The Legacy of the Tech


For the past several days I’ve been sharing some thoughts. To some it evidently sounded like reactive venting. In fact, for the past two weeks, and throughout this thought-sharing period, I have been auditing others and solo auditing daily and I believe I have been expressing emotion appropriate to the circumstances I face. While I meant everything I wrote, I was also conducting a differentiation drill and a roll call or sorts. The former is important from time to time in order to pursue the larger goal successfully. A number of OSA Intelligence Black Ops lines were revealed and rendered ineffective in the process. Further, one learns in Scientology training and practice that the biggest lie in this universe is that we are all one – all the same – a=a=a. People who day in and day out promote the idea that we are all the same, we are all headed in the same direction, and thus every misdirected entheta attempt to cave people in is A-Ok, are on a more subtle level accomplishing the same goal as Miscavige’s.

The latter (roll call) came to me from an LRH Guardian’s Office Order, later converted to an OSA NW Order, in which he told of the Swedes’ success in World War Two to illustrate and convey the datum: small groups, well organized, and with a higher purpose can defeat the largest and best armed armies. You don’t survive a billion dollar war machine directed at your head by holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

I extend a heartfelt thanks to those who answered the call on back channels as well as here.

For those upset that I am not issuing orders, realize I am not trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders. Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is what is called for.

I truly believe that for any of us to make it we must as individuals walk through the valley of the shadow of death alone. Only through that process can one be certain of his or her own state of case, untainted by a 1.1 cult culture organized to create cloying, unquestioning followers. Those who have gone through that experience in life are those whose counsel I most value.

I know this sounds esoteric and vague to some, and blasphemous to others. But, I think that is partly due to residual left over from the C of M implantation of Reverse Scientology. The group think that says we must have a certain structure, we must have clear-cut direction from above, we must have a hierarchy that tells us which way is up, we cannot entertain an independent thought – and Lord forbid, a created thought that does not align with what we have been told we must know in order to conduct our lives properly.

As far as what Scientology can achieve and where it leads, I happen to agree with LRH’s description of LOGIC ONE (from the PDC):

Now in view of the fact that Scientology is the science of knowing how to know, we have to have some definition of knowledge. Now these logics as they are written here have to be rewritten slightly for the echelon of Scientology in which we are operating, which is to say the make-break of universes.

Logic One is knowledge as a whole group. There are lists of these around, in these various books. Knowledge as a whole group or subdivision of a group of data or speculations and conclusions on data or methods of gaining data. That pins knowledge down as data. And that’s true for homo sapiens. And that is true for the type of logic homo sapiens uses.

That does not happen to be the highest level of knowledge. The highest level of knowledge is the potential of – it’s an action definition – the potential of knowing how to know. And that consists of simply the potential of knowing how to know. I’m sorry, but that’s all there is to it. And how do you know? Well, in order to know how to know you have to be free to postulate knowledge. And the freedom to postulate knowledge creates the data which then arranges itself as bodies of knowledge. So, you want to know what your highest echelon of knowledge possibly could be? It would probably be complete freedom to make the postulate to form any datum or group of data without even making the postulate to do so.

And that would be knowing how to know. So Logic One should be rewritten: Knowing how to know is the definition of the highest level of knowingness. And that level of knowingness is the freedom to state a postulate which then can become knowledge. Now that’s very simple.

 The church of Scientology, by its actions every day, condems this LRH statement of purpose for the entire subject as the worst kind of heresy.

I have been working steadily and will continue to along the following lines in order to make the attainment of that statement of purpose possible:

  1. Differentiate the subject of Scientology from the Church of Scientology.
  2. Differentiate L Ron Hubbard from David Miscavige.
  3. Sort out confusions in the murky 81-pt period as to what is Scientology and what are clever alterations intended to reverse its potential.  Despite what some vehemently assert – and rather accusastively toward those actually working to sort it out – LRH Tech compilations were many years behind LRH’s advices for updates (see Joe Howard’s article at for more detail). So, that is no easy task. And no, it won’t get done by an internet discussion group attended by any Tom, Dick or C of M plant having an undirected free for all. 
  4. Make LRH tech broadly available so as to make Ron’s postulate that “the work was free” stick.  Which is my proof that my intentions as to #3 are untainted by financial or status considerations.
  5. Make it safe to practice Scientology outside the wall.


In a phrase, preserve the legacy of the tech.

Oh yeah, sometimes I gotta shake the cur dogs off my pant leg rather violently.

Sorry if that ruffles some feathers.

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  1. William Johnson

    “4. It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.

    Hubbard, L. R. (1965, 14 June). Politics, Freedom From. Organization Executive Course Basic Staff Volume 0 (1991 ed., Vol. 0, pp. 159). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.”

    Doesn’t this make the whole Freezone thing FAIL?
    How can you protect/use/sell the tech when L Ron himself says it won’t work?

  2. Marty,

    You touched on the precise points as to why my experience in the church was such a disaster and almost sent me to the spin bin. I was told I was working to free myself, and at the same time was being led into a controlled implosion along the dynamics.

    Your words are as if you have read my PC folder. More and more each day as I read this blog and read LRH in a new, free and fresh unit of time, I see just what LRH wanted for us and how far from that the church is leading people.

    I look forward to your expounding of points 1-5 above.

    P.S. Great to hear you are solo auditing. I presume on VII. Wonderful.

  3. Hooray.

    I just posted a comment on the article “Blood Money” — about how I feel the way forward might look.

    Not by each agreeing on a set pattern – ie ALL coming out or creating a new structure etc. … but by clearly differentiating RS from LRH’s legacy.

    Anyway — walking through the valley of the shadow of death is no picnic.

    But once done – no one, but no one can dictate HOW to walk anymore.

    No one. Not god, not buddha, not jesus, not LRH.

    WHY – because each one of the above comes with the message —

    YOU MUST WALK on your own. I might tape the route for you but ultimately only you can do the walking. It’s all UP TO YOU.

    And that, my dear friends, is freedom.

    PS: Man is basically good, walking through the valley of the shadow of death allows us each, in our own way, to purge our shadows enabling us to see OURSELVES – completely.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Stayed tuned, Willie.

  5. “I consider all auditors my friends. I consider them that even when they squirrel. I believe they have a right to express themselves and their own opinions. I would not for a moment hamper their right to think. I think of auditors and Scientologists as the Free People.” …

    “I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with or seize upon whatever I say. I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t a Free People. Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what’s said, try it, and if it’s good for them, use it. That old auditors sooner or later come back to and use what I have discovered isn’t any testimony to our relationship at all, it’s only a testimony to my being right because I meant to be right in the first place.” …

    “I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than he should because he thinks I wouldn’t approve of it. In organizations and out I count upon initiative and good judgment.

    L. Ron Hubbard, PAB 79, 10 April 1956, THE OPEN CHANNEL

  6. Thank you, I fully support what you and others are doing along this line of sorting out and preserving Ron’s actual legacy of tech.

  7. martyrathbun09

    WH – proof that the theta universe exists and that language, words and carrier waves are not in fact needed ultimately

  8. Ruff~That blew some mega-assed charge for me. You certainly are awesome at communicating. Perfectly put and you are absolutely right. Yesterday I said to my old self, self, you are going to have to do this alone and that’s OKAY. I meant it only as you’ve stated it.
    Of course there are some amazing creatures that are more than willing to help me, as I am to help them. But you’re right, it will be ME who creates the space to audit in, brushes up on my skills and gets my ass in the chair auditing me or others. Pretty simple, yes indeed it is.
    Thank you for clearly laying out your steps. I will try to contribute those things that align as well.
    I don’t expect you to be my leader, just the brilliant person you are, as that leads by example; real life living and being and falling, loving and fishing, all of it. Freakin Humanoid, you. 😉

  9. I am learning that more and more every day. (that the theta universe exists)

    In fact, it continues to boggle my mind.

    It seems like “magic” but in fact — it is simply what IS.

    People live their lives mired down by eons and eons of wrong choices, habitual patterns — like clouds hiding the sun.

    The sun though is always there. And once the clouds are gone — voila, the sun.

    LRH’s tech enables the clouds to dissipate and the sun to shine.

    Other wisdom traditions do the same.

    Thank you Marty for continuing to point to the sun.


  10. I re-read KSW 1 again last night, and it helped invigorate me.

    Marty, you know damn well you don’t need to apologize to anyone for being on purpose.

    Obviously, to forward the purpose of freeing spiritual Beings one runs up against Beings that have degraded their own conditions to the point where they are mest orientated. Mest ‘reacts’ and when these Beings ‘use’ mest in an attempt to hinder the freedom of Beings, then they have to be handled and no apology will register with them. ARC is the vehicle to use to work with the Being, to get them out from under their own considerations, being firm and unrepentant in doing so. And in so doing, the issues of mest barriers are resolved.

    However, it is a numbers game. Spending time Clearing one Being when you could have Cleared ten in the same period is, well, not an optimal use of one’s time. So, some will have to be dug out later.

    I know you know all that, but maybe some here are ‘new’ to the concept.

    I have a very great deal of affinity for you, not because I agree with everything you say or do, which I don’t, or you agree with my points, which you don’t, but because we have the same purpose; to free spiritual Beings as the highest possible duty, and to hell with the mest tossed in the way. You are on purpose, and you are demonstrating that you are formidable. The more one gets on purpose, the more mest will ‘appear’ in the way as a hinderence. Hence all the attacks on those who speak out. Confusion and the stable datum explain why.

    However, as one gets more aligned with their purpose, there comes a point where the mest begins to evaporate. As LRH said, and Psalms said before him, barriers are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal. As you align more to your goal, barriers just don’t appear. I see this often in my line of work; a person begins to realize that this goal they are working towards may actually be achieved, other failed goals pop into view, the barriers have evaporated, and so ‘life’ comes back. It is exilerating to see that happen! It has happened to me personally many times. The point being that as one approaches the realization of their goal, it gets easier, less opposition!

    LRH’s legacy, the tech, it’s expansion and survival, is the engine that drives some of us. There is no other purpose of value.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the good advice. It is stated very well in HCO PL OT Orgs.

  12. Thank you Marty, your post resonates in me. For many, many years I thought, incorrectly, that reconnecting to LRH meant reconnecting to the C of S. Only recently, thanks to your posts and the comments here, did I have the cognition that I could reconnect to LRH and his tech outside the C of S. Sounds simple enough, maybe too simple to see right away. I recently have reached out to an independent group regarding auditing and training, they came pretty highly recommended. Many, many times in reading your posts and comments, I am reminded of ‘the work was free, keep it so’ postulate you refer to. Thanks again, and thanks for reminding me.

  13. I would just like everyone to envision me auditing in this great house on Bayou Teche that is the perfect environment with an outdoor kitchen with auditing rooms, workout area, great schools, space for the kids to live, even when they go to college nearby. That’s where I belong. 🙂 Make sure you see my husband loving it too. Thank you.

  14. Yes Willie, stay tuned as Marty takes his followers down the same road that every other squirrel and splinter group has traveled.

    It is interesting however that Marty is now admitting to his disagreement with LRH. LRH quite clearly says in the above reference that “Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.” Marty obviously disagrees with this and has his own plans for how to try and get around this. Add this to his disagreements Marty has with LRH on ethics and justice policy which clearly prohibits much of the activity in which he is now engaged, and what you have is a squirrel who is trying to “save Scientology” but who is clearly acting in opposition to LRH policy.

    Watch closely Willie as Marty and his followers alter-is more and more. You will also see more and more cases getting messed up if in fact they ever get any sort of a delivery operation up and running.

  15. Speaking of tech, one thing I see needed is a revisiting of bodies of tech that were in use in earlier years but later dropped for various reasons. One example is Creative Processing, an important development from 1952 but later dropped because LRH found out that it beefed up the bank. In 1978 when working on Academy checksheets LRH ordered that any creative process be stricken from the Grades Process checklists, one notable example being Problems of Comparable Magnitude (“Invent a problem that is of comparable magnitude to (pc’s problem).”)
    It has never been researched how a Clear or OT, presumably without a bank or banks, would do on Creative Processing and, in fact, this was even a step of the original OT IV.
    It is also no secret that LRH had people assisting him with tech research and compilations from the earliest days of Dianetics.
    My point here is that no one interested in Scientology or its principles of application need feel that book was closed after LRH’s death in 1986 and that everything issued after that is invalid. It’s an aberrated stable datum to view the research line as closed from that date forward. In fact it is still open and there is much work yet to be done as witnessed Marty’s recent post on the mythical OT IX and X.

  16. Thanks Marty! Probably one of your most important post. You are a wise man taking what seems to be the only possible way in this storm. Namaste 🙂

  17. L. Ron Hubbard, PAB 79, 10 April 1956, THE OPEN CHANNEL.

    Very interesting he calls it “The open channel”.
    And we are thinking about open source Scientology.
    This could be the reference to start it. There is the concept for it !!!!!!!!!

  18. @valkov..

    exactly what he said. I could not express it better myself.

    thank you for all that you guys do, and especially for the new required level of toughness. I am with you 100% on that. Really loved this post 🙂

  19. WH, I am continually in awe at your beautiful wisdom. Again I have nothing to add but admiration. LOVE!

  20. It's me again

    Well Marty, Thank you for this. I know someone else who looks at these sites and we were wondering, What is going on? It looked like some were just trading one opinion leader for another, like the church did when LRH dropped his body.
    I understand that people had an affinity for LRH because he worked hard to take the laws of this universe and put those laws into understandable, usable and workable technology. He actually created a product that others benefited from and people admired his intelligence and hard work and thanked him. It is unfortunate that some people started to look at LRH has a some type of God and he himself even had to take the time to write that he was a man.
    With that said, I always found it very odd that people adopted David Miscavige so easily and that some think he is some type of God now or even Source to some. This is why I have only been to about 2 events since 1989 and those were Painful to sit through. Mischavige produced NOTHING! On a gradient, he road on the back of LRHs hard work and then made it is own. In the world outside of Scientology, he would of been in jail by now because these types of people are the ones you read about daily, elaborate schemes to rip off others because they can’t produce a useful, exchangeable product if their life depended on it.

    In my opinion there never should of been a Leader of the COS after LRH dropped his body. There should of been some type of Board with well qualified people on it with a system of checks and balances. No business can run as a democracy, Ron knew that doesn’t work.

    In my opinion, you are going to have a problem unless you organize. You have to realize no matter what you say, most people want organization and some have to have a leader. You can’t always write something and think that is going to handle the situation…some viewpoints are only handled in auditing. What type of organization, I have no idea, I am not an Admin person. I can run a business, but I run a business as Source of that business. I have no idea how to run a business with a Board of Directors with checks and balances or any other type of group system that doesn’t have to have a leader.

    Well Marty, the above is just my opinion but I think one thing is for sure. A lot of people look up to you, not as source, but as someone who is hatted in the area of winning battles and who has enough information to win their war. You have been wearing that Hat on you site and you can’t drop that Hat now without causing major ARC breaks.

    I know nothing about you, never got into how upper management worked in the church or the people involved. I have only been on these sites for a few months and came to your site through a link from Jeff’s site regarding Karen #1 a little while ago. I don’t always agree with the way you ack people at times but besides that, you are very very cleaver and I mean that in a good way.

  21. Interesting because I got into Scientology to be a better me! I knew I wanted to enhance myself and that would help in my contribution to this universe. I read LRH and could duplicate it and therefore I fell in love with it. I personally never joined this group to be led by anyone. For me to be truly free one has to decide for one’s self.

    Thank for this blog Marty.

  22. Self-determinism, as described in The Code of Honor, is a fundamental criteria for anyone who studies and applies the body of wisdom and technology created by LRH. Getting UP the Tone Scale toward Tone 40 and beyond is the entire reason for having a technology. On Planet Earth, most of us have a long way to go.
    If we’re waiting for someone else to “lead” us up the Tone Scale, we are automatically “other-determined”. We reduce our own size, power and knowledge proportionately.
    Keep being Cause, Marty. You set a good example for those of us who have not yet aspired to be as causative.

  23. martyrathbun09

    Right on the money, Cuff.

  24. martyrathbun09

    Joe, My exact train of thought which lead me back the PDC. Try reading or listening to them. Try not to do what he is asking you to do – particularly when an OT thought is faster than instantaneous. I think researching whether someone “runs” or has run on him “creative processes” is academic. Particularly when you consider he said everything after 1954 is an undercut – undercut. That means a gradient required when you can make the grade.

  25. WH,

    You are like a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you for being here.

  26. martyrathbun09

    TL, Fabulous. I highly recommend this video.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Chris, yeah. Lies are complex, truth is simple.

  28. “Differentiate: L Ron Hubbard/ David Miscavige.”

  29. Watching Eyes

    Great posting. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t let fussy people distract you. In time they’ll get it. By “it” I mean they’ll get that they don’t have to be led around by the nose…….like they were when in the C of M.

    The dwarf makes slaves out of people. Some are just now learning to walk, talk and think on their own. Growing pains, if you will. They’ll come around.

  30. VS- The cats already out of the bag. People are training and auditing in the field outside of the church. The ones I know are doing very well. They include people from all areas of the bridge. How can this be in light of your post? Many of these are failed Flag cases, brought back to battery with standard application of LRH, which they were not getting at FSO. It sounds as though you are willing to abandon those who do not believe as you do with a bit of a sneer. Where is the LRH on that?

    And just WHO? drove these people out of the church? I think if you feel this way you should stay where you feel warm and fuzzy as it obviously isn’t here.

  31. Carol, Me too. The only way you can help others, really help others is
    when you help yourself first. I found when you go through a little hell
    (alone) you learn to Love yourself and then its so easy to Love others.

  32. Joe,

    Thank you for this data.

    As a supe, I am getting lots of questions about “Where did this tech go and is it still available?” from many of my students.

    I can’t answer their questions and tell them to just keeping on with their courses as I hope, in time, they will find out.

    May I ask you if you have the references on what you are referring to? If so, please let me know. If not, that’s cool too. I’ll just keep them all going and winning as best as I can.

  33. For those upset that I am not issuing orders, realize I am not trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders. Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is what is called for.

    Hi Marty.

    This is also partly in response to my post of yesterday.

    I think we all here pretty much share the same common purpose of moving up the bridge, helping others, and disseminating where possible.

    And I also understand no one wants any RTC style command channels here in the Freezone.

    I absolutely appreciate the inside scoop you make available daily which shines a lot of light on the inner working of CO$ manangement that I consider rather essential, esp. when doing Doubt Condition Formulas. As a result, many people have said Adious to the church and are here now. All good.

    Nonetheless, I believe our basic nature is to contribute to a purpose on yet a larger scale, a wider sphere in terms of common objectives and goals. Some sort of organization on a purely voluntary basis would be helpful to achieve that.

    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with collecting support in whatever form which will eventually lead to greater Freedom, further expansion & more Tech Delivery in the Freezone. Future courses of action to forward such a purpose would be required.
    Something on a common basis we can contribute to that leads to a desired goal, be it legal challenges, dissems, etc.

    Unfortunately CO$ just makes a never-ending racket out of it with little more than thin air forthcoming, and thus abuses that concept.

    You have pretty much been assigned that hat whether you like it or not. The traffic to this site says it all.

    And command channels can be voluntary, without the usual DM/CO$ headtrips.

    So what resources are required for an objective that would generally be agreed upon by those here, or in the Freezone. Surveys may need to be done first.

  34. Hey Marty,

    Thats cool you’re studying the PDC’s. Im doing the same. Early 50’s lectures are where it’s at. Scientology at its most fundamental and truthful levels are contained in those early lectures.

    Im also happy you are auditing daily! 🙂

  35. Dark And Light Wizard

    I am afraid on quick glance without my wizard hat on, I do’nt immediately grasp what you are on about today Marty. I will have to find and get out my dummo kit.
    I see though on the comm lines that an hammer as come down today in Germany:,1518,712323,00.html
    this brought to you by Wizard news.


  36. Old Cuff, I think you just redefined an OT. Self-determined cause. I
    think I kinda like you. Love

  37. Marty, Thank you for writing that piece. It has helped me address some questions I’ve had for awhile now.
    I don’t wish, in my own mind, to put you out there as my leader. Not that I don’t think you wouldn’t be a good one when or if that time comes. I just don’t want to become lazy. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. I agree that we all need to learn to walk the road alone sometimes and acknowledge and own our own power and abilities along the way. We all have our own particular talents and strengths. I had forgotten how to do that. Having said that, however, you and Mike and others have unique knowledge of what is going on and has gone on inside the COS that many of us don’t. You put in huge amounts of time and effort to keep this blog going, among other things. The insights I gleen here are invaluable on so many levels.
    There are many good and brilliant Scientologists posting here. I’ve learned and continue to learn so much from each and every one.
    There is so much more to learn and do out here. I look forward to watching you and all of us continue to think, confront, cognite, look, see and become more and more the powerful, free thetans we are. Thank you for sharing, especially, your continued growth with us. It is inspiring, to say the least.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  38. Tony DePhillips

    Well we know that you don’t get it. If the organization is taken over by an SP and he is corrupting the tech, what would you suggest?? I believe that LRH wanted us to use our own noggins and not blindly follow. If you are so sure that we will fail then don’t even sweat it my friend. If you have a comm line to DM why don’t you tell him to let us take a stab at it and see what happens. I mean it will happen with or without him. LRH isn’t a God and he said if it isn’t true to you then it isn’t true, so we don’t have to be robots do we?? What stats does the “church” have from the GAT which has been out now for somthing like 15 years??
    LRH points out many things “quite clearly” that DM and you robots don’t follow. Wouldn’t that make you squirrels as well??
    Have a nice day.

  39. I loved my auditing in the church pre-GAT, but the auditing I got outside the church was so much better. I cannot accept the phrase “messed up cases” as anything other than a suppressive generalization. Does anyone actually know of any of these supposed “messed up cases”? Please provide the time and place, who did it, what was done and what happened. Oh, we will never see that on this blog or anywhere else. People audit outside the church because they truly want to help others. It is a huge LIE to assign bad intentions to them.

  40. Creating leaders is exactly what the current Church of Scientology is not doing. From what I understand it was LRHs vision for all Sea Org members to become Class 8s, OT 8s, and trained in OEC/FEBC, I don’t think there is one member currently at those case and training levels, and certainly no one is moving towards that direction as far as I know. Sea Org members instead are being used as cheap labor, living in a constant state of sleep deprivation, and getting fundamental rights stripped of them on a constant basis. Those leaving the Sea Org, are given non-enturbulation orders to silence them. Staff members have the Universe Corp carrot held in front of them, and are constantly being told that the pay is going to get better, and how some crew at such and such org is getting payed quite well, which is a lie I know because I have been to many orgs in the US and not one of them were the staff well paid, all the while they are being cross ordered off their post, to get some urgent program done, that usually winds up failing. (Anyone remember how group auditing in the early 2000s was supposed to be the answer to a cleared planet so every org must send someone to flag to train to be a group auditor, or how every org must send someone to Flag to be an SSO, MAA, and Chaplain, the Orgs that didn’t the ECs got Comm-Eved, from what I can tell that program isn’t doing very well either). And to top it off the Org staff can’t get their work off because they are being bypassed by the Higher Orgs, to get their services done. Staff members for the most part are unhappy, and not turning into leaders. And lastly the public are going bankrupt, if not for the high cost of services or cross ordered off the bridge, its for the IAS, Idle org program, Super power, library donations, etc. Statuses have become the benchmark, to determine if one is a leader, but no one cares about statuses, except maybe those who are enamored by MEST. Having a status does not make one a leader, and I certainly wont follow someone who may be a Patron of the IAS but is going through foreclosure on their home it shows irresponsibility to me.

    I guess what I am saying in this rant is if someone wants to be a leader, they must do it outside of the current Church of Scientology, because as its been proven many times in the past it wont happen in the church.

  41. Oh, such a relief to see the Logics used as a tool for differentiation – thank you. The dismal misinterpretational use of ‘knowledge’ by C of M sets everything in black concrete including those who follow him or his Church.
    Great to see sanity used to put purpose back on the agenda.
    Wouldn’t it be great to hear the term “I know” more often without a curve. (Logic 4 … a datum is not a facsimile…)

  42. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I believe that ultimately, we here, that do want LRH’s Tech continued and brought out to be freely used, need to “walk the walk” to our own salvation. In doing so we can help others to understand their own abilities and the process of “knowing how to know”.

    Each one of us, are our own leader. We do need to stand on our own, theta-wise, in order to help us understand who and what we are and what we are capable of.

    In observation of that, it frankly never ceases to amaze me how many different ways we express ourselves here on this blog and out in this world of ours. Tack up a Tone Chart next to your monitor and observe yourself, and others here, how we rocket up and down with our hair on fire and laughing, crying, yelling, praying, pleading, jumping for joy and the rest of our emotional states of being. No matter what occurs, it’s all observable and understandable.

    Bless our pointy little anchors! 🙂 – WooHoo!!

    Thanks Marty for your stand! — “In a phrase, preserve the legacy of the tech.”

  43. VS you are either a fool, misguided or both.

    Quite apart from your actual or pretended total misduplication of what Marty is saying, Scientology is and never was meant to be a top-down structure. It was always meant to be bottom-up.

    Example: LRH trained a bunch of Class VIs at St Hill in the 60s and sent them out into the world. They ran their own show, they were kings of their own organizations and did just great, and that was your mission network and your big missions of the 70s right on through to the 80s when the GO started to meddle and then Miscavige destroyed it all as part of his power coup which created the epitome of a top-down, dictatorial system which has killed the C of S. It has bred robots that can no longer think for themselves.

    Study your Data Series, Management Series, OEC, word clear Method 9 every LRH Flag Order and Central Bureau Order and any other LRH management reference (I know I have) and you will understand that even “management” was meant to exist only so it could help and assist as an OT system, not something resembling Mussolini where everything is controlled/ordered from Rome, a la Miscavige.

    The moment you have to send out streams of orders you’ve already lost the game and if Miscavige is notorious for one thing it’s his penchant for sending out streams and streams of orders on a daily basis, all dutifully transcribed and logged by his various “assistants”. And he has the remnants of Scientology management do the same to orgs, ordered via his RTC Reps, which I’ve seen with my own eyes.

    Those floods of orders are the ultimate footbullet because they inevitably cross order policy. And anyone who knows management knows that that is game over.

    So its game over for you guys.

    We have LRH Tech (red and green on white). And we can think for ourselves. And we don’t need no stinking orders.

  44. ΘTater/GaryLerner


  45. Windhorse,
    Thanks again for an ARC filled comment, very well put. I have taken a few steps in that valley myself, probably a lot more to go. Your presence here is always appreciated.

  46. Ah, the dm-bots Willie and VS are out in full-force again, aren’t they.

    Now, what was that definition of “floating needle” again guys? And where exactly does LRH call for gang-bang sec-checking … or bashing people’s heads into walls?

    Or is that the “non-squirrel” DM tech that you are clinging to so dearly?

    When it comes to “messed up cases”, why don’t you go have a chat with Rex Fowler — DM’s “11-intensives of sec-checking” and OT VII product. He sits in jail for murder of an innocent co-worker and attempted suicide.

    Nice example of Davey’s “standard tech” there, eh Willie and VS?

  47. Carol,

    Totally agree with your post.

    What got me in as a public, on staff and in the SO were the aims: “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.”

    Left Mestology and radical Scn due to the realization of the insanity at the top issuing insane orders & running programs contrary to LRH, and the fact that Man is not free to rise to greater heights in DM’s regime, in that I was able to do OT levels under LRH and since he left, no progress up the grade chart save hundreds of hours of sec checks and FPRD which tended one towards introversion. This was true of most staff and SO. Nothing wrong with the perks and mest, but the road did not go towards the original LRH aims and the able were being punished with Dear Leaders marching orders and out exchange donations.

  48. SH,
    Moving higher/Suppression

  49. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    -Margaret Mead

    “American anthropologist whose great fame owed as much to the force of her personality and her outspokenness as it did to the quality of her scientific work, 1901-1978”

    “Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  50. martyrathbun09

    A good rant though.

  51. Fellow Traveller

    Now that’s an illusion to create! You got my agreement. Start!

  52. Dear Marty,
    We are a bunch of people that’ll will come out in the near future. The form of it I don’t know yet. What helped most were your posts about the perversion of Tech of last year and beginning of that year and Geir by being such a good example. Of that stuff I would like to hear more about.
    There is still a huge 3rd dynamic engram about the wins on people on the OT-Levels.I can remember the first Nots completions of 1979, atomic bombs of theta and they were telling one phantastic Ot phenomena after the other (bodies becomming transparent is session, E-Meter becoming transparent, healing people on distance and… and….), they were just beaming, full of Arc, their presence alone could key-out people to the outmost, just a nothing and love and beingness. Suddenly that stopped and there were rumours around that it was forbidden to tell any fantastic wins.
    This around 1980-85. From then on you just heard wins as if they just went exterior on OTTRO or have done TRO. Do you know what happened ? Is there at all an engram ?
    Continue the good work.

    Bon appétit !

  53. martyrathbun09

    And your point? This is not my loss or my gain. Caberta asked me to come to Germany and testify. When I told her my views, synopsis of what you’ve seen on this blog if you’ve actually read it, she suddently disappeared. Only interested in wiping out the entire subject it seems. Haters’ loss. C of M’s loss too probably, because she probably had some twisted ethics effect that kept him somewhat in valence.

  54. martyrathbun09

    Good for you.

  55. Marty,

    Thanks for making it clear as regards one’s own responsibility and leadership – great article!

    As great news, I received an invitation to a graduation happening this weekend to an IS academy formed recently. So there are some and many more coming to work on Logic 1 as stated above, independent of RS!

  56. martyrathbun09

    Oh, I’ve got quite an organization. But, out of necessity at the moment it has no location, no matter, no time, and does have unlimited space.

  57. YES it does……………………………!!!!!!
    We are puilling in old Scientologist we haven’t
    seen for years. People suddenly wants to talk
    to us that didn’t want to talk to us for years.
    ” It’s a kind of magic ”
    Thetans smell theta and they’ll find you whatever the obstacles
    in the mest universe.
    ” It’s a kind of magic “

  58. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the great news Sinar.

  59. martyrathbun09

    I’ve mentioned it several times. DM is afraid of thetans. I hear these types of wins every day out here.

  60. LOL well said. That’s so true !
    This women was just nuts . Why care about her and make her so dangerous that millions were need to shut her up. Germany corrected itself and now who will be the new ennemies in Germany ?
    I bet they’ll find some new ones and that millions will be needed to handle them !

  61. You forgot to mention that anybody doing the FEBC also needed to get all 3 Ls. I only met one Sea-Org member who did it, I think he was the first FEBC trained directly by LRH, the late Jens Bogvad.
    He was a great leader.
    Giving Ls to SO member what a blasphemy !!!!!

  62. Why not share them ?????

  63. Very welcome, it goes to joyfully show there are IS leaders carrying on the legacy of the Tech forward in present time on their own!

  64. Yes Marthy thnkyou for making it clear.

  65. “failed in the hands of non-Scientologists”
    VS, David Miscavige and his Henchman exaclty 😉

    “Scientology does not work in the absence of official control”
    VS, And what do you call COB ? 😉

    “and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.””
    VS, There is onley a dwarf in control now.

  66. Dark And Light Wizard

    My point Marty and like you say I probably have not read it right is that it gave me the impression of boundries coming down. Sorry to invalidate. I am on cloud wizard at the moment. I think I over did the garlic formula.


  67. VS, All I can say is that you forgot to LOOK. I know what can happen
    when LRH tech is applied standardly. Do you?

  68. Aye Marty – Keep kicking my man.

  69. This blog is your property, Marty. As you know, you are free to vent away.

    I often observe that offended commenters have simply mis-duplicated your comm.

    We are all self-invited guests here. Many are helping. Many are taking action in their own way. But none should feel like you owe them anything, such as perfect manners. Or perfect comm all the time, every time. Or perfect leadership. Or even an instant removal of DM. You don’t owe us any of that.

    But you are certainly doing something about it on a grand scale nonetheless.

    Maybe manners and politically correct comm could apply if someone were actually paying you real money for a service rendered. But I get a little tired of people holding you up as the new leader (which you’ve never wanted to be) and expecting you to be more than human (which you’ve never claimed you are), and faulting you for anything less.

    Part of being independent is not needing to be led. By anyone. Not holding action-takers up in lights as some sort of hero. Not needing a hero, in fact.

    Independence means that one is his/her own hero. His/her own leader. His/her own problem solver.

    It’s not up to Marty Rathbun to magically take out an experienced, billion- dollar war machine. But he’s trying anyway.

    Please keep on keeping on! Your help is appreciated.


  70. Dear VS,

    I hear you brother. The last straw for me with this Marty character was when he banned holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

    Sorry I can’t take the time to comment further. I’m late getting to the elaborate shrine we’ve set up in our modest home to worship the God of Gods, the King of Kings- David Misscabbage. Shoot we’ve even got vigil candles burning and incense sticks right on the altar! We reverently bow and in a low melodic chant we recite the “straight up and vertical” stats of Clears and Auditors made.

    It’s like being in heaven. You’re invited to join us in our daily Worship Fest!

    ML, Tom

  71. Goddess,

    Good question. When you follow LRH’s research track from his first book through 1954 you find he went an awful long way very, very rapidly. The Basics cover this track of development. It’s astonishing actually. And he found that fewer and fewer people were keeping up with him. By 1954, he turned around and there was nobody left. So, as Marty says, he began undercutting so others could get up to where he was. He was probably kind of lonely! Anyway, this undercutting procedure resulted in the first Class and Grad Chart in 1965.

    If you look in Tech Vol 1 you will find references to people helping him on compilations. If you look at an original set of Tech Vols you will see many many bulletins signed by others than LRH or signed “so and so for LRH.” In the 1970s aboard the Apollo he had people, notably Ron Shaffron, writing bulletins left, right and center.

    Then in 1978 he established RTRC. The advice I referred to above was one to the RTRC I/C, Phoebe Mauerer, one of the legendary people in SO history and a totally wonderful woman.

    When your students study the SHSBC, they will get the full picture and it should all make sense by then.

    Let me know if this answers your questions. Otherwise write me at

  72. Hello my friend.

  73. Willie,
    Note the last line ” in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.”

    When one is knowing how to know, approaching the level as covered in the Opening Piece, and has studied, applied, re-studied, moved for real up the Grade Chart and has approached what LRH calls for, paraphrased, being able to put the whole thing back together ‘if you find yourself on Arcturus and forgot your notes’, then who is the ‘Central Org’? Who is there to see that LRH is Source? Who can get this done, sloughing off the giddy diaper days, and do it really? WHO puts the boots on?

    Bless your lucky day Willie, those of us who stick around despite any shellackings, to see that others can have a route to walk that actually gets somewhere.

  74. Hooters / Cracker Barrel

  75. VS,
    That’s some right nice piece of logic you’ve put together. It’s just that it sounds familiar to me, ahhh, yes, ‘Thinking Machines’ Parts 1 and 2, 1st ACC.

    Dude, someday, if you work at it, you’ll get free of that circuitry.

  76. Byron, I Love when anyone quotes LRH. This is the REAL LRH. Maybe
    thats why I Love Elmer Fudd so much.

  77. “4. It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists…….”

    Nice quote Willie, now try word clearing the word “official”.

    This is exactly why Scientology FAILS within the Radical Church of Miscavology – there is no ‘official control’ left in it. All the trained Auditing, C/S, Qual, Ethics, and Admin terminals who trained under LRH or on the original materials, have been purged from it.

    An official is someone who holds an office (function or mandate, regardless whether it carries an actual working space with it), and can act with authority.

    There are virtually no persons left within the Church who can actually act with the authority (meaning having the the knowledge, skills, and beingness) necessary to create Auditors and Clears, much less OTs.

    Look at the stats of any Academy, and you will see they have fallen over the cliff into Non-E, compared to what they were in the 1970s, for example.
    They have gone “straight DOWN and vertical”.

    Most of those trained and capable of acting as ‘officials’ are now outside of the Church, and are happily delivering Standard Tech.

    What you don’t seem to get is each of these people is an official who requires no other authority. Each is fully qualified. They work in cooperation with each other as needed, by their own choice.

  78. Tara, The postulate is there, All we need is agreement. You got mine!

  79. Marty,
    I’m working my way up, each tape, each issue, and now after having gotten through to NOTs, I am utterly blown away by what exists to the 54 point. I’m still on the 1st ACC and only because I have to break off as life dissolves before me.

    Undercut. Precisely.

    COHA, Route 1, 2, the list goes on, are ripe for the pickin’.

  80. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot IO – I feel duplicated and understood.

  81. Right on Marty, I got it. I was thinking this over yesterday. I think I wanted you to be the guy telling us what to do. I believe that is a remnant of my brainwashing in the church. No need to really confront and handle things, the head guy, COB, RTC, IAS, God, will handle it (Just send all your money). The orgs are like this. Being a staff member is like this. I think Miscavage has created this attitude in all Scientologists.
    It really could not be more opposite of what a Scientologist should be. It’s the opposite of OT.

    I can totally push on those items you are working on. They fit with my goals on this.

  82. I’ll add to Joe’s advice on the SHSBC, before one starts the checksheet, ADD in the lectures of the ‘basics’, in order. Add as well, in chronological order any other lecture as they are now released and you’ll follow the man’s trail. Hold on to your goddamn hat though, as it very well may disappear.

  83. Marty,

    Sometimes, I think you are so full of shit that I just roll my eyes and move on. Then again, sometimes I think I am so full of shit I can’t help but laugh. All of my friends are quite proud of the fact that they are full of shit. And so fucking smart that their insights give me goosebumps.

    At the end of the day, what counts is: did you make life better? Did you help increase understanding? Did the environment move up tone? Did you make someone smile and feel glad they were alive? Were your communications vital and observant?

    Being right isn’t even on the list of things I want to accomplish. Nor is being number one or being better than others or earning lots of money.

    I’ll settle for being full of shit and having the day end as above.

    And, after reading your post today, you made me glad to be alive.

    I still think you’re full of shit.


    Why can’t you be perfect….
    So I can have someone to worship?


    Oh. Just remembered. I don’t fucking need or want someone to worship. So, being full of shit is okay by me.


  84. martyrathbun09

    dfb, great.

  85. VS, you forgot to append the required disclaimer to your post:

    “The preceding has been a recorded paid political announcement.”

  86. martyrathbun09

    I don’t solicit success stories for publication. I think it tends to put people in a mode where they feel obligated to stroke the guy who just spent 12 1/2 hours or more on trying to help them. I also find it tends to inhibit latent and growing cognitions to demand some sort of final statement to the action. I hear these stories,and experience these phenomena every single day with those whom I work and converse with.

  87. martyrathbun09

    And probably be a lot more formidable than a shoot-from-the-hip bigot.

  88. You might have a point there, except that it has already failed under Miscavige. Can you honestly say Lisa McPhereson recieved Standart Tech at the Flag Land Base? DM allegedly C\S’ed her prior Clear attest.

    DM is a living clay demo of the following excerpt from KSW:
    “When people can’t get results from what they think,/I> is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology.”

    DM “grounds” himself to copper wires as a handling for his “charge”. DM has taken if to a whole nother level and is dramatizing implanting of self and others. The standard handling for those types of cases is to get them to quit committing PT overts… So, where is the Qual Div? Who is in charge of correcting this self-styled “executive”? No Qual, No HCO = No Scientology.

    The Sea Org is Epic Fail. They have become a rip-off organization, selling a protection racket. Hubbard also stated that when managment became more interested in real estate than results, to get rid of management.

    What do YOUR EYES tell you?

  89. VS;
    Count the lies you are participating in. This is just a random PR Issue that came off the wire, look at how untrue it is in the context of the crimes being committed by the current church.

    Church of Scientology Fights Unemployment

    With the economy now in a constant downtrend, the Church of Scientology announced a course designed to help workers become more alert and intelligent in the workplace, thus being able to get and keep their jobs.

    Scientology addresses the spirit—not the body or mind—and believes that Man is far more than a product of his environment, or his genes.

    Scientology further holds Man to be basically good, and that his spiritual salvation depends upon himself, his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

    Scientology is not a dogmatic religion in which one is asked to accept anything on faith alone. On the contrary, one discovers for oneself that the principles of Scientology are true by applying its principles and observing or experiencing the results.

    The ultimate goal of Scientology is true spiritual enlightenment and freedom.

    The requested donation for the course is $50.00 and students will receive crush regging, junk mail for all eternity and a copy of the fully alter-ised book The Problems of Work by L. Ron Hubbard.

  90. And right on dfb. That is exactly how I got sucked into contributing to the IAS originally. I did not know what to do to handle my immediate area, and the IAS offered ‘global solutions’ to ‘outflank’ the ‘enemy’, which I perceived as the Reactive Mind. All I had to do was give them money, and they would get to work unenturbulating the 3rd and 4th dynamics.

    Ha ha ha. I want my money back. It was money I could have used for my Bridge.

  91. David, You’re a kick! I think we take it just a little too serious sometimes.

  92. Theo Sismanides

    Yes Ann Howe, people are auditing and training outside the church. And VS can’t do a thing about it. Centralization has never been LRH’s game!

  93. Marty,

    Thanks for laying out your vision for the future. Very appropriate timing for another discussion I was having today actually.

    Towards the end of my time in the CoS, I was struck by how many other Scns didn’t seem to realise that there WAS a difference between the Church of Scientology and Scientology the subject. Almost everyone appeared to believe that to be a Scientologist one had to be a member of the CoS with all that it entailed.

    Has you given some thought as to how to handle the ‘missing’ OT levels, i.e. OTIX, X and above, which you have said don’t actually exist in a doable form?

    If you are successful in making Scientology widely available again, there will be many people wanting to do these at some point in the future.


  94. Lo and Marty,
    But why postulate that tho?

  95. Foremost, Fabian is not just a word. Its an effective operating basis.
    Not only that but its FUN. After all if its not fun its not Scientology.
    Read ‘Sun Tzu’.

  96. Thought Provoking


    It makes me wonder about the “new” Personal Efficiency course they are promoting. The one delivered in ’06 included self analysis at the end of it. If it’s the same one, stating the course only takes 2 1/2 hours is just another example of quickie Scientology. Instead of letting a guy have his wins in auditing as much self analysis as he wants they just cram them through the materials in one course period so they can get a completion. Doesn’t sound like condition 4 exchange to me, just another way to sully the PR of Scientology as unworkable.

  97. Scientology;
    For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not, or will not, understand, no explanation is possible

  98. Marty~Maybe I was supposed to, but I really didn’t know who you were, your post in Int Mgmt, anything about you before this blog.

  99. Kris, Join the ‘sudden’ club.

  100. Love it!

  101. Thought Provoking

    Boy that indicated! Some of my greatest wins have occurred well after the auditing session/intensive has been completed.

  102. Joe & Jim,

    Thanks so much for the help! I’ll check it all.

  103. Felicitas Foster

    great posts lately. I have not yet read all the comments of this and three other posts. I will have to put some time in to catch up. This blog meanwhile became my daily newspaper. 🙂
    I cannot agree more with you that everyone has to ” walk through the valley of the shadow of death ALONE”. Every one of us has to become a leader to be able to be free and enjoy that freedom.
    I appreciate your direct words to get everybody woken up – and I discovered that I always get something out of it. so thank you for all your effort and for the thruth that you spread over the planet.

  104. Tony DePhillips

    Great point MOQ!!

  105. I agree, we all nead to walk our path. In the early 70’s the successful missions were run by those who could lead and they gathered around them the terminals they needed to pull it off and they were autonomous groups, flowing people up to orgs and advanced orgs (until they got suppressed out of existence). I think delivery will evolve along those lines again, except that the groups may either be specialists in various parts of the training or auditing sides Bridge or be able to provide everything from bottom to top. I can see the internet being very useful for accessing LRH tech and policy and books. I think the internet would be useful for exporting mini-lectures on various subjects (i.e. ARC triangle, tone scale, conditions, principal incidents on the track, anatomy of the mind, admin scale, basic finance, etc) by those who are dynamite lecturers and can really get basic data across, making people interested to then hit the books and tapes and learn more. Of course, live lectures are always wonderful and I remember the mission I was at bringing in Yvonne Jentsch and Peter Gilham and various others for a weekend of really great information.

    Thanks again Marty for all you do.

  106. martyrathbun09

    Just like the Tao.

  107. Sinar~That’s great news!

  108. martyrathbun09

    It’s not a postulate, it is a prediction.

  109. TEG, Tom, I wanted to reply to your comment to VS but couldn’t. So
    here it is late. ‘So you’re the one! ‘Best I could do brother.

  110. martyrathbun09

    Read my post about it a few weeks ago.

  111. Tara I can see it all now plus a wonderful wrap-around porch with a hammock or 2. Happy pcs abounding!

  112. Tony DePhillips

    I don’t worship you Marty, but I don’t think you are full of shit by any means.
    I will never worship anyone, especially an SP who runs this messed up “church”. Something that used to be great has now become a cult.
    Thanks for trying to do something about it Marty.

  113. Marty~I hope you know my calling you a freakin humanoid was a crunched down, simplified compliment as above.

  114. martyrathbun09


  115. And Ewmer woves Sawge.

  116. Cat Daddy,
    “Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    How does one make space?

  117. When I got into Scientology 30+ years ago I did NOT do it because I wanted to join a group. I did it because I was fascinated by the subject. I soon had incredible wins, both as a student and as a pc, and I wanted others to have similar wins. But my only interest, and this is important, was the individual gains that was available for myself and the people I met.

    I am sick and tired of the “build a strong group” bullshit, where the 3rd dynamic is everything and the individual nothing.

    However, a strong group that is the result of excellent delivery and winning, happy people who bring in their friends because they care for them is a totally different story that I have not yet seen happen.

    The CoS is a greedy, rotten organisation that could not care less of the individual and I have little hope for reform from whithin. Even if the stupid idiot David Miscavige resigns, ha, ha, the twisted 180 degrees wrong mindset of the current staff members will take years and years to turn around. This idiots that for decades have been running around on a reversed help flow, i.e. help the org instead of helping the public, do not know what scientology is about, freedom for the individual.

    To visit this blog is a great relief and I want to thank you Marty, and all the others that devote their time to bring DM to an end. Count me in, I will soon be out – of the church!

  118. Been doing this for a decade. Promoting all scn tech is available
    outside COS. Promoting on the most hostile places, which in fact
    were the ones that reached most people who came to the Freezone.

    ARS for example, and lately ESMB on which ” natterboard”
    I’ve had my easyist ride.

    Some of my strengths are persistence. No one has ever stopped me or even slowed me down.
    Also I’m willing to communicate with anyone about anything.

  119. Thought Provoking

    I have to admit, I was a bit of a spectator before Scientology. I just watched the world go round and it seemed to me like most people were just stuck in life, spectating just like me. But just walking into the mission I saw that people were animated, there was life and purpose. I instantly felt at home and suddenly there was meaning to my life. I went from waiting for something to happen to making things happen in just a short period of time. I loved the spiritual aspect of Scientology and had a blast refamiliarizing myself with some of my forgotten abilities.

    Marty, The actions that you are working on align with my own ideas of what I would like to see happening. If anything, I view you as a role model that inspires me to be a better Scientologist. But, I think there are many other people who fit into that framework as well such as Mike, Christy, Steve, Haydn, Karen and Jeff for their specific contributions and insights. The whistleblowers in particular have demonstrated extreme courage and integrity which has affected me in ways that I cannot communicated adequately.

    But, the number of intelligent, educated posters contributing their knowledge, understanding and experiences while in the church speaks of the ARC that is part and parcel of the Scientology I joined 30 years ago.

    The knowledge that the tech can and is being applied outside of the org was key for me. My main purpose is to ensure that Scientology exists and is available to anyone. Dianetics started as a grassroots operation and I see nothing wrong with the independents doing the same. The church has been running “have to have” before you can “do”. Let’s not fall into that trap. Some of the independents have already started auditing again and some are getting ready to make training available. Again, more people being role models and taking responsibility. You gotta love it!

  120. Valkov,
    The ‘enemy’ IS the Reactive Mind. Only thing, it takes Admiration to conquer it.

    Hate don’t work. Tha’s a sure way to solidify the l’il bugger.

  121. Michael,
    Thank Bog you finally get what I’ve been trying to tell you! Damn, it’s a shame turds have such a comm lag.

  122. As a Swede I can only agree. 🙂

    / Hubbardianen

  123. Axiom,
    You gotta lay off the bangers and mash.

    UNDERCUT. Does that ring something other than a dinner bell?

  124. Goddess,
    My mail is

    Anytime, anything I can do to help you.

  125. Joe and Marty,

    I have to thank you both for clearing up a Huge issue with me that goes along the “hidden data line” thing. I read Joe’s article titled “Inside Scientology Compilations” that you recommended Marty. Handled the whole confusion I’d been sitting on. Like I said- HUGE.


  126. Marty-

    Those early years can and were described in a word- Electrifying!


  127. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I hope this isn’t a OP, and that you are sincere in asking. I will give you the benefit of the doubt if you are here to truly communicate for the purpose of understanding, instead of antagonizing and nullifying people here.

    Please kindly tell me …

    What would YOU do knowing the Central Organizations of Scientology are squirrelling LRH tech and his works, and are in suppressive control by a flaming SP, and the staff and public are unknowingly PTS and acting stupid?

    Do you know an LRH HCO PL that deals with this happening?

  128. Marty,

    A postulate and prediction is essentially the same thing.

    postulate in tech dic.
    4 . is actually a prediction. (5112CM30B)—v.

  129. theo sismanides

    Marty, we are on a turning point here. Through ARC we have all here increased our KRC. I will just call you the Source of this, the pivotal point around which others are turning. I know it’s a big responsibility. Does not mean I am a follower or want to be one. It’s just someone(s) keeping the line as others move on. We have created a better place for scientologists to practice Scientology. The Cycle of Action has been started and I know how it is with such a purpose as the one at hand. When you have Power use it. An old maxim. The wheels are turning and more and more join the task. It’s like OT Orgs as you said.

  130. Sarge-

    Okay- You’re invited to the DM worship service, too. I’ll hat you up on passing the IAS collection basket. We may, though, go to a straight tithing: 20% off the top of gross income.

  131. I truly believe that for any of us to make it we must as individuals walk through the valley of the shadow of death alone. Only through that process can one be certain of his or her own state of case, untainted by a 1.1 cult culture organized to create cloying, unquestioning followers. Those who have gone through that experience in life are those whose counsel I most value.

    It isn’t why I left, but it’s a conclusion I came to on my own after leaving.

  132. Bernie, You mentioned the Mission era…

    I love reading the blog by ENSIFER.

    It contains some ‘real’ memories of the “Mission Days” in a unique writing style.

  133. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    VS, you wrote …

    “if in fact they ever get any sort of a delivery operation up and running.”

    It’s obviously too late to make that statement. Delivering LRH tech outside the orgs has been happening for quite a long time. Come to PT.

    Once the suppressive lines are taken out of the CoS, and actual LRH tech is fully implemented with no altering of of his works (the genuine article), people will be flooding into the orgs again, ethics will be light, people will be getting big wins all the way up the bridge.

    Surely you can clearly see that the Central Organizations of Scientology are under suppressive control of a flaming SP, and the orgs are squirrelling scientology tech and alter-ising and even deleting LRH works, can’t you? (Of course, it just takes some simple obnosis, which many already have before you.)

    So if this were true (and I assure you it IS – just Look, don’t listen.) …

    How do you suggest an on-source scientologist handle this predicament?

  134. With the volume of work by LRH, you can make a case for two sides of any question. Just like in any set of scriptures.

    Here is a reference I found while looking at an old green book I found in a Half Price Books store. It was from “The Saturday Course Lecture” or something like that. Volume one in one of the green books thingies.

    “So in order to clarify some of these minor points, we were forced into the publication of a textbook before Dianetics was was completely and utterly developed. Perhaps in another TWO OR THRE THOUSAND YEARS (caps mine) Dianetics may be developed, but at the present time this is not the case. THIS IS TRUE OF ANY LIVE, YOUNG SCIENCE (caps mine again.)

    The Dianetic techniques in the handbook work, but since that book was written there have been about four major developments in the field, all of which tend to shorten a case and make it possible to achieve our results even more swiftly. As a result, I expect next week there will probably be a fifth one, and so on.”

    So, looks like you guys have even more development ahead according to your founder. Like … um … 1950 years?

  135. The first comment on this blog post read:

    “4. It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology does not work in the absence of official control and, no matter who sought to use its principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.

    Hubbard, L. R. (1965, 14 June). Politics, Freedom From. Organization Executive Course Basic Staff Volume 0 (1991 ed., Vol. 0, pp. 159). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.”

    Doesn’t this make the whole Freezone thing FAIL?
    How can you protect/use/sell the tech when L Ron himself says it won’t work?
    This quotation has been lifted out of an entire group of policy letters, and all subsequent policies, which supersede it have been ignored.

    Point 1: Policy is NOT a fixed law. It is a summary of guidelines, which serve to forward the purpose of an organization. It must be reviewed with an eye to current conditions, which can and do change.

    Point 2: At the time, LRH and the Central Orgs were grappling with ensuring “deliver what you promise.” The policies that were ALSO issued during that time discussed the importance of establishing excellent Qual and Ethics divisions, not paying much attention to technical quality in the field and maintaining a rather “hands off” operating condition when it came to Field Auditors and Franchise Holders. The concept of the time was to put in place awesome academies in the orgs, promote certification to a professional level, handle difficult preclears or preclears that the field auditors had not been able to handle. It wasn’t about AUTHORITY, it was about producing the highest quality of technical delivery possible inside and outside of the orgs, encouraging the field to be the best they could be by putting an org there to ensure high standards — the OFFICIAL organization, if you will.

    This is the problem with isolated quotations, with no context and really very little understanding of the purposes and programs in place AT THE TIME OF ISSUE.

    Marty, it does my heart good to read your most recent post. I really thought that was what you were about as I have continued to read your posts and I am happy to read it in your words in a single blog post.

    As far as you having a perfect “temper” all the time, I think I would freak out if you did as that would tend to indicate that you were stuck in a fixed tone level. I think it is entirely an appropriate and sane response to become angry, even vitriolic in the face of the last ops you described on you blog. I was sickened by it, and then angry, and then just confronted it and wondered what the hell could EFFECTIVELY be done to counter it. And I believe you have described and I believe it is the title of your blog. Moving on Up a Little Higher.

    Thanks for moving on up a little higher. And a little higher. And a little higher. And one fine day, what do you know, those all add up.

    Kudos to you.

  136. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Great points and well said Valkov!

  137. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Tom wrote …

    DM is a living clay demo of the following excerpt from KSW:

    “When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where an executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology.”


  138. To my group:

    “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”–Psalm 23:4

    Though we all have to take that long and sometimes heartbreaking journey alone, none of us are truly alone.

    For those who are still standing after the early skirmishes thank you all for being here. You give me strength. You have softened the blows and multiplied the joy beyond calculation. 🙂

  139. Tony DePhillips

    Oh, by the way VS, FLUNK you flinched….

  140. martyrathbun09

    Well, thanks for the semantics lesson. I take it you want to argue with me rather than understand my position. Rather than continue this nonsense, go examine an English dictionary and find the correct definition of “prediction” I was using.

  141. Finally the entheta is separated from the theta project of finding the true tech as Ron stated it. Thank you sooooo much. You are a true OT and so theta.

  142. VS and Willie
    Do you get paid special PI overtime rates to sit up by the computer waiting for Marty’s post so you can get your comments posted right at the top? Or are you on a standard Sea Org wage?
    What are your stats by the way? (I assume you are running your ‘posts’ using standard admin and not squirreling in any way).
    If you haven’t got your stat figured out yet, might I suggest number of muffled snorts, giggles and and spluttered cups of coffee?

  143. martyrathbun09

    Dude, sounds like you’ve spiraled into rolling the marbles. I’d get hold of one of those independent auditors get yourself some objectives.

  144. VS
    I know who you are and you know why I know…….
    You state

    Apples do not equal crawfish do not equal breast cancer.

    Marty and Mike Rinder and 20 other RTC and Lord knows how many former CMOI and WDC all tightly linked together do not equal former whistleblowers…….
    In the days of David Mayo, there was no Twitter, there was no instant connection at virtually the speed of sound between ex-members, there were no huge exposes on multiple boards of every “church” misdeed and there was simply no QUANTITY of ex members willing to come forward.
    In case you hadn’t noticed, we live in different times.

    However you and “Willie” portray how worried DM is that you have to run to this board to state your case.

    Does the name Suzanne Marie mean anything ?

  145. Tara,
    You are close to my favorite towns in La. I am on another bayou about
    150 miles southwest from you, in fact I was in your neck of the woods this weekend at a triatholon at ULL . I have been wanting to get in comm with you, please email me again privately THe first one you sent I deleted by mistake. I will send you my contact info on private email. Yes I can envision some auditing on Bayou Teche! how cool is that.

  146. martyrathbun09

    Oh oh, Mata Hari is onto something.

  147. “Bless your lucky day Willie, those of us who stick around despite any shellackings, to see that others can have a route to walk that actually gets somewhere.”
    Touche Jim.

  148. Jesus Sam, I just added to the stat. Only it’s not coffee. I’m not really sure what the hell it is just erupted from me nose.

  149. Ne Obliviscaris

    You got it Jim.

    What you have spotted here is Isaac Asimov’s squirrely “3 Laws of Robotics. Any Junior Scientologist such as VS should be able to see the missing part of the equation.

    Asimov wrote:
    1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
    2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
    3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

    What is the missing part of the equation VS?

    Let’ s see. Does it have a body? Yes. Does it have a brain? Yes. Does it have a Mind or a Thetan? No.

    With that in mind I submit the following:


    1. A meat-body must be programmed to not harm it’s master regardless of any being present.

    2. If the meat body cannot be programmed, it must be destroyed.

    Got that, VS?


  150. Hi Maria,

    Wonderful post.

    If you are the Maria that I came to love on Geir’s blog/forum, then welcome to Marty’s Place … and I hope to see your wonderful knowledge, balance and insights here even more.

  151. Marty, I think your purpose and the program you’ve put together to achieve it are exactly what’s needed. And as evidence that you are on target, you pulled in two carpers right out of the chute, trying covertly to derail the topic.

  152. Tom,
    Nice huh. Oh yeah.

  153. chill man. what im really intending to say is be careful what you wish for, be careful what you predict, be careful what you imagine. because these are all powerful ways of creating.

  154. To T Paine,

    What you said about the game being lost by the time streams of orders are coming down is very real to me. It made two memories come to mind. One is pretty early in my Scientology experience I was studying OEC Volume O and it made a lot of sense to me that you need people to operate independently without a lot of orders. It’s the obvious message of a lot of the Policies in that book. I was totally green and I got that.
    The second thing that comes to mind is how the further I went on in my training and staff the more I felt I was being pushed and pulled here and there by streams of Fing orders. I did my best to convert into a military mindset to get through my training and did it. But then once back in my org the orders just increased and increased every Fing year until it was unbearable. I believe I would still be on staff enjoying it with my friends if we weren’t “managed”.
    LRH says it takes a special kind of bravery to just let some get on with it and trust them to do it right. What he said there has stuck with me over the years. I practice that with people, but it was not practiced by management when i was there a few years ago.
    People who have a few braincells will continue to do well in or out of any ‘church’. And if they choose to use LRH tech they will succeed with it independently.

    Cheers, Nath

  155. As is,
    And in this microcosm, this little exchange, lies a difficulty. CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING.

    Really, as pointed up here, the stuff up to 54 is killer and if one can achieve the conceptual understanding, well…

  156. Ne Obliviscaris


    Wiser words have never been spoken.

    Now that’s an Auditor who thinks for himself!


  157. Beautiful postulate Tara. It will happen.

  158. tintin,
    “the twisted 180 degrees wrong mindset of the current staff members will take years and years to turn around. ”

    In a session, or in study cogniting, what sat there for eons is gone. Time is the primary arbitrary.

  159. Ne Obliviscaris

    Yes, it does ring a bell. Unless you’re a de-dinging DM directed didactic derogatory douchebag.

    Then it probably just makes a dull thud.

  160. I remember Miscavige mentioning him in some events.
    The “War is Over” IRS tax exemption event and I think the 2000 New Years Event he mentions “Marty” . He talked about “Marty and I” handling the IRS.

  161. Love ya’ Sam,

    You reminded me of this clip. 🙂 Here is part of the text:

    Jules’ speech from Ezekiel 25:17:
    ‘The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.’

  162. Tara, That’s a big DONE!!
    I hope I can visit you there someday.

  163. Terril,
    As much as a Scot/Irish guy, like some people I know, don’t care much for the Sassenach, you, Sir, are the shit. In a good way.

  164. RE: “realize I am not trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders.”

    There is something fundamentally flawed in this way of thinking. It’s a wasted effort trying to create leaders, unless you yourself are willing to take the lead yourself. It’s like in the military, the general makes leaders of the lieutenants, and the lieutenants makes leaders of the platoon leaders, all the way down the line. But nobody makes a leader of out anybody unless they themselves are standing somewhere in the chain of command. That’s just how it is man. Think Ghengis Khan, think Alexander the Great. But in this case, ain’t nobody else gonna to take the lead on what you’re doing here, man. So it’s up to you brother. The guy at the top of the command chain should be the guy who has the best ideas, the best communication skills, the best fighting skills, and the best winning strategy, and that’s YOU brother! In this lifetime, this is your FATE in the life, this is your ROLE to play. It’s staring you in the face. So you might as well step up to the plate. And try to have fun with it . . . cheers!

  165. Sarge
    EXACTLY! that’s EXACTLY how it works!
    Thanks for duplicating me before I thought what you just thought 😉

  166. Deirdre,
    There IS a ‘force band’ that each being must get through. It fucking well hurts too. But, the other side is outrageous.

  167. Sam,
    The joy is in the incipient stages. Hold on.
    (But that isn’t going to help :-))

  168. martyrathbun09

    I’m rounding second at the moment.

  169. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey Sarge! When are you going to favor us with another one of your wonderful stories?

    I’m gettin’ a little dry. Need me a shot of ol’ Sarge.


  170. martyrathbun09

    I took out the clip – we don’t need to get graphic.

  171. Thanks Jim, you are so right about Admiration rather than hate being the key.
    In the beginning, the IAS seemed like a good idea. The stated purpose of the IAS was “To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.”

    It is only now I realize and can admire the fact that the IAS was launched in October of 1984. 1984.

  172. Jim
    Hold on to WHAT????
    It’s all as-ising!!!! 😉

  173. martyrathbun09

    Sam, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies! We gotta watch that next movie night we have. Thanks.

  174. Marty
    Mine too!
    My place 😀

  175. LRH wrote that in 1965. At that time one could expect to get Scientology inside the Central Organizations of Scientology. Look! Today, they have proven that they have disconnected from LRH. By not applying Tech, by altering it, by using variations suppressively. Each single instance of such is a diconnection from LRH.
    Let me ask you a question: Do you think Ron would say the same about today’s “Orgs”?

  176. In the end, no-one else can be a pinch hitter for you. You yourself must step up to the plate and hit your own home run.
    This wistful little song is about that.


    If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
    And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung,
    Would you hear my voice come thru the music,
    Would you hold it near as it were your own?

    It’s a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken,
    Perhaps they’re better left unsung.
    I don’t know, don’t really care
    Let there be songs to fill the air.

    Ripple in still water,
    When there is no pebble tossed,
    Nor wind to blow.

    Reach out your hand if your cup be empty,
    If your cup is full may it be again,
    Let it be known there is a fountain,
    That was not made by the hands of men.

    There is a road, no simple highway,
    Between the dawn and the dark of night,
    And if you go no one may follow,
    That path is for your steps alone.

    Ripple in still water,
    When there is no pebble tossed,
    Nor wind to blow.

    And you who choose to lead must follow
    But if you fall you fall alone,
    If you should stand then who’s to guide you?
    If I knew the way I would take you home.

  177. Hey Jim,

    The truth is its ALL creative processing, even beyond 54 😀

    as for creative processing as it was done back then, the structure and rules of auditing hadnt all been figured out at the time, so no wonder the unstructured, not to full EP creative processing of the early days sometimes (not always by any means) beefed up the bank. any kind of processing would do that without, for example, getting the full EP, or having good TRs.

    Apply auditing basics when doing creative processing and it becomes extremely workable.

  178. Fellow Traveller

    Would it be inappropriate to recall 2 statements from an earlier post and comment?

    DM apparently has a theta aversion disorder. He is apparently a TAD Mad.

    Bruce Pratt

  179. Ne Obliviscaris

    “He who can truly communicate to others is a higher being who builds new worlds.” — LRH

    I would say that the antithesis to the above statement is this:

    “He who can falsely communicate to others is a lower being who destroys existing worlds”.

  180. Aaahhh, creative processing! My favorite, favorite, favorite auditing materials of all time.

    Three words, folks: Philadelphia Doctorate Course. It will … blow … your … mind.

    And then, just for fun, do the course a second time. OMG.

    Just Me

  181. When the existing organization no longer delivers Scientology (instead a caricature), the following quote from HCO PL Service applies,

    “Service is the watchword. Orderly service is preferable to disorderly service but any service is better than no service.
    We are essentially breakers of “now-I’m-supposed-to’s”. Don’t fall into our own new rituals so hard that we are no longer brave and effective.

    Be as orderly as you can. Follow our rules as best you can. But a rule can be wrong and service and our mission can never be wrong.
    Use the rules until they prevent you from doing your job. But if these stop you, then to hell with the rules! Get the show on the road!”

  182. Joe Pendleton

    My following comments are about something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years and didn’t quite know how to approach in this forum. But here goes. I may become somewhat unpopular for mentioning it. Still the axiom: The practice of not-isness reduces understanding.

    I think my favorite PL may be Admin Know How – Expansion – Theory of Policy, which says you interpret policy in terms of expansion.

    I’m going to say something about LRH, so let me state right at the start that I fully recognize that Ron developed the most significant body of work in the field of the spirit and mind in the history of Earth. And if I am ever critical of something he wrote in policy, I also recognize that the procedures he came up with established the first truly new religion on the planet since Islam in the 7th century. So he must have been doing a lot “right” (to say the least).

    What prompted me to write this at this time was Karen #1’s post on Marty’s last essay. Karen quoted some absolutely wonderful LRH stuff on groups from the mid – 50s. It got me once again thinking of how Ron himself changed his point of view in this area over the next 25 years. As we all go in the direction of assuming more and more responsibility on our dynamics, we also have to recognize LRH’s responsibility. In one def. of responsibility, Ron mentions the high end of the scale as assuming cause on all efforts and counter efforts on ALL the dynamics everywhere. What is his responsibility? I think we have to look at this closely because we are operating on LRH’s viewpoint.

    You’ll see in Karen’s quotes how “expansive” LRH is (or liberal minded if you want) about the INDIVIDUAL and the goodness therein and the importance of ARC. This is very common in his writings of the early and mid 50s. In 8-8008, about the individual creating his own universe, the power of created knowledge and individual viewpoint, The Code of Honor, Personal Integrity, questioning authority, etc etc etc. Most of us have studied and loved these materials.

    But Karen (I thought), there are LATER writings. And LRH DID shift his viewpoint. You can see this reflected in parts of KSW re: his comments on democracy (tongue in cheek though they may be, but I don’t think so), “instant attack” and the ethics PLs with their emphasis on all sorts of justice bodies (comm evs, regular court of ethics, exec court of ethics, B of I, etc), a whole catalouge of codified crimes one can now be accused of, Pls on ethics presence and the use of force to get things done, etc

    I joined staff in 1970 and within a couple of years or so, we started seeing the Product Officer system of “demanding products” and somehow the Org Officer seemed to be demanding them as well, or just demanding you get off your ass, Pls on bait and badger, what out ethics situation are you involved in, OW write-ups,etc. I am not “criticizing” any of these as “bad” individual actions. I’m just pointing something out here.

    The rise of the Sea Org in the late 60s, military uniforms, LRH having a naval rank now, more seniors,more lines of command, more orders into orgs, more compliance/non-compliance, comm evs, etc. LOTS more AUTHORITY now in the whole game. Constant pressure in the org I can tell you with the ED running around with the Flag Rep with her clipboard charting Paid Comps every hour on the hour, and yes, drilling was cut short, standards were lowered to get stats even then. Yes, we had a lot of fun in the 70s, but it was also VERY stressful and more importantly, MANY bad habits were developed in the Scientology world (I am referring to the use of authory and force as the operating procedures).

    Of course, many of these were successful actions as scientology grew MUCH in the 60s and 70s. But let me point out that the use of force, punishments, militarism, dictatorships ALSO succeeded in the wog world in building many religions and civilizations. They are indeed “successful actions”, but Scientology now USING these actions did not in LONG RUN do itself any favors. Because (and this is an important point) it also restimulated ALL THE DRAMATIZATIONS of these past religions and civilizations which we now see fully in force in the “Miscavige era” of Scientology.

    At the same time the tech side of the church became EXTREMELY concerned with OWs. First Integrity Processing in 1973 (and I became an IP auditor quickly and it was great to audit these things out by the way as both auditor and pc), then Ex Dn (Evil Intentions) the whole RS witch hunt, False Purpose RD, Happiness RD, etc – auditing VERY much concerned with what you did wrong, wrong, wrong and the beginning of the OW write-ups as the cure-all for everything and the oppressive and punishment Sec check made its debut (gang sec checking, etc).

    I’m not sure why the Ron of the 50s with his viewpoint of the goodness of Scientologists became the LRH of the 70s so fixated on how bad people were (the amends parts of conditions, the RPF, throwing overboard, chain locker imprisonments, ethics as punishments, etc). Maybe it just wasn’t getting done quickly enough for him or he was stuck on his own personal upsets with his children and their ethics or other personal disappointments – I don’t know. But eventually he turned on his own auditors – Roos and David Mayo.

    And so we see Ron himself eventually being almost wholly effect in the early 80s as Miscavige runs his comm lines and “handles” him and in fact, LRH goes PTS to him, becomes very ill. And so I think LRH is also responsible for his own condition, as he would want to be I’m sure.

    So I think it is not only legitimate to look at LRH’s own role in the current scene, but I think quite necessary if we are going to read, study and use LRH tech and policy. And I think we need to understand this to fully understand the ROOTS of the current scene. Frankly, as bad as Miscavige and his regime are, I think they were the inevitable result of a system which became “satisfied” being a dictatorship and so this time, we got an evil dictator.

    And of course, we need to understand the scene fully if we are to handle it and prevent it from occurring again.

  183. Sarge,

    That is very wise what you said. Thanks for the cog, man,

    Just Me

  184. There is a reference that I cannot find in order to quote if properly, but it goes something like “In the presence of leadership, communiation can occur”. (Jim Logan, MOQ, if you know the policy letter, please give us the reference.

    Whatever degree of leadership is required to keep this blog going, I am so glad that it is there. I have been helped so much in so many ways by the communication shared here. I believe that you were a leader in the Sea Org, and that you are a leader now. Yes, we all have to walk our own path to spirtual freedom, but it is so great to find out that we are not alone, in our love for LRH and his tech. Thank you for your postulates that we are becoming leaders in our own areas, and that you are not trying to make us “followers”. I believe you are helping us to become Associated Terminals. I just didn’t want you to invalidate your leadership skills and potentials. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I created a disaster because I would not acknowledge that I was a leader. I thought I was just another person, who just happened to arrive at the top. I thought anybody could do what I did, if they just wanted to do it. I violated every rule of both power formulas, and would probably still be completely stuck in this incident if LRH hadn’t come along and defined this condition, both on the first and third dynamics. It was a disaster on all eight dynamics. I know this is my personal case, but I feel what you are doing is so important that I felt obliged to relate this. We are at a turning point in history, and all of us here have to acknowledge we are leaders. We are leaders in forwarding the true leagacy of LRH tech.
    Love, LM

  185. martyrathbun09

    This is a major crux of what my book addresses.

  186. Fellow Traveller

    The general certainly is seldom the sharpest pencil on the conference room table. At least that was my experience in the military. There have been incredible generals as you mention.

    I don’t think all leaders are made by leaders. Who made Abe Lincoln? MLK Jr? Ghandi? LRH for that matter?

    Leadership is not equivalent with responsibility. Good leadership has great responsibility. But responsibility does not necessitate leadership.

    That just means I have admiration and respect for what Marty is doing. He is not alone, just on point. On a point that is moving forward or a little bit higher. And on point is not necessarily a leadership position. It’s almost always the most precarious point to occupy.

    Bruce Pratt

  187. Virgil Samms

    C’mon guys. This is a classic one-two punch, or Alley-Oop from OSAI: VS does the set-up and Willie tries for the slam-dunk. Then they let us work it into the ground.

  188. NE, Ya know I was hoping someone would ask. I am a showoff
    sometimes. I owe Sam one too. Coming soon.

  189. martyrathbun09

    If you want to govern the people, you must place yourself below them.
    If you want to lead the people, you must learn how to follow them.
    Lao Tzu

  190. Jim,
    Just remember, according to certain beliefs, God is in everywhere–including them little brown balls. Thus, by becoming fecal delight I achieve godhood.

    And, of course I have finally gotten what you’ve been trying to tell me: I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. See how they run like pigs from a gun. See how they cry; I’m flying.


    He got to be a joker, he just do what he please. He say I know you, you know me. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.

    Come together. Right now. Over me.

    Later Mate. Grill up a fish. Enjoy the sunset. Listen to a moose. Take a deep breath of life. And….


    PS: as we age, yes, what a comm lag.

  191. God, the two of you! I am imagining you both at the next Fourth of July shindig. I will bring the scotch and a chair for myself. And just watch you two build castles in the sky and fly off into the ether.

    You two are really some of the oddest, don’t you know?

    Just Me

  192. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    DONE! 🙂

  193. Thanks Margaret — I am indeed the Maria that posted a lot on the Scn Forum. Been really busy lately but I always find time to read the Scn forum and Marty’s blog to name a couple. I simply had to take the time to respond to Marty’s post this time as it strikes such a chord with me.

    I think he is spot on about the leadership/follower concept – I was there when the Franchise Holders were active and I can tell you that they took the field by taking initiative, by creating safe spaces, by USING the technology that was so hard won. No one told them what to do. No one told them they must. No one pushed anything on them. They took leadership roles, spread the tech far and wide and personally passed on the legacy of the tech. I am hopeful that others will take the same initiative as Marty has, will make auditing freely available once again, that the auditors who trained under LRH will help others to learn to audit too and in doing so help us all to move on up a little higher and then some.

    I don’t know if you have been to Silvia Kusada’s blog lately, but she recently posted a success story from a full OT7 who was told to stop auditing on OT7. She simply ignored them and continued auditing every day, and her success story is so awesome, so awesome. She tells me that my hopes and dreams are very much alive and well for myself, for my friends and for us all.

    Here’s the link:

    And Valkov, thank you for posting Ripple — it’s such a fine song.

  194. Joe Pendteton,

    I am stunned…what you just said.

    In my universe your comment is epic. You have voiced the biggest (for me) and most stubbornly persistent question in this whole mess, but with much more background data and much more understanding than I had with which to view it. Thank you for saying this so well.

    Marty, if this is the ONLY thing your book addresses, it will be a genuine service to mankind, and that is not hyperbole. This is the central mystery, the glue that sticks the whole mess for many of us. I’m really looking forward to reading what you have to say about this, to put it mildly.


  195. Just Me,

    If we are using normalcy as the standard by which odd is determined, then I must accept your assessment. Who in the world wants to be normal? What an absolute drag. Stuck in agree, agree, agree. Bah, humbug.


  196. Sinar, Is the academy anywhere near or in southern California by any chance? I’m looking for a place to train.

  197. Good god.
    What is up with the emails I am getting?
    “From Jake at Flag‏
    Dear DFB,
    With the historic release of Super Power on the verge as the Mecca building nears completion, it has been announced that we are down to THE FINAL 500: The remaining staff members needed to realize this epic event in our religion.

    The Final 500 will be the Super Power Auditors, Super Power Specialists, supervisors, case supervisors, establishment officers, executives, and all other technical & administrative staff who will man the Mecca.

    As LRH described, Super Power is “A superfantastic, but confidential series of rundowns …, yada, yada”

    So Superpower is right around the corner, as soon as they train all these “500”?

  198. Fair observations Joe.

    Marty … can’t wait for that book.

  199. The indies should gang up togehter in their areas, choose their local leaders and that’s that. There should not be a hirachy with Marty being the top or some such non-sense. That’s what got subject in trouble to begin with.

    This is actually happening in my area. We’ve got a group here and delivery has been going on for quite some time with a Class VIII being our top-tech terminal. Clears and OTs are now being made outside the official (what a joke) church.

  200. A couple of segments from Ron on the subject…


    “One could say with bitterness that the only place some Central Organizations show self-determinism is the HGC and then only on processes.
    We are getting too big to refuse to make decisions locally. If we are going to bring self-determinism back to man, we’d sure as the devil better display it in ourselves and on our jobs.”

    “Right here and now I declare us to have become of an age to grow up.
    Here we must decide, are we to have a Mussolini empire where only Rome could decide? Or are we to have tightly run departments and posts, taking their own causativeness over their functions and traffic.
    True, I’m pretty clever about things. And I’m handy to have around. But I rebel at making slaves. If I cannot teach you to stand on your own two feet on your post, I’ve surely failed. You’ve got to be willing to be hanged for mistakes and not tremble for fear of making them. Be right on a majority of decisions, and don’t be wrong on any important ones. But if you are you’ll only be hanged. How come your neck is so precious when mine isn’t?”

    They tied the noose, but I’m still auditing. So are a LOT of folks. As the commercial says, “JUST DO IT!”

  201. LM
    I did not see this as ‘case talk’ and appreciated your story very much.
    If we’re going to go on the premise that we’re immortal thetans and have been around a long time then it’s rather silly to impose restrictions on our time line and be very very careful that we don’t say things like “Oooh! I just blew some long unhandled ethics condition that I’ve been stuck in for about 200 lifetimes!!!” IMHO that’s one of the many restrictions on communicataion that has been imposed by the C of M lest we admit to being something more than a meat body (or perhaps it has more to do with the point Marty made earlier about being afraid of thetans).
    Granted a person could go a bit nuts on it and get into ‘case talk’ exclusively and unrelated to present time matters, but to me, what you did here was to simply communicate a truth which is not only acceptable, but more truthful than trying to make the data fit into a pre-packaged neat little box lest your awareness of who you are and who you have been upset someone.
    Anyway don’t know all the technical ins and outs of the matter but I fully duplicated and thoroughly enjoyed your communication. Thank you.

  202. Geeeze Marty, enough of the mystery sandwich. When can I get an advance copy. I’ll even get my very literate wife to help edit:)

  203. Tara, your hubby absolutely loves it!

  204. Ne Obliviscaris

    Thanks Sarge. I could feel ya’.


  205. Tony DePhillips

    Great Post Joe.
    Marty, I can’t wait to hear your take on Joe’s comments. I agree with Joe, and I have heard it on other sites that It is like Scn has an Old and New testament. The Old in Scn is loving and the New is really sort of militant. The current cult loves the militant and only gives the loving part lip service. I can see them justifying their militant part by saying it is necessary to bring the love to mankind. If ethics is the contemplation of long term survival, I dont think the current op basis of this cult is really ethical based on that definition.

  206. Tony DePhillips

    I have a friend on staff at the Las Vegas Org and he told me that they used to have 150 staff and are now down to 90. He also told me they make about $35-$50 bucks a week. If DM is such a “good Leader” as VS would probably say then WHY CAN”T HE MAKE VIABLE ORGS????? He has been on post for over 20 years!!! He is a squirrel. He is incompetent. It is very plain isn’t it??

  207. Marty, When I self ejected from the church (with a little help from my family-THANKS, I was mid my levels and figured that I would have to continue my training to Class VI by my lonesome. As a trained course super and qual oriented type being, I knew I could. Then I found this site, and others and the freezone. I really like working alongside others better, though as you point out, we’re all going to have to walk the walk ourselves.

    This blog is not just you puting out a topic and others replying, it is more of a catalyst action. I get busy with work and sometimes have a hard time keeping up, but I find I get way more out of reading all the comments and threads then I ever would just reading your post. Many confusions and hung up ideas get thoroughly thrashed out by the whole cast here. Even when some attack comes in, the various replies by the techies and thinkers here expands things so as to make the hashout that ensues worth having the attack come in in the first place. ( though I’m sure you filter out some horrendous rants that wouldn’t be of any use to post).
    Thanks for being there, Marty et al.
    Mark Elliott

  208. I could not have said it better IO. IO, you’re my hero 😉
    Marty although I don’t post a lot please be assure that I love & appreciate you! Sending you a big hug.


  209. Jim, I’ll bet half of the R2 processed wound up on the Grades. The process checklists are loaded with them.

  210. Tony DePhillips

    From HCOB Robotism.
    Self Determined
    Robot band:
    Insane” (not part of the Robot band) Parenthesis my addition.
    another quote from this HCOB: ” NEEDING ORDERS” “The exact mechanism of needing orders is to be found as an outgrowth of the mental condition outlined in HCOB 28 Nov. 70. PSYCHOSIS.”
    “The individual with an evil purpose has to withold himself because he may do destructive things.”
    “When he fails to withold himself, he commits overt acts on his fellows or other dynamics and occasionally loses control and does so.”
    “This of course makes him quite inactive.”
    ” To overcome this, he refuses any responsiblity for his own actions.”
    “Any motion he makes must be on the responsibility of others.”
    “He operates then only when given orders.”
    “Thus, he MUST have orders to operate.”
    “Therefore, one could term such a person a ROBOT. And the malady could be called ROBOTISM.”~ LRH ( I changed the italics into capital letters since I can’t italicize on this blog)

    IMO this is a great reference to help understand why some in the church act as they do.

  211. True, true, Joe. Big change in attitude from the 50’s to the 70’s. Well described and spot on from what I can tell studying the materials, not being there that early.

  212. “It has never been researched how a Clear or OT, presumably without a bank or banks, would do on Creative Processing and, in fact, this was even a step of the original OT IV.”

    Joe, how do you know that its never been researched? Did LRH comment on it somewhere? Also there are other researchers who have published much about this kind of thing online and offline.

    As you say, it was a step on orig. OT IV, so many would have completed these processes within the church as a Clear and moving on up to OT. In fact, creative processes create OTs as evidenced by LRHs comments in the 50’s and stories of those in the early days as well as success stories of those from the 70’s who did the orig. OT levels…

    However, an OT can uncreate its OTness pretty quick, just by postulate. For example, just because one has erased a bank, doesn’t mean one can’t re-create it by postulate in an instant.

    Thus, the final step to full OT, is the mastery of postulates. The degree to which one has to be careful (aware and in control) of what exactly one thinks in order to be totally free (OT) is immense and which I’m only just beginning to grasp.

    And its funny, the more OT you become, the more potent your thoughts become, and the more effects you can cause with them. And thats where responsiblity truly comes in. Mastery of postulates is the KRC of postulates: Knowledge of postulates. Control of them. And being responsible with them.

  213. This is the nub, isn’t it. LRH put together the organization, the Sea Org, the GO, the CMO, and a whole alphabet of other groups to try to keep Scn pure and stable. In 1965, this statement seemed true. In 2010, forty-five years later, we see that that even the best intentioned plans for organizational structures can go hideously awry. This was a fear that I had since I was sixteen years old, doing my Academy Levels.

    The logic was: Every religion has splintered. Every religion and sect believes that it is the right and correct path to heaven/nirvana/Shangi-la. Very few in these sects believe they are evil or doing wrong, but nonetheless, there is error.

    This scared the crap out me for a week. I was seriously, and I mean seriously questioning myself about what I would do if this happened, and what path I would take.

    I did my student auditing in my room. I had my books, packs, and e-meter in the room, and the room was set up – auditing table on one side, bed and bookcases on the other. As I fretted about this one night, I looked over at my set up, and it hit me: As long as I have my books, my meter, and myself, I know that there will be at least one Scientologist on this planet.

    Ron was right about factions and splinter groups screwing up. There is no doubt that he would not be happy that we collectively are in this condition. But, there is one thing I know for certain: if he were to walk into any “Ideal Org” and see empty tables and emptier bank balances, he would shoot DM from guns, along with the rest of “Senior Management,” and no-doubt single-hand running the show to get everything back to battery.

    No one in this room is LRH, and no one can pull rank this way to oust the current crew. LRH may say: “Hey, man, join up, pull your weight, and make it go right internally.” Yes, sure, and many of us have gone that route. But, as LRH discovered in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Collective Thought Agreement and entrenched interests and power are very hard to overcome.

    The front page of Tech Vol One (“The Work was Free, Keep it So.”) struck me as lightning bolt, and that one line is my senior policy and stable datum (and perhaps a hidden standard) for what to do.

    Here is the problem: Is it better to have a closed system of an official church squirreling the technology officially, or is it better to have branches and streams of tech, with its inherent alter-is and shape-shifting, but free and unencumbered by the Iron Boot?

    It is incredibly risky to spread the seeds of Scientology and then say “run with it.” But, now that I think of it, isn’t that what LRH effectively did in 1986? He made it supremely clear that he was not coming back, ala the Dalai Lama, to pick up where he left off here. We are on our own.

    The best result to my mind would be for the church to correct itself, yet again, and to at least maintain an acceptable level of competence and capability to deliver a standard version of Scientology that closely adheres to the written and spoken works. I have been waiting for that to happen for the last twenty years, and I have seen it get progressively worse, with the most anti-survival policies and practices surviving, and the extremely high-toned and wonderful practices receding. It is this hope that keeps me from openly declaring. Perhaps that this is a bit “Dagny Taggart” of me, but that is how it is.

    It is a dangerous road we are on, if you care about the Tech. Having Karen and other very well trained people here is a good thing, and makes the risk less, but this is risky. On the other hand, what is the alternative, really? That is what I am trying to figure out.

  214. Well written. This is very good.

  215. becomingAware

    Thanks Jim for making this point so clearly. It makes one exterior to the DM bullshit and the current SO slaves and bots. I don’t see anyone doing what Marty is doing – raising the responsibility level of many and quickly too. Black and White contrast to what is being pushed by current church management.

  216. Awesome. These are the prime postulates of Scientology. It is meant to be open, and we are meant to be free. This, however, needs to reconcile with the fact that there is Standard Tech. Class VI’s and Class VIII’s (and above) should really be the holders of the tech. Not in an exclusive way – anyone can become a classed auditor, and to my mind, to understand Scientology one must be trained. One of the concepts that really intrigued me on the BC was the section somewhere in ’62, maybe ’63 where he was discussing the concept of a “Fundamentalist Scientologist.” This is the level where you have studied enough and audited enough to know the subject and cull the wheat from the chaff – to have such a grip on fundamentals that you can extend the subject, and disregard what is not needed. In other words, you are at a level where you own the work. Anathema of course to the “RTC” and yet a requirement to be excellent as an Auditor and Scientologist.

    This is similar to the “All Style” auditing of a Class VI (from the Styles of Auditing HCOB), which HCOB is one of the most influential bulletins I have read, because the styles of auditing correlate with how you master any skill. The Class VI can smoothly switch between styles depending on circumstances of the case and the needs of the PC. This is not C/Sing in the chair, but addressing the needs of the PC over a session and an intensive, moving as needed to address the case, and using the full toolbox.

    I hear a lot about getting auditing in the “Free Zone,” but what about training? Is anyone delivering the Academies, the BC and the Class VIII course on the “outside?” For this to happen, there will need to be some structure, at least, and some agreement as to what is Standard Tech.

  217. Yes, I believe the future is in the old mission network as was in the 70:ies, when Diana Hubbard was on the lines.
    No “Independent Scientologists International”, please. If you go there you will see another flood of doubt announcements. The indies have no leader today or tomorrow. There will not be command channels.
    Go with “Independent Mission of_____” or even “Independent Scientology of _____”

  218. rory Medford

    Take note:

    When you google Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee and all the other “BAD” guys Scientology no longer has a paid ad above or to the side. Kt must have cost way to much and had little to no effect

  219. The ants in an anthill do have a master mind telling them what to do. If they would not have one, then those ants would have to have endless meetings about what to do and then the anthill would be rather ineffective. Thus the master mind of the ants is pro survival as he issues sound orders. Like colleting food, care for eggs, protect the hill aso.
    Some day one single ant having not too much to do developes an indepentent thought. By accident. And that ant is telling now his fellow ant „hey, I had a thought“ and the answer is „a what?“. „A thought“, „I give you an example. I was having the idea that we should not work so hard and have some time with no work“. The other replies: „I do not know what no work means but lets try“. And so they do. More and more ants working not so hard as the idea is spread inside the hill.
    Now the master mind notices that there might me something wrong. It looks like that he lost some control over the hill. Never happened before. He investigates fast and finds that little ant having own ideas. Now he removes that ant and his followers quick and the anthill is back under his control he thinks. But the ant that had the indepentent thought is still there.

  220. Dark And Light Wizard

    I just woke up and coming round a bit now. Had a bad dream/nightmare in fact. I had dreamed I was in front of the E/O delivering me the totalitarian rundown: ” WIZARD; YOU! ARE NOT A FCK-ING PC/STUDENT!! YOU; WIZARD ARE A FOLDER!!! PARTICUARLY YOUR ETHICS FOLDER!!!!
    Must remember to keep off the garlic formula!


  221. Why some of you insist on putting Marty up as “new leader”? I think this is like hanging him on a wall for OSA and other’s target practice. He doesn’t even want it and it’s not hard to understand why. LRH tried to lead this “group” and he paid dearly for it.

  222. Pingback: the science of knowing sciences. « SILVIA KUSADA's Blog

  223. There is much back and forth and urging about Marty becoming a new leader. It kind of bores me a bit. He has made his point several times as to what he wants to do. How about (sort of) leaving him alone and let him do with his life what he wishes to do and YOU doing with YOUR life what you wish to do with it?

    Why try directing the life of somebody else?

    To me it reads a bit like “you become the leader” and in “exchange I follow your orders”, in other words “I become the effect again because I cannot or dare not be cause myself”.

    Take the EP of OT VII as “Cause over Life”. Will you actually reach that goal by first assuming an effect position which then magically turns into a causative viewpoint? Hardly, I would say.

    If you really want to reach the top of a mountain, at some point you have to decide to walk upwards and then DO it. Isn’t the Bridge, properly traveled, all about more and more cause? Damn, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t want anything to do with it.

    Whoever thinks a new leader is needed – why not assume that role yourself? Too hard? Try to cause something and see how easy or hard it is. Isn’t always smooth. But very worthwhile.

    I’m not talking against “associated action” AT ALL. To me, that’s a higher and finer and much more OT viewpoint and much more powerful in the long run. I think the people at this blog do have a common purpose or at least similar purposes. Don’t we all want real Scientology and make the aims of Scientology come true? So, what’s your part in making it happen?

    Remember LRH talking about the impossibility of controlling a (military) army of Clears? It’s in a tape – and Christ, I don’t have the reference at hand (laugh). The “organized” army sort of walks like the 17th century army in colorful uniforms and stands at attention while being shot at. In an an OT “army” each one truly takes responsibility for what he does (which may be entirely different from what another one does) while having the common purpose in mind and doing the best he can from where he sits to achieve that mutual purpose.
    Quite a fluid thing. Almost impossible to control (and conquer) for it’s “everywhere” and “nowhere”.

    I have my very own idea of what I want to achieve that will make this happen. I want it to be really effective and big. I tried several things already. Some worked and some not and I’m actively searching and trying out ways (testing on a smaller scale) how to achieve it. It’s fun and interesting and I learn a lot.

    Who’s stronger? 100 tightly organized men or 100 men with a common purpose?

    Ever notice that not all people in an “organized” group share the same purpose even though “following” the same orders of a central leader? What about each one of us on this blog while we were still in the now dead C of S? And doesn’t each one of us know what REALLY taking responsibility for our actions at that time would have meant?

    I guess I have beaten the point I’m trying to make enough. Let’s be causative, coordinated and responsible for our own actions and BE real Scientologists.

    Amen (with a smile)

  224. Sam… this is what makes a true group… not the people, the care and love purely flowing to one another no matter how distant these people are. 😀
    love you!!

  225. Marty! you did such a good Job putting these points there!!
    i copied and paste it on my blog today…
    I started a new journey yesterday after meeting Elisabeth… things are getting into the right dimention again.

    Mother theresa was so wise…She also said something like ” i will not attend anti war protests but will attend pro peace protests.”

    Being able to do this to me is owning freedom.

    The ability to not oppose, to not become an oppterm, to not create ridge but to let me flow. Like Jom Logan said above: “The ‘enemy’ IS the Reactive Mind. Only thing, it takes Admiration to conquer it.”

  226. martyrathbun09

    I agree with you Mark, I learn quite a lot from the discussions.

  227. Dark And Light Wizard

    Samuel, You sort of stole my thunder! Like is said or was said of King Auther. Where IS King Auther? Well King Auther was not where Mordrid would have liked to have put him, when the LAST fight between Mordrid and Auther WAS BECUASE Mordrid WANTED Excaliber!! That is right.The last fight was becuase MORDRID WANTED THE EXCALIBER.
    Where is King Auther? King Auther is EVERY WHERE AND NOWHERE!!!
    and was Mordrid really Merlins baby?? Fata Morgana!


  228. And if you type in David Miscavige in the google search box (on a mac – to the right of the url section) the automatic “helps” are:

    David Miscavige wife
    David Miscavige net worth
    David Miscavige Tom Cruise
    David Miscavige Nicknames
    David Miscavige Niece

    NOT ONE “help” about leader, hero, savior, standard tech, …

    Nope NOT ONE. 🙂


  229. Dear Joe,

    You’ve broached the conundrum of all times from my viewpoint. As I’ve mentioned before, when I walked into the local mission in 1975 I voiced to myself “this isn’t how Ron would have done it but they’re nice people”. By ’82 it took on the color of a war zone. Thank you for articulating this so well.

    Marty- I’d wager Mary Sue had some thoughts on this. Please get the book done! I quiver with anticipation.

    ML, Tom

  230. Marty,

    Firstly, a very large, very due, respect goes out to you for all that you have accomplished both inside and outside of this blog fighting for good against the severe and evil suppression of the CoM. I support you, however am not an Independent.

    I must comment, though, on your statements of this post. In it, you repeatedly emphasize the requirement of individual thinking without the need for centralized orders and ideas disseminated solely from any one single point. And yet, I have always seen you forward, and not once have I ever seen you disagree, with anything either written or spoken by LRH.

    I see somewhat of a mild hypocrisy in this. BTW- I have not been, nor ever will be, a CoM Scientologist, and am not from OSA. I do however wish to air my own individual thoughts on this subject.

    Your friend,


  231. Some observations…

    1. I seem to recall an LRH policy where he announced his resignation as Executive Director in order to devote himself to research and writing.

    2. I also recall from another post, that in order for anyone to join RTC they had to sign an official resignation from the CofS, in order to comply with the IRS agreements etc.

    3. If any other person announces they want to “resign the church and practice scientology independantly” they are declared an SP, shunned, attacked, and their friends are forced to disconnect.

    Odd paradox. Ironic even.

    Wouldn’t it be an interesting exercise to approach a CofS member and ask “Why don’t you resign from the church and continue studying scientology outside?”

    They reply “Huh? What? You’re joking!”

    You say “Well, LRH did it.” And show them the reference.

    Then maybe, just maybe, later on when they are confronted with the facts of what Miscavige has done, it might be a little bit easier for them to confront walking out.

  232. Hi Marty, Great post. Really good post. Don’t make excuses for moving up and down the tone scale. Or for anyting really.
    I don’t know why bother responding to people like VS. I gues he’s entitled to his opinion, but I don’t understand why it genereates such TA action on the blog.Who cares!

  233. Ne Obliviscaris

    Hey Joe,

    Is there something that makes you think that LRH could not get caught up in GPM’s or is there some other reason for his shift in viewpont?

    Perhaps he wanted to undercut the administrative aspect of operating Scientology organizations as well. Perhaps he mocked up all of the tech and policy changes after the 50’s precisely so that we would go through what we are going through now. After all there’s no other way to teach that lesson without going through it. And he did predict it would happen. It certainly has toughened us up, hasn’t it?

    Then again, perhaps administration and business were not LRH’s strong suit. As you may or may not know, LRH says that a being is most capable in the area that he has the least overts on.

    Who knows. The only thing that I know is that the only way out is the way through. Personally I like LRH’s early stuff the best. I have a much greater conceptual understanding of it and it resonates with me much more than the later stuff.

    Do me a favor and don’t take LRH so literally. Marty doesn’t, and neither do I or many others on this forum. If you can’t take LRH’s words and put them into your own words, then I would daresay you don’t understand LRH. The fact that he apparently changed his mind about some things doesn’t mean that the experiment would automatically succeed, does it? Remember, he accomplished what he did in just one lifetime. Hardly enough time to bring about the changes he sought.

    ‘Nuff said.


  234. Theo Sismanides

    Sorry, Jim this is for Sam, but somehow I cannot place my reply to her. Hold on to what? It’s all as-ising!!! Sam, you are too much, hahahahaha!!! Talking Tone 45 here! It’s all as-ising, guys!

  235. Where is your area? I would like to come there.
    For real.

  236. If this is a genuine comment and not just an attempt to make Marty wrong, then I have to say, “man,” use your friggin’ imagination!

    Did you not read a book as a child? Were you never inspired to do something great by the actions of another, someone you never personally met, someone who was not on any “chain of command? Did you never have a hero?

  237. Lady Minn:
    What Sam said. ; )


  238. Theo Sismanides

    Lady Minn, thanks for pointing this out from your experience! It’s mind blowing and it indicates to me! Misuse of Power! When you have Power use it! I have waisted it so many times that I should start thinking about it, haha!

    Now, on leadership, I think let’s be natural here. Marty provided a site for us. We gathered up and said things we saw. And then we said we saw not good things and everybody agreed. And then we said something needs to be done.

    And here we are. Not that things aren’t done, many things are done. By many. Looks like Marty can gather the forces and can inspire them. Sorry, Marty, my new definition of a leader… one who can inspire people. And you certainly have done that. We are around, alive and somehow starting kicking. We have a rise in tone level. That’s because of the continuous comm on this blog. It’s ARC in the making. Let’s create the game, let’s get local groups, local leaders, local auditors, mission auditors, coordinators for auditors going on mission, hats, hats, hats… and let’s play, let’s have fun, and if any danger for anyone, let’s have comm lines upon which allegiance, money, energy, force, protection particles can flow to that anyone. That’s what I mean organize. Just that. In time… not after the event.

    So Lady Minn, thanks for being honest, straightforward and certain about the thing. I surely agree and want to help in this.

  239. Theo Sismanides

    Tony 35-50 bucks a week!!! Sounds like 1990’s in the Sea Org where we had birthing and food and clothes. How can one live on such amount of money? I think the intention is to make priests out of the staff and make them like in every other church. Priests don’t need so much money, just blind devotion… to a God. 35-50 bucks a week!!! With 2 children in my family I have to spend at least 50 euro just for food and the house and the car on a daily basis. And it’s not for the mortgage. So, DM is doing just the irreducible minimum as a leader. Providing staff there for the orgs with unbearable salary to man up those orgs.

  240. To lead is to serve and you are only as valuable as you can serve others.
    The way out is the way through .

    These two thoughts got me trough life outside the blanket of the Sea ORg. When I left Happy Valley and was chased down and almost captured by Gold Security and then homless for months because my family that was still in. Warned the rest of my family to stay away from me and fed them full of black PR. I kept these two quotes with me and used them to find a way through. To me that means being able to read information and take what you can use and leave the rest.

    In the early days of the CoS there was a lot more that was good and easy to take. Not so much left behind. With the current CoS there is so much garbage to weed through it has become harder and harder to find the good and ,if your eyes are open, much more gets left behind.

    I am also interested in reading you book Marty. I hope that it will help to wake more people up and let them look for themselves.

  241. Any class VIIIs in the Washington DC area? Please contact me at

  242. Theo Sismanides

    Stefan, boy I see your resistance in leaders. Don’t be afraid of leaders, be afraid of non leaders. I will give you an example of a leader. LRH

    Now, maybe we are not LRHs but, hey, have trust… nobody said there is going to be a Scientology International, nobody said we need just one leader, we need people who inspire people. I think we both want expansion, I just believe that this will come from people on the World Wide Web operating from their homes inspiring locals or no internet guys to organize locally and get going. That’s all! Never agreed to have titles and labels and no fun and games. As a matter of fact I am looking for auditors who will visit Greece (2-3 of them) and bit the shit out of some banks and create a new game. Would you call that Scientology International? Nope. Just, comm and coordination. Don’t panic with me, hahaha, just putting some more comm there. If you want you can write to me at and we can discuss so we don’t waste some space here.

  243. It sure is! I’ll get more details and send it to Marty.

  244. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    You’re soooo full of shit! You are my god! Keep being yourself, brother weird.

    Love and ARC (no bullshit),

    Gary 🙂

  245. dfb99, This type of promo, email, phone call, gets put out every few months.
    It is such old news and a way of justifying why Super Power has not been released. Same ole, same ole….it will never happen. COFM has to have before it can deliver.

  246. And they’re going to recruit these 500 from the empty Idle Orgs…??? Right around which corner?

  247. I love that. Thats perfect. “Mother theresa was so wise…She also said something like ” i will not attend anti war protests but will attend pro peace protests.””

  248. Fellow Traveller

    Oh yeah!
    AUDITING CAN OCCUR.” Lafayette the Red Head

    Bruce Pratt

  249. I told my kids and husband that I am calling it my Hubbard Practice. 🙂

  250. Really, really, really good!

  251. Grasshopper,
    You’ve got it in this sentence: “As long as I have my books, my meter, and myself, I know that there will be at least one Scientologist on this planet.”
    With me, you are now two.

    Study, audit, re-study, practice, get more and we can pull this off. WE ARE pulling this off.

  252. Ne Obliviscaris


    Fantastic post. Excellent “Handling” technique. Good Job.

    Now help us and go find the exact reference. I expect this to be your mission-in-life until you do.

    Looking forward to seeing the ref (I’ve read it somewhere too).


  253. Hi Terril~~~flowing lots of admiration your way~~~hope you feel it! You’ve definitely got sticktoitiveness to be admired. 🙂

  254. It’s me again,
    You: “In my opinion there never should of been a Leader of the COS after LRH dropped his body. There should of been some type of Board with well qualified people on it with a system of checks and balances.”

    That’s precisely what LRH left in place. DM has unmocked it. The structure however is ensonced in irrevocable trust instruments. I suspect, these instruments will be the SP’s undoing. That and something about ‘excess benefits’ 🙂

  255. As-is,
    Not my point, the one on Creative Processing you’ve brought up. However, what Creative Processing ran into was referred to as the ‘Step 6’ problem (this is in the Tech Vols and tapes of the mid to especially late 50s) and the beef up of the bank.

    LRH resolved this Step 6 problem. If you’d care to follow up on this rather technical issue, my email is I think that is a better idea than a drawn out tech discussion here.

    My point was on the exchange, on this blog, and the conceptual understanding of what was being communicated. That’s all.

  256. Fellow T,
    TAD Mad. Chuckle.

  257. Wiz,
    Maybe too many eye’s of newt as well. I’ve always found them rich so one in a cauldron seems to be way plenty.

  258. Normal? Ahh yes, the hidden criteria of ‘normal’. I thought I’d found them one day, in dryer lint, alas, it was just bits of cloth. Not from the shroud of anybody important either, but likely the same stuff that gathers up in my belly button.

    Hey, is belly button lint normal? Bog, I hope so. It’s the only thing I’ve got keeping me real. Reality is sooooo important too. Agree, agree, agree.

    p.s. Just Me, bless your heart for the scotch, but pleeeeaase, next time NO ROCKET FUEL. A nice Oban, maybe Talisker 🙂

  259. Good leaders must first become good servants.

    – Robert Greenleaf

    “Robert K. Greenleaf (1904-1990) was the founder of the modern Servant leadership movement.

    Greenleaf was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1904. After graduating from Carleton College in Minnesota, he went to work for AT&T. For the next forty years he researched management, development, and education. All along, he felt a growing suspicion that the power-centered authoritarian leadership style so prominent in U.S. institutions was not working, and in 1964 he took an early retirement to found the Center for Applied Ethics”

  260. Marty,
    Now that you’re out, can you talk about what happened to Shelly Miscavige’s mother, Flo Barnett? She certainly didn’t commit suicide by shooting herself several times with a rifle. Jesse Prince speaks a little about her death in his tapes. Was DM involved?

  261. Thanks Jim,

    I’ll send you an email today.

    Would love to get as much data as I can as I take on another battle here.

  262. One creates space by working towards the betterment of humanity by empowering people through the spread of and enhancement of knowledge.

  263. Always tell the truth. That way, you don’t have to remember what you said.

    – Mark Twain

  264. Joe Pendelton,
    I’ll preface my response similarly to your post in that for some I am the penultimate ‘Ron-apologist’. I don’t give a rat’s arse about that. Aside from the fact that I, me, think he was/is one of the coolest mother…ers I’ve ever hung with, I’ve gone through his stuff from beginning to end and I do NOT get the same impression that you portray above, of several key areas.

    I will grant that with the development of the Sea Org, the org board eventually became ‘top heavy’. That seems to belie earlier organizational paradigms and actions. Oddly enough, the ‘top heavy’ org board has never really been comprised of that many Sea Org members. A few thousand at most. Yet, there is a need of streamlining and sort out of various departures from the Ideal Scene. OK, that’s not what I’m interested in responding to.

    I’m going to respond to the area of Sec Checks, Confessionals, Integrity Processing, EXDN, FPRD, Ls and such.

    I’ve studied and applied these materials. I’m going to be re-studying them as I continue my chronological course. In fact, on the 1st ACC which I’m currently on, LRH is describing the overt-motivator sequence in terms of implosion of anchor points. That is, relating it to the fundamentals of the Factors and Axioms. The utterly simple mechanics of space, dimension points, viewpoints etc. THESE data underlie the entirety of the subject of Confessionals and Epurps.

    I don’t see that these EVER changed. I don’t see it in the materials you mention. I can’t for the life of me, in LRH authored spoken or written communication on this area of Scientology, find any such ‘change in attitude’. I’ve never studied anything like what you portray. Ever.

    I have never read anything by L. Ron Hubbard, or ever heard him speak to change the spirit and attitude of Dianetics and Scientology to anything other than exactly what he says in the tape Karen refers to, or the Justice Codes, or the False Purpose RD or the Establishment Officer Series, or the FEBC or Data Series or the CC, or R6EW or NOTs or any reference , by him, anywhere.

    I think that what you observe, and I’m not gainsaying you have observed what you have observed, is something on the order of beings becoming acquainted and re-acquainted with knowledge that is upping their responsibility and improving their control. They, unfortunately, don’t suddenly ’emerge’ but rather take some little work and practice and re-study and correction and back at it. Eventually, this is going to hum like nobody’s business. That is didn’t from the get-go, and for some time, isn’t an ‘outpoint’. It’s part of the grand internship we are in the process of doing. Today, as is evident with this blog, we have some graduates from that internship.

    As more graduate, I predict a rather more orderly progress. I also predict, I’ll be making goddamn sure that those LRH references above mentioned are still in the line-up.

    Jim Logan, Friend of LRH.

  265. Tony,
    It’s as plain as his helmet hair poking out over the top of the podium. It’s as obvious as the copper handle he grips, alone, discharging suppression from his aura. It’s as flagrant as his forged ‘HCOBs’ on disconnection and Floating Needles. It’s as egregious as the parasitic IAS that has not a single LRH authored reference for it and it’s factually contradictory to LRH authored policy actions, that he champions.

    It’s as clear as can be.

  266. Wisher,

    YOU are!

  267. Adminscale on the Project International Foundation L. Ron Hubbard-Bibliotheca & -Archive

    “Contrary to the statements of RTC and CST[1] the LRH-works are not preserved for all times: neither original nor available for the public.

    Actually we have the following situation:

    The “Tech Preservation Project” of the so-called “L. Ron Hubbard Library” (actual name of this Org CST is: Church of Spiritual Technology) only ostensible serves “to preserve the LRH-Tech for all future”, but rather actually its task is to alter-is during decades in small nearly unobservable (at least “acceptable”) gradients LRH-Tech toward inefficiency or even “black tech”. The archiving of the LRH-originals “under protection gas in steel-vaults in A-bunkers” serves therefore not really the protection of source, but rather the opposite: It serves the prevention of the access on these originals by actual Scientologists (i.e. Int Management and Tech Elite within the Church), who wants to look and find out about source and their doubts regarding the correctness of the New Tech (per Verbal Tech Checklist).
    the LRH-works are increasingly changed since 1973 and are newly published in revised form. At the same time revisions as such are made no longer recognizable (no italics or even revisions without change of the RA-designation). Regular forgery and extensive omission (i.e. in lecture tape recordings) were documented already on the internet”

    To preserve and make available for the public the original works of L. Ron Hubbard for the future so that Scientology can learn a renaissance for the benefit of mankind

  268. Tony, wouldn’t DM being able to take over Scientology show that Scientology does not work as stated, regardless of wether it is under official authority or not?

    I am asking because it always gets back to this in my mind. If Scientology worked, OTs existed, etc…and DM is an SP or a squirrel, he should have been removed before he was able to cause problems.

    Keep in mind, I have never been in Scientology and am merely a gadfly/devil’s advocate. But the question I pose is thought by just about every non-Scientologist when this sort of issue is raised. How can one support the tech, when it is observable that the tech failed so massively on this issue?

  269. >“The stated purpose of the IAS was “To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world…”

    1) UNITE: The only “unity” I see within the CoS is for those who toe the line and accept DM’s blatant squirreling. Those who report on glaring outpoints are often ignored, suppressed or declared. The effect of this has splintered “the Scientology Religion”; for some this has ended their association with the subject completely, for others it has created (and continues to create) a “free zone” of Independent Scientologists.

    2) ADVANCE: The worldwide stats continue their decline. Big, new (off-policy) buildings cannot disguise this fact. The word “Scientology” is mud to the general public. Black PR, PIs, dirty tricks and internal abuses within the CoS have been met with public outrage; this, in turn, has resulted in Scientologists frequently being viewed/treated with suspicion and hostility. The only observable growth, that I can see, is within the ranks of Independent Scientology.

    3) SUPPORT: It is unclear how the IAS supports Scientologists or the “Scientology Religion”, despite the levels of duress Church Scientologists are often under to donate to it. By observation alone, the exchange is poor, if not non-existent. If the IAS exists, even if above all else, to prevent the CoS from decline, it has clearly failed based on current stats alone. So why the IAS has been entrusted to “literally keep the planet here”, as stated by CO FSSO*, is beyond me.

    4) PROTECT: The IAS has done nothing observable to protect Scientology from being squirreled within the CoS. Altered books, enforced Disconnection, Ideal Orgs, exorbitant prices, GAT, redefining F/Ns, sec checks in the non-interference zone, the list goes on. It is reasonable to state that what the CoS delivers now is not Scientology. Forget RTC. If the worldwide stats show Danger, should we not then look to the IAS, the great protector, to step in and clean things up? By allowing these things to occur, the IAS is failing Scientology and Scientologists, period. Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Hescel once wrote: “Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself. It is a silent justification affording evil acceptability in society.” For the IAS, it seems, indifference costs money. Your money. And huge sums of it. “The decay of conscience fills the air with a pungent smell. Good and evil, which were once as distinguishable as day and night, have become a blurred mist. But that mist is man-made.”


  270. Sinar: “It sure is”

    That’s wonderful! It’s funny … where I kind of dreaded the thought of training in the DoM, I’m actually pretty excited about doing it in the Indie field.

    FYI … I’ve just started giving a series of assists to a fellow Indie … it’s going great!

  271. My personal view is that LRH recognized the enormity of what he had discovered/developed in the early 50s and through the early 60s, and everything after that (late 60s, 70s, 80s) assumed that others would have a grounding/understanding of the early stuff.

    With that said, I do think that any admin/policy or justice code which doesn’t align with the Creed of the Church, Code of a Scientologist, Code of Honor, Axioms and other bedrock principles, needs to be re-evaluated and/or re-aligned if we’re going to have a movement that survives and grows.

    As far as the Tech goes, I’m a pretty happy camper (as long as it doesn’t include any DM’isms e.g. FN redefinitions, GAT, daily beatings, grounding rods, etc.)

  272. Marty,
    Really I don’t think you should worry about who’s feathers you ruffle. If they are going to be ruffled, they will have to get over it. You do what you need to do. What you are doing is important and well worth it.


  273. Sam, thank you so much for your reply to my comment. I woke up feeling guilty for “talking case” and you handled me! Yes, there have been so many inhibitions and restrictions on communication that many of us have acquired. I love this blog because of the freedom to say what you really think. I had so many withheld thoughts and communications before finding this group. For ten years it was a long, lonely road. Only LRH lectures saved me. I truly did walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Still am. But, not alone, anymore. Just right here and now, you duplicated me and acknowledged me, and you have my heartfelt thanks.

  274. Thank you, Lunamoth. I always appreciate your theta comm. See reply to Sam’s comment.

  275. Joe Pendleton :
    The quotes I made had specific relevance to the way LRH would handle long term veterans who left.

    The absolute sickening salacious vomit printed in DM’s FREEDOM magazine as a revenge tactic is is a repugnant thing for any Church to do to long term veterans. It gives a nauseating image of a “Church” to outsiders especially media, scholars and law enforcement.

    It is a long term”Church” tactic to go into pc confessional folders and use them on ENEMIES or perceived ENEMIES. How very religious.
    The buttons used on Marty re his brother came right out of his pc folders.

    I recall Warren McShane of RTC asking me when I was OSA staff to go through every single pc folder of 2 major well known ex-scientologists. I will not reveal their names at this time. He asked for very specific things to be culled from these confessional folders. I refused the assignment and lucky for me I was sent on mission to Toronto, Canada for several weeks /months and by the time I came back the order was not re-instated. But I know exactly WHAT the order was and WHAT RTC looks for in pc folders.

    Using confessional pc information is abhorrent. Using law enforcement on bogus “ANONYMOUS” tips is abhorrent. Some of these tactics are going to end by sheer Internet exposure and shaming the “Church” into seeing why more and more perceive these actions to be anything but a “Church”.

    The old saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it” DM’s Church wants so very much CHURCH recognition while it does dirty tricks worthy of the Paulette Cooper era of the Guardian Office.

    At the same time, the vulture-gouging of parishoners for no exchange is in violation of everything LRH ever wanted.

    Here’s a little excerpt of an Email received yesterday ~~
    The heavy push on donos for
    buildings and IAS has recally gotten to me.
    –Just recently, after just getting over 850K for our building one week in late July, the IAS came in the following week asking
    for 1 million dollars. The target date was for 12 August–has
    created a vulture-like environment
    that I find completely disgusting. How would I ever bring anyone
    into this scene?

    They are still doing the $1million dollar targets to rape the bank accounts of the locals !

  276. THEO:
    Sea Org pay is very carefully and deliberately kept at $24 to $48 a week so that Miscavige can live like a Saudi King with a personal entourage and so that Sea Org reserves can stack up massive amounts of money for Lawyers and more Lawyers and Private Investigators and all the DEFENSE actions to carefully cover up DM’s dirty deeds and dramatized evil intentions….

  277. Stefan and Theo, I think going with LRH’s original postulate of a “lightness of organization” is key. I also think that however things are organized, we have to be willing to look back over the last 60 yrs, and be very honest with ourselves about what has worked and what hasn’t in the creation of real products (i.e. truly enlightened beings).

    Example: While I agree that “management by statistics” is important (in fact, crucial), I also think that “stat pushing” (and ignoring real, honest-to-god products) has led to the majority of the Church’s problems — especially in the areas of income and recruiting. While LRH warned about stat pushing and overt products plenty, there are also policies, imho, which created this situation. These latter ones, I believe, need to be re-examined.

  278. Amen indeed! Beautifully stated.

  279. OK Marty, I found it. In this post: , you said:

    “It is an outright fraud being perpetrated by David Miscavige. There is no OT IX and X. The idea of OT IX and X was a creation of Pat Broeker, dreamt up on the heels of the death of LRH to keep the masses from open revolt and keep the vampire Miscavige from his own throat. “


    “If you learn to walk the walk – rather than becoming an at-effect psychotherapy patient addicted by guilt to his or her sessions – OT VII done honestly and thoroughly, coupled with a thoroughgoing understanding of LRH OT lectures and books in application IN LIFE you will get to where you want to go. OT VIII – unadulterated original LRH version – will connect the dots for those who don’t get there on VII.”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that you are saying that LRH never intended there to be levels above OTVIII and besides, they are unnecessary as everything one needs to become a full OT has already been released.

    At the ‘LRH Farewell Event’ (for want of a better term) in Jan 1986, Pat Broeker said that LRH had been researching the upper levels for several years before he ‘dropped the body’. Is this untrue, and if so, what was LRH doing for the last ten years or so of his life?

    This period is a bit of a mystery for me and it would be great if you and some of your friends who were actually there could piece it all together.

  280. Jim, I knew I could rely on you to answer my post (even if I didn’t ask for it). If I didn’t know better, I might think that you were cyber-stalking me. 😉

    I’m afraid that the bangers and mash reference goes right over my head. Could it be a scurrilous inference about the quality of British cuisine? If so sir, I’ll have you know that some of the finest chefs in the world ply their trade in our fair isle. Besides, I don’t eat meat.

    I think I get the bit about the undercut. Perhaps this is one of my faults – I keep trying to look too far ahead. I tend to look at a road and think “What is the point of driving along this road if it comes to a dead end before I reach where I want to go?”

    Perhaps I should just be travelling and enjoying the ride?

  281. A bit hard to track down because I think it was in the original OEC volumes (which I don’t have). But what I did manage to track down so far was even more interesting… three CofS official sites actually state it in their LRH bio’s. Here are the pages:

    and also there is a PDF on that states it aswell.

    Here’s a quote from one of the sites above:
    “To accommodate his research into Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual attainment, Mr. Hubbard resigned as Executive Director of the worldwide network of Scientology churches, and moved to sea in 1967 to focus on his research in a distraction-free environment.”

    I love the implication in that line. I always thought the inside of an org was supposed to be “distraction-free”, not the outside.

    Will continue to hunt, unless an owner of the original OEC Vols on here can pull the data first.

  282. Dear Theo,
    First of all, I want to say how much I enjoy your comments and replies. You seem to have a unique perspective. Yes, I think the people represented here are a very powerful group — the best and the brightest. There are changes occurring; I can feel them in the theta universe. There is a lot of activity going on. The idea of standard tech being able to be applied anywhere and anytime is spreading. To me, this idea has spread to the point it can’t be stopped. I took the dissemination course many years ago, and LRH talked about an idea being the only thing that can go through 16 inch armored plate. (something like that) Well, this idea is “out there”, and I just wanted to make sure that we as a group apply the correct conditons formulas to the situation. It has long been my goal that the “person in the street” know that there is a way to change life, and to attain a higher spiritual freedom. Recently, I felt a certainty that this would occur, due to the efforts represented here. Thanks for all your help with this.

  283. Ne Obliviscaris,
    Can’t get my answer under your comment for some reason, so I’ll try again here.
    I believe it was in the original OEC Volumes which I don’t have access to right now. Maybe another commenter has them and could find it.
    But what I did find were THREE CofS OFFICIAL SITES that actually state it as part of their LRH Biographies:
    plus a PDF on
    Here is a quote from one of those sites:
    “To accommodate his research into Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual attainment, Mr. Hubbard resigned as Executive Director of the worldwide network of Scientology churches, and moved to sea in 1967 to focus on his research in a distraction-free environment.”
    Strange… I thought the INSIDE of an org was supposed to be “distraction-free”.

  284. Original OEC Vol 7, p 579

    Revised, 8 May 1973, to more accurately reflect Members the corporate realities existing since the time of Executive original issue not hitherto made absolutely clear.)

    In that new boards of directors are being elected for the various corporations and their branches, I am resigning the title of Executive Director and in accordance with a resolution of the general meeting of charter members am being given the title of “Founder” instead.

  285. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned for the book.

  286. Dark & Light Wizard,

    I would love to get you into my course room and run some TR’s on you.

    And I mean RUN them on you, the old fashioned way because I don’t know about anyone else on this blog, but WTF are you saying?

  287. Wisher: “And yet, I have always seen you forward, and not once have I ever seen you disagree, with anything either written or spoken by LRH.”

    I’ll let Marty respond as he chooses. But to “not disagree” with LRH is basically allowing oneself to disagree as much as one wishes.

    “Any quarrel you may have with theory is something that only you can resolve. Is the theory correct or isn’t it correct? Only you can answer that; it cannot be answered for you.” — LRH, “How to Study Scientology”, Feb-1959 (Technical Volume V).

    Does the CoM actually practice that? IMHO, no, in fact, I don’t know of a single Scientology training course today that even uses that reference. It’s hidden deep within the Tech Volumes. Yet it is the definitive statement from LRH and clarifies for anyone, HOW to study the subject of Scientology. (You can find much of the reference online at Geir’s blog here: .)

    Now imagine if that reference were placed right at the beginning of each training course, alongside KSW#1 and “Ron’s Journal 68”, the latter of which clarified for Scientologists in 1968 what Ron was getting at with “Standard Tech” in KSW#1 in 1965. (You can read an excerpt of RJ 68 here: .)

    Making those more widely known might actually usher in a real “Golden Age of Tech”.

  288. And if the members really have forsaken LRH and want to worship and follow DM instead, you can send them to any of these official CofS sites, which all have LRH’s resignation in their biography pages, which are:

    I like this quote from one of them:
    “To accommodate his research into Scientology’s highest levels of spiritual attainment, Mr. Hubbard resigned as Executive Director of the worldwide network of Scientology churches, and moved to sea in 1967 to focus on his research in a distraction-free environment.”
    Sounds almost like he felt the same as we do.

  289. Let’s consider LRH’s first two really “official acts” of Dianetics for a moment:

    1948 – publish The Original Thesis in a magazine
    1950 – publish DMSMH as a regular book for a regular price to be read by regular folk

    The third act was probably “I wrote it, now you go read it, understand it and use it!”

    Seems to me like we are getting back to the original postulate of Dianetics.


  290. LOL Jim!

  291. “There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.” – Charles Dickens

  292. And if the members really have forsaken LRH and want to worship and follow DM instead, you can send them to any of these official CofS sites, which all have LRH’s resignation mentioned in their biography pages, which are:

  293. Jens Bogvad?

    Wow, there’s a name I haven’t heard in years!Apparently the man was something of a legend way back in the day. A good friend of mine at Int in the 80s knew him, if I compare what my friend had to say with “He was a great leader” – Yep, sounds like the same guy.


  294. Add some validation to the duplication and understanding 🙂

    If confronted with some problem that needs Scientology as the solution and Marty says “do X” while Random Joe Bloggs says “do Y”, odds are pretty good I’ll lean with Marty. Mostly cause he’s mostly right. Just sayin’, you know….

    I know you don’t want to “lead” as such, but a whole lot of us out here are paying attention. We’re paying LOTS of attention.


  295. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Marty,

    Of necessity, I’ve been away from the boards dealing with a personal sit. I hope that when you called roll, you remembered to count me even if I did not callout “present sir” no matter what anyone says or does, this is the group I’m with.
    By the way, those whose feathers are ruffled- well they got to take the time to smooth them out aren’t they? not our jonb to see to that!


  296. Holy shit, you two make ancient IT pros look like bumbling amateurs. This here ancient IT pro is gonna need a cram on being fulla shit 🙂

    /me rolls eyes

  297. Concerned Citizen

    If I may Maria, Can you show me or point me to the reference where L Ron Hubbard promised invincibility, infallibility and perfection? Where he said OTs would never make mistakes, be fooled or experience the things life offers everyone?
    No, you can’t because it does not exist. If you are going to hold anything up to an impossible standard, and demand it be perfect and impervious to life, well… no matter what you are evaluating will fail.

    More able, more aware, more oneself and able to solve problems better do not translate to “Can never be fooled or make a mistake.” Which your comment implies, you expect from the application of the tech. Those states mentioned above are the actual promise of Scientology and in that not only has it not failed, but it has excelled beyond what many like me, who understood the actual premise, expected.
    Surely you are bright enough to understand my argument and see its merits aren’t you?

  298. Robert Hunter, wrote this song in 1970 (reputedly also drinking an entire bottle of retsina in the process). The song debuted August 18, 1970 at Fillmore West in San Francisco.

    Like many folk songs, “Ripple” addresses itself as a song and an instrument of the performers’ emotional expression. Several lines throughout the song echo the 23rd Psalm of the Bible.

  299. hey jim,

    i’ll email you to continue the tech discussion.

    “My point was on the exchange, on this blog, and the conceptual understanding of what was being communicated. That’s all.”

    fair enough.

  300. I´m not talking about cognitions! What staff members need is education about the core of LRH tech, and before that can happen they first need to be uneducated and stripped of the gaziljons of false data they been indoctrinated to beleive by the current mangement. And that take leaders, who know the subject and not only how to push stats. Who would those leaders be? I have no idea. I have not seen any good leaders during my years in the church,

  301. Maria Abian: “How can one support the tech, when it is observable that the tech failed so massively on this issue?”

    Your question is a bit like the question “How can Democracy or the Bill of Rights be said to work, when slavery existed for 100 years?”

    So the broad answer is it has nothing to do with the “workability” of the system, but more to do with the players in the game. And just as the US government took a century to sort itself out (to at least abolish slavery) … so too is the governing of Scientology taking some years to sort out.

    My opinion regarding David Miscavige is that he took advantage of a unique situation in the history of the Church (early 1980s, during a period of organizational confusion), and managed to oust people who could/would have been able to truly set things aright. And using false/altered reporting, he was able to keep the true picture hidden from much of the membership and from LRH.

    Had the Internet been around then, who knows how things would have unfolded.

  302. Maria,

    The tech didn’t fail. It can’t succeed or fail – it isn’t alive. People failed and didn’t do what they should have done. Simple as that.

    I’ll give you an analogy. Your computer is switched off. You want to read Marty’s blog. So you watch the computer. And watch it. Three days later you still can’t read Marty’s blog. Do you blame the computer and claim the intarnets don’t work?

    Of course not, it’s patently obvious you screwed up and didn’t switch the computer on.

  303. LM
    Any time fellow spiritual being 😉

  304. Joe Pendleton

    Thanks Jim. Points well made. I always appreciate your feedback, especially coming from the wealth of knowledge you have on the subject. I guess I was just commenting on the ethic, or the value system that I saw develop when LRH was still in charge. He was the guy at the top, who set the tone. We used to get these large stacks of LRH data “hot off the press” – Flag Packs they were called. And there was a 24 hour deadline for every staff member to get their own copies of brand new LRH stuff, the data series, org series, all the new word clearing tech, etc. Very exciting, but we kinda took it for granted. So LRH was sending us most of his new research all the time (below confidential stuff).

    My point being that he was the leader, we took our cue from him. I didn’t work with him, I wasn’t in the Sea Org. All I can tell you is that “step by step, inch by inch….” we became an organization where it was INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT TO HAVE ONE’S OWN VIEWPOINT ON LRH DATA. I don’t mean in how to audit of course. One holds the technial line for a very good reason as we all know. Actually I don’t mean simply “to have.” One could certainly have one’s own cognitions and understandings, but NOT in the context of ANY different vewpoints in the physical universe on the third dynamic. By the early 80s, to effectively stay on a post, one needed to learn “how to go along to get along.” To the extent you didn’t, you weren’t allowed to stay in the game.

    Where did this all end up? (for me at least) In 2006 in the middle of an ethics cycle (2D stuff), I was regged by the captain for a 31 G book cycle. I declined and when pressed on details as to my own finances (and here’s the point Jim – I’m not writing this to motivate, but to illustrate the culture of how “allowed” I was to read, cognite and ACTUALLY APPLY early LRH info)….when pressed on these details, I said that in applying The Code of Honor, I did not desire to communicate about my personal finances. Man, I thought the guy’s head was gonna blow off. The next day I was in for another session, this time with the MAA and another young guy, both pounding me for the money (31 Gs on a 1% credit card yet!). When after a couple of hours I didn’t pop, I was taken into a room by a senior MAA in the area (teenage SO member) – he threatened me with expulsion and this time demanded to know how much money was in my bank account. When I once again replied that per the Code, I did not wish to engage in this comm (always being respectful in saying this by the way), he screamed “YOU’VE GOT WITHHOLDS”. When I said that I felt as a Scientologist, I had the right to apply the Code of Honor, he screamed louder and cut me off with “SHUT UP – THAT’S ENEMY LINE.” At that point, the walls started moving a little – I was no longer where I thought I was, if you dig.

    I’m not saying all this to relate some horror story, poor me. The point I’m trying to make is, yes, I could have all the cogs I wanted to IN THE COURSE ROOM (and they were indeed life changing), but in one of the senior Scientology organizations in the world, I would NOT be allowed to actually LIVE those cogs, APPLY them, USE them in life, IF I had any viewpoint that was different than the powers that be. In fact, the opposite. If I did not go along with something, if I said “no” in any way, I was the receipient of as much force as could be mustered against me to get me to “think right” or “severely adjust my reality” as was once said.

    Hell, in this blog we have seen tremendously contributing upstats like Tony and his wife, Mary Jo, people who donated hundreds and hundreds of thousands, got themselves up to OT VII or VIII and then one day, MILDLY did not want to continue flowing money…and BOOM!!!!! The walls came tumblin’ down.

    Sorry I’m taking so long to make this point (as I would usually edit down), but the question is – WHAT HAPPENED for the culture of Scientology to end up in this condition. IT DID NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. LRH deserves more apologists than anyone who ever lived, based on the amount of his contribution, but if you say he had no part in how this all wound up….well, you would be severely disrespecting his level of responsibility (“election of cause” – HIS definition).

    In any case, what LRH policies, actions, etc which eventually contributed to the creation of the current scene, while it may be an interesting study and debate, is not really THE issue.

    MANY things happened which lead to the point that a SCIENTOLOGIST in a freaking Church of Scientology is not allowed to apply basic Scientology when interacting on the third dynamic. Is not allowed to have a viewpoint, to postulate, to create knowledge and certainty for self.

    And THAT’S the issue. Life is basically a static. Which is capable of opinions, viewpoints, postulates….(doing this from memory here). In Scientology, we are involved in the rehabilitation of the static’s ability to postulate and create. When IN SCIENTOLOGY, we do not allow beings to have their viewpoints and express them, much less use their regained powers to postulate….we have indeed moved into a totally other activity, indeed a reverse Scientology of sorts.

    And this is why I now feel that the use of FORCE and intimidation are so to the opposite of these goals. Thue use of those are physical universe, not theta; that IS the history of control and slavery in wog history. And to the extent we have parrelled that in our own 3D history, we have gotten in big trouble. Because those parrellels BECAME the dramitizations we have today in Scientology.

    So, yeah, when the first folks on any SO ship felt any fear of Ron, felt fear of punishment, RPF, etc…..yeah, something started going wrong. Yes, I understand ethics was needed to keep the counter intention out of the environment as there were those who would destroy everything LRH worked for. Granted. So make sure they are taken off the lines. And then continue with maximum ARC and freedom of thought. Hold the line COMPLETELY on standard tech of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

    In 1977 the Tech Sec at my org wanted me to leave town for some training. I had my personal reasons for wanting to stay put at the time. His immediate response was “I can’t think with that.” And so it started. It really didn’t matter how I felt or what I felt. That’s how he was handled by his seniors, how they were handled by theirs. I understand what a group is and why people can’t all decide individually on roles, hats and the game itself. I’m just pointing out that that there was really NO respect for an individual’s viewpoint …. and this was BACK THEN.

    Five years ago, I was being recruited for org staff and the SO guy who was recruiting me said “This is what command intention wants you to do. As a Sea Org member, I do everything that command intention asks of me, I never question my orders, I just DO them because I know they’re pro survival. I’m just asking you to do the same thing.”

    So, now I no longer (for ME) believe in belonging to a large church or organization which will dictate to me what I can think or postulate. And the current state of AUTHORITY, FORCE and “POSTULATE CONTROL” in the church didn’t just happen. It’s a value system wich developed over time.

    Sorry for any meanderings here – just trying to communicate something. Funny thing is, I still have lots of friends in the church who tell me that they are having lots of wins on course and I don’t doubt it. Really, UNTIL YOU SAY “NO”, or even decline to say “yes”, you don’t always encounter the phenomena we discuss so much in this blog. You really have to disagree a little first and then “it all starts to happen.” And y’all can research what “early LRH” says about disagreeing. Hint: you’re very allowed to do it -it can be a GOOD thing.

  305. John and Silvia
    Love you both right back 🙂

  306. Joe Pendleton

    Thanks Karen. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think THE most deplorable action committed during this whole time has been the unethical use of PC folder data. Absolutes may be unattainable, but I want to use the word anyway – an absolute betrayal of the worst kind.

  307. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Jim,
    Here is an example of what I think Joe is talking about. If you read the reference that Karen issued about using love and personal kindness etc on people who leave the church etc. (my paraphrase) It was all very compassionate and sensible. This is in contrast to the Justice codes of the church. Suppressive acts and if you stay connected to someone declared SP by HCO then that is an SP act. If you don’t apply KSW then you are an SP, etc, etc. I think it is quite obvious that there is a change of tone from LRH in his later writings. I can see that when these writings are even further pushed to irrational extremes then you get what we have today. If many Scientologists feel that there is a contrast in LRH’s early and later works, then I feel that you have to take that at face value.

  308. Tony DePhillips

    MOQ!! You make me laugh.

  309. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Theo,
    These staff have to “moonlight” to live, because they can’t live on the wages from the staff pay. I have even heard that the Sea Org missions help the staff get other jobs so that they can “make it” on staff. If they were real executives and applied sensible policies then they would earn enough money for all staff to earn a liveable wage. They aren’t and so the staff don’t.

  310. Tony DePhillips


  311. Dear Karen,

    As the disintegration of the Church of David unfolds, a climax is before us. Your power, understanding and communication, and that of others here, will in the end determine the outcome. It’s preordained.

    Understanding prevails.

    Thank you for all you do.


    Tom Gallagher

  312. CD, I believe another reason to alter the works periodically is to be able to re-copyright them. I see this as an attempt to further monopolize the entire subject.

  313. Canada. The land of the truly free.

  314. The comment fr0m me, above, was a response to V80657. LIke a lot of things, it doesn’t make much sense out of context.


  315. Jim, would it be possible to explain the second paragraph
    of your comment above? Of course I am not a Scientologist, so quite a bit of what is said here is tricky, but I usually can get a handle on it,
    but I must admit, I am really at a loss as to what you are trying to convey. thanks in advance for you reply.

  316. Maria, scientology does not “work”. The “tech” does not “work”, in the same way that the hammer, the saw, the nails don’t get themselves off the shelf and build a house for you.

    Only living beings “work”. All the rest are just tools that are either understood and used, or not. It takes knowledge and skills to build a house or to build anything else. Someone has to applythe knowledge and skills and most importantly, put in the “elbow-grease” to get something done, else it doesn’t get done.

    Scientology tech is no different. It is a set of tools that must be learned, practiced to acquire skill in them, and then must be APPLIED. The application, the”elbow-grease” of it is the hard part. It is “work”. It takes a level of responsibility to actually do the work. Tools can be used to build a house, but they will never get up and do it on their own initiative.

  317. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Very well said, Bruce. 🙂
    I would like to add to your statements that a leader is needed to point the way and that leader needs to create other leaders that will continue to point the way. Some one has to lead and some one has to follow. Sort of like extending your hand to help someone and then they do the same to someone else.


  318. ♥ to all here. I love your thoughts, wisdom and victories!

  319. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Maria,
    Good points.
    LRH said that absolutes were unobtainable. Meaning that there is nothing achieved in the fullest sense. No Man is ABSOLUTELY GOOD, no case state absolutely perfect etc. I see it this way. LRH created some very helpful technology. That doesn’t mean that EVERYONE who ever used it can now do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. It just means he created some beneficial technology, that’s all. Obviously the system is flawed. LRH even said “It’s not a perfect system, but a workable system.” It turns out that the workablility of detecting SP’s was something that Scientologists have shown that they are not that good at.. I think that you could say that about any positive persons accomplishments. If Bill Gates was so smart then why is Apple now doing so much better than Microsoft? If George Washington was such a good leader then why is the USA like it is today? Planet Earth is what it is and we are here to do the best we can with it. What ideas do you have on the subject?
    I enjoyed your post, thanks.

  320. The ultimate truth is a static.

    Therefore, the truest communication doesn’t use words. Another reason to get up the real bridge and learn to communicate in the theta universe.

  321. It’s taken me a day to respond to an incredibly covert comment yesterday on the Blood Money article from OT VIII.

    This comment didn’t name a person just spoke out against someone who was asking all lurkers and indendendants to come forward.

    Probably because I didn’t agree with Virgil Samms post (Tom Martiniano) I let this vicious comment from OTVIII slide by.

    Forgive me but I’m verging on sudden here.

    OTVIII I’m thinking isn’t an independent but perhaps an OSA bot. I don’t believe Tom ever mentioned hos long ago he left the SO – so how does OTVIII know it’s 13 years?

    But what really stirred me up was his analogy to the Vietnam War. It was either a really unfortunate button to push or an extremely viciously inteded harmful attack.

    Tom was awarded, if my info is correct, the Silver Star – the third highest ranking medal honor. It’s not handed out except for combat valor and extreme bravery.

    I’m a Buddhist … War and guns aren’t my thing.

    BUT I honor those who served my country and I refuse the allow some
    bot masquerading as OTVIII to potentially someone who just recently has stepped into the limelight.

    Tom’s intentions are in the right place – I cannot say that I get the same feeling from “OT VIII”


  322. Please excuse the typos but I warned you’ll vie gone a bit sudden:).

    I dropped out a word … enturbulate …

    The sentence was something like OTVIII to potentially enturbulate …

    I’m sending this from my iPad and it doesn’t allow me to check my post before sending it.

    Not usually sudden,

  323. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Personally there is no greater joy then having someone share their “life” with me or others. There are times when I’m working that the person I’m helping will originate things to me. Being trusted enough to have somebody just communicating freely is part of being a friend. There is a saying that I find endearing and true:
    “A real friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

    Isn’t that what LRH felt for us. He knew the songs that we held in our hearts and reminded us that we need to duplicate them in our friends. It’s a nice to joy to perceive.

    Thank you for being you!


  324. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    dfb99, just email them back and tell them you are a “Nigerian prince” wishing to make a large donation but you need to have DM’s personal bank account number to “transfer” the donation.


  325. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking my coffee. It’d of snorted it all over the screen!

  326. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “Lafayette the Red Head”! LRH would have laughed so hard at that! You’re nuts! And funny!

    Love ya,

  327. Oops, messed up the links … here they are a little clearer:

    Geir Isene’s excerpts from “How to Study Scientology”:

    Maria’s excerpt of “Ron’s Journal 68”:

  328. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Oops. Marty the post was for Bruce. But what the heck you’re nuts, too. And funny!

    Love both of ya,


  329. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    WH, My favorites are:
    David Miscavige net worth
    David Miscavige nicknames
    David Miscavige abuse

    WOW! That’s how to be famous!

  330. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    The eye of newt is a bit touchy too. 🙂

  331. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    back at ya! 🙂

  332. martyrathbun09

    Of course. Cheers.

  333. Did a successful Mission with Jens where he was the I/C and I was second. Definitely is a great guy and leader! Learned a lot from him, he kept it all very uptone and light, with a great sense of humor and got more done that way.

  334. Great to hear that Margaret. Email me at

  335. Marty, first off I re-read your “31 Factors” just now and stepping back and looking at everything I have to say- WHAT YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR IS FUCKING OT. I dont think you need to sit at a desk and issue orders or something like that. You are leading by example.
    I called an old friend/scientologist today which was strange because during our conversation he originated that he had had enough of the church. He had not even read the Truth Rundown and everything. I just sent him all the links and applicable references. I’m working on the differentation of Scientology with the Church step now. Theres more people I can contact.
    I’m gonna get my stats up .

  336. Marty…

    “DM is afraid of thetans”
    Oh Yes. And he ought to be afraid… VERY afraid.
    The trouble with those pesky thetans is that they are just likely to jump up and do something really original. How could one possibly control beings if they are going to do silly things like that?


  337. I am replying to the several replies.

    I can see your points that nothing can claim to be 100% effective. But it still feels like DM has had a long time controlling things and people before starting to get actual resistance.

    I can see one saying people who have joined Scientology AFTER LRH died have been presented with altered tech…and therefore that explains a lot why they have not gotten rid of DM. But many stayed in up to 2 decades after LRH died..and were in when he was still very much in charge…and still have taken a long time to stop putting up with the abuse and lack of freedom.

  338. I am curious but how many reading this blog are actually still in the SO and reading way under the radar, in the closet on their banned iphone’s or blackberry’s? If so why don’t you come forward and at least be counted as someone in the SO who is looking? No real names, no real email addresses, just a first step forward of telling us people are looking!

  339. I already nailed OTVIII on an earlier post about staying on subject and that I thought he was an OSA bot. Whoever this person is just stirs up shit with crazy 1.1 comments and steers the discussions off the real target.

    I sure do wish he would start acting like is name “OTVIII”

  340. Fellow Traveller

    Jack UK —
    I hope it helps and this gets posted close enough, cuz I just had a near blinding cognition: in the inimitable words of Sue Wilhere: “David Miscaviage IS Scientology.” My emphasis.

    Bruce Pratt

  341. To Sam and any of you other wonderful beings contributing here…


    Hail to thee
    Spiritual one
    Your song of praise,
    too long’s unsung.

    Hail to thee
    Celestial being!
    The seer,
    yet unseen.

    The one aware
    of being aware.
    Behind it all,
    the one who cares.

    The person
    who you long to be.
    The one your freedom
    does set free.

    Hail to thee
    player in this earthly game.
    But a visitor
    to this earthly plane.

    A God, perhaps,
    of Olden times.
    Perhaps with stories
    set to rhymes.

    Traveller of both Space
    and Time.
    Creator of wonders
    so sublime.

    Maker of both
    Time and Space!
    It’s time you took
    your rightfull place!

    Hail to thee!

    Thank you for being here!

  342. Fellow Traveller

    And the last 500 have potentially the longest programs. Does the CoSM (smoke and mirrors) know what it actually takes to train these auditors and C/Ss? Or do ya think there could be some substantial musical chairs involved? Or other unusual solution?

    Just thinking on the blog….

    Bruce Pratt

  343. Fellow Traveller

    Warts, lice, fleas, whatever, and all WH. You are beautiful.
    It is a true privilege to observe and experience you here.


    Bruce Pratt

  344. The Coroner’s Report for Flo Barnett’s death is here:

    She was shot 4 times with a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle which fires .22 LR ammunition – amongst the lowest energy cartridges for any rifle class weapon. That particular rifle/cartridge combination has negligible recoil due to the weapon’s mass relative to the impulse force of the cartridge, and can be trivially fired one-handed. The amount of damage done by a .22 LR is also very low and unless a vital organ were struck (like the heart or brain) one could be struck multiple times by one and not die.

    Flo was struck 3 times in the upper chest and received non-fatal wounds there and once in the temple (fatal) with all wounds through and through.

    The coroner ruled her death a suicide as it was entirely possible to self-inflict all those gunshot wounds with that weapon – and she had “recent hesitation marks” from a failed attempt to slit her wrists.

    So, we have here is nothing but another slimy insinuation that Marty Rathbun was somehow involved in or has knowledge of a non-existent major crime.

    Michael A. Hobson

  345. Or to copyright were no copyright was in place.

  346. I forgot to include the link. And those are NOT my words. I was merely conveying the information.

    Knowledge is free. CD

  347. Gary, WOW!! What a cool quote. I’d never run accross that one before.
    Thanks, Mark

  348. Theo Sismanides

    Excellent idea Lucy! Yes, guys, come on. I did the same back in Denmark going to public libraries and looking into the internet. We had no iphones or blackberries back then.

    And one other very important thing. Do not be afraid that you can be found in any way. Not even in a sec check. There is NO way, I repeat, NO way.

    Haha! Yes, I developped a certain “Tech” for the “Imprisoned” when I was in Copenhagen and was getting constantly sec checks. But this is Confidential for obvious reasons so whoever wants to ask me details write at

    The point is that 3 people who left the church together we were not found in what we were doing. Do you hear this OSA? There is no way you will win with force. You better start cooperating with us now, and help us free Scientology from the terrorism and robotism of Miscavige.

  349. Back in the early 70’s, in B1 under Jane Kember, there were a number of instances when we had to cull pc folders.

  350. Theo Sismanides

    Margaret, I think stat pushing happened when the top guys where very alienated from the organization.

    Is there any stat push here on Marty’s blog? Are we pressured to produce, produce posts and posts and posts or even falsify the number of posts?


    Why? We don’t care about the statistics, we care about the purpose and the subproducts, posts on the blog, answers etc.

    We definitely need to re-examine things.

    All I wanted is to implement a lightness of organization but in accordance with a 7 Div Org board. Even saying this might create a very reactive reaction by some. However, the 7 div org b. is the Cycle of Action. We all have it (or not have it) in our daily lives. We are recruiters, communicators, regges, producers, qual, advertisers, deliverers and planners in our lives.

    This is so simple and basic it can’t go further. I am just finding out that the Admin Tech is the least known and least understood possibly. So I am looking for Indies who are enlightened on it already, can appreciate it and help the whole thing with a… lightness of organization, like you said.

  351. I forgot about that but remember now.

    You sure did!! And I think you (we) are right.

    Let’s see if he comes forward now?


  352. Joe,
    The final comment you make, re ‘disagree’ is piognant. My journey through the Force Band (from those same lectures as ‘disagree’), began in earnest when I did disagree with those illogics you mention. I’ve never found anything in LRH’s materials that urged any other course.

    The way out is through.

  353. johnny d,
    I am conveying that the efficacy of the subject, its Standard maintained, its capacity for genuine succor, its application to the end of the rehabilitation of individual beings and their expansion on their dynamics, is the hat of each and every Scientologist.

  354. Dark And Light Wizard

    Goddess! Wizard as some more prophesy of the garlic variety coming soon.
    You,ll be sorry you spoke to Wizard like this!


  355. Tony DePhillips

    Good job!!

  356. martyrathbun09

    Michael, Thanks. I didn’t take the question as innuendo laden. Here is why I don’t respond. I know so much about Miscavige’s family – enough to make what he publishes about mine far and wide look like child’s play. A difference between David Miscavige and me is that I won’t go there. Even under the unprecedented level of provocation he’s shot my way.

  357. Wizard,

    Bite me.

  358. Cindi says:
    “She certainly didn’t commit suicide by shooting herself several times with a rifle.”

    Have you read the Coroner’s Report (available at the following URL) ?

    According to the above report, she was shot with a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rifle which fires .22 LR cartridges which is amongst the very weakest ammunition made and generally only used for target shooting and small game (ie-jackrabbits) within fairly short ranges (100-200 yards).

    Even if a person were hit with multiple rounds of .22 LR, unless something vital were struck like the brain or heart, the victim would have a very good chance of survival as they just don’t do that much damage.

    The recoil of the .22 LR cartridge in that particular type of rifle is negligible and it can be fired fairly accurately at short range with one hand (I speak from experience in the latter) . In my opinion, a determined person who could withstand the pain of the first few non-lethal shots could have finished themselves with the final fatal headshot as detailed in the report.

    Also according to the report, he victim had “recent hesitation marks” which indicate a failed attempt to slash her own wrists with the few days prior to the shooting.

    So, the authorities determined this death to be a suicide and that is in the official reports, yet here you are insinuating someone else killed her and Marty Rathbun was somehow involved or had knowledge of it? Sounds to me like more OSA propaganda aimed at discrediting Marty and nothing more.

    Michael A. Hobson

  359. “eyeswider”,

    Your comment is extremely disingenuous – Ron Hubbard never resigned from being a member of Church of Scientology and none of the policies your reference say he did. He resigned from the “Executive Director” *job title* only. Furthermore, he actually continued to run the C of S via the Sea Organization and his Commodore’s Messenger Organization all the up until David Miscavige and Pat Broeker effectively cut his communication lines sometime around 1981 (according to available reports).

    Michael A. Hobson

  360. what a beautiful poem WW
    Thank you! 🙂

  361. Hey Joe, very interesting observations. I also read the follow up about being reged for a 31K book donation. Un-believable. 31K in books?

    So, I began writing a long dissertation on the history of Scn in the ’60s and how the shift happened from “Building a Better Bridge” to “Pushing people up the bridge we have,” but stopped short.

    The net is this:

    Each of us, including LRH, is responsible for the current state of affairs and for the success or lack thereof of Scn, God help us!

    The RTC is a sham. It is not the job of the RTC to keep Scn working, it is the job of each of us. The RTC, therefore, is elitist, and allows people to drop the ball on correct applications, because, hey, it’s RTC’s hat, no? No. It is ours.

    By the way, now that Ron is gone and the subject cannot be stagnant, the job of not just KSW, but also What is Scientology is also ours. Again, God help us! (or, “God’elpus” as Ron used to say).

    Re OW: It has been around since ’51 (DED and DEDEX), and was refined in the late 50s and early 60s. I agree that OW has been incredibly, incredible abused and distorted. Two points in the early ’60s research on OW: First, that the auditor and Scn in general don’t care what was done, just that it was done and that you are now individuating because of it. Second, OWs should be cleared to the point where you don’t care if the OW was published on the front page of the newspaper. You should not care.

    Of course, the phenomena of MISSED withholds is incredible!

    So, OW is not bad, misuse of OW tech is bad. Because OW is about transgressions against a moral code, blame, shame, and regret, and guilt, it is easy for people to corrupt it. And it sure has.

    I think Scientology started a long road downhill when “HCO Confessionals” and something called “Roll Back” was put in place.

  362. I do not understand how the comment I left yesterday did not make the cut? I felt it was on topic and most of all expressed my feelings. Not even a explanation as to why your comment was not accepted ? Please help me to understand?

  363. disreguard. I got confused :0 Imust need more coffee this AM.

  364. Marty

    The way it is looking to me is that you are basically operating as HCO /”OSA”with a few other hats thrown in from other divisions. You seem to have a group of terminals working with you and independently to achieve many of the products of those areas. We have MOQ working in the Qual area, again with contributions from others. There seems to be a Tech Compilations function that is acquiring or assembling LRH Tech and materials for use in the field. There are others holding various other hats at “Management” level. This seems to be the beginnings of a senior management team, or “board” with each area operating in a somewhat coordinated but independent fashion, toward the common purpose of getting Scientology back on the track LRH had envisioned, as best as possible. I do not see any use for a “COB”.

    Then there are some Tech terminals and smaller groups delivering both auditing and training and achieving the whole purpose for Scientology in the first place.

    Things seem to be forming up pretty well with you, and this forum, as a catalyst and a com center. It is happening as dedicated beings take hold of the reins of the various areas and start producing real products.

    It is actually a thing of beauty to watch and be part of.

    Thank you and all the others who are contributing to this “organization”.


  365. martyrathbun09

    HCO/Defense consumes perhaps 5% of my time. Don’t know how you got that impression. Weird.

  366. martyrathbun09

    Have no idea what you are talking about. Resend it.

  367. Maybe it was this Guy.

  368. You need to include a whole omitted scene to understand that change. He never lost any of his compassion for individuals when he was working on individual tech, all the way up to Daytona in 1975.

    But the overheated expansion that occurred with the advent of the SO in 1967, which grew from a single yacht to a fleet back by large, top-heavy organizations on every continent, took a toll. The whole staff status standard went out the window. The original SO requirements (Clear and Class VI) were put aside when Howey went out to round up warm bodies from every street corner and ship them to the Apollo. So his environment changed dramatically at the same time as he was under more pressure to fight legal battles (some of his own doing, to be sure) AND push the expansion he felt had to occur to secure the whole game.

    Maybe you would had to have been there, as they say, but it was a wild time, with a large number of under-qualified people being pushed into heavy responsibilities with high demand. Hence the increasingly forceful pushback of the various experimental projects in ethics management you mention. Whether any of those were successful, long-term, is debatable, but it understandable where they came from. This is just a sketch, but it carries the general idea.


  369. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot for this snapshot. Revealing.

  370. Felicitas Foster

    Dear Maria,

    absolutely right. Do not take data out of context – it give the wrong picture.

    That is one of the reasons – I believe – that LRH wanted us to be fully trained in Ethics, Tech and Admin to the highest level available so we can duplicate his viewpoint and come up with solutions that align with his views od things. I believe I read somewhere (from LRH) that if you fully have duplicated his viewpoint you would not need the policies to come up with sane decisions.


  371. And don’t want to become one. My family has been ripped apart, and members made bankrupt by this so-called “religion.” Now a young girl is being pressured into joining Sea Org, and after reading this site and others like it – and the Jessie Prince tapes – I’m very afraid. The reason I posted the question was to get some ammunition against DM (who my OT8 relatives think of as a god) and to try to dissuade a lovely, 17 year-old girl from giving away her life.

  372. The rich history and vast resource available to us now, by the way of first hand experience, is hard to calculate in value. Especially in regards to the earlier years in the growth period of the subject and organization. Thank you Marty for keeping this blog here, and for the many others who have forums whereby these contributions of information and perspective (as witnessed on this thread) can take place. I am fortunate to know some of these people and their impact on my life and continued assistance as I progress upward is very much appreciated. (You know who you are.) LRH would be proud. I think the undeniable spirit and essence that I always regarded as the best of Scientology is present here and on other blogs. While the church may be an empty shell, outside of it, the subject is very much alive and well.

  373. Your humble servant

    Sorry, but Super Power, if anyone actually compiles it into a workable form ready to deliver, will require GOOD auditors, i.e., auditors who know how to get and keep a pc in session, who can practice two way communication with the pc, who can grant beingness, and who can audit the pc in front of them, who do not evaluate for the pc or make the pc guilty of overts. No “auditor” who takes only prior reads on the meter, takes up unreading items, ignores Long Fall Blow Downs on reading items because they were “latent”, who thinks it is out tech to ask the pc “What’s up?” when the auditor needs to know what’s up, or who waits for three swings of the needle to recognize a Floating Needle, will be able to successfully audit Super Power. So, where are they going to get the auditors? I don’t think they can, and they have promised first delivery to a heck of a lot of big money donors who paid for the service years ago. Seems to me like a potential public relations disaster.

  374. Dear Marty,

    my name is L. (my nickname is ‘Jenkins’ in several comments I wrote for ‘Indipendologo’ – the Italian blow which translate your posts and shows corruption of Church of Miscavology).

    So, because I’m Italian, I apoligize for my poor english, I will ask the help of google translator. 😉

    First, I want to thank you so much for what you did, I have a great respect for you and I think you’re being very brave to do what you do, everyday, despite you don’t have nothing to gain personally. I think a lot of people even in Italy are starting to become free from the enslavement they experienced for years in the church, and this is not in small part because of your work. I cannot translate LRH but you know for sure the definition of ‘Power of a Thetan’, that one axiom that says about the distance one can control… and this is just to tell that is very powerful what you’re doing for us, people who really care about the LRH legacy.

    I want just to tell you something about your post ‘The legacy of the tech’, that recently had been translated by Indipendologo in form of comment in response to someone who was asking something like ‘what is the strategy’.

    You say “For those upset that I am not issuing orders, realize I am not trying to create followers. I am trying to create leaders. Originated, effective action that aligns with shared purpose is what is called for I truly believe that for any of us to make it we must as individuals walk through the valley of the shadow of death alone. Only through that process can one be certain of his or her own state of case, untainted by a 1.1 cult culture organized to create cloying, unquestioning followers. Those who have gone through that experience in life are those whose counsel I most value.”

    It is right for me, and I agree that you share all the power you have with all independents. After all, you don’t owe anything to anyone here and you don’t have any obligation to become the thetan that will ‘lead the coup’ or something like that. I am originating actions and doing something, to expose truth to my families for example. But I feel alone in my area, a little Org in Italy in a little place. Isn’t it correct that we should set some kind of strategy, at least to coordinate our efforts in order to be more effective? Also, to become stronger and to feel less alone. I am not talking to do anything similar to ‘Anonymous protest’, but at least to set some coordination… My dream is to restore things like LRH wanted, but we will need orgs etc. We will need to expand our movement so to get enough power and (why not?) involve also some staff member to help us. Can we find a way to coordinate all our efforts? Not in a blog, that is being seen by OSA everyday, but through emails for example… is there a secure way to do it?
    Thanks so much

  375. I forgot to subscrive the follow up comments, please answer here anyone

  376. martyrathbun09

    Jenkins, Go for it. See the found of Indipendologo and go for it.

  377. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    There will eventually be NO more legacy of tech as long as we let the Church of Scientology continue to alter LRH’s writings.

    CoS has been busy deluting, altering, deleting, and “cleansing” LRH’s works.

    The “L. RON HUBBARD” books public and staff are buying and reading today are NOT the same “by L. Ron Hubbard” works and reprints of the past when he was alive.

    Here’s an example of what I mean;

    Let’s take a look at the 2007 NEW “L. Ron Hubbard Library” version of “The Fundamentals of Thought” versus the original “by L. Ron Hubbard” version.

    These brackets indicate where LRH has been altered or deleted [ ].
    CAPITALIZATION indicates where the words were altered or deleted.

    Chapter Eleven – Scientology Processing

    1956 ORIGINAL (Reprint 1975):

    “Scientology is applied in many ways to many fields. One particular and specialized method of application of Scientology is its use on individuals and groups of people in THE ERADICATION OF PHYSICAL PROBLEMS deriving from mental states and the improvement of their abilities and intelligence.”


    “Scientology is applied in many ways to many fields. One particular and specialized method of application of Scientology is its use on individuals and groups of people in [addressing physical symptoms] deriving from mental states and the improvement of their abilities and intelligence.”

    1956 ORIGINAL (Reprint 1975):

    Fourth sentence:

    “ERADICATE those psychosomatic PROBLEMS”


    Changed to “[OVERCOME] those psychosomatic [ILLS]”

    1956 ORIGINAL (Reprint 1975):

    Fifth sentence:

    “It is the only SCIENCE OR study known”


    “It is the only [deleted} study known”

    1956 ORIGINAL (Reprint 1975):

    2nd paragraph;

    “Scientology processing amongst other things can improve the intelligence quotient of an individual, his ability or desire to communicate, his social attitudes, his capability and domestic harmony, HIS FERTILITY, his artistic creativity, his reaction time and HEALTH.”


    “Scientology processing amongst other things can improve the intelligence quotient of an individual, his ability or desire to communicate, his social attitudes, his capability and domestic harmony, [DELETED], his artistic creativity, his reaction time and [WELL-BEING].”

    Want more examples? I can give dozens more. I’ve only gotten down to the second paragraph in just this chapter alone! This squirrelling of LRH’s works is done a LOT.

    These changes by the Church of Scientology have been and are done behind both Scientologists (capital S indicates still in the church) and scientologists backs.

    Surely this can’t be OK to any church member and staff, and all independents. All scientologists need to be completely aware of these changes and deletions, especially church Scientologists.

    Is there a bigger “high crime” in Scientology than altering and deleting works by L. Ron Hubbard? It’s not the independent scientologists who have been doing this squirrellling. It’s the CHURCH under the leadership of David Miscavage!


    Who is it that claimed the CoS went back to the original text of LRH? Of course, we were lied to about this.

    Are you being reasonable in thinking that the deletions and alterations of LRH’s works are “for the better?”

    Is that KSW?

  378. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    The failure to Keep Scientology Working started with the Church of Scientology’s failure to acknowledge SOURCE.

    The most blantant evidence this is true is the fact that L. Ron Hubbard is not given proper and due credit for his books and tapes with his byline.

    No longer do the squirrel versions say “By L. Ron Hubbard”.

    Definition of “BY”

    12. from the hand, mind, invention, or creativiy of

    – The Random House Dictionary of the English Language (The Unabridged Edition)

    Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the missing “By”?

    Can you see how this is a major OUTPOINT?

  379. when it gets to the point where the source of the abuse stops and all the abuse is no longer, Scientology organization and organizations are a mess LRH says what you do in a situation you do is you strip the orgs down to basics. Selling and Delivering Auditing and Training and then you repair build from there.
    So, who ever gets DM’s job keep that HCOPL in mind.

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