their positions.

    It’s only a matter of time, in my opinion.

    If there was any “genius” to LRH, he thought this type of problem out, and it will be LRH’s own writings, which down the road, the future generations will revert to.

    That’s also, I believe, kinda what happens to groups where the followers strongly place trust in the founder or author’s writings/words.

    People in top management will go back and figure out how to follow the author’s words “in a new unit of time” someday in the future.

  2. Voice from the UK

    A non Scientologist friend of mine, called me to ask if this address was for the same Saint Hill as “our” Saint Hill. It was in a casting call and yes it was the very same Saint Hill. She is an extra in London. Her agency sent out this casting call for extras.

    What for? To seat in the audience? Has this been done before? I told her she best not take that job. She was surprised but took my advice.

  3. Public opinion of the church is at an all time low. Our reach into society was deeper in the 70’s than now. #30 years later and a net gain of zero. Organized opposition to boot. Good point that bottom up didnt happen so top down is now being tried. But the fact is the US constitution prohibits the establishment of any religion. No dictators or emperors here or in any of those other targetted countries with ideal orgs. It wouldnt matter anyway as the subject has to be applied, not just sanctioned or recognized which it already is.
    Embassy row location is just positioning. As LRH says, the social veneer makes it seem mild, but life is tough and one also shouldnt assume those ambassadors are opinion leaders. Most are just rich and well connected. One gets what one puts their attention on. More of the same.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Wouldn’t surprise me. I know that Gold used to hire extras all the time for IAS and other event videos. They would put them in an old third world class room and have them smile while holding up TWTH or Dianetics books.

  5. Chuck,
    Excellent post. The 20 year study of the Exec Strata execs and the idea of some tenure on the post is spot on.

    Of course you’re right on the intro quote. He hasn’t changed and for the reasons his type don’t.

  6. Way back when, DM had the idea he could do a Nightline interview and wow Ted Koppel into ‘accepting’ him and Scientology. He was looking for simply having Scientology ‘accepted’ in society. In it, he had to deny Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. He even guffawed at LRH. He poo-pooed him and the subject.

    DM’s vision has nothing to do with LRH or Scientology. He’d sell it out for a ‘handshake’ and has.

    This fallacy has persisted in his own lifestyle of ‘rich and famous’, currying favor with ‘A-list’ and seen in all the right places, with the right clothes, the right MEST and on and on.

  7. To Marty regarding the gal from the UK about the casting call. Please post this seperate as it gets lost in the comment section. I had people call me and said they were so disgusted with the whole thing they missed the remark about the hiring of people to fill in the seats. Anyway to Chuck Beatty the only people that I know to have the true tech our outside the church as DM had an order to burn all of the so-called old tech and OEC vols and the books. I don’t know if this place in New Mexico that is to store all of the data is even real. Do you know?

    None of this is a surprise, however wow he sure has an ability to strong arm a lot of people with other people’s funds. It is amazing to me . He has got to trip up somewhere SP’s always do.

  8. I agree with you here Chuck back in the ’60’s he set up Advisory Committees and Exec Councils, so it is obvious to me that Ron never intended management to become a virtual dictatorship.

    However, I think Miscavige having committed so many overts against Ron, Mary Sue and many of the founding members that he has snapped into their terminals , actually a synthetic valence of what he thinks is the only one being capable of directing the Church.

    I’m sure if you put the lil’ guy on the meter and asked him to “consider committing overts against” Ron, Mary Sue, the tech, psychiatry etc those items listed on “list one” the needle would be slamming against the pins so hard it would sound like a fire alarm!

  9. It is curious to say the least that there are no checks on who drives in, whether they are even a scientologist.

  10. I came across an LRH reference today that may answer the question of why so many OTs, public and staff are not taking ethics action
    on DM.


    “In short, a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can’t sneeze without a chop if it’s down.”

    He also says in the same reference:

    “When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person turning in the report.”

    This reference has been widely abused by DM and CoS. As DM continues to push a bogus PR line in Int events of incredible expansion of Scn worldwide, Scientologists are lead to believe he
    is invincible and if they report any of his outnesses, they will be the ones who pay the ultimate price.

    It isn’t only DM they use this “Khakhan” viewpoint with. I have experienced this with other Exec posts and LC post in even Class V
    orgs. A public Scientologist observes an outpoint, reports it, and gets in ethics trouble himself. Even though per the more recent LRH
    reference HCO PL of 22 JULY 1982 KNOWLEDGE REPORTS:

    “When a group has down stats, it is not true that all of them are trying to fail. Only a few are dedicated to not doing their jobs.
    The question one can ask of any group that is not doing well is this: Why did the other group members tolerate and ignore the loafers or out-ethics cats in it?”


    “Anyone who knew of a loafing or destructive or off-policy or out-ethics action and WHO DID NOT FILE A KNOWLEDGE REPORT becomes an ACCESSORY in any justice action taken thereafter.”

    So, how can we communicate to Scientologists worldwide that writing reports on out-ethics individuals is the right thing to do, regardless of how high of a post that person holds, what stats they brag about, or what their name is?

  11. Mark, your articles are very interesting.

    But I am not sure if I got how much the C of S and the IAS is worth now.

    The IAS is worth approx. 1 Billion USD?
    What about the C of S?

    Heber Jentsch has no control over the finances?

    Do you know where these accounts are? Who is on the board of the accounts?

  12. martyrathbun09

    Here’s how twisted it has become. LRH gave RTC a critical function. That was serve as the last port of call for people who were targeted for putting ethics in on orgs by writing reports. Hell, they even had computers installed at Flag and AO’s so public could write KRs directly to RTC. Turned into RTC’s number one “investigative” tool; nail the sorry bastard who is not toeing the white line by remaining silent.

  13. The banners say “TRIUMPHANT! ADVANCE your IAS status today”.

    How bout pay for services and take your next step on the Bridge? How about supporting the orgs for a bit so they can deliver backlogged, paid for services that all those scientologists have sitting on account?

    It’a all about pay for Status now. Nearly every SO member is a double hatted money collector -but not for exchangable services.

    Nearly every Scientologist has changed their phone number a couple of times. I mean, really, 7 calls a day? from different staff? Form different orgs? Cmon.

    Just watch (and I hope DM doesn’t read this) IAS monthly subscriptions are next. He’ll call them Religious Tithes.

    “For just 29.95 a month every Scientologist can ensure the survival of the imagined horrors attacking me -er I mean us! ”

    DM, you are a ridiculous leader. You are going to go to jail for this. And the best part is, I don’t even have to lift a finger to make it happen. Look in the mirror buddy. It’s all you.

    Can someone give me the 3 minutes of my life back it took me to write this guy?

  14. Concerned Citizen

    You can actually just write your KRs but in addition to turning them in to HCO, (or instead if you wish) post them in the KRs section of Scientology-cult website

  15. TRUTH, I know firsthand that from 98-04′ at a cont level (when I was there to see them myself), the major stats on a long term trend were always in emergency. This in itself can give everyone at least one certainty certainty:

    That even if things are were great right now, DM will not face internal Justice for being at the helm for years on end and causing down stats. No one comm-ev’d him last time.

    More people need to step forward with their own accounts of stats, and verify what Marty is saying on this blog about stats being down when DM took over, and only when DM took over. I know you’re out there, I’ve emailed some of you myself. Speak up.

    If someone brings up IRS victory and GAT, ask them what that has to do with anything? Stats are how people are held accountable, and DM has had 20 plus years at the top to turn the stats around and apparently hasn’t. LRH removed top managers with aplomb.

    There was never so much Senior Exec stability as we see now with DM. But the stats have been down this whole time?

    I spoke to someone the other day who pointed out that the 12 Ideal orgs were out producing the rest of the orgs combined. Well if Milano and Tokyo and ITD/OTD were thrown in there (which I assume they were? Let me know if you know), then we can see that the ideal orgs have meant – no significant change. Milano etc were already long standing winners before DM’s “real estate is the why” idea.

    Why is it that I’m reading accounts on the internet of ideal orgs failing or slumping? They’re all lying?

    Also, if DM wants to throw struggling staffs into these big buildings, but he has programs which are going to make the org boom, then why isn’t he running these programs right now in all the orgs? Lets get going on these incredible programs! LRH programs into orgs had to do with people improvements, not mest improvements.

  16. I’m releasing an interrog on the downtrending of international statistics soon on KeepingScientologyWorking.com. A graph and timeline of findings are being constructed on the “Findings” page based off the data collected on peaks and valley times.

    It will be an interactive representation of the facts over time.

    If anyone wants to help on the project, email me at admin@keepingscientologyworking.com

  17. martyrathbun09

    Sounds like a worthy project.

  18. It was 1980, FB in Clearwater. Chuck, you remember this one: The Int WDAHs were downtrending for 3 months. LRH jumped on the line and asked what our problem was in not handling it. We told him we “tried this and that”. He sent down a simple program and gave us 72 hours to complete it. We had to find, in each org, the NCG over the WDAHs and get them off of the HGC lines. We did, we found them and the WDAHs went into a long term affluence.

    LRH didn’t screw around with downstats.
    He jumped on them. He forced the FB to handle with TECH, not real estate.

    DM is a psychotic. He will never change. He will “be right” to his last breath as LRH pointed out in the Service Fac HCOBs.

    A stable datum of management is that you get what you push. If anyone in current mnagement gave a crap about the orgs they would not be small and puny and horribly crashed. You get what you push and what we see is what is pushed.

    So now it is our turn. We will get what we push. We need direction.

  19. Thanks Marty.

    BTW, All the information on your site very valuable and credible -as I’m sure everyone will agree.

    Every post you have ever written is now part of the syndicated news page on keepingscientology.com with you listed as the author and links back to your blog.

    Every post you write in the future will automatically appear on KeepingScientologyWorking.com -as part of the massive data collection project we have going.

    Thank you for providing everyone with this vauable data!

  20. I’ll be contacting you kswadmin, looks good.

  21. Scholar,
    Umm, errrr…huh?

  22. Scholar,
    You did say ‘scholar’ or iid my twiss, miss somepee?

  23. UD,
    DS 14 Working and Managing: “By actual experience in working and managing in many activities I can state flatly that the most dangerous worker-manager thing to do is to work or manage from something else than statistics…Some seek an answer in Status. “If one has STATUS one is safe” is about as frail as a house of cards. Ask some recently
    deposed dictator or yesterday’s idol what his status was worth. Yet many work exclusively for status. In Spain it is enough to
    have an executive degree. One doesn’t have to do any executiving. Work at it? Caramba no!”

  24. martyrathbun09

    Speaking of Status. Three new IAS statuses were announced at the Patron’s Ball tonight. The latest highest status is Patron Maximus. DM announced that three Patrons are signed up every single day. The cash cow – for no exchange but for purchased status – is on fully automated milking 24/7 apparently.

  25. My nick name, Jim. My wife and my oldest son call me that. 🙂

  26. Yeah I know I was one of those “sorry bastards” who used the new computerized reports system!

    Usually it took a week or so before they’d find some ostensible “reason” to haul your sorry ass into ethics after filling a report to RTC by snail mail, however with the new electronic “report” line the results were almost immediate 🙂

  27. OK, I see on the nickname. I don’t see on the questions. Mainly because they seem sort of ‘spectatorish’, if that communicates to you. CofS finance policy is in OEC Vol 3 and 7 and the Finance Series of the Mgmt Series volume. Board members are legally registered and those titles can be ascertained by search.

    At this point in time, you’d have to ignore most of the above and realize, DM runs it. He’s the ‘board’, he’s over finance.

  28. This is response to your reply Marty but the reason I think Davy’s releasing all these new statuses is it’s his unusual solution to not being able to release OTs IX and X.

    He has literally created a parallel bridge with all these donation type statuses and all the status seekers in the Church you know the guy who wanted to attest to “clear” after running a secondary of losing their keys or whatever are just sucking it up!

    These are the same guys and gals that would pay up to a grand for rubber chicken at some pols campaign dinner. To them “Scientology” is nothing but an elite social club like the Skull and Bones , Bohemian Grove, the Bilderbergers, the Thule Society, P2 etc.

    As far as turning over the tech to the Gov, yeah that’ll work!

    I remember sometime after the RV project started at SRI we were inundated by “former” spooks from various alphabet soup type agencies who all suddenly wanted to go OT.

    Man you couldn’t pull a folder out the rack in the AO HGC without finding some guy with a GS 17 rating or Top Secret security clearance from the US Military.

    Personally, I think the more enlightened ones in Government have a good idea what the actual capabilities of subject are and they don’t really need Davy to tell ’em about it.

    For instance do you think CIA is really interested in handling the drug problem effectively when a lot of their covert funding comes from the sale of narcotics?

    Or the DEA who extort billions from congress to fight the holy war against drugs?

    But it’s a nice fairy tale that Miscavige to the rubes who believe in top down programing the society.

    This is why Ron kept the subject away from the elitists and Government in the first place because he knew they’d try to seize control of the subject and pervert it to their own ends!

    He says so in the policy ‘Politics, Freedom From’.

    Rant over, over to you.

  29. I just looked up the Ted Koppel video mentioned above, done in 1992. In it DM says that the church is “25 times larger today than it was in 1980.” Wow! In our locale the church in 1992 was much smaller than in 1980!

    It’s funny, when you’ve finally discovered that the stats are invented, you look back at one so blatantly false as this and see that it just went past all of us at the time.

  30. I attended an event at The Shrine in 95/96. While the lights were still on and people were still taking their seats, I noticed 2 individuals being escorted to their front row seats by (I think) Karen Hollander. One appeared to be Tom Cruise and you would have thought so judging by the striking tall thin fair-skinned woman with the Nicole Kidman red ringlets hair style. However, on scrutinizing her face it was definitely not NK. And the guy, although possessing avery good likeness was not TC.

    To say, I found that most odd was an understatement and something that I’ve thought about many times over the years. It was one of those things that opened my eyes to the possibility that things were not as they seemed, but a manipulated pr display.

    Then of course, the scary experience as a foreigner of having my passport withheld from me despite repeatedly asking for it back, and experiencing what false imprisonment feels like for the first time, was another.

  31. Thank you kswadmin! That sounds like a wonderful plan! Very much appreciated!

  32. In fact, the CofS bought not one, but two buildings in the center of Brussels. They planned to move the AO there from Denmark, but hesitated when they were prosecuted for fraud. That trial has yet to start, but the one in France is finished, with a verdict due October 27.

  33. thatsnotmyname

    Something’s been bugging me for months now, I just can’t get it out of my system. It is this: Anyone with even the most rudimentary working knowledge of SOS and COHA will recognise after about 5 minutes on the SP Times site that Amy, Steve, Jeff, Gary and Marty are not lying. A further 10 minutes at this site or scientology-cult with TR O in and there’s little doubt left. Allow a further day or two for cross-checking a few facts, comparing it to ones own experience, and Voila! It’s pretty clear what the score is. Maybe a few weeks to let it all sink in and the resultant case-shift (gain in my csae). And yet there are still 4 patrons being made daily??? Thousands willing to brave the chilly October night to sit in a tent and listen to Dear Leader, knowing they will crush-regged afterwards to buy some funky new DVD? They haven’t been beaten by DM and no one would know if they didn’t show up, but still they do.

    There can only be 2 reasons for this, surely. 1) They really don’t know; haven’t seen the SP Times videos etc. 2) They do know but refuse to believe it. In this case what on earth is the point of doing scientology? If the one time in your life you REALLY need to apply this stuff, you just ignore it and everything you studied and drilled went out the window. Apart from being a monumental wate of time and money this latter case would surely be very self-destructive as one is denying one’s own knowingness. Can anyone explain this?

  34. Theo Sismanides

    Thank you Marty. You are doing a rather serious follow up of current events and DM’s movements and exposure of his false PR and tactics. Thanks for putting your attention there.

    I agree DM has made no ethics change.

    We should plan our next movement though. And I insist on a 7 Div Org Board on how to throw DM out.

    There are a lot of good people here who just want to do something about it, in a rather organized way.

    A 7 Division Org Board is key as it can speed things up. It’s magical, it’s the Cycle of Action, and this is the end cycle on DM.

    Do you guys want that or do you want us to talk and natter about DM? This is actually putting attention on DM. The Org Board is Handle the Hell out of Him and put no more attention on him.

    Maybe I am very egoistic and I think I have something to say here. Maybe I am just dreaming from Greece while I have not done much on Scientology for the last 10 years. Maybe I am too didactic in my writings, saying we should do this and do that. Maybe when I spoke about the HCOBs on Translations I was didactic, too. But it was policy and the planet needed it and still needs it. I have not seen one Pakistani here in Athens or a black man or woman read a book of Scientology in their language yet. Ha ha. Not even the Greeks. LRH said that Translated Tapes should be on course
    and the course should be cheap and then you publish books which cost a lot more. Also we live in an oral society. People digest better the spoken word by a live terminal, even on tape, as a voice, than the spoken word. That was the meaning of Tape Translations. I was very didactic about it and I chose to go bake bread for the Austrian CO CLO EU, Kotrich, who wanted black bread, instead of succumbing and getting with DM’s squirrel program on translations.

    Maybe some people here (not having FULL KNOWLEDGE of what Admin tech can do) reactively feel that we are going to do the same things again by implementing an Org Board.

    Is the 7 Div Org Board Basic in Policy or not? Whoever has read Org Board and Livingness and has applied the Org Board to some extent knows what I am talking about.

    When I spoke about FORCE applied on Miscavige on another post, I meant just that: ACTION taken. OK, it could be a punch in the eye, but a blow can be given in a much more PR, civilized and effective way: It’s the Org Board guys, it’s ALL of us getting organized and assigning hats to each other.

    Yes, there can be regges regging for the cause of ousting DM. I’d love to donate and reg people from Greece to donate money for that.

    Yes, there can be a Div 3 collecting money for ousting DM. Yes, we can be strong as we are intelligent. Now, we are just intelligent but Intelligence but itself does not mean anything.

    Look at DM. Is he intelligent or cunning? He has deceived so many people on believing he is THE ONLY ONE. And really intelligent people have been labeled SPs. This is who we are? SPs? His main strong point is FORCE and PR in a forceful cunning way!!

    Now, it’s time for ACTION and FORCE on our side, A RATHER BIG MOVEMENT by MANY INTELLIGENT BEINGS.


    A 7 Division Org Board is the key to the Freezone or the Independents, you call it how you want. Everyone would join in one way or another to OUST DM.

    It will give us the power needed (note that power is written with a small P and not with a capital P) to move on to our next level. Do we confront that? Do we confront the responsibility of this? Throwing off DM? I think this is the key question. If we do and are serious about it, it will happen. Do we confront the future of Scientology without DM? Do we trust we can do a better job? Positive, positive, positive thinking. Not negative, DM did this and DM did that. What are we doing, and what can we do.

    I am not picking on people here. They have done a lot of things right. They have held high positions. It doesn’t mean anything now, though. What is needed is people who can organize this movement and take charge over others who will just follow.

    I am just saying, are we willing to do much more, do we see ourselves as a group of people with the same purpose, thinking and acting together, or do we see ourselves as independents not able to duplicate ORDERS of a greater magnitude, accepting our responsibilities for the future of mankind as LRH did.

    A group of people who even have BAD policy can win over a bunch of individuals who are each one stars but have no policy.

    Policy is missing here. We don’t have one. Maybe we don’t want one anymore. This is not a very pallatable thing for me to talk about here. But if we don’t, we ain’t gonna win ever. If we get organized we are going to win faster than we thought. Are you ready for it? This is the one million dollar question.

    Big surprise, you are called back on duty, guys!!!

    Much Love,

    Theo S.

  35. Much has been made by Marty & others of DM’s use of Reverse Dianetics (rightly so) to further his aims (personal stranglehold on Church accounts). However, LRH was a diverse writer as we know, and taught philosophical lessons in his fiction writings. I am in the middle of Battlefield Earth (beautifully written) and the Security Chief Terl finds himself looking for “leverage” i.e. blackmail on those around him for personal gain.
    This got me thinking. While it alludes to DM it does not fully represent his methods, for that we have to turn to Hubbard’s Mission Earth Saga. Two of the central characters are Lombar Hisst (Chief of the Coordinated Information Apparatus) & Soltan Gris (Section Chief of the Apparatus). These two (DM) employ physical violence (Hawkins, Headley, etc), mental manipulation (Rinder, Yaeger), intimdation ( Lesevere) using a subordinate loyal to the cause to enforce lunacy (Rathbun) and subversion of the true authorities & ultimately overthrow (Hubbard, Broeker). The Sea Org is a virtual replica of the Apparatus. If you think this is hyperbole then read The Invader’s Plan.

  36. Axiom142 just uploaded a bunch of videos of the 2007 IAS event at St. Hill UK. Hopefully someone will do the same for the 2009 event.

    Imo, DM looks really stressed out in these videos. This is great historical information.

  37. @Voice from the UK: whilst protesting in East Grinstead before the Event a passerby told me that she had received an invitation. She has no connection with scientology, just happens to live close to Saint Hill. She seemed sane enough, so I encouraged her to go!
    My impression standing at the front gate for several hours was that numbers were not much different from last year.

  38. This question is for any Ex SO members. Is there an LRH policy or issue that the SO members believe justifies or authorizes issuing direct orders to buy books, be OT Ambassadors, have quotas on FSMing to continue eligibility, etc. to Scientologisits and sec checking them if they disagree or do not comply? Or an issue that is held up as supporting or authorizing this type of action?

  39. On stats here are some interesting old posts.
    Anna Marie Woodard is quoted, and she was the Data Chief and collected stats world wide. She
    left in 2002.

    Originally Posted by Ladybird
    The silver cert stats are not published, but I hope some body who has blown more recently can confirm what I have peiced together. E-meters were a big moneymaker for the cult, and sales of at least 2 each were heavily pushed. Some people had more than 2 meters, and public were regged to pay for e-meters for staff and students. We had 4, given as “awards”, as did many staff, especially tech and qual. There were some rich publics who were regged to buy meters for all their outer org trainees. Then there were “special edition investment quality” meters that cost about 10 thousand dollars. (They had custom paint jobs, otherwise the same, but they were a “status symbol”.) So it is hard to say, but I stand by my estimate of 12,500 active scientologists based on 25,000 certified meters.

    Some of us were trying to figure out the number of Sea Org a while back, and we came up with around 5,000 world wide. Chuck Beatty wrote a post on it but I couldn’t find it.

    I did find this post by Ann Marie Woodard, and she confirms that in 2002 when she blew there were about 18,000 scientologists worldwide.

    Quote:Well, I worked in the Data Bureau at Flag Liaison Office for 13 years so I have so much info and some of it I can recall pretty accurately.
    (OSA is sure saying – “Oh NOOOO!!! Anyone but H-E-R!!!!”, and I’m sure they will try some tactics to “shut me up”, but I plan to post my own dirt and save them the trouble.)
    Anyway, yes, the orgs were stat pushed to Saint Hill Size but also “establishment pushed” with missions, etc.
    But, yes, none of those orgs (except CC International) were big and booming like your description of ASHO in the 70’s, Programmer Guy or other orgs in those earlier times.
    The point that I am making is the only org, in 2002 which was still truly Saint Hill Size was CC Int.
    Now, regarding international stats, especially on long-term trends, I do have some info:
    The most memorable one is the BIS (Bodies in the Shop — people on-lines doing services) and that stat showed the following on a 25-30 year trend:
    Uptrending from the 70’s until 1986 and that is when it started to go down, down, down.
    In 1986 I remember it being something like 40,000. Then it went down and down until in 2002 the average weekly, from what I recall, was 18,000.
    So, it was less than half. And it wasn’t going anywhere fast, either.
    (imagine how depressing this was for me working day and night to try to do what I could to expand Scientology and the stats looked like this! I was often in tears over that and said, even out loud sometimes to others, “What’s the point??”)
    Anyway, so the number of people that could be called Scientologists (as far as I’m concerned) is about 18,000, at least as of 2002. It’s not millions or even hundreds of thousands. Sure, there are other people in missions and in the field and stuff. But, I want to make the point about 18,000 in orgs — that includes ALL orgs –FSO, Sea Org orgs, Class V orgs, etc.
    The other stats looked similar on a long-term graph, most of them peaking in 1986 and then going steadily down.
    That’s as much as I can recall right now, but I’ll spend some time racking my brains.
    Yes, I’m sure Kristi would love to talk to me — how do I reach her?
    Sorry, Pit Bull, don’t really have much info on “Davey”, as you call him. I saw him a few times and he came into my office/org for inspections and the like, but that’s it. I’m sure you’re right, though.
    Ann Marie
    Ann Marie Woodward

    Also this thread.

    http://ocmb.xenu.net/ocmb/viewtopic….odar d#302534

  40. martyrathbun09

    RJ, those are two very insightful observations. We have a number of investigations proceeding on how some of the more unquestioning high rollers make their bread. Preliminarily we’re finding they cheat and exploit. Interesting. They may have so many overts of their own they admire DM for his tyrannical traits.

  41. TNMN,
    I can explain some of it. It’s the first reason you cite; they don’t know.

    The analytical mind’s accuracy depends on the accuracy and thoroughness of data. The bulk of these beings aren’t reading the SP Times articles, or the mentioned websites. Those that have an IQ above imbecile up to average are going to take more effort to get them through to a cognition. Those above that level need the data.

    I’m sure those above that level are on their own, spotting outpoints but fall into faulty explanations in lieu of an ability to see the outpoints for what they are; indicators of a departure.

    The comm lines for data flow are cut purposely by DM. The ones he does allow, flow his lies on them. That they aren’t spotted as lies, just yet, is because there is no datum of comparable magnitude to evaluate them, i.e., the info you mention.

    Crack the comm lines and there will be a sea change as more beings get enough data to evaluate and do just what you did. It’s happening now, slowly, surely and picking up speed.

  42. There is a policy on OT Eligibility which says that “your contributions as a Scientologist” are one of the criteria to determine your eligibility for the PT Levels.

    What that means, of course, is open to interpretation.

    These days it seems to mean whatever it is that DM says public are supposed to do.

  43. Theo,
    I appreciate all that you say. Consider the point that there is in place the 7 div org board. Unfortunately, DM assumed the Dept 21, Source, point for it. That’s the issue at hand.

    We don’t have to reconstitute the org board. We are on it and it’s more a wearing of the hat of Scientologist, as per the Code of a Scientologist, than putting together a whole new structure.

    Consider the idea of a group of OTs, with a ‘lightness of organization’ banded together by postulate to get in the fundamental that must be gotten in right now: ethics, on the false ‘Source’.

    With ethics in, then tech can be applied to the remainder, and then the admin of the in place 7 div org board can function at a higher level.

    Again, I hear and understand your points, I agree. The ad hoc OT group that is formed, with a light organization, is at work, including all who speak and act as independent, causitive points, to direct free life energy on the major point of departure: the SP that has usurped Div 7.

    I love your posts as they direct attention to the rational policy that works.

  44. Maria,
    I can’t think of one off hand. I did a search through Vol 6 OEC the other day looking for something like this, as public fall under Div 6, with FSMs, Field Auditors, Auditor Associations and the ‘field’ or the broad zone of activity that relates to Dns and Scn.

    What I found included no such ‘command line’ as you mention. It did include an issue from 2 Oct 69, The Rights of the Field Auditor.

    The first four rights:
    1 . To his own group.
    2. To the loyalty of the people in his group.
    3. To send any of his group to a Central Organization for training, coaching or
    special processing and have them returned with their group loyalty and attachment undisturbed. 4. To express his needs and desires for co-operation to a central organization, other groups or auditors without fear of retribution or reprimand.

  45. Maria,
    Lost the last point number 4:To express his needs and desires for co-operation to a central organization, other groups or auditors without fear of retribution or reprimand.

  46. TNMN, see Marty’s string later on in this on the mutual out ruds of high rollers too, for more data.

  47. I assume that OSA is monitoring this website, so here is a question for OSA: why is it that Scientologists do not have the exact same rights that you demand for the rest of the world? You fight psychiatry because of their excessive intervention in human rights — what about us? Are we to live our lives under authoritarian orders from the Sea Org? Are we to be isolated from our friends and families because we refuse to be quiet and follow orders that violate the most basic tenets of Scn? Are we to be shunned because we do not want to grant the Church the right to run our lives, our finances, our governments, our schools, reaching into our private lives in an extremely invasive way? The whole thing makes me feel sick to the depths of my heart and I grieve for the future generations of Scientologists who know nothing else and will be taught that this is “the right way” to be a Scientologist.

    Thank you Marty for publishing this blog. I never thought, when I started on the Bridge to Total Freedom, that I would see a day when I would thank someone for publicly publishing “entheta” about Scientology. (It’s in quotations because this word has become meaningless to me the way it is used in the current Church)

  48. The International Statistics Interrog is now in place on the Interrogatory page.

    We ecourage anyone who has seen the international statistics of Scientology to fill this out.

  49. There is some indication in the conversation above that extras were hired to attend. Nothing conclusive yet.

    The rest of the attendees have yet to see the truth because it has been shielded from them either by themselves or others.

    For those who are shielding themselves, there is a very simple handling for a “wont-look” service-fac which is underway.

    If you or anyone would like to help, please send me an email at admin@keepingscientologyworking.com

  50. The general air about looking on the net for information is its out-ethics. You lose your bridge. Sec checking has been used to create fear to act.
    There is also potentialy case damaging data as well.
    Unbelievability is a fine shadow for DM to lurk in, he is very well chamoflaged by PR.
    Most of the sites are called ex, cult, kills etc and a scientologist that knows LRH helps people can’t think with those datums and so doesn’t want to look through entheta.
    False data makes you think you have data already, so why look?

    There is a movie called “the green mile” in it a very kind, gentle and giant of a man found out the truth of a double murder of 2 young girls. The killer said he would hurt the other girl if either made trouble. In the end he said, in tears, “he killed them with their love”.
    So tell people yourself. The only way is to take responsibilty is “throw ourselves on the pikes” and speak up. You never know, maybe LRH found out he had to do that but someone did stop him.
    I feel very lucky so many people have passed on the truth for so long. It is my responsibility to carry the torch too.
    Then the data will do the rest.

  51. Theo,

    If you were in the Sea-Org, you may remember this:
    “A team has a tendency to know what the other team members are doing and thinking. And coordinates thereby and therewith. That is the definition of a team. It is people who cooperate with each other to push forward a common purpose and they normally get along great.”


    I totally understand the necessity to DO something about this. We all feel it. Many are acting. There are members of a team here that know what the others are doing and thinking. A common purpose is being pushed forward.

    There are things that can be done immediately.
    Go to the “how you can help” section of thoughtfuls site for some good instructions http://www.scientology-cult.com/how-you-can-help.html

    You can also contact kswadmin at admin@keepingscientologyworking.com

    As Marty laid out in an earlier post, How to Handle a Tyrant – the goal here is simple.

    Not much needs to be done to lift the suppression on Scientology’s lines.

  52. There is a striking resemblance indeed. 🙂

    Perhaps DMs playbook?

  53. Only issues written by individuals other than LRH. -or written by LRH under false and manufactured realities. There is testimony that David Miscavige supplied false and alarming information to LRH in his final years to bring about some of the ethics policies being used today on the public.

  54. Terril, that bottom link wasn’t working. Can you post it again or just give the section on that website so I can log on and click to that part?

  55. thatsnotmyname

    Thanks Martin, KSWAdmin, Jim and Marty for your answers. This does help explain it somewhat. Martin, I can assure you I couldn’t be doing more in my area on this. Marty and Steve Hall can vouch for that (I hope!). I have been particularly baffled by TC’s reticence until it was pointed out to me the massive out-ruds there must be with DM. Still, I have it on very good authority he had a copy of Marty’s 31 Factors hand-routed to him while in the UK, so he definitely cannot use ignorance as an excuse from here on.

  56. Theo Sismanides

    Jim I can agree to what you are saying. More beings get enough data to evaluate and do what we did. It’s happening now, and it’s picking up.

    Homo Sap cannot evaluate, cannot think straight, cannot see outpoints for what they are. Always will dub in an invented datum to explain an outpoint. We know that from Data Series.

    I have spoken about an Org Board even if I am the only one doing this. I will speak about a way we can really speed up things, if we want. Life actually has not ended, probably just begins. You see in order to get these people to get their cognitions you need an auditor, one who knows the track or knows how to get others to have a look at it and as is things. Cognite on them. This is who we are. Auditing a third dynamic engram for Scientology, and it’s a hell of an engram. There is a big ridge on the Bridge for planet earth and it’s called DM. People believe otherwise.

    You need stable, unmockable, undeniable data to blow that ridge, not just info. I am sorry. I can see many great beings here. You are one of them, writing so little and saying so much. However, the datum of comparable magnitude to evaluate the lies, is a live organism, one who is winning and is getting people having wins, visible on the lines of the world and moving on. This is who we are guys. With what we know, we cannot be less. I am nudging everybody, I know, and I am not even a meter auditor. But I don’t care. I can be an auditor on the third dynamic.

    And not to keep you in mystery what I am proposing is… but on second thought I will write this to Marty and Jim since I don’t want to reveal it publicly in case some church people spy on us here.

    We need the bright idea. OK, I spoke about giving a punch to DM’s eye. OK, I take it back, ha ha. We don’t even need to do that. I have a better idea. The less resources you have the more genius you have to inject into the situation.

    I will be writing to Marty and Jim about it.
    Hope they find it a good idea.
    Theo S.

  57. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks Jim, it’s such a relief to be acknowledged by people who worked at Int. This is probably my first big ack after Marty’s from Int terminals. This is not flattery, the Org Board is there, you are right. You guys have done a lot.

    However, I am talking about our Div 7 Org Board. You know, you have a business outside the church, you put an org board there. I put a 7 Div Org Board in ASHO CF back in 1993 and had 150 volunteers on it. A mission came and continued the org board when Rich Cohen and Yoland McGuire were telling me it was a squirrel action to put a Div 7 Org Board there. Oh, we had a ball, and recruiters were coming to recruit volunteers, ha ha. That wasn’t bothering me, the Org Board was bothering them, ha ha. But they had something going. Then the Missionaire put my name on it saying I was the founder of the CF 7 Div Org Board!! Nobody said anything ( I was out of the area anyway, since I had some bad moments with some SPs down there) and the project was done. You might have seen ASHO CF files in the basement before being renovated.

    So this is what I am talking about. A 7 Div Org Board in the basement, ha ha. An org board with all divisions manned up over the net. A Div 2, Publications and believe me there are going to be some good publications, ha ha.

    I am not saying that this group won’t get things done or even better that the org board is not forming up even if we don’t see it. We are OTs not in title but in nature. We know what needs to be done. I have not seen more power anywhere than here. I can feel it building up, it’s picking up Jim, it’s picking up. We can speed it up man, we can speed it up guys. I know we miss the action we used to have. I know this place here and Marty means business, big business. I have a feeling about it. But for Christ sake, let’s not underestimate what our little org board will do.

    Div 7 is not usurped. Div 7 is US. And the whole of DMs Scientology is YOUR Div 6. Pick on it. Have fun, save your brothers, but keep in mind, you are a separate org board, you have your own vehicle until you get back the one that was stolen and usurped. DM is probably gonna go bananas because he is not a true administrator like LRH. He doesn’t know the LRH org board, he has his org board. His words are wooden and people do not really admire him for his affinity rather feel awe because of his power and ability to run Scientology in an authoritarian way. Big difference with LRH.

    So, my key point is that our org board be manned via the web and it’s purpose will be to oust DM.

    I have this idea on what to do as our first action for DM. I will write to you about it. I already wrote to Marty as a comment. If he thinks it’s correct he could publish it. I leave it up to him. My children now, have to go to bed, it’s midnight. I have to get them to bed now. But we are together now and we are going to have a ball.

    All I am asking people here, Jim, is to reconsider the org board. I will be writing more about it and please understand that I am not fixated on org boards (LOL) as the DCOI CLO EU told me that I am fixated on HCOBs when she got me off the translations unit director post in Denmark.

    Social beings can appreciate and understand. True OTs just fall in place when action is required. Enough with this drama. Let’s get the show on the road. It’s gonna happen from here and we better be fast as each and everyone here is a precious resource. No one gets missed. I love you all, guys. Thanks for coming back.

    Much Love,
    Theo S.

  58. Exactly Marty.

    Matt Feshbech is a perfect example. Here is a man who shorts stock for a living which basically means he destroys companies and businesses to make a buck which in turn put hundreds maybe thousands of people on unemployment.

    I wouldn’t doubt that the lil’ sleaze placed options on AA and UA when their stock crashed along with the Twin Towers after 911.

    Yet this guy is considered a paragon of “Scientology”, because he contributed millions to the “Super Power” project. In fact received the Rundown at the Int Base, which is a contrary fact right there! Since if you need a “Super Power” Building in order to deliver the rundown then how did Feshbech get it?

    Then of course there is the infamous Reed Slatkin who every Reg at Flag was telling potential FCCIs to invest with because of such a high rate of return from their investment!

    Who was considered a pillar of the “Scientology” community until he was exposed by the SEC for running a ponzi scheme!

    Not to mention the other high rolling Donors of questionable ethics and legalities like Graig Jensen who rumor has it installed a back door to the NSA in his ‘Disk Keeper’ software, that have been given a free pass by ethics because of their “contributions” which is basically nothing but filthy lucre.

  59. Hi Starsawait,
    I’m not very computer literate, and
    when URLs don’t propogate on a cut and paste I’m out of my depth. Try this below, and fill in spaces if they get propagated. If not ask again and I may have an alternate path.

    Apart from being involved with the FZ for a decade, I’ve been involved in critical info and
    am thus posting here stuff that those new to the FZ may not know.


    Hartly has good data on COS numbers.

    Some of the other things Anna Marie said at the time, from memory, was that cash bills worlwide had crossed a few years before she left. This of course dosn’t include donations for no exchange!

    She in particular commented on book sales
    being in emergency despite translations into 15 languages. Emergency over many years of course.

    Possibly the person recieving casting calls can give details of this or other agencies involved in
    recruiting ” bodies in the shop. ” 🙂

    I queried the blog here re the halfing of scn members dropping to 25000:-

    Just Bill said…


    You are right and I apologize for the misinformation. The ARIS survey in 2001 esimated there were 55,000 Scientologists in the U.S. The ARIS survey in 2009 estimated 25,000. It was the 8 year period drop not one year period.

    October 14, 2009 7:07 PM

    Havn’t been able to verify that really, and those who are interested may wish to chase this up.

  60. This reminds me of something.

    I told him I was there in LA at that 2K event and it was full. They may have photo shopped the pic but I can pick myself out of the pic so I know it is the right pic and event.

    Though now they could have hired more people to come in but they also made 5 people from each org world wide to go and I was one of them.

    That was after my upset and 11 months later I was tossed from the church so please don’t promote alter is critic data but they could have paid people and they made people go then for i was one from Buffalo that went as well as some others came. The ED of the Buffalo org was ordered to send 5 people and I had to borrow to go.

  61. martyrathbun09

    Zwan is another interesting story. And the new ones that are popping their heads up are professionals (doctors and the like). DM is creating a criminal culture by rewarding it. Someone put it real well about the substitute for upper OT levels is statuses.

  62. You’re right on the money with the names of some of the expose websites being a deterent. While Scientology-Cult.com and Leaving Scientology are good sites with a lot of useful information, the names of these sites alone detracted me from them–as a Scientologist. For two reasons:
    One. Scientology (as a Religion true to it’s texts) is not a Cult. I’m sure we all know this and I understand that Miscavaige runs it like one, but its a point of positioning (see marketing series). Having a site named Scientology-Cult immediately POSITIONS (in mind only) this movement with the haters: Anonymous (WWP), Mark Bunker’s sites, ESBM, etc. which bash Scientology as a Religion and it’s founder–not something a Scientologist is interested in.
    Two. I don’t want to “leave Scientology” nor do any of my Scientology friends, so the moment I read the name “Leaving Scientology” I was turned off and definitely wouldn’t show it to friends as a tool to spread truth.

    I totally got it that Leaving Scientology is actually saying “Leaving the Cult of Miscavology” and that Scientology-Cult really means to say “Miscavology-Cult”. But you only find this out if you look passed the site names–which isn’t easy if you’re a dedicated Scientologist, which IMHO is the public we are looking for.

    Sites surrounding this movement that I think have good names that would appeal to existing Scientologists to find truth: This one, Pro LRH Tech Community, WINS Mexico, Geir Isene’s site and Keeping Scientology Working dot com. Even The Truth Rundown is a great name and even though part of a larger website, is formatted like it’s own site.

    PS I know that Scientology-Cult is put together by Thoughtful (I could be wrong there) And I know that Thoughtful is a master of marketing altogether. My statements here are not intended to invalidate ANYTHING that is being done to get ethics in on the corrupt. I think your actions are both awesome and well-intentioned. I just wanted to supply helpful critique to make our activity more effective. Thoughts? Anyone?

  63. Bryan Zwan and Digital Lightwave with connections to the IC up the wazoo particularly NSA. These are the same guys who created the digital splitter that allowed AT&T to illegally route all those calls to Ft. Meade.

    Not to mention ATG American Technologies Group a WISE corporation who had General Bill Odom former Director of NSA (see James Bamford’s Body of Secrets) on its board of directors.

    Lest we forget Greta Van Susteren, who according to the Illegal PCs PL shouldn’t even be audited because of her connections to the Media, yet is on OT VII and her husband, Washington lawyer John Coale, who could be truly described as an ambulance chasing shyster.

    Lesser known is Lamia Khashoggi the wife of the notorious arms dealer and one of the guiding lights behind BCCI Adini Khashoggi.

    Yes these guys are some of Miscavige’s top donors.

    Maybe he has created a criminal class or maybe being a criminal himself he just invites that type of individual.

    Whatever it is, there is no doubt that many of his contributors epitomize “elite deviance”.

  64. Great information. If anyone else has more information concerning international statistics, please fill out the interog at keepingscientologyworking.com

  65. “So, there you have it, three new IAS sponsored Ideal Churches of Scientology at the very pivot points of this planet.” (Rome, D.C., and Brussels)”

    Duly noted.

  66. The ARIS 2008 survey (published March 2009) is available in full here: http://www.americanreligionsurvey-aris.org/reports/ARIS_Report_2008.pdf

    The only mention of Scientology is the list of religions which comprise the category “New Religious Movements and Other Religions” – of which there are about 2.8 million members in the US (about 1.2% of the population – see Table 3). The 2008 survey questioned over 54,000 people.

    “11. New Religious Movements and Other Religions: Scientology, New Age, Eckankar, Spiritualist,
    Unitarian-Universalist, Deist, Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Indian Religion, Santeria, Rastafarian.”

    In the Pew Forum’s “US Religions Landscape Survey” 2007, Scientology was included in “New Age”, a category which was said to represent 0.4% of the US population.

    I corresponded with the Pew Forum asking for specific data about the numbers of Scientologists in the category. The ED advised me that the number of people in the category was too small to give statistically accurate data. http://religions.pewforum.org/reports

  67. martyrathbun09

    Write to Steve on his site’s name. I think he’d love to hear from you.

  68. WTF is an “IAS Sponsored Ideal Org”? An “LRH-Free” scn organization? Is it defined anywhere other than in Miscavige’s fevered brow?

    Just fyi, the DC “Ideal Org” as of the day of the IAS event, still has a large sewer\water trench open in the front, and is still on generator power. They have less than 2 weeks to the “Grand Opening”. The CO CLO EUS (Billy Lindstein) http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/7196/img0182r.jpg
    is not looking too keyed out right now (pic taken at FCDC about a week ago), and he has a lot of his crew in DC, trying to recruit and manage to get this thing in shape for the Oct. 31st Grand Opening. Maybe this is the reason every one is double-hatted as an “IAS Reg”. They can then be musical chaired over to the “IAS Sponsored Org Board”.

  69. I saw it Terril, thanks

  70. @Heather
    “The ARIS 2008 survey (published March 2009) is available in full […] The only mention of Scientology is the list of religions which comprise the category “New Religious Movements and Other Religions”
    As you tried with Pew Forum someone contacted ARIS and obtained the 2008 Scientology figure from them, 25,000. The ARIS figures for Scientology should NOT be quoted without qualification – the standard error is around 100%. It IS safe to say that there are less than 50,000 scientologists in the USA. For more see

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  72. RJ,

    You are right about Miscavige being criminal himself and inviting that type of individuals and calling them his “Elite group” and “VIPs”.

    One of my selectees who had some major financial irregularity could still receive auditing at a class V org because he was a “wealthy” man and the org could get lots of donation from him. He was their “VIP”.

    I reported his out-ethics to the org but instead of handling him in Ethics, the reg asked me not to be his FSM. Then he was regged for an intensive package ($22,000,00) and he continued with his auditing.
    This way the org could keep my FSM commission.

  73. martyrathbun09

    Lovely ethos.

  74. Have done so. Thanks.

  75. Great site, I have been researching this ‘church’ as an institution for a few years and tonight I found your sight via a link in a Canadian newspaper called the Globe and Mail (The World Edition). Link here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/arts/paul-haggis-denounces-scientology/article1339459/
    I will be back to keep up with the backlash, lies, icing, conspiracies, truths, etc, depending on what happens next. However, since this one letter has become world news practically overnight, I expect there will be many more coming forward, more defectors, and more lies to come. Sound make for some great revelations of what is really going on and what exactly many so called ‘idols’ actually endorse. Keep up the good work!!!

  76. Johnny Jackson

    Paul Haggis has seen the light.

    Now it is time for Tom Cruise, Travolta and other celebrities to follow suit.

    Scientology treats celebrities differently than the regular Joe. Celebrities only see Scientology through “ROSE COLORED GLASSES”, as they are a part of the celebrity center.

    Most celebrities would be horrified to know about the brainwashing and ways that Scientology ruins regular peoples lives.

    It took Paul Haggis 35 years to get a little “glimpse” into the control they have. Telling his wife not to associate with the family.

    The celebrities are courted so that regular people will join Scientology, and they usually never see the true brainwashing and control that really happens with this CULT.

  77. Johnny Jackson

    P.S, How come the media never asks celebrities if they realize the difference between being in the Scientology Celebrity Center, and how Scientology ruins the regular “JOES” lives through brainwashing and other cult practices???

    The media will attack celebrities for being in Scientology, but will never point out to the NAIVE celebrity that he/she doesn’t know what really goes on with regular people, (the brainwashing,etc,etc) because they are treated differently being celebrities…

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