Idle Orgs: vampire locust training

They finally found a use for the new Idle Org Pasadena; and for its “1,000” seat auditorium.  And it ain’t training auditors.  They are going to reg public for $300 for the privilege of listening to an outside professional (along with the Jensens) teach them the tricks of the trade of getting people to depart with their monies for no exchange.  I kid you not. It is promoted in their own slick promo:

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  1. This is disgusting. Excellent post, as usual, Mr. Rathbun.
    Hey guys, if you are in doubt, read this. Thanks Marty.

  2. After wiping the vomit from my chin….
    How low can they go?
    And beyond even that — outside professional fundraisers? Next they will be sending out promo that they have brought in some outside experts from the UCLA Neuropsychiatrc Institute to deliver auditing.
    Whoever said Vulture Culture sounded too pleasant was right. This IS the Vampire Empire.

  3. I would ask this of the Ideal Org program: what problem is the Ideal Org trying to solve?

    If the problem is not enough space for all the students and PCs, then you would have a legitimate solution. If the problem is too few public coming in, and few if any students and PCs in the building, then the Ideal Org is not only a terrible solution, as it won’t work, but it increases the problem you are trying to solve because it just pushes the real solution further down the line.

    Example, you build the Ideal Org to get more public into Scn. You do not get an increase in new public coming in. You try different other solutions to get more public into the Ideal Org, and that does not work. Finally years later you realize that the Ideal Org building was not the solution to the problem, and now you must evaluate for a real solution that should have been tried years before. You just wasted all that time, all that money, etc. Basically nobody ever confronted what the problem was in the first place.

    My guess is it is easier for top Scn mgmt to confront MEST than it is to confront real live beings. Thus the solution is a MEST solution, not a ‘being’ issue. If I had another guess I would say the real problem is out-tech. The public no longer feels safe coming into the Orgs, and they drop out. They stop bringing their friends in, stop disseminating, and avoid coming to Church events. They become the ‘silent Scientologists’ who out of fear of disconnection or fear of losing their future Bridge, keep their heads down and keep quiet about Scn. Not an ideal way to Flourish and Prosper.

  4. Unbelievable!

  5. If Pasadena already purchased their “Ideal Org” why are they still have fundraisers themselves? Maybe I have an MU on the title of the whole thing. “Ideal Org Countdown To Completion”????

    It’s about time for all the outer org trainees to be blowing, so probably not the most ideal!

  6. Exactly.
    The game has become very degraded and really all about criminality at this point.
    I’m a bit late here, but your survey and the results were excellent. Saw it on and jumped in. Thank you for your hard work. You are a big deal OL still and hold tremeous influence. My admiration to you!

  7. Undisturbed: Good question and your logic is very sound. The problem is Dear Leader is in fact a terrible manager, for one simple reason. He cannot stand the thought of anyone becoming competent and popular if their name is not David Miscavige. Yet the entire skill of management is in creating stable points for expansion. He has only one thing he can do — throw money at a problem. But if he paid people to come in to orgs it would just be too transparent and everyone would see he is a Vampire Emperor with no clothes. So, he has to dream up another way of “creating expansion” that ONLY requires money. Voila — Ideal Orgs.

  8. Freedom Fighter

    Maybe at the end of the training, the attendees will be as good as these guys:

  9. Puke!

  10. Tony DePhillips

    The “book” should be called BEGGING!!!
    Hey select Org staff and OTC fundraisers there is a huge panhandlers convention coming up next month too!! At this convention you will learn how to create an effective cardboard sign begging that you need money, how to intimidate old women for money, and create major body odor to make people give you money to keep you away!! It’s great!! This convention is only open to people who meet our degraded Being quotient, such as fund raisers and other PTS, out exchange types. Admission is $500 and you get all the sterno you can drink!! Sign up now!!


  11. Tony — after wiping the tears from my eyes. THAT was funny!!!

  12. It’s painful to read this, literally.

    I thought this fund raising crap was insane ten years ago and they’ve kept going and going and cranked it up tenfold since then. It’s without mercy and without end.

    They seem to relish inflicting pain on people — and they must know that it hurts because they mask their feelings with some kind of out of valence, over the top glee filled outpouring. And though it’s extremely and visibly painful for the recipients, they just keep rolling along and ignore the screams of agony.

    Now they are exporting how “the best” get around, over or through the pain they inflict.


  13. PS. Mike term “vulture culture” nails it. Have you ever noticed how the vultures care nothing for the carcasses they are picking over? It’s just a feast to them. And real vultures actually serve a purpose.

  14. Shame on Craig and Sally Jensen :((
    May be DM should have Louis Farrakhan run these events and do a sermon for DM’s public.

  15. You are one funny guy!

  16. rory Medford

    My friends this is actually awesome, because it just shows how low and how desperate they will go to take every penny u own.

    A more appropriate headline:

    Come and learn how you can bleed dry every penny from each and every parishioner of your local org!!!

    It’s EZ, simple and best of all you don’t have to give them a damn thing in return!

    Come one come all!! oh and by the way it costs $300.00 dollars to learn this but you will get a bologna sandwich in return for all of the BS we will feed you.

  17. Freedom Fighter

    Just another blatant example of extremely poor management. This is yet another squirrel, unusual solution to the church’s inablility to deliver standard Scientology.

    “If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.

    Just make more income with Scientology.

    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.

    For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

    Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

    HCO P/L 24 February 1964, Issue II
    Org Programming
    (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

  18. Tony DePhillips

  19. Mike,
    I puked on the cat…sorry cat.

    Uhh, errr, uhhh, between this and the psychiatric Minerva, uhhh, umm, what the f is this place – DMology?

    I’m going to puke again…watch out cat.

  20. Wow,

    Shades of EST….


  21. Sally and Craig you should be ashamed of yourselves. I would like to know how you live with yourselves? Stop justifying this shit…it is not LRH.

  22. On another note, it appears Boston Org is on the market:

    Do they even have an Idle org there yet?

  23. First thing; that $300 could buy a Dianetics Seminar Course and materials and get a bunch of people auditing just like that, lickety-split!
    But noooooooooooooooooooooooo…pay an “expert” to teach you how to ask for money instead…for more material objects.
    Makes me sick too!

  24. 😀 Brilliantly funny!

  25. There was an expert on the subject. His name was Les Dane. LRH knew he was an expert and correlated Mr. Dane’s practices to LRH’s practices. It works when you’re selling a good product…works very well!

  26. Tony,

    You are one funny dude! I won’t try to top that!

    See you in a couple days!


  27. It is interesting to see people actually get upset and bent out of shape thinking that senior manaement (joke); the dictator, might possibly have a good intention and is just misguided by himself and is trying desperately to actually help people by expanding the number of people auditing and training on the true LRH data.
    “why can’t he see that these new orgs aren’t getting new people onto the bridge etc”? It’s like looking at a rattlesnake eying it’s prey. You know it only wants to eat the poor thing. It’s nature. Don’t get all upset at the poor snake for doing what it normally does! Same thing goes for mafiosas. You know his job is to extort and cheat. Do you have any shread of thought that this hitman doesn’t realize what he is doing. Just call a spade a spade and get out of it’s way and get as many friends out of the way as you can. No reason to get upset. Just be effective!

  28. Bwahahahahaha
    I’ve got a tear-drenched prayer cloth for just $29.99 (plus service, handling, shipping and taxes) for you too…

  29. What’s DM going to do when all the orgs are Ideal in a depression, say he’s sorry? He’s got warehouses of live animals and storable food galore and gold for the money crunch coming up, so what’s up with massive org overhead cost increase with a proven track record of Ideal org failure? Just roll with basics and GAT forever? I guess I don’t get the plan. Only makes sense if he’s out to destroy. Right now he only needs to manage 18 orgs and he can’t even do that. It’s so ballsy to just hope people stay sold on upgrading facilities and praying this increases havingness? or something? enough to overcome basic tech changes. I wonder what the Jensens think way down deep is the actual fundamental game plan here. Don’t bring the wrong LRH references to this conference or it’s declare time.

  30. Carcasses are dead. Scientologists not.
    I am still looking for a name that reflects that, like something in the direction of “piranhas torture” or “eaten alive”. I will post it when I found something.

  31. First quote use by int to promote idle org

    We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing.

    WY those 2 following parts are omitted by int?
    But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

    Don’t get interested in real estate. Don´t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.

    Because it’s L R H from tape: The Genus of Scientology Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress, 31 December 1960

    Got that?… Now do a method 9, make a very very, huge clay demo on those quotes… and you don’t go to sleep till your done.

    Reply to us when you have the certainty of understanding or any cognition! START

  32. DFB aka Dfb99

    I hardly ever dream, but I had that funny one the other night where I rejoined staff, but my org was now a circus with clowns and costume parties and all the zany stuff the Ideal Org fundraising committee are doing.
    Someone explained that because the org was so “busy” there was no space for admin staff. She motioned to a call in room where apparently all the admin staff were doing cal-in for all the simultaneous fundraising events 24/7.

    If I have the same dream again I’ll hand them a copy of LRH’s “The Ideal Org” PL and see what their reaction is.

  33. Re. Boston Org – Does RTC own that building? Damn that note is outrageous! Maybe another case of flip this building to pocket the profits?

  34. theystolemychurch

    Using the org’s CF to promote something other than LRH. Wasn’t that a treason assignment per LRH? Using the church’s premises to deliver something other than LRH… I don’t know what condition assignment that would be…. maybe “find out what rock you really crawled out from under” or something else that the little asthmatic vampire dwarf thought up….

    The Jensen’s involvement does not surprise me a bit – they sold their souls long ago and will never leave.

    Fact is the church was absconded without me even noticing it. Thanks Marty and Mike and Mosey…. keep up LRH’s work!

  35. DFB aka Dfb99

    That reminded me of this.
    I’m not sure whats wrong with me, but I find this funny.

    IT’S 95% FOUL LANGUAGE so for Gods sake, dont watch it if that offends you.

    I’ve finally found a church I feel at home at:

  36. Tony DePhillips

    Sounds good IO.. Oh, by the way is Invictus coming from Chicago? He said that he was going to be bringing about 50 people with him to that convention he was planning. That guy is amazing!!

  37. Un-f’ing-believable.

    We all know how to build a real ideal org – deliver. This is so basic.

  38. Hubbard College of Administration is not using Les Dane on their sales course. Now they use “The Complete Guide to Successful Selling” based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard.

  39. Hard to see how an otherwise intelligent man (Jensen) would not be capable of seeing through the Idle Org BS.

    He sure doesn’t run HIS OWN businesses that way – I was impressed years ago while touring his programming facilities; in the room where programmers worked NO talking, radio, music etc. was allowed, with the result of FAR fewer errors. Common sense.

    He was on the Ship while I had finished OT VIII – he got several of us OT VIIIs together in a conference room, and started talking about our “need to coordinate” and a small alarm bell went off in my head, hard to articulate but something like “Uh-oh, I didn’t sign up for THIS!”

    The idea wasn’t fully formed in my head yet, but I was thinking along the lines of “I don’t want to be part of an insane-clown-posse” (evocative of my staff days).

  40. Fund raising is ANTI LRH .

    The Jensens are SQUIRRELS.

    They should word clear IMB 116R.

  41. Yes, I agree, it looks desperate. On an exterior view for me it is like watching a circus with the red nosed head clown honking his horn and stumbling on his feet.

  42. I think I am finally sick to my stomach.
    What’s next? Holding a 24 hour Telethon to raise money for these stupid buildings? I can see it now. DM sitting at a desk next to his friend Tom Cruise while the tote board keeps adding up. The Gold Musicians providing music for all the Celebrity Sheep who contribute their time to entertain, while the hard sell gets done by the IAS Regs other blood suckers.

  43. Alex Braverman

    “Vulture Culture” nails it spot on.
    ~DM wants everything you’ve got, and more.

  44. Dave wanted to impress Tom.

  45. PS: I may have related this before, but – Miscavige has had this “building” fixation for a long time. In the late 80s, he told a friend of mine (on the Ship) that “The Class IV Orgs are DUMPS!”.

    This might be true – but having been on staff, there is enough residual loyalty in me to get pissed-off when

  46. What I heard way back when they were buying buildings was that even though local public and celebrities (like Tom Cruise in the case of Pasadena) paid for the building and repairs…the building would not be owned locally and the Org would still have to pay rent to the RTC or whomever controls the building.

  47. To all Idle org zombies and lemings,
    Really guys! This is the best you got! You are all a bunch of pikers! If you would just rid of the ridiculous and sanctimonious pretense that you are trying to save the world, you could make some serious money. I was reading a fundraising classic co-authored by Bernie Maddoff and Mullah Omar the other day and these guys really know how to fundraise. For only $19.95 plus shipping and handling you can get the real data on how counterfeiting, gun running and opium production will produce unprecedented levels of expansion and highest ever stats. It is time you got serious about releiving all of those vice-ridden zealots out there of all their money.

  48. Joe Pendleton

    Tony – my first thought on reading your post was – THAT was funny – and Mike beat me to it – drats! But I’m gonna say it anyway, so THERE!

  49. Joe Pendleton

    Now if LOUIE was doing the seminar, I’d attend for sure (if I was in California, which I’m not at the moment……..and of course if it was free and the meals were still provided…..heck, I’d go to a free Louie event at the org in Old Pasadena even if no meals, alwasys great places to eat around there).

    I’ve sad it before, but…… long as people are buyin’ this pitch and shellin’ out their cash, the store is gonna stay open, folks.

  50. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Disgusting and pathetic.

    Are the Org staff so completey naive and unhatted they don’t recognize this is completely Off-Policy and Off-Source?

    At the bottom of this ad, it says attendee’s get a copy of the book “Asking”.

    What the hell is that???

  51. Scientology today is so into money and no delivery of anything of value. “Out exchange criminals convention” that is!

    Yesterday: “FSM Conventions: Lets help people win their fears with Scientology.”

    Today:”Robbery Convetion: This world will not make it if you don’t give us all your money!”

  52. I don’t know if everybody here knows this, but “Fundraising for Ideal Orgs” (taking in money and providing no exchange) is now an “LRH” birthday game stat. I’m not kidding. I think if LRH actually knew the state of Int Mgmt and how it has degenerated into nothing but a traveling circus of criminal, out-ethics exchange activities known as “Fundraising Events” (Idle Orgs, SuperPower, OT 9&10, IAS, library donations, etc.), he would be rolling over in his grave. This is probably the last thing he would want for his birthday as he always believed in “Exchange in Abundance” as the way to expands orgs. It’s thoroughly covered in policy, which the current “church” seems to be ignorant of.

    BTW, based on a recent promo piece from my local idle org, “humanitarians” (large contributors of $$$ to idle orgs) are now being encouraged to go reg for other idle orgs, once the local idle org has met their completion target, whatever that means. It sounds like they’re turning “upstat” (rich) scientology public into traveling flim-flam men to reg local public. I’m sure this video is required viewing for these “humanitarians” on how to pick out an easy mark:

  53. How do you like “regged to pieces”?

  54. To add a bit of history:

    “Asking” by Jerry Panas was recommended by the Cont Finance Office EU for hatting fundraisers back in 2004 already, when the whole Ideal Org “evolution” started in Hungary.

    It was even translated to Hungarian “unofficially” by OTL Hungary crew and every SO member had to read it who had anything to do with fundraising. (The book itself is pretty well-written and usable BTW.)

    Walter Kotric, CO CLO EU also sent a list of advices. The key thing was to put the richest guy around to be the Fundraising I/C, preferably someone who could buy the whole target building alone (so he might buy it just to get off the hook 🙂

    There were Fundraising Conventions held in Europe also (organized by the Cont Landlord Office), hatting FBOs on this book and on holding events.

  55. Independent Scientologist

    This reminds me of a curious experience at the Cincinnati Org.

    Three OT VIIIs were salivating at the prospect of a new public – a very successful businessman and politician and fundraiser – overseeing their efforts to pull in money for the Ideal Org.

    They were hoping this guy would “run them” (direct quote). And also throw in a big chunk of his own money!

    Now, I don’t know anything about how Democrats or Republicans raise money, except this: they don’t use LRH tech.

    By the way, this scheme never panned out.

    There’s an interesting update to the Cincinnati Ideal Org cycle. The new building was purchased last year, and during the Maiden Voyage event, DM declared that the renovations would be complete and the building ready to open by September 18th. I drove by there a few weeks ago and the work hadn’t even started. All that’s happening is that weeds are growing. The lies from DM seem to be growing ever more blatant.

  56. Joe Pendleton

    Mark – I hate to say this, but I love the telethon idea BIG TIME – be a total hoot! (have to be online of course and probably need an IAS membership to tune in, but most of us have that…or if we didn’t , we could view it in groups – hook a computer up to a giant screen, get a keg or two..) I’m thinking Louie Farrakhan, Tom Cruise and Jerry Lewis all “together for the first time.” Kirstie Alley and Tommy Davis manning the phones….

  57. How about handing out the Org Programming PL, printed up exactly as a PL, to the attendees as they file in for their latest implant.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance. Can you picture Craig and Sally ripping real LRH out of people’s hands. Hmmmm, that may be a good strat for any of these public events – give ”em LRH.

  58. What will happen when all Idol Org buildings have been purchased and renovated ?

    Then the Co$ wil start collecting donations for major dissemination campaigns – to fill the empty buildings. Those members who are still with Co$ then will agree to that purpose and donate whatever they can, for the good purpose to clear the planet.

    There is just one problem : DeMon has never created a successful dissem campaign ! I have seen many expensive attempts – posters, exhibitions, tv ads, internet ads, newspaper ads. But I have never seen that these filled any org.

    So in a few years from now, all those idol orgs will remain rather empty. And the staff will have to get additional jobs to make their living. And the publics will get more disappointed, frustrated, disaffected …

    My conclusion : upstat times ahead for the independent field !

  59. The Church has turned into a bad joke, so disgusting that it easily becomes the victim of some great humor.

  60. Just returned from a few days out of town. Decided to venture into one of the “Idle Orgs” … while the MEST was nice, the staff were very strange. Very programmed. Very stepford wives.

    The short videos available are very fast paced and hit at the heart of most problems – people could relate I’m sure.

    What they’ll NEVER be able to relate to is the practically transparent interest the staff have in a new body in the shop UNTIL they find out or figure out that this new body HAS NO MONEY. Yikes — interest drops to ZERO.

    Moreover, I’ve heard it said that a religious/spiritual group cannot grow without the abiding and constantly growing sense of community.

    This is the key reason the lamas/gurus who left Tibet in 1956 fostered COMMUNITY when they arrived in the US, not adoration or devotion to a lama.

    These Idel Org will never be able to foster community. Heck, when you have to constantly watch your back, think about it, how can you feel safe?

    A community is a place where you go to recharge, to gain support, to ask questions and get answers.

    And not from a video push screen.


  61. Oh Horrors!
    This Is what it has come to. I said recently it is just about the money.

    DM destroyed the units that LRH set up that would be pushing training and public going up the bridge. He destroyed WDC, he destroyed CMOI, he destroyed Exec Strata and he destroyed Flag Bureau. This is all so he could run his crazy money making schemes!
    I’ve got the dry heaves.

  62. Just a few more words about COMMUNITY.

    Within the buddhist tradition – one is said to take “refuge” or know that help from suffering is found in 3 places (together, not just one)

    The buddha
    The dharma (the teachings of the buddha)
    The sangha (the community of people who study the dharma and find the words of the buddha valuable)

    Easy to transfer this to LRH, his work, and ???? … hmmm, where is the sangha — the community?

    In the early 70’s – to early 80’s we were a community. People came to the centers, hung out in the lounge, brought their babies, passed them to others as they went into session. It was a community.

    Mid 80’s that community started to be fractured. People felt hunted. Well intentioned people were pilloried and suspicion and fear set in.

    Not good for community.

    NOW — years later dm is replacing COMMUNITY with buildings, I guess.

    And guess what? It will NEVER EVER grow.


    Spend all the money in the world and without community it will NOT grow.

    And the LAST thing dm wants is community. At some point, he’ll make it a LAW that 2 or more scientologists cannot be seen talking to each other.

    Watch — the next law. Couched in something like — idle chatter is harmful and therefore people cannot congregate in groups.


  63. “Dave wanted to impress Tom.” Bingo, OTDT.

    That reminds me of a mind-boggler. Beginning some time in the mid-80s, the majority of the staff at the “Int Base” were housed in apartments (rented by the church) a few miles away. They were bussed back and forth every day in ancient school busses. In the early 90s, Tom was at the base receiving auditing and training, and – so the story went – commented to Dave about the old busses. Bang! The school busses were sold off and newer ancient busses purchased. Looked like retired Greyhounds. All painted up slick, with interiors at least a step or two up from the school busses. Of course this was all touted as more glorious evidence of how much COB-up-the-___ cared about the hard-working slav…staff.

  64. Joe P: “I’ve sad it before, but…… long as people are buyin’ this pitch and shellin’ out their cash, the store is gonna stay open, folks.”

    Precisely. CoS no longer knows how to support itself by delivering training and auditing, and the “flavor of the month” materials recycling program has evidently run itself out. This, too, will fall flat – and I’m predicting it so even before this “pilot” program gets exported beyond Pasadena. One major reason? Because we’re getting the news to Marty, and other genuine outlets, and up go the headlines “Read All About It”!

    Ah, I just love the sound of whistles blowing. ‘Tis music. Listen! A whistle! Every time a whistle blows, another thetan wakes up.

  65. Wiped the barf off the cat and returning to the scene of this crime I’m reminded of Jim Bakker. I did a quick search and lo, he was found guilty of mail fraud, among other things and sentenced to 45 years in prison for his ‘fundraising’.

    This poster, this ‘event’, this ‘theme’ is ‘televangelism’ DM style. One more step to conviction on ‘excess benefits’. This isn’t Scientology, it’s a parody.
    Partying fools in the autumn of DM’s heydey.

    How long is DM’s arm?

    Not long enough to give him enough distance on this.

  66. Whaaaa-Hoooooo, Brad!!! Sudden sarcasm supreme.

  67. “He sure doesn’t run HIS OWN businesses that way”

    Yes, yes he does. I remember he crashed his company badly because he refused to allow the marketing staff to mention that Windows was overtaking DEC in the server arena. Hence, the company didn’t have a windows product when the sales to DEC customers crashed. Total ServFac. At this point, the Jensen’s can be considered SPs.

  68. These are just bodies dramatizing their total conviction that MEST is all there is in horror of having to confront the possibility that theta might be succeeding after all, having been manicured by the discoveries of LRH proving that Scientology even works on automatons. JB

  69. Watching Eyes

    It’s pretty funny that the church is bringing in a man who wrote a book called “Asking”. The church gave up “asking” years ago and have moved way beyond polite requests for money.

    Professional fundraisers won’t call you late at night, won’t show up at your home or office uninvited, won’t harass you, no treats, don’t intimidate and certainly don’t try to get you to believe your eternity is at stake.

    “Asking” won’t do the trick here. The dwarf still doesn’t get that people no longer want what he’s selling and no amount of asking, begging etc. will get the money out of people’s pockets.

  70. Striking.
    It becomes increasingly expensive “to NOT thoroughly look”.
    By not thoroughly confronting what is really going on within the Church, members are paying some heavy prices for more “no confront”.

    I dib this promotion part of the “Lower Awareness Campaign”.

  71. Watching Eyes

    Oops, in 2nd para, “treats” is supposed to be THREATS. Big difference.

  72. becomingAware

    Ahhh, Training them to be United Way regs I see.
    I have a simipler way – Just have a seminar on how to pick locks.

    To complete their Ideal Org (Ideal fundrasier in DM’s mind) just go to the field and find auditors and Sups that have NOT done the GAT retraining and get them on staff and delivering. BOOM go the Stats.

  73. Asking: A 59-Minute Guide to Everything Board Members, Volunteers, and Staff Must Know to Secure the Gift

    “ASKING is full of gems on how to better dupe people out of their money. No better blueprint for those of us embarking on a MEST oriented society towards a lowered spiritual awareness. This book contains methods of how to avoid looking at what Church of Scientology whistleblowers are exposing….”

  74. When I was declared suppressive by the local DSA, I had a lot of BPC, but I was in apathy about it. Clearly I was not an SP, and I was earnestly trying to jump through all the ethics “hoops”. Then I was in grief. “But, but, but those are really good people and they are my FRIENDS, and now they won’t even talk to me!”. They even unfriended me on Facebook. Boo-hoo!

    Thanks to this post, I have come up the tone scale to anger, at least on this particular subject. People who have sold their soul to the devil (a real SP) are not worthy to be my friends, and I really do not have high standards for friendship. Almost anyone can be my friend. But not these people, at least until they apologize.

    To the OT Committees: Hey guys, if you want the big money, forget about computer executive Craig Jensen. Why not go and ask the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Bill Gates has TONS of money and he is the real expert on the human mind — it is just a brain, which operates like a computer with digitally switching synapses.

  75. rory Medford

    OVER THE TOP! This is just ANOTHER example that Scn and DM are all about the greenbacks, all about making money. The level of GREED they have gone to is unbelievable, outlandish and GROSS.

    Well, for sure they are NOT afraid to ask, they are BOLD and obviously its works bc they keep doing it BUT there is only so much you can squeeze out of the public, I think they are at the bottom of the toothpaste tube.

  76. For the sake of differenitation, philantropy can be a very good thing if it helps a good cause. Jerold Panas is an admirable man along these lines. He has raised a lot of funds to pro-survivial causes. I’ve read all his books and used the data in and out the church as I have raised funds for pro-survival causes since I am out. What is ugly about the Ideal Org fundraising is 1. Huge funds are being regged from joe-public that are not in any way qualified for philantropy. 2. The regging cuts across their Bridge progress. 3. The regging cross orders the orgs from Reason for Orgs no matter the propaganda to the contrary. 4. Same cross order for the OTCs. 5. The whole thing is not toward a pro-survival goal but a lot of MEST that is PRed to solve org expanion when it won’t. 5. No real individual Whys found for the concerned org and fields meanwhile. 6. Actual purpose is just to fatten DM’s cash chest. And all the other reasons that have been covered on this blog. Just wanted to differentiate and defend Jerold Panas here a bit, coz as a person, I’d take him over Farrakhan any day, and also over all the Charmaines and the super-crush-overwhelm regges of this world.

  77. I can confirm all this. Do I know you? Naomi

  78. If anyone is interested in emailing Jerold Panas’ firm to inform him of the nature of the people hiring him…

  79. Peter J~based on the works…what is it now?

  80. All the Ideal Orgs are creating are Ideal BORGS.

  81. HAAHAAHAHAHA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!! (I can’t get enough H’s and A’s to express how fucking funny that clip is. I would ALMOST join that church. Almost being the key word. But I’d attend one of his sermons and give him a few fuckin’-A’s!!!)


  82. If the problem is not enough space, then the Idle Orgs are absolutely the wrong solution. But that’s not the problem at all. My local org was having trouble staying solvent and filling up their dinky course room before. Now they have a bigger space and even fewer bodies in the shop, because the field is all tapped out.

    No, the problem is that DM’s con game, of squeezing the rich bots for more and more money while failing to deliver working Scientology and failing to get in new public, is a dead-end street. It just can’t continue for very much longer and he knows it. That’s the problem, and Idle Orgs ARE a solution to that problem. At the end of the run, when the donations have dried up and Scientology is a dirty word in every household, DM is going to have a real estate empire, nice shiny office buildings in every city. And the Jensens will have helped him build it.

  83. Trouble Shooter

    Yeah OT VIII those dumps were hopping with happy staff members delivering to larger numbers of people reaching for LRH tech than there are today.

    I know, I was there for 25 years. Use your ‘residual loyalty’ OT VIII to confront and apologize to the SO members you have yet to do for those comments you made in the Scott Campbell article.

    This is the last time I’ll address you about it though – if you don’t recognize that you owe explanation and apology after the effect you created then I’ll do what everyone else has now – ignore you.

    Trouble Shooter

  84. Boyd, This is the first I have heard about “warehouses of live animals and storable food and gold for the money crunch coming up”. Where are these warehouses of live animals? Are they specifically for a depression? More data if you have it, please. Thanks.

  85. Since the IAS uses a confidential hand-written reference that says that most people are “no more significant than grass” maybe the fundraising could be referred to as “mowing the grass”?

  86. I am not sure. My initial thought was “no, they don’t”, as I believe that Org location pre-dates RTC, but I would have to verify that. Interesting that they tout it as ideal for “condo conversion” as 3 years ago, developers would have jumped all over it (in fact the old DC org was sold and turned in to Condos). But that market is no longer ripe for picking.
    Also, I know that in at least one instance when they bought an Idle Org Building, that they paid $6 Million OVER appraised market value for it.
    I would love to pull the string on “why” they did that.

  87. Hey, I think they’ve overlooked the patented combs idea. Maybe they’re working on the patent?

  88. Does anyone know any data about the situation with the IJC? Is Tommy Davis really the IJC? On another website someone says this is the case, but says he is still having Mike Ellis sign his name on things. Mr. Ellis has been on this post for a long time. It is hard to imagine Tommy (“There is no disconnection policy”) Davis as the IJC. Any verifiable data out there?

  89. Boyd H, DM does not operate in the real world. He gets an idea and pushes it. All must agree with his lack of insight, because to forward anything else is considered en-theta.Craig is looking pretty “wooden” to me.

  90. Trouble Shooter

    Major Wynn,

    I received the promo on this as well and my first thought was Oh MY GOD he’s replaced the Birthday game with his own new off-purpose game!!!!!!

    I also know that the viewpoint that’s been passed down through the OT Ambassadors of COB to the OTCs is that they should be taking wins on how much noise (internet, anon, the famous ’08 St Pete Times headlines with our top echelon of Scientology speaking out…) there is going on because “when the squirrels are really screaming it’s eveidence that we are closer than EVER to the release of OT IX and X and so it’s more vital than EVER for the VIIs and VIIIs to be showing the correct estimation of effort to push back against a long, term whole track effort to prevent the spiritual freedom that is just one or two Bridge steps away now.

    It’s sad for me to see the manipulations of those at the top of the gradecharts and the anguish they must be experiencing – honestly it’s not easy for those who not only have family connections and business that will be shattered by saying NO to this corporate D.Monology suppression but most of these guys have also invested decades of their lives earnings to getting to this point on the Bridge! To say NO now is to be able to confront entire lives of wasted efforts and a future of complete uncertainty and absence of terminals…They get to re-create a bank to exist within D.Monology because it’s hell if you do and hell if you don’t.

    I personally believe that this very dichotomy we are all witness to with standard tech vs squirrel tech or LRH tech VS D.Monology IS precisely what we’ve been giving up our lives to confront in all of it’s raw glory. THIS time we can get the product LRH described in AIMS of SCIENTOLOGY.

    Trouble Shooter

  91. I imagine that the presentation may go something like this…

    Welcome. As you are all here to learn the Secrets of Fundraising let’s get started…

    You have all just been fucked out of $300!!! …And, that’s how you do it. Now go get ‘em. By the way, help yourself to the free crackers on the small table in the back of the room. Cheese will cost extra.

  92. “Vampire Empire”

    LOL! That’s a good one!

    I knew some of you noobie natterers would come up with something good.

    I’m stealing it for myself and using it on ESMB!

  93. One suspects that David Miscavige has some secret idea that maybe LRH is a public relations liability to scientology and is attempting to correct this.

  94. Ha ha ha ha! That’s really funny! Jerry Lewis…ha ha ha. Jerry and Farrakan singing a duet…Jerry doing his dance moves with wax buck teeth and Farrakan looking groovy in his robe and hat and moonwalking. DM on a large swiveling golden throne in newly designed Sea Org regalia with campaign ribbons, gold braids, riding crop and a brand new custom designed Fez.

  95. Brad

    This is sadly spot-on. The operation of the “church” is already observably criminal; your scenario is only slightly more so. It’s just a matter of gradients, isn’t it?

    As a matter of fact, HOW DO WE KNOW that the deceit, brutality and greed that we dm is already manifesting through his now crim organization is not associated with arms running and drugs? He ACTS like the boss of a crime syndicate, for crissakes. How do we know?

  96. Now imagine this seven days a week and you have the all new CoM TV Channel!!!! Woop woop!

    Imagine the stats we’ll hear about at events after that whopper! No, not of those who actually tune in but the number of people who own TV sets, silly! Y’know, the REAL stats! “That’s a total of 300,000,000 people we’ve reached in the US ALONE!” (standing ovation). Phew!

    All day, every day, no matter when you switch on, there will be a number at the bottom of the screen to call with your credit card at the ready. “And THAT’S what we mean by taking planetary expansion to a whole new level.” (standing ovation)

  97. DFB aka Dfb99

    My org “fundraises” for everything. If they need some new chairs, computers, a bucket of paint, whatever. You’ll get a call, or harrassed before course with “hey, I’m just asking everybody if they can pitch in like $50 so we can get some new light bulbs, it would really help a lot…”

    Things I remember being asked to “chip in” for are checksheets, chairs, computers, remodeling, dry erase board, theres more I’ll think of in a minute…..

  98. In a nutshell the CoM is really an insane asylum run by lunatics. Doesn’t anyone “still in” read policy anymore?!?!?! This one makes me want to wretch.

    Why don’t they just start selling indulgences. OOPS. I shouldn’t give them any new “bright” ideas.


  99. Frank Oliver

    Does DM’ s “Golden Age of Tech” offer a Donor Fatigue Rundown?

  100. Say “Halellooooia”, Sistern and Brethern!!

  101. Tony DePhillips

    They wouldn’t be dumps if DM let them be properly managed.

  102. Hate to break it to you Alanzo, but just as the Church of Scientology is walking dead, ESMB is in its final throes….

    Games evolve, find one that creates a new future rather than deals with the past.

  103. I’m really disappointed in the Church of Duh Midget:
    How can you have a respectable, implant dramatizing church without the following list of essential ingredients?
    — Where are the golden idols?
    — Where are the incense burners?
    — Where are to cauldrons and sacrificial alters?
    — Where are the prayer wheels?
    — Where are the shamans, chanting incantations?
    — Where is the army of “holy soldiers” killing for converts?
    Come on, Sheeple! What the Hell are we paying our money for anyway?!! Do I hear an “Amen”?

  104. Both CoS and ESMB both still have a sentimental place in my heart by the way…..and both served a great purpose….but the indications are hard to ignore.

  105. It is what it is, If man is basicly good than some are chosing to twist there nature on purpose wich makes them accountable and responsible for their own vices.

  106. Ideal Borgs. Perfect metaphor….

  107. LRH stated very emphatically that AUDITORS were the most valuable beings on the planet. AUDITORS. The Church of Scientology has sadly degraded this by making CONTRIBUTOR STATUS the most valuable beingness. Where are all the exalted status names for AUDITORS? I wonder if they think that LRH meant some OTHER planet?

    I’ve had prominent IAS regges at Flag tell me that most Flag parishioners waste their money on Flag HGC auditing because they get no case gain. This was before GAT. But when those same people donate huge money to the IAS they get HUMONGOUS case gain due to the increase in their responsibility!

    In the late 80’s, when Heber was still president, the IAS told me that the IAS Vulture whoops I mean regging department was THE most important department for Int Mngt and it was the FIRST place they stopped into when they came to Flag. I have no idea if that is true or not, it’s just what they told me.

    This begging and demanding and invalidating for donations under duress with no exchange has been a snowball rolling downhill for a LONG time. I knew a lot of people who wrote reports on the entheta of the cycles and NOTHING was ever done about it. Church management all the way up and down the org board was reported to about this. NO CHANGE. It’s been being pushed hard FOR YEARS. DM has just taken it to new heights, sort of like Hitler’s Final Solution.

    At Flag in the mid to late 80’s there was continual marathon crush regging by the IAS, Super-Power, Way to Happiness, Planetary Dissemination, DMSMH Campaigns, Missions International, Freewinds Project, Tech Preservation, Accommodations, FSMs, Booksellers, Flag Service Org reges like David Light (using his special Satanic mind bending powers, I swear) and also, let us not forget Flag parishioners from around the world who had run out of money and would literally pin you against the wall and try to Tone 40 a loan to complete their services, especially the L’s.

    Practically ALL these terminals were on the arrival and leaving routing forms, with some even HAND WRITTEN in. (except for the begging parishioners. They found you on their own) You had to work your way through what my friend called “Hoover Row”. They offices were all lined according to the RF, for easy flow of Hoovering money out of you.

    The glitzy propaganda Church magazines should be putting AUDITORS in the spot light and exalting THEM for their hard work, dedication and sacrifice, NOT a bunch of rich, andy warhol fifteen minutes of fame celebrity status seeking dupes being misled by sneaky, greedy Church management. Those contributors deserve a place in the magazine, in the back, with a nice mention of them, AFTER the great auditors of the past, present and future.

    I’m just now starting to wonder if LRH really WAS talking about some OTHER planet?


  108. Than you still have to Adress Mike Ellis as IJC if his signature is on it. I smell a ploy of some sorts. Wish we could get the IJC whoever it is on some witnessstand somehow.

  109. Jim~I thought of ole Jim and Tammy myself. But even better, ole Jimmy Swaggart, yep, I lived in the not too lovely Baton Rouge for a long long time not too far from Swaggart-Land. Lots of buildings there too. Dormitories sit in ruin, not completed thanks to his scandals. They rent out space to other businesses to pay the mortgages. More puke vomit.

  110. They could sell these.

    Kha-Kahn Status – $1,000,000.00
    Get Out of MAA Free Cards – $250,000.00
    Reges Leave Me Alone For a Day Pin – $50,000.00
    Guaranteed to Be Born Rich, Famous & Smart Next Lifetime Certificate – $5,000,000.00
    I Sort of Like to Help Too Keychain – $1,000.00
    OK to Commit Overts Secret Clearance Membership – $2,500,000.00
    Meet LRH on Target 2 Special Guarantee – $By special consultation only
    Faux RTC Uniforms – $60,000.00
    NOI Baseball Hat – $50.00
    Replica DM Monogramed Black Silk Thong – $2500.00
    OK to Punch David Miscavige in the Head Card – $ Priceless

  111. You are forgetting that there are more ex-scientologists than that there are scientologists.

  112. You build up the org by getting it big in every area, new MEST comes when you run out of space and have money to afford better stuff.

  113. SNL Church Lady And Jimmy Swaggart

  114. With DM as the Borg-Queen

  115. becomingAware

    Off Topic,

    Yesterday’s post by Marty was sent to beings that still considered themselves to be in CMOI, Gold, etc. and this would communicate to them.

    However in my opinion the only posts at Int are: POWs, the Guards and the Warden.

    When they come to that realization the walls will be torn down.

  116. Naomi,

    Good points, but doesn’t having the label of “Humanitarian” bestowed with pictures on local promo pushing more idle org donations make it all worth it?

  117. That’s amazing, goes to show how valuable the “Asking” tech is that the convention is promoting!

  118. Frank, it’s a chicken or egg situation as one has to donate first!

  119. Scientology is doing what churches of all denominations have done for eons. There’s nothing the matter with having nice MEST. However, when MEST becomes a church’s PRIORITY, it grossly corrupts the religion’s original message. And so, sadly, this is how things pan out here on planet earth. I really thought it would be different for the C of S. I guess I thought wrong.

  120. Tee hee.
    Now I don’t need to buy the book 😉

  121. DFB aka Dfb99

    OTDT, I may not “join”, but I would be there every sunday.

  122. Tony DePhillips


  123. To the fundraisers, members of the C of M are just fodder. Vulture Culture fits perfectly, the fund raisers feed off the pain of others.

    I wasn’t trying to say that members of the C of M are dead meat, though now that I think about it, they have had the life pounded out of them. And the remnants of management sure looked lifeless the last time I was there (a few years ago) and it hasn’t gotten any better.


  124. The problem the C of M has with the late, great Les Dane is that he states the first thing that should be checked is whether the “prospect” is actually qualified to pay and if he or she isn’t qualified then don’t flog a dead horse — smart sales tech, it avoids unusual solutions and messes. Les then goes on to lay out the art, the finesse involved in smooth selling.

    These C of M vultures don’t care whether someone is qualified and they haven’t cared for many years now. They don’t care about finesse or smoothness, they just pound and pound until their victims come up with an unusual solution even if it is highly detrimental to their situation. Les Dane would spit.

    So Les Dane is off the menu because he no longer speaks the right language.

    Some may say it has to do with the fact that someone else bought up the copyright to Les’s book: BIG LEAGUE SALES but I don’t buy that.


  125. I’m familiar with Panas’s work and can confirm his admirable reputation.

    That said, I think this is a really odd idea. I don’t think he has any sense of the dynamics and pressure involved in regging, the negative pressure connected with not increasing your status etc. , and that the prospects these people would be asking have been so heavily tapped.

    If Panas presents like he is simply educating parisioners in a church that is just like other churches, a lot of his advice will come across as odd to the audience. There will be a huge disconnect between “how it should be done” and how they have personally witnessed how it has been done.

    I suppose what this MAY suggest is that the COS wants to evolve to a more kinder, gentler “true philanthropy” kind of fundraising, i.e. “We’ve tried “A” and that’s not working so well anymore, so now let’s try “B.””

    I just don’t think that will work.

    And for volunteers to pay $300 to be trained to fundraise is over the top.

  126. Update: DC 8-26-2010; Kendrick Moxon arrived at DC Org to represent Kim Belotte and DC Org Co-guarded by NOI member who called the police wich amounted to nothing.

  127. There’s a bridge for sale in NY…

  128. Dark And Light Wizard


    Tee Hee!
    All The Best

  129. You know it always feels good when you can DO something about it. Like put the cat amongst the pigeons…
    Here is the website for Mr. Panas’ company:
    Here is the email contact address:
    And here is the email I just sent:
    “Dear Miss Pizana
    I was extremely dismayed to learn recently that Mr Panas is planning to be the guest speaker at a fund raising campaign for the Church of Scientology in Pasadena on the 18th and 19th of September this year.
    I have always been a great admirer of Mr. Panas and the stellar work he has done for philanthropic purposes such as his tremendous support for the YMCA.

    Former church members and whistle-blowers have forwarded evidence that suggests the Church of Scientology is a front for a criminal organization posing as a legitimate religion for the sole purpose of adding to it’s already massive financial coffers. Additionally many whistle blowers from the church have reported on illegal activities in the church ranging from false imprisonment and forced labor to coerced abortions. Currently the church is undergoing a number of legal actions taken by former church members who are seeking justice for abuses leveled against them.

    Please do ‘google’ Scientology and Mr. David Miscavage (the current church leader) and do some research before you sully your firms reputation by being associated with this group.
    Here are some links that should be of particular interest to you:

    With deepest concern

    Mrs. Samantha J Domingo.
    A former member of the Church of Scientology and whistle-blower”

    Either Panas is as criminal as DM and is merely being called out on what he is doing or the PR lie machine will need to go into overtime 😀

  130. If you were in OTL Hungary, sure 🙂 I know a couple of people in CLO EU, too.

  131. Bryon,
    Just wait until you come up tone a little more. You’ll stop being mad at the “unworthy” people who quit talking to you and start to feel sorry for them. Then you’ll cognite on the fact that they are being suckered in and taken to the cleaners, and suddenly… you’ll feel a real Doingness arise in you, to want to save the very people who … once upon a time shunned you and you “hated” or whichever emotion you’d choose to use.

    I think we were all once where you are now. Keep going, you’re on the right path. And the good news is, you’ve got a HUGE lead compared to the ones “still on the Bridge.”

  132. I’ve been talking to the office of the I.J.C. up until Tuesday (I think?) and never spoke to any men. Three different women are all I ever spoke to.

    By the way, if anyone needs to call the I.J.C.: (323) 960-3500 is the number for central reception. When they answer, ask for IJC and you’ll be transfered.

    Someone asked the other day for the number, there ya go.
    I really wonder what would happen if people started calling on a daily basis to say,”Hi. My name is Soandso and I was declared X years ago. I just wanted to report in and let you know I STILL will not be coming back. You can’t have my money. Don’t call me ever again. When C.O.B. steps down and CSI gets BACK ON-SOURCE, maybe then I’ll consider coming back.”

    … just a thought.

  133. I concur. Mr. Panas an admirable man, and fundraising has an important role in helping important causes like protection of the environment etc. It does have a bad reputation in the C of M, sure, but there is a definite need for such a knowledge.

  134. This is really sad. Imagine if the church focused on making Auditors only for the past 25 years? What a beautiful group and maybe even planet we would have!! Auditors are the most valuable beings on this planet. I would take one good Auditor over 10 Ideal Orgs anyday.



  135. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    This post is a bit of a key-in for me.

    In about 1997, I remember when I and my fiance, Tarya, came over from the Mission in Clearwater to the CoS Cafe by the water to see a black “OT” celebrity (I forget his name) give a talk about becoming more able.

    Little did we know that this event was actually a reg cycle for Lifetime Membership in IAS.

    He stood up there in front of a group of about 30 Scientologists and started targeting each Scientologist individually in front of everybody else. When he got to me and said …

    “So what about YOU? Are you going to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?”

    I stood up and said, “This humiliation and make-wrong is BULLSHIT!”

    Then I stormed out the door. I was pissed! I shocked my fellow Scientologists there. But I wasn’t going to put up with what I felt was trickery, public embarassment and invalidation. I felt totally betrayed.

    Never again did I ever attend these type of events. This was the beginning of the end for me within CoS. I knew this wasn’t right and was not scientology. It’s what started my initial waking me up.

    Does the Church of Scientology still use this kind of bullshit? … by using public humiliation and embarassment to intimidate money out of you?

  136. Stefan Tunedal

    Ha ha! Thank you! I recognize that picture very well. Maybe there are others who saw clowns?

  137. Lucy,
    Methinks what’s near and dear to the Jensens heart is the completion of all Idle Orgs so they can have OT IX and X, which is the big carrot held by the Chairman of Buildings.

    Thus the convention to bill & drill and get fully hatted, EstOed Vampires/Vultures for those Idle Orgs not financed, bought and renovated as yet. I had thought that this type of “convention” would be held at the Freewinds but I guess even those guys drew the line at offering “Asking” tech for hatting.

  138. Incrementalism: It works in Politics, it works in boiling a frog and it obviously works in perverting the tech. At least on some. Sad to see. The C o S is willing to promote other tech, “Asking”, and unwilling to reproduce MarySue’s “Marriage Hats”. Unrelated I understand but none the less, sad to see.

    Unfortunately, as the more sane and observant leave the church, what will remain is a concentration of the less sane and less observant. Like distilling water, what’s left is really foul.

  139. They can actually save money by having the Cine department set up an “Ideal Org” Set and just change the name of the city and the uniforms that the fake staff wear. This will save them spending money transporting the fake staff to every new grand opening.

  140. Thought Provoking

    Remember when events used to be about handling the reactive mind. When I was young… we used to have events about half of this size for the Anatamy of the Human Mind course or better yet for Book 1 Co-Audit seminars. Nothing wilder than having a large conference room packed with people twinned up on Book 1. And, I am sure that I didn’t pay nearly that amount, more like $75 or $100 range. I remember blown out students and PCs being some part of the equation for getting a bustling booming org. I’d take the shack anytime over an ideal org!

  141. What the f… are you talking about? Sorry to tell it like this, but each time I am reading you I get a feeling of insanity, sorry to become sudden, but what you just wrote here is total BS. Please, take a walk, stop to enturbulate people! And much love to you. 🙂

  142. The party line already is:
    Idle Orgs are empty because of sps. We need lots of money to handle the sps so we can fill up he orgs. Heard this at an IAS event.

  143. Thought Provoking

    Haydn, great point regarding Les Danes being dropped out. I agree with you, he doesn’t fit the vulture culture concept.

    Change in copyright ownership probably has little to do with it. The way it was being used in reg courses would benefit the new owner of the rights. We used to sell the book in the bookstore way back when.

  144. You are not targetting the same kind of people, so what, do you have another agenda? You never answered our comments on your posts, dear Gollum?

  145. Too cute for words

    “They finally found a use for the new Idle Org Pasadena; and for its “1,000″ seat auditorium. And it ain’t training auditors.”

    Did you know LRH’s Birthday game points have changed over the years. There used to be points for “Auditor made”. That’s been gone for some time and a recent stat that has been added is Ideal Org donation income.

  146. I think the Jenson’s do it because they, like Miscavige, love MEST and love the tone level of controlling bodies. They can get you assigned a condition of treason for simply refusing to play their game, the way they want to play it. You want OT IX and X? Well, they OWN you.

  147. Anonymous always delivers. (even the Tech).
    Marriage Hats by Mary Sue Hubbard just print it out and restaple.
    To read it on the Internet here is it on the epic website of WiseOldGoat:
    Or on E-Bay for the original

  148. Thought Provoking

    Thanks for posting this, what’s the name of this reference about blowing central headquarters.. I was trying to find this yesterday as it seemed like something another poster needed to read. I wish we had a quick link to some of these specific references.

  149. “This was just a very little publication laying out the hats for the wife and husband. Today this little writing may be considered a little old-fashion. The role given to the wife and husband are pretty classical.”

  150. I remember that Russ, but didn’t know it was a TC related item. JB bought those used long haul buses with the airline type seats instead of the city types that Flag has & had them repainted.

  151. Auditors? Hummm…auditors. Oh, yea, that would be the guys who count the money, right?

  152. WOW!!! They aren’t even pretending to be Scientologists anymore.

  153. Boston purchased a gutted building (the interior is completely ruined and the building had been standing vacant for decades) I am not sure what they paid for the building — there must be public records. The current org building on Beacon Street is owned outright by Boston Org and is being sold to pay for renovations of the Hotel Alexandra.

  154. one of those who see

    Took me awhile to be able to write. What is shocking is the Overtness of this! The ideal org program, the fundraisers and now this event. It’s all ONE BIG UNUSUAL SOLUTION.
    And it is being done instead of confronting the being in front of you. Actually communicating to the thetan and helping him to train and get auditing so he goes free.
    My emotions on this got stuck. Do I cry or break up the furniture?! Thanks as always Marty for keeping us informed and for supplying a place for communication.
    Friend of mine showed me a great LRH quote on Communication that applies to the scene.
    “This universe is very, very heavy on punishment of communication. And this is an oddity, isn’t it, since it’s a barrier universe.

    “Why should it punish any variety or state of communication? Because communication is the only way out. To continue an entrapment it is necessary, then, to punish communication or some phase of it—to enforce or inhibit communication. In order to continue a barrier, to continue a trap in existence, you would have to debar communication. So therefore, a universe which operates all too often as a trap resolves—an escapement from that universe occurs—when communication is expertly and knowingly handled.”

    — L. Ron Hubbard
    Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress

  155. Thought Provoking

    “To say NO now is to be able to confront entire lives of wasted efforts and a future of complete uncertainty and absence of terminals…”

    This is no longer true to those who have chosen to separate from the church. When I left in ’06 it was true. Since the Times articles and this and several other blogs came out I can most certainly say that one will not be isolated, in fact it’s the opposite, Scientologists are connecting, reconnecting, handling charge and increasing ARC on many dynamics. I suspect these dynamics have been collapsed by the demands of the church. But, they ARE handled in the independent field.

  156. Thought Provoking


  157. becomingAware

    Interesting. Im sure this was a basis for some of the responses Mike got on his survey. Some of this other stuff is bad but is window dressing in comparision. Begging income is a stat for LRH”s Birthday Game and making Auditors is not; Now THAT IS DISGUSTING.

    Watch out staff – DM’s SS will be coming for you. Better go to Pasadena’s seminar.

  158. becomingAware

    Too Cute – Thank you for that information. Things are still moving in my space over that revelation.

    Here’s some new stats for you DM for YOUR Birthday Game:
    Number of bankruptcies caused
    Number of Senior Blood Sucking Regges made
    Number of times over the value of the Idle Org is paid for
    Number of mistresses not known about
    Number of pschotic breaks caused in the last 6 months.
    Number of body guards I think I need to keep the demons away from me.

    I’ll quit. This is getting too real.

  159. LRH said: Exchange helps keep the bank off the individual.
    Surely it applies to groups as well. It sure would explain a lot.

  160. Roger that MR.

    Soon the nauseousness will pass.

    My suggestion is down a bottle of Peptobismal before ever reading an Ad like that.

    Maybe the surgeon general should slap a warning on it such as:

    May cause nausea and vomiting.
    Please seek the help of an actual Scientology professional.

    I see Craig and his lovely Stepford wife Sally are headlining.

    Great to see he can take the time off from his busy job of creating a surveillance state.

    Maybe contracting his soul to the Military Industrial complex doesn’t pay as well as it used to.

    Nice to see he is passing on his pearls of wisdom for a mere 300 Benjamins.

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy all over.

    Or it could just be a fever coming on accompanied by the usual loss of sensation.

    Sorry Marty.

    After reading that Ad I just had to comment.

  161. I can imagine someone with absolutely no knowledge of the subject looking at these promo pieces, or recent issues of Freedom Magazine, and come to the conclusion that the C of S is about wealthy people trying to separate other wealthy people from their money in order to buy large and beautiful buildings, If they are successful, they are ‘true humanitarians’. For those of use who are actually Scientologists, worked on staff and in the SO, and reaped the incredible and priceless gains available with LRH tech, we are seeing the current state of the ‘church’, and this seems to affirm almost daily that independents are keeping the flame alive.

  162. Yes, but the ex-scientologists are moving on too, to lives without stuck attention on the church or their experiences in it. Emma audited a fine group session with her creation of ESMB, but I think I heard an “end of session”.

    Marty’s session is still going on, but with a different group, and surely it too will conclude.

    Exciting times are ahead. What game shall we play? Lets make it a new one. We can still use some of the same toys, and even wear our old uniforms, but lets play it different.

  163. crashingupwards

    I had to laugh. Its just so fucked up. Its a giant pyramid or multi-level marketting scheme. I would hate to be the last one regged when there is no one to reg behind me. Empty, hollow status. Thats what the game has become. What a shame.

  164. Incense burners and golden idols….ah the memories….sigh….

    Will I feel the same nostalgia for the trappings of scientology some day? Bright colored plastic emeters, clear bracelets, sea org uniforms and gaudy and interminable events….

    Tibetan prayer flags sell like hotcakes here in california….

  165. Thought Provoking

    Excellent idea, writing that letter. Love to hear the outcome.

  166. Thought Provoking

    For reals? Auditors made has been removed?

  167. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Mike & Marty,

    All I can do is shake my head in disbelief! If this isn’t a PONZIE scheme I don’t know what is!! It’s a total circuitous daisy-chain reg-f… to keep flowing money up lines but not down. But the biggest outpoint is that there is absolutely no mention of using the money to actually get services delivered (NOT that DM’s Black Scientology/Dianetics should be delivered)!

    Craig and Sally Jensen should be ashamed for continually contributing to this 3 ring circus of RTC-OSA-IDEALORGS MoneyThon-O-Rama.

  168. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Opps… my bad! Should of read: “… MoneyThong-O-Rama.” 🙂

  169. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I remember when I first got into Scientology at the Portland Mission of Davis in 1979. I can’t forget how the Div 6 reg spent over 2 quality hours with me, mainly just listening (past midnight). I had never been so key’d-out in my entire life!

    For the first time in my life, I felt somebody actually really listened to me with the intention of duplicating me! What a Theta Being she was. She had so much Theta, I nearly got the sensation I was in love. lol.

    She did this for me all for the $15 Communication Course!

    Of course, in actuality, she did this for me because she was genuine and truly cared about the being in front of her. Time didn’t matter to her. She was willing to take as long as it took. She honestly cared about me.

    Not once did I ever feel pressured or that I was being sold by her. She got me into Scientology because she was a living, breathing, beautiful EXAMPLE of Scientology to me. She used 100% Theta, 0% Force.

    Does this Theta with Reg’s exist anywhere in CoS anymore?

    This wonderful being became my safe terminal there. Imagine that, a Reg being your safe terminal!

    By the way, I got more gain in Life from this small, lively Mission than any other time in Scientology. Did I care about buildings then? HELL NO!

  170. That’s true, microsoft is waist deep in the NWO and Craig’s tight with them. Maybe it’s not a coincidence.

  171. “There used to be points for “Auditor made”. That’s been gone for some time and a recent stat that has been added is Ideal Org donation income.”

    That would be very important and I’ll track it down if you tell me where you heard that from. Please write back.

  172. LO,

    thanks for what you have written :

    “The party line already is:
    Idle Orgs are empty because of sps. We need lots of money to handle the sps so we can fill up he orgs. Heard this at an IAS event.”

    Yes, good luck chasing the bogeyman !

    While true SPs could really start to party ! Hardly any auditing going on, just ripping people off, degrading them, altering helpful tech just in front of their eyes – now that should exhilarate any real SP !

  173. you’re wrong, more millions you give more valuable you’re. That’s the reason why TC is the most valuable being in DM’s world and the other millionaires.
    An auditor on staff earns nearly nothing. Why should he be valuable ?
    You income shows your value.

  174. Watching Eyes

    The speaker you referred to was probably Michael Roberts. Years ago he had a role in a tv detective show. That made him a “celebrity” so the powers that be enlisted his help in crush regging. I remember him as being all bluff and hot air. Evidently he’s not up to handling someone who throws it right back at him. Good for you!
    ps. Pretty funny that he’d give a talk on becoming more able. One minor role in a tv detective show is what gave him his celebrity status. Never heard of him doing any other shows etc. Yeh, I’d go to him to teach me how to be more able. Not!

  175. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    The Cof$ is bringing in out experts at raising money for nothing?

    I thought they were the world class leaders in that field! That they’re charging their unpaid reges for on the job training sort of demonstrates that, doesn’t it?

  176. Trouble Shooter


    “I stood up and said, ‘This humiliation and make-wrong is BULLSHIT!”

    I applaud you and wonder how many reading this would like to do the same thing.

    I’m not in a position to yet but I am intending it. It’s not the harrowing experience that some of the individuals posting here have had but it was my own walk through the valley that I wouldn’t wish on another soul.

    In the meantime, hurray to you for telling them like it is.

    Trouble Shooter

  177. Tony DePhillips

    How about this one?
    “We are sending some of our staff for outer Org training but we don’t have the money for airfare.. could You help out our sorry asses and help them get more of this training that is failing us, so we can continue to fail? It would REALLY help? I know you have a big help button!!

  178. Another Layer

    You are so on the money with your observation about highjacking CF! Thanks for that.

  179. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Safe,
    Yes they still use those tactics and they have honed them to a fine art.
    After the briefing of how the planet is falling apart and they get you good and keyed in and down the tone scale they will ask ” Who is going to help us handle this?” “Who wouldn’t want to help the planet?”, “Only an SP would stand by and watch it go down.”
    I know of a Seattle public, he is an old man and possible has brain damage. They took him for 100K for the Idle Org and then (dog pile) an IAS regg took him for another large amount. (around 100k) His non Scientology son in law (this man told me) was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to support his family anymore. This probably was questionable legally, ( I’m not a lawyer) but was for sure morally reprehensible. The “church” justifies the high pressure con jobs of the weak by saying it is “for the greatest good”. The regges probably get 10% and I know THAT must be the greatest good too!! It is a real freak show!

  180. We will see. I am glad some will stick around to clean up the last spills of the mess. The Game is certainly intresting. Nation of Islam is a Cult now too Members are Down too. The Leaders live lavisly too. And people are regged for money too. Farrakhan must be 76 now.

    Member Estimate nowadays 10.000 to 50.000

  181. Mike

    This is my eval:

    DM had to figure out how to make more money, plain and simple.

    So he started with GAT (got success) then the Basics (got success) then THe Library Campaign (huge success) and then the ultimate FU money without giving anything back (the ideal org campaign) HUGE SUCCESS.
    Of course not to forget IAS, SUPER POWER, CCHR, ABLE, Applied Scholastics, TWTH, etc need I say more?

    He has been trying to get people interested DN and SCN with very little success and he had an epiphany. Since people like to save the planet, clear the planet save us from damnation, so he had the bright idea of barbecues, auctions and fundraisers of any kind because the church does not have to GIVE anything in return. Its the ultimate RIP OFF and people have falling and continue to fall for this hook, line and sinker. I was one of those suckers until I observed what was happening and started ready stories like this.

    Thats my eval

  182. one of those who see

    Just want to clarify. I wrote “Friend of mine showed me a great LRH quote on Communication that applies to the scene.” Then followed with the LRH quote. By scene, I was referring to the general scene in the Church.

  183. Scott Campbell

    The latest Registration technique:

  184. Trouble Shooter

    Thought Provoking,

    I agree with you for sure. I’m speaking more about those who haven’t looked at THIS blog or the other few that have a wealth of valuable and valid information such as I wouldn’t go to that website for months because of the name of the website! But like those who have gone before me I TOO eventually had my cognition “OH MY GOD!!!!! MY CHURCH IS A CULT!!!!!!!!” What a double edged sword that cog was – a bittersweet combination of sadness and relief.

    I guess the point I’m making is the one that the survey Mike did is to contribute to resolving. The fact remains that there are die hards in the Church who do believe that they are Keeping Scientology Working, they’ve invested so much of themselves and time and money that they are over the ramparts certain that this blog, our viewpoints the high level execs of our Church who have left and now speak out, who originated this blog – that we are the psychotic bank dramatization! They’ve place all they’ve invested, all their faith and trust into D.Monology himself.

    It makes me so god dammed mad…what he’s done to so many good people… I’m making preparations. I’m not just lurking and to all the many of you who are fully publicly announced let me reassure you that there are so many of us, veterans of Scientology, OTs, highly trained in green and red on white, who aren’t YET but who still consider ourselves part of this group who drives this blog. We are active in many ways to enlighten and salvage those we need to and who need us to tell them it’s ok to LOOK, as the Way To Happiness and so on and on and on in the Tech encourages.

    Trouble Shooter

  185. one of those who see

    Since LRH Policy doesn’t include Fundraising ideas, planning etc… I guess they had to bring in a new Source. I’ll stick with the original, thank you.

  186. You are gem Sam. Very, very funny…and appropriate.

  187. RJ, is this really you, man? If so, welcome back. I missed you.

    Just Me

  188. Pingback: Top Posts —

  189. Thought Provoking

    Trouble Shooter,

    We’re on the same page. Just keep in mind that not to long ago you and I both would never have looked at the internet but somehow we are here today. As long as we keep communicating the truth, send it out on all the comm lines we have and do whatever individual actions we can to get those on lines to look there is hope for them. Mike’s survey has the potential of creating a bigger impact faster. I have been on this blog for about a year and it is quite something to see the number of new bloggers joining in. Each time I see a new crop of them it makes me smile. like opening the door of your house and seeing an old friend on the stoop. One of these days I might get bored enough to actual track how many people have routinely blogged here in the past year.

  190. LDW-

    Maybe there’s the crashing MU. Huh?

  191. Gag and vomit..but not surprising to me in the slightest. Craig and Sally are so entrenched that they, even if they wanted to, couldn’t dig themselves out of the grave they’ve dug themselves into. They almost literally bought half that building themselves, put millions, and I mean millions into it with their own finances, (bought for $9.8Mil) Craig made the deal, ran the building negotiations(with INT landlord in the sidelines), and once the papers were signed, the “parishoners” signed the building over to the church landlord’s office. Except, we, all the other over 1100 parishoners that sweated and worked to give our every dollar to buy that building , never signed anything to that effect. Only Craig. We were informed at an OTC meeting. And little naive me, thought that it was Pasadena Org that was going to own that building outright.

    With their children in the SO, one being groomed for RTC( if she’s not already posted there), with their business manned up with Scientologists, their despicable and obvious blue-nosing of Miscabbage, and their hob nobbing around with “only the best”(interpretation – those with the most money and connections), they would have to do some pretty fancy dancing to undo the web they’ve created.

    But what is even sicker and indeed sader is Miscavage’s total disdain for those two. (Christ, they are “old timers” and you know what DM thinks of any one of “those”) I saw it with my own eyes on MV 2006 during a photo shoot with the Pasa OTC and DM. I’ve recounted this story before so won’t again, but let it suffice, he put them in “their place” in such an obvious way that I went into shock for a moment and turned red from the embarrassment I felt for them.

    “Ah what a tangled web we weave…” and all that.

  192. Yep, Brian, the biggest beings around… AUDITORS. From Book 1 co-audits, all the way up to ClXII. From coffee-shop style all the way to full use of the form of an org. We are all auditors, at one level or another. Beings willing to help their fellows, and who also know what true LOVE is 🙂

    The stench coming from the depths of entheta that my once beloved church has sunk to requires a one-two punch of theta. Here’s a great video dedicated from me to all auditors and their pcs/pOTs, everywhere. Have a theta weekend everyone!! (don’t just read the lyrics… you gotta watch it! Really!!)

    “All You Need is Love”
    The Beatles 🙂

    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)

    There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
    Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
    Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
    It’s easy

    There’s nothing you can make that can’t me made
    No one you can save that can’t be saved
    Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time
    It’s easy

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)
    (Love, love, love)

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

    There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known
    Nothing you can see that isn’t shown
    There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be
    It’s easy

    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

    All you need is love, all together now
    All you need is love, everybody
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need

    Love is all you need
    Love is all you need
    Love is all you need

  193. Thought Provoking


    In answer to your question, “Does this Theta with Reg’s exist anywhere in CoS anymore?”

    I think if it does exist, it is rarely seen. Not because rege’s aren’t theta or that they don’t care, it’s because senior orgs product, cross order and micromanage those underneath them so heavily that rege’s are prevented by their seniors from doing their jobs. Every once in awhile, the execs are away and the reges can do what they enjoy doing the most, helping and caring for the public.

    I also started in ’79 and had life changing wins on my comm course including joining staff before I finished. It didn’t take me long to realize that what I wanted to do more than anything was to help people find out about this incredible stuff called Scientology. I wanted to be a Div. 6 Reg. Whenever I was on staff, that was the post I would request, I just loved connecting with people and showing them the way.

    Towards the end, before I blew, it got rough. In the new ideal orgs, the public divisions offer no privacy at all. There were times that my senior would stand a few yards in my line of sight insistantly hurrying me up. It was a struggle to be there completely with the public while this was going on, knowing that I was going to get killed afterwards for taking so long. To my knowledge FSMs loved me, because I did care. But even after I got them signed up, I couldn’t protect them from the other vultures.

    The other big factor that kicks in is that any new public is immediately on every divisions pool for staff, FSMing, Div 4 services and the worst were the IAS events. We were ordered to confirm all the public to attend. Doing a reg cycle became an overt from the get go because you knew the gauntlet that would hit their lines because they were fresh blood, so to speak. I think any reg who can honestly think for themselves really is the kind of reg you experienced but you probably won’t see them in an org.

    Very different from the late ’70s when public were actually allowed to have wins and cognitions and the way you knew that there was an event coming up was because of a flier taped in key locations around the place. There was no call-in, no mailings, nothing except the flier and word of mouth and they were always packed. Sunday Service was packed and informative and fun. It was the weekly social. Not like what it is today at all.

  194. Wayne,

    You asked- “Does this Theta with Reg’s exist anywhere in CoS anymore?”

    One word answer: No.



  195. martyrathbun09

    Karen, thanks for the very accurate description of the current dwindling state of affairs.

  196. Sinar:

    You make a really good point about them wanting their next OT levels, ulterior motives indeed which as will know will back fire in the universe as their intentions are not clean. Big shock when they find out there aren’t any more packaged OT levels that came from LRH directly, and that the ideal orgs are actually going to “bankrupt” (figuratively and/or literally) the field.

  197. martyrathbun09

    CD, PLease get me the full debrief on this with pics. Tks.

  198. Yes,

    I had heard that TC had called DM about the Paris org being too downstat for him to bring someone into. Bang! Idle Orgs!

    I think that pretty soon now DM is going to find that these Idle Orgs are starting to cost him more and more money to keep afloat. Since they are apparently not generating much income they will not have enough for maintenance of the building, let alone staff pay ,etc. At that point he will need to find a way to cut his losses somehow. He will almost certainly blame the whole mess on his remaining execs and send the whole lot of them to the hole. Same ol same ol.


  199. As I understand it, none of the funds raised go into regular Church accounts and the buildings are not owned by any regular Churches. I remember that the original strategy for the Safe Environment Fund was to disassociate the funds from the Church(es) of Scientology, which were under threat of having all of their assets seized by the IRS and thus unable to operate at all. It appears to me that this has been seized upon once again so that lawsuits and investigations resulting in loss of status, reparations, massive refunds, etc. can be ridden out with massive funding to fight them. I remember one time, long ago, when a public Scientologist I knew hung out with David Miscavige over at ASI all the time riding high on the status of being a big donor and ASI buyer. He came back from a visit from ASI one day with the idea that he should outflow lawsuits and never, ever admit to any wrongdoing, not ever. Just attack and attack. Never mind that he was clearly in the wrong, never mind the damage done. By God he was going to FIGHT BACK and WIN at all costs. In retrospect, it seems he was having some hearts to hearts with none other than DM.

    As far as the public go, when I worked on staff many years ago, I can’t tell you how many times the public Scientologists complained that we didn’t have beautiful and upstat buildings and that they would feel much better about bringing people in if we had beautiful, upstat buildings. About half our staff went completely PTS to that point of view.

    Put the two together and you have the most disgusting, yet plausible scenario that is reinforced by the Anonymous protests, this blog and what appears to be multiple threats. The shame of it is that it is completely snarled up on the fact that LRH did make the technology the sole property of a sole corporation. Or did he?

    I would really like to hear more about what role LRH actually played in instituting the RTC, CST and so on and whether his intention was complete monopoly. For if it was really him, we are really damned as to operate freely in the free zone or independent zone we must deny LRH what he wanted, which was the Church of Scientology having sole power over the use of the technology.

    And me, I grieve – for I see no end to this horror show.

  200. Trouble Shooter

    haaaahahahaahhaheheheeeeheheee hooohoohoooohhooooheeeheeheee

  201. Tony DePhillips

    Don’t give them any ideas!! Those are actually better than what they are using now..

  202. Bill Gates Foundation.

    Frank Zurn and a friend of mine who lives in Orange Country California did visit Bill Gates Foundation some years back. Bill Gates’ father is in charge of distribution of funds of the foundation. I heard all about it at the time.

    They had an appointment to get funds$$$$ for ABLE and met with him.

    They were unsuccessful No-go. No funds. End of interview.

  203. To LO
    “The party line already is:
    Idle Orgs are empty because of sps. We need lots of money to handle the sps so we can fill up he orgs. Heard this at an IAS event.”

    So the IAS is ADMITTING Idle Orgs are empty…..
    They will be emptier soon. Dang those SPs! They must be everywhere!


  204. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Watching Eyes,

    You’re right! It was Michael Roberts. Thanks!

    Yes, he was shocked at my reaction. Everybody else was just sitting there letting him beat on them. I felt sorry for them, and I couldn’t just let that be when it became my turn to get pummelled.

    Several times later, I would walk pass him at FSO, and he always looked at me sheepishly and then turn his head quickly away in non-confront. I don’t know if he ever reg’d like that again, but hopefully he learned a lesson.

  205. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Trouble Shooter,

    Thank you! It’s nice to finally be acknowledged for this 13 years later. 🙂

  206. Marta,

    I like that!


  207. OTDT~LoL
    Guaranteed to Be Born Rich, Famous & Smart Next Lifetime Certificate – $5,000,000.00
    Not if you’re my kid you don’t! Bwahahahahahahahhahahaha 😉

  208. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Thank you for that info.

    Clearly, controlling others through manipulation by laying on a manufactured guilt-trip on others is evil and suppressive. This out-tech is about as far away from practicing Scientology as one can get.

    This clearly indicates MONEY in the Church of Sceintology has become more important than the THETA BEING.

    So who is the squirrel group again?

  209. Another parody to share with you all.


    Craziest People, tune of People Who Need People
    (apologies to Barbara Streisand)

    People, who join crazy people,
    Are the craziest people in the world.
    They’re culties, who follow dear leader,
    Who builds up their own false pride,
    While he’s taking them for a ride,
    Acting just like Stalin,
    And Hitler.

    Scilons are very crazy people,
    They’re the craziest people,
    In the world.
    Their religion, their con job of religion,
    Is out to break the soul,
    And to take all your gold.
    Their cult is by far the worst,
    So first stay away,
    From crazy people.
    Don’t join with Davie’s people,
    They’re the craziest people,
    In the world!

  210. Too cute for words

    I got the info about the new stat from a Class V Org Ad Counsel member. Regarding the “Auditor Made” stat being gone–When this Ad Counsel member told me that someone had comp’d an Auditor Course I said, “that will be big B Day game points!” The exec was unaware of B Day game points for “Auditor Made” and has been on staff at least five years and would be in charge of that particular stat.

    I don’t mean to be vague but I’m way too high profile.

  211. But all kidding aside…my 10 yr. old (who goes whole track in 2 way comm) says today she found out this girl at school is on medication to control her anger but didn’t take it today so she was whacked out and had to go home. Drugs aren’t the solution…obviously, she says.
    So Mommy, I hear you’re going to be doing Scientology. What is that? Hum…OK. Well, remember how I told you about this man, Lafayette Ron Hubbard and how he came up with these really great ways to learn how to communicate better, be a better parent, etc. Well, these guys took over his organization when he died and they’re really greedy, rotten scoundrels and they gave Scientology a really bad name. So they gave Scientology a bad name and anything you might read in the paper or on the internet is about the bad greedy man and his group of really mean, nasty people who took control of the group. Me and a group of people who love Lafayette Ron Hubbard and know how it works are trying to get back his good name and get rid of those greedy jerks!
    WoW that’s really cool and sounds like the right thing to do, MoM. 🙂

  212. TPaine~all I keep thinking over and over is…they did it all for the nookie. Can’t help it. No tech involved other than inval and eval…bottom line.
    Les Dane was an amazing salesman with total ARC for his public.

  213. Astute observation!

  214. I would ask this of the Ideal Org program: what problem is the Ideal Org trying to solve?

    Boy, that question really exposes what a boondoggle this whole thing is.

    One thing that occurred to me about what problem the video screen dissemination could be trying to solve is that probably scientologists on the front lines, at test centers or stress tests, etc were constantly being asked by new people about the OT 3 story, which is widespread now in the culture and public discourse. Rather than having the staff member stammer, get flustered, or lie, well, just eliminate him from the dissem lineup and he can’t then be asked any difficult-to-answer questions!

  215. Maria,

    The tech and policy is known and understood probably by more people outside the church than in it, as todays subject demonstrates.

    The “Horror show” is just the confusion blowing off of something that is well on it way to correction, partly due to the very mis application and un understanding of the primary actors in the show.

    I too would like to hear more about how it happened and what did happen, but I see change occurring. Kinda like TA action. I’m sure of an EP.

    We can create whatever we envision, what ever we put our attention on. And soon it will not be Miscaviges version of the church.

  216. DFB aka Dfb99

    OTDT, you have an MU or something.

    Those are actual exchangable products.

    The kind of thing we are looking for here is stuf like a “Humanitarian of Our Age” certificate. Or “Highly commended for making it go right and donating $100,000” commend. You know- stuff people can hang on their wall but it doesnt cost anything.

  217. Theo Sismanides

    Sinar, I like DM’s Sub-Standard Admin: 10 years ago it was: All Orgs to SH size for OT IX and X. Now, it’s: All Orgs to Ideal Orgs for OT IX and X.

    Wow, how Standard this man is!

    I actually woke up this morning in a very good mood!!! I don’t want to spoil it. (NOTE: actually, I did spoil it at the end of my comment. I found some charge on something, actually on SOMEONE. Guess what, I just spotted who I have the real charge with).

    So, I am writing a couple of things I just had in mind.

    I just admired DM this morning. Yes, I did. I had no misemotion almost on anything (NOTE: I shouldn’t have said almost, as a matter of fact, at the end of this, I found something I had lots of misemotion on). My affinity was up there (actually I was up there), the sun hadn’t come up yet, woke up, made some coffee and opened up the blog. Answered to a couple of friends on another thread and then came to this one.

    I just admire DM, guys. Honestly, today I do. How he kept a skeleton of Scientology with a nice coat and a nice hat on it. Kept the inside hidden. He has a knack on that. Now he puts there an even fancier hat, an outside professional for raising funds. It’s a weird hat for a Scientologist to wear. But DM puts it on them and on Scientology and hides the skeleton inside. And goes around saying to Scientologists: hey, isn’t that a great hat! (actually it’s a piece of shit, but they wear it. This is why I am telling you, I admire this guy).

    He just doesn’t do the IRREDUCIBLE MINIMUM. Oh, no, no, no man. Irreducible minimum, LRH talks about it. No, no Sir. That’s dangerous and lazy. DM knows his business! He beats the shit out those who stand in his way. That’s no irreducible minimum. The man puts himself in it. He sweats and bleeds (make others bleed actually). He is sooooo dedicated to the cause. That’s not irreducible minimum.

    He builds Ideal Orgs. Big palaces for those homo sapiens to put their asses on some proper chair and walk on some decent carpet and look around in awe. That’s not irreducible minimum. There is an investment here. This is money put in here and luxury and a sense of We Care For Your MEST. Not irreducible minimum, at all.

    He wants to deliver. Deliver OT IX and X. The only one who actually sets the pace for it. Let’s hear him. What’s he got to say about it this time? What are we going to do? Here he is, is he going to say something about our future? OT IX and X? He said “Ideal Orgs” ! WOW. Hey, wait a minute, I thought he had said SH Size Orgs, but what the heck. He said it now and it’s different. OK, everybody change. Go for Ideal Orgs. This is our future. This is what I am doing now in order to get to my future. I don’t have a clue how I am going to pay also for my Objectives but here is 1.000 $ to Ideal Orgs, sorry, this is my future OT IX and X and your’s too, fellow. See, see, how good I am. Are you also gonna be good to me? That’s not irreducible minimum. No, no, no. That’s a community being built there. A whole new civilization of I care about your MEST, please care about my MEST.

    Gee, what’s going on here? I just need to find out what it is now. LRH was talking about irreducible minimum. This is not irreducible minimum. This is a skeleton disguised as the… I don’t what guy!!! Wow!

    Wait a minute. I found something. Sleek! Yea, sleek. That’s the word. And smart. That’s another word.

    Sleek (from Webster’s New World)

    1. Smooth and shiny; glossy, as a highly polished surface; well kept hair or fur, etc.

    2. Of well-fed or well-groomed appearance [fat, sleek pigeons] (my note: clay pigeons I would say as Scientologists are these days)

    3. Polished in speech and behavior, especially in a specious (= seeming to be good, sound, correct, logical, etc. without really being so; plausible but not genuine [specious logic]) way.

    unctuous (= def. #4 characterized by a smug, smooth pretense of spiritual feeling, fervour or earnestness, as in seeking to persuade, too suave or oily in speech or manner.

    So, that’s sleek and smart. Not an irreducible minimum at all. The guy is working hard at it.

    And then I see, “sleek” is a variation of “slick”

    1. Sleek, glossy or smooth.
    2. slippery; oily, as a surface.
    3. accomplished; adept; clever; ingenious.
    4. [Colloq.] clever in deception or trickery; deceptively plausible, smooth [ a slick alibi]
    5. [Colloq] Having or showing skill in composition or tequnique but little depth or literary significance [a slick style of writing].

    So, I love this guy. He is so slick (sleek). He has overcome all barriers and stops to his vain and dark purposes through slickness (sleekness) and smartness (brutality is covered for the back yard, eh? See? Nothing to do with slickness. Brutality, beatings.

    So, slick and smart. The guy is the Anointed one!!!!!! He is god’s child…

    Jesus Christ, what have I found? What a cognition!! The Son of God. David! Sir! I am so sorry for all I have done to you, my Lord. The Anointed one! My God! I am sorry.

    Me, the sinner, me the scum of the earth, me the blinded (“Blinded by the light nana, tarara rara rara ra”, sorry that song came to mind, Sir, nothing to do with you, except that I was probably blinded by Your Light). I am in pieces.

    You know, Sinar, I love this guy. I start liking him. He is such a dick. He is such a con. He is such an artist in that.

    Go ahead people. Just follow the Son of God. Worship the hell out of him. I love this guy. Go follow him, you good people, as others have done on this planet. But know one fucking thing. You ain’t with the Commodore now. You are in Treason. You are part of a big catastrophe here for planet Earth. You make another Empire out of a philosophy and sheer, fucking knowledge, nutheads, which LRH gave you. You think you have the right to do that? You think I will let you sleep OK the night? I am dying in the attempt, so you fucking too, die in the attempt. Who said you are exempted? The Anointed one? Oh, come on! That’s the one thing, I have a beef with. I have a misemotion on. It’s You. It’s not DM. The Target is not DM.

    It is YOU! The “good” guy, following orders. Because YOU make DMs and Empires. Step down and go do something else. You ain’t worth studying or auditing one worth of shit. Go clear up your MUs and stop being glib from now on and ever in your life. Go do a full wordclearing on KSW, M9. Find a fellow Scientologist and do an M9 on it.

    The target is NOT DM.

    The target is YOU, the so called Scientologist, who does nothing about it and pretends to perceive NOTHING.

    Go follow the sleek guy. You managed to bring that misemotion in me. I can admire David today. Today I couldn’t admire you any(fucking)more, you are SO pathetic to me today. Go, they call you for Fund Raising.

  218. Wayne,
    This post of yours reminded me of a time in L.A. After having finished the FEBC course, students were sent to LA Day to help recruit staff for the org. I met a woman there in total ruin. I visited with her for about an hour or two, just two way comm’d and got her to look at her life from a new point of view. She had a bad marriage, job, etc. Same old story. By the time I was done with her she was TOTAL good indicators and had a plan, ready to move on, had a purpose and ready to get to cause again.
    When I got back with the other students, I was berated and chastised for NOT doing my job and getting her on staff. WTF???
    It was so invalidating. I truly helped someone, but I was WRONG!
    For years, I have been looked down on for “blowing staff” and being declared an SP. And now, I acutally have an OT8 friend JEALOUS of me and my position now… because I have the ability to talk to anyone, read anything, say anything I want about the church… and she can’t, because of fear of disconnection from family. The CoS is totally and truly f’ked up. Hell! I wasn’t truly a Scientologist until after all me training in 1995, and I’m more cause than an OT8 in scientology all her life???
    Times… they are a changin’.

  219. Only $ 300 Admission to become DM Vulture Culture Bot?

    Man, its getting worse by the Year.

    You’d figure pushing the Out-Ethics Buttons would put a damper on it, but nothing registers, at least not in respect to money.

    No shame being flagrantly overt they are operating off LRH policy.

    Its getting to the point where the concept of ‘Out-Tech’ no longer registers among the DM Bots, and the subject of Scientology gradually being eroded into an Arbitrary.

    Well, they can reg themselves out of existence and oblivion for all I care.

    I’m long with all the CO$ nonsense anyways.

  220. That’s is my position on it too.

    Its become a covert real Estate Scam in the process of Realization.

  221. theystolemychurch


    I just really have to agree with a lot that you said here….. It is the “scientologist” – the blind that bypass the charge on me, too…. dm is just an sp and really can’t do much but restimulate… what gets me really bad is how blind they are, and how blind I was, too. Gotta thank all you guys here for prying my eyes OPEN!

  222. theystolemychurch

    Or they just stopped to look at all the pretty rocks or should I say buildings? Read KSW…

  223. Theo Sismanides

    Awesome idea, we got to have a Mimeo and publish such PLs.

  224. theystolemychurch

    You are SPOT ON!!!! Squirreling~~~ no other name for it!~

  225. Theo Sismanides

    Old School, you said:
    “At this point, the Jensen’s can be considered SPs. ”

    And I add:

    And should be declared SPs.

    Which means if they ever want to do real Scientology they will have to do the steps.

    We should put some teeth into the situation. Don’t ya think?

  226. Theo Sismanides

    Jack UK and the rest, that is hilarious. “That’s what we mean by taking planetery dissemination to a whole new level.” (standing ovation)

  227. New Old Thetan

    I am a lifetime Scn, have been reading for years and for family reasons have not publicly come out yet. The beautiful quote from Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress one of your caused me to cog that I cannot w/h my comm any longer to this wonderful group of real Scientologists who I hope to become friends with.

    First, I see many comments about why this is occuring and to me it’s very simple. INTENTION IS CAUSE and the current regime is causing the corruption of DN/Scn. Money and all other things aside that IS the real intention, to kill off Scn, DN and LRH’s legacy. There is no other figure figure needed on the matter. Ultimate suppressive act in my book and as such it needs to be eliminated before it’s too late / before too much damage is done.

    This recent example of promoting something other than Scientology and LRH could really work to help open up so many eyes. I mean, really, how much more obvious can this be to those who are on the fence or suppressing what they see each day (like we all did at one point or another) – knowing in their guts that the church has stopped delivering LRH’s Scientology.

    That said, it has become clear to me that the only way to really win back real Scientology and dismantle this corrupt organization that has become truly suppressive is to use LRH to dead agent and out the current regime.

    Who can say it better than LRH? I even saw some comment on this thread about being suprised that there was a reference saying to ‘blow up HQ if’ and that kind of suprise tells me that we need a central location that has all of the correct data on the correct subjects easily found.

    Simply arguing with someone about things not being right will fail on opinion wheras if exact references were prepared to show LRH tech in conflict with the list of outpoints in Mike’s survey – we could really gain more converts and win this war. Every real Scientologists wants to have LRH tech and if we keep the argument to simply -“here’s the reference”, there will be no argument.

    Probably would take the development of a website solely dedicated to outpoints covered by the survey and for each section the correct LRH tech documented to reveal the truth on the subject. I believe it could be that simple and I think THAT could become the stable datum that all independents could use, refer to and promote so that we (with LRH) fully expose and dismantle what has become a squirrel / criminal entity.

    New Old Thetan

  228. Theo Sismanides

    Yea, right. Dumps! I started on the old “dump” Athens mission, which was buzzing with activity. The “dump” Academy was emanating Theta and when I first walked in, I felt I entered a place where Thought was being processed. I could feel it, in that dump place. And I was a graduate of the University of Law. Never had seen such a thing. Such a study.

    Now, they are just DUMB!

    I prefer dump(s) to dumb.

  229. Theo Sismanides

    Lunamoth, I have said it before and will keep on saying it. DM’s connections to the Apparatus, NWO, you name it, need to be investigated.

    I am sure, sure, sure the guy now has their support. He is undoing the work of LRH. Who wouldn’t want that from the Enslavers. What else need I say? He is working for the Enslavers. Look at us. We are a bunch of islands of sanity scattered around an ocean. The Enslavers are veeeery happy with this. We are not in the church anymore. This is DM’s product.

    So, I may go even further about DM but I don’t want to be told I am chasing Martians here. Hey, I am not crazy, I am just not reasonable.

    One question, though. How come DM does not cave in for 30 years now? What kind of a thetan is not caving in after having done so much harm? Just a question for us.

  230. New Old Thetan

    I think what I am trying to describe here is the mother of all DEAD AGENT PACKS in the form of a website. A central, popularized source point to DA the current church. It could become a living/breathing thing that continues to grow in both topics and depth of referrences. THE TRUTH BLOWS CHARGE and using Source will bring even the most unwilling to confront back into valence.

    New Old Thetan

  231. PlainOldThetan

    Sorry, auditors are those who falsify the books for the IRS.

  232. plainoldthetan

    In my notebook under “HOW HELP BECAME BETRAYAL” it now says:


  233. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    During these storms of Scientology we’re besting, here’s some stable datums I keep in mind. Maybe it will help a few here.

    It’s from L. Ron Hubbard’s REAL version of Scientology: A New Slant On Life

    (Note: What is italicized in the book is in CAPS here because there is no italics feature here.)

    “When you start to introduce order into anything, disorder shows up and blows off. Therefore, efforts to bring order in the society or any part of it will be productive of disorder for a while every time.

    The trick is to keep on bringing order; and soon the disorder is gone, and you have orderly activity remaining. But if you HATE disorder and fight disorder only, don’t ever try to bring order to anything, for the resulting disorder will drive you half mad.

    Only if you can ignore disorder and can understand this principle, can you have a working world.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology: A New Slant On Life, “On Bringing Order”, Page 93 of the “By L. Ron Hubbard” original, unsquirrelled reprint copy. Copyright 1965, Reprinted 1965, 1966, 1968 (twice), 1971, 1973 (Published by American Saint Hill Organization)

    (Incidently, the short chapter by Ron of “On Bringing Order” has been completely DELETED (how “convenient”) in the DRASTICALLY squirrelled (altered) 2007 of Scientology A New Slant On Life)

  234. Where is that story posted? about the Jensens? I vaguely recall it.

  235. Theo Sismanides

    WH, community! Yes. This is so right and nice. The sangha. Hey, you know what? We got a community here. I certainly cannot bring my children for you guys to keep an eye on them, but we can certainly help each other in many ways.

  236. Theo Sismanides

    The funny fact is that Bill Gates will never understand that what he developped as programs was a parallel to the mind. The mind keeps all the software there. Is a sort of software. It’s a parallel to software. The “poor” billionaire will never come to know that, unless he does something. But I think he is too much into the Apparatus, so we can forget about him.

    Now, the brain is part of the hardware, that’s for sure. Bill has that confused. He doesn’t even know he has been working on something parallel to the human mind, does not know the human mind for what it really is. What a tragic billionaire! Now that I am thinking about it, it’s very sad for him.

    And last but not least, what else is needed for a computer to run? Software (mind), hardware (body) and….?

    Hey, guys we ALL know that and this is why we are the richest people in the world. The Thetan. Now into my analogy the Thetan is the User of the Computer (in our case the User of the Mind and the Body). Don’t think that everybody you ask what is the 3rd factor for computers to run, will immediately tell you “the User”.

    This is a system I developped to explain to some people the Thetan through the analogy of computers and Man. Because I tell them as it is hard to imagine the User it is even harder to conceive of a “User” of the composite thing Man is. And that’s the Thetan, always “invisible”, mostly neglected, unknown and sad. And when you tell them this, some become happier.

    I make the postulate as of this minute to have many auditors here in Greece and all around the world. Because certainly LRH invented a much better system to “explain” a Thetan. It’s called “Selling by Action”. Oh, I want auditors, auditors, auditors. I see them coming.

  237. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, Sinar you are too much! The “Asking” Tech. There we go. Now, there’s a title and that’s some application there.

  238. Theo Sismanides

    Woooo, OTDT, pleeeeeease, pleeeeeeease, I am buying them, I am buying them. Keep some for me…. !! hahhahahehehehe…

    OTDT, man, you made my day, I know what business I will do now. I will make T-shirts out of those, hahahahehehe and pins and stuff…. hahahehe….

    Hey, I think we need to get a book of jokes here, guys, we are gonna do some serious fund raising for the Independents, hahaha.

    Thanks OTDT, you made me laugh unbelievably. I am printing them out!

  239. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Tara, that’s so cool about your son! I guess we are whispering it to our sons and grandsons and guess what! Some already know it! hahaha. 🙂

  240. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Sam, that’s great on writing that letter to them. What’s important to me too, and I was trying to find information about Mr. Panas is that he got as you wrote clients like the YMCA.

    I have worked for the YMCA here in Athens just before going into Scientology. I had just quit from being a lawyer. It had been my belief and I have facts about it that YMCA belongs to the… Apparatus, guys. The whatever you wanna call them. LRH called them a certain way. This is a front group of theirs, a recruiting pool, same like the scouts. Google YMCA and Masonry and you will material to look at.

    I am not saying that Panas just having some YMCA groups and Scouts is a Free Mason (because YMCA is very connected to them) but I am saying Pannas and any Pannas should know that YMCA is not philanthropy. It’s a tool used to get people initiated. I had my share on this. And not all people who are Free Masons are bad. It’s like saying all Scientologists in the church are bad. They are just glib. And glibness goes on.

    But back on Pannas, important information and this is where intelligence is needed. And from where and how did mr. Panas got selected? And who introduced him to do this seminar? And why would he be helping YMCAs in the 21st century? Maybe just for the money, OK. But don’t call it a philanthropy, it’s a Greek word and I am insulted.

    And maybe mr. Panas needs a bit of wordclearing (though he has a Greek name too, Panas was the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, as well as the companion of the nymphs. His name originates within the Greek language, from the word paein (Πάειν), meaning “to pasture”) on the word philanthropy.

    So, YMCA is not Philanthropy, it leads to other echelons and alleys. And I believe that we cannot NOT IS anymore those loose connections. This needs more thorough investigation. Maybe the NWO are now sending their people to get more out of the Scientologists and get even more (if covert) control. Sounds a bit science fiction to some (hopefully not to you Sam) because there ARE some OUTPOINTS here. What’s behind them?

  241. Hi Just Me

    It’s me.

    I just had to comment on the Jensens because I think they’re both such great humanitarians -gak- and make such stellar OLs -hurl-


    Thanks for the warm welcome Just Me.


  242. Theo, looks like you abandoned the process and stopped admiring at some point.

  243. Hello Marty,
    Sorry for off topic
    what about SP declare on DM since 1984 and 1996?

  244. Marty there is onley footage. I will post it so only the link shows up. Sparrows friend Radio Paul is harsher in his words than Sparrow who kept of of Hubbard. Nation of Islam and the Police arriving and going.
    3 clip Moxon arriving from 10:00

    RadioPaul is pissed of because of the wrongful TRO on his friend Sparrow

  245. That is alsoo because most of them are broke and in debt.

  246. “was whacked out” Can you define that please Tara.

  247. Being California Tibetan Prayerflags can alsoo be in fashion to do your house up. That said, that piece of cloth is probably a more honest product than the CofS sells. Having something in this case is a far cry from being or doing. Tibetean Buddhism is honest and it can change you for the better. You don’t have to give up your belongings either if you just follow the teachings without turning monk. Take from it what you need/want/like/love for your own benefit. Here is a Youtubesite I like myself. Not that I adhere to the views expressed tottaly.

  248. These stories from the old days are great to read.
    A lot of insight is gained from these anecdotes.

    This is a neat BLOG about the old days.

  249. They probably will even issue special permissions to leave the academies to the very few auditors in training so they can go and get themselves aligned with Command Intentions… and the true spirit of $cientology.

    ha! ha!

    Silvia Kusada

  250. OMG… I’m sure there is going to be a mission sent out to NY to fix the problem away!!
    or you meant they selling a bridge… a real bridge with a nice river flowing below!?!

    Silvia Kusada

  251. Sam you ROCK!! So proud of you!
    Silvia Kusada

  252. It was him. Here is the whole spagheti tangled mess

    You have to scroll down for the footnotes.

    “RTC received…trademarks… subject to an additional “Option Agreement” between Hubbard, RTC and CST. In two so-called “Option Agreements” from May 1982, Hubbard granted CST the right to purchase at any time from RTC the “Marks”, the “Advanced Technology” and all the rights to them for the sum of $ 100″ from (1)”Option Agreement (Marks)”, Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, County of Los Angeles, California, May 10th, 1982/July 9th, 1982 and (2) Option Agreement (Advanced Technology-U.S.) – Notarized Agreement between L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Spiritual Technology, California, May 10th & July 9th, 1982

  253. Thanks. Cute and high profile and knows what birthday game stats are means your probably Leah Remini. Hi Leah.

  254. Preying on a man in that state should surely be criminal.

  255. RJ welcome back Like Just me I missed you too.

  256. The myth of Tibet and its brand of Buddhism sure is romantic. The reality is different.

    The Dali Lama connected to the CIA? Oh my…..

    There are lessons to be learned from studying history, seeing patterns of human behavior repeat, especially in religion.

    When the “religion” becomes more important than its teaching, the decline has begun. This is so apparent with the CoS. So evident in the history of other religions.

  257. Thought Provoking


    You have hit upon the the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. When the org’s lost sight of the most important thing – delivering Scientology, and made orders from above senior to delivery it signed its own death warrant.

    Our events were fundraisers for the Ideal org, IAS or staff recruitment. You know, the ones that were special briefings turned reg cycle that pulled all the day org staff off post for most of the week so they could do confirms. The type of event that would make most veteran Scientologist run for the door if they weren’t smart enough to be unavailable for the confirm machine, because once they had you on the phone, if you didn’t confirm you were CI and had a KR written up on you to every service org you were part of. I have yet to meet a Scientologist who has not avoided the org or org terminals at some point or other. Why is that?

    Okay, now imagine that this is your first week in Scientology and you have some pretty amazing friends that have been doing Scientology for years and they seem so successful, right? You’ve been doing this course and it’s been great! Now there is an event which should allow you to see more about what this group is all about. You don’t understand a lot of what they are talking about but it’s okay, your new. Suddenly things change and people are asking you to give money, quit your job and join staff, etc. It’s 10 o’clock, you’ve been here for three hours already and you have to work tomorrow. You start looking for the door and wonder what your friends are really doing in Scientology. As this new guy heads for the door you know he’s toast because EVERYONE KNOWS what happens when you try to leave an event early. The vultures close in and this poor guy never had a chance because he didn’t know he was supposed to sneak out when no one was looking.

    And if I missed a withhold on this, don’t fret, I won’t KR you. I would never KR a person for simply wanting Scientology. You see, my dear friends in the org are simply dramatizing DM’s valence and they have gone more solid. How do I know this? Because just a few years earlier, before they were in their big beautiful empty org I was one of their public and they did deliver, like mad. And something interesting happened…I decided that I wanted others to have similar gains to the ones I had been receiving. I wrote to the ED and told her my visions for Div. 6 and she wrote back. I was one of those who drove recruiters into apathy because I was never going to be on staff at the org. But someone delivered and it just seemed the right thing to do, I ASKED to be on staff! My reg who was my main staff recruit terminal after I originated (that should have been an indicator right there) assumed that I wanted to be a supe as that was what I did for a living, anyways, his mouth went completely agape when I said, NO, I want to be a REG! I knew I could do it…after all, it was all about ARC!!!!

    Fast forward several years. So, it was clear that the vulture culture had taken over my org and I was thinking… there was no way I was going to be able to help others get the same gains …while simultaneously listening to my senior SCREAM at me through the phone because I hadn’t gotten my product of signing up a new recruit (remember, I’m in Div. 6) yet and I’d better have it done in the next hour…or else…

    I walked.

    The org simply stopped delivering Scientology, period! Just like any other business, when they don’t have what you want, you leave and hopefully you can find it somewhere else. I know of people who have shopped orgs to find the right fit. I went four years without Scientology as that was preferable to what I had been seeing in the church. Well, I found Scientology again and surprisingly (or not) it is being delivered in the field, NOT in the church!

    For all of you who at one time or another actually did real Scientology, there has been a huge bait and switch scam inside the church. It is NOT Scientology anymore. Anyone who is still in who thinks they are doing Scientology needs to COME TO PRESENT TIME!

  258. Good idea

  259. martyrathbun09

    Hey RJ, great to hear from you again!

  260. “For if it was really him, we are really damned as to operate freely in the free zone or independent zone we must deny LRH what he wanted, which was the Church of Scientology having sole power over the use of the technology.”

    Do you really think he wanted this outcome ? Even I can SEE he did not want this outcome.

  261. “The TRO against Brian was denied because the criminal case already has a “stay away” order in place. The trial is now set for sometime after May 2011.

    08/27/2010 Status Hearing Held (Court Smart) Parties present. Case set on Track2/Mediation. T.R.O Denied. Oral motion to Amended Complaint & Answer Granted. Judge: MACALUSO, JUDITH.

    Mr. THOMAS E LESTER (Attorney) on behalf of BRIAN MANDIGO (Defendant); Mr. KENDRICK L L MOXON (Attorney) on behalf of KIM BELOTTE (PLAINTIFF”

  262. “Incidently, the short chapter by Ron of “On Bringing Order” has been completely DELETED (how “convenient”) in the DRASTICALLY squirrelled (altered) 2007 of Scientology A New Slant On Life”

    Holy crap that’s a key chapter. He blames it on an SP typist too. He’s either saying Ron didn’t write that or it’s not important enough to put in the book.

  263. That reminds me of the reference on burning down libraries. Something like you can kill people left and right but if you want to really damage yourself burn down libraries. (very paraphrased)

  264. Damn, sorry…just trying to help out. I completed my word clearing.
    How about these, there’s no real product and hardly any cost at all:

    NOBLE LAMBDA WARRIOR: Private audience with the Chair Man’s personal dog – $100,000.00

    APOSTLE OF HUMILITY: Five-second Sniff of Chair Man’s Thong – $150,000.00

    SUPREME CONFINER OF SUPPRESSION: Stand as security guard for a day over evil forces in The Hole – $500,000.00

    HONORARY EXALTED RTC SAVIOR: authorized to dole out fierce threats and punishment against those whose intention and purpose may have weakened. Includes access to confidential upper-management-level Cold Chrome Steel TR-O tech – $15,000,000.00

    THE SHIT: get to ride in the Chair Man’s personal jet to a destination of his choice. Donation must surpass any prior contribution amount, unquestioning adherence to the Chair Man’s dictates. Does not include return trip but does include Honorary Exalted RTC Savior status – minimum $20,000,000.00

    Hey, I’m just looking to help.


  265. Damn good point!

  266. Yes, it does. It’s also known as the RUNDOWN THE HALLWAY AND OUT THE DOOR rundown. I found it online. Hope it’s the standard version:


    1) Stand in front of mirror (at home) and practice formulating the word, “NO” with lips and tongue.

    2) When in the Church, only wear clothing with NO pockets; do NOT carry a wallet or (especially men) purse.

    3) Have T-shirt emblazoned with HCO PL Ideal Orgs on the front and HCO PL What Your Donations (Fees) Buy on the back. Make it your preferred Church-wear.

    4) Never stand in one spot when you are in the Church. Always be going somewhere, holding a piece of paper and looking important. When approached for donations, simple point to your shirt, TR-8 the “NO” and keep walking.

    5) Final step of Rundown: as you are being sent to the MAA, pass their office, keep going down the hallway, out the door and keep going!


  267. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Welcome New Old Thetan!

    You’re spot on. Perhaps I’ve missed the videos of Scientologists doing this, but I always wondered why aware, in PT (present time) Scientologists who are confronting blinded Scientologists have not maximized using bonifide LRH works right there, on-the-spot, to point out the most obvious outpoints.

    Use LRH to communicate!

    Obviously, this would be much more effective than trying to just convince blinded and PTS Scientologist through just argument. Most the time, it fails to communicate. It doesn’t impinge. The PTS Scientologist just sits there and stares … dead-in-the-head.

    Knowing Tech and citing it in front of the blinded Staff and Public Scientologists are KEY to impinging.

    Not enough of this is done yet, IMO.

    Again, GREAT IDEA!

  268. This cracked me up! I remember having to word clear “assimilate” early on in my auditing as when I was asked what it meant, I jokingly said “It’s like the Borg, you know, from Star Trek? You will assimilate, resistance is futile!”
    The joke not understood or appreciated. 😦

  269. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Great observation Boyd H.

    I’m glad it shocks you because it should shock ANY KSW Scientologist.

    One needs to look at the importances of magnitude. There was a good reason why this short, one-page chapter was given it’s own chapter.

    KSW Scientologists need to look at WHAT has been deleted or altered and look for the REAL WHY it’s been deleted or altered.

    When I say the ORIGINAL “by L. Ron Hubbard” Scientology: A New Slant on Life has been DRASTICALLY deleted and altered, I mean it.

    The following NINETEEN (19) chapters have been deleted and no longer exist in the “new and improved” 2007 squirrelled version.


    What is the Basic Mystery
    What is Knowledge
    The Conditions of Existance
    Myths of the Mind
    On Death of Consciousness
    Accent on Ability
    Acceptance Level
    On Bringing Order
    On Human Character
    Past, Present and Future
    Playing the Game
    Freedom vs. Entrapment
    The Vocabularies of Science
    How to Study a Science
    The Human Mind
    Records of the Mind are Permanent

    To the dedicated KSW (including church) Scientologists who want to truly preserve LRH’s works, ask yourself …

    What is the REAL WHY the above 19 chapters were deleted?

    Can you honestly believe, spin and dismiss this as an SP typist at work?

    Is it really believable that Ron wouldn’t have noticed this suppresion of his original works while he was alive during the time his original “by L. Ron Hubbard” NSOL book was published from 1965 to 1973? (EIGHT YEARS)

    Is it possible you’ve been lied to? If so, why not find out WHO has been lying to you, and WHO has failed to PRESERVE LRH’s works?

    The answers to these are pretty simply when one applies the “Look, Don’t Listen” Tech.

    If you’re shocked and disgusted by this going on, you should be. Please help us in spreading the word about what has been going on with LRH’s original works. Thank you my friends.

  270. Go with the Sudden, Theo.

    The last event I went, or worked at was the 2001, Mar 13 LRH Birthday event at Ruth Eckerdt Hall. It took me a bit of time to decompress and get life sorted out. The next thing I read about on the Web was this “Idle Orgs” big business, which totally shocked me as it was so off source and so off policy, I guess one has to admire David Mestology for being slick and sleek – fooling people some of the time.

    Your use of the word reminded me: Unctuous Chocolate cake was DM’s favorite dessert served on a peanut butter sauce, introduced to him by the IAS who paid (outrageous prices) for his and entourage’s dinner at the Hotel Gustav on St Barth. The recipe was gotten from the Chef and we had to test and work out & duplicate this dessert on special occasions.

  271. Thought Provoking

    Hello again, glad to see you posting!

  272. Stop ! Get some sanity

  273. Thank you Alex. Church and State should indeed be kept Seperate. It would be logical if the CIA contacted the Dalai Lama. Pope John Paul II was certainly another religious leader that worked with the CIA too.

    To bad some of the teachings of religion are towards “domination” of such said religion over mankind.

  274. KSW “We will not speculate here on why this was so or how I came to rise above the bank. We are dealing only in facts and the above is a fact— the group left to its own devices would not have evolved Scientology but with wild dramatization of the bank called “new ideas” would have wiped it out. Supporting this is the fact that man has never before evolved workable mental technology and emphasizing it is the vicious technology he did evolve—psychiatry, psychology, surgery, shock treatment, whips, duress, punishment, etc, ad infinitum.”

    Click to access hcopl-ksw1.pdf

    So I can not speculate about the founder rising above the bank. Great.

    psychology: The acknowledgements in dianetics once listed Sigmund Freud too. And the PABs are full of psychology repackaged. Alsoo I never had nothing but positive experiecience with (Dutch) Psychiatrists and a lot changes even NOI and COS. And surgery is not inherently bad if you know what you are doing.

    “wild dramatization of the bank called “new ideas”

    O sure new Ideas are BAD, great one

  275. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    The reason why I like to disseminate SOURCE Scientology to Church Scientologists through the use of exposing alterations and deletions of LRH’s original works is because there’s no SUBJECTIVE reality for them to figure-figure.

    The expos’e of the squirrelling of the old man’s works is all OBJECTIVE. One can’t factually argue with it. It either IS or it ISN’T. Ron’s original works are either deleted/altered … OR not.

    No hatting is necessary to SEE. All a KSW Scientologist has to do is to LOOK and COMPARE LRH’s original works versus the 2007 squirrel editions of the “Basic” books. Simple.

    If one doesn’t have physical copy’s of the original “by L. Ron Hubbard” works to compare, they are easy enough to find through torrent files.

    In my own personal experience, for most, this method impinges faster than any other way to disseminate. It can’t be construed as “natter” like some PTS or SP off-source person would have one believe otherwise).

    Isn’t that why many of us are here? To effectively disseminate SOURCE Scientology and its application to CoS Scientologists. At least that’s why I’m here.

    (Of course, for those too thoroughly implanted, it may be difficult to get them to even believe their own eyes and thus NOT-IS what they see.)

  276. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Cat Daddy,

    Interesting footage. Thanks for the links.

    Unfortunately, that Anonymous guy is completely inaffectual in communicating to Staff and Org Public. (Though he was a bit funny sometimes … what the hell is a thetan-free shake? lol)

    Only Scientologist are qualified enough to be able to truly communicate (impinge) with church Scientologists, IMO.

    After watching this footage, it occured to me, where are the Div 6 Body Routers? I didn’t see any. Nobody was routed into the org during the 21 minutes of footage that I saw.

    (Just so you know, these questions are not directed at you specifically, Cat Daddy. 🙂 )

    Does Div 6 freeze up now into apathy when there are picketers? Are they suppressed by management to stop disseminating outside?

    Where are they selling DMSMH? Anybody have any video footage of Div 6 selling books outside? … especially DMSMH.

    Are Div 6 Staff no longer hatted on “Books Are Dissemination”? I must really be out of the loop regarding the newest and greatest Miscavage Tech because this is what LRH teaches …

    “Without any reservations, I can tell you that DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH, based as it is upon mental image pictures and energy masses, those things which are most real to people, is the best forward vanguard in our possession. It was written at a time when I was very interested in bridging the gap between an uninformed public and an informed public, and contains in it most of the arguments necessary to quiet the suspicions of the newly interested person and contains as well most of the answers to that person’s questions.

    DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH contains today a perfectly workable therapy. But more importantly it contains a bridge between the uninformed and the informed public on the subject of Scientology.

    If you are not furiously pushing DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH and if you are not insisting that each newly interested person read it as something new, startling and strange in the world, you will be wasting most of your dissemination efforts.

    Oddly enough, this book, to this day, sells more copies around the world than the average best seller in any given year. Where it has been pushed, Scientology is booming. Where it has not been pushed, Scientology is limp.”

    – By L. Ron Hubbard, “Books are Dissemination” – HCO BULLETIN OF 28 APRIL 1960

    Of course, one must first be selling the original and AUTHENTIC “By L. Ron Hubbard” books to begin with (obviously), to help people connect to the CORRECT source … not to squirrel sources and mystery writers of the 2007 Basic squirrel books.

    Could this be a main reasons Orgs are not booming? It appears to me that “Scientology is limp” (as Ron describes) in the CoS. Can anybody name ONE booming CoS Org?

    Step 1: Sell ON-SOURCE, original LRH Books BY L. Ron Hubbard … especially DMSMH

  277. Theo Sismanides

    theystolemychurch, thank you! Yes, I had this cog as I was writing about the slick guy and I could really admire him on how he did the con thing on all of us and suddenly I realized the bypassed charge on the Scientologist who just sits there and gets duped.

  278. Theo Sismanides

    Worsel, you are right. I did stop admiring, haha. Couldn’t help it. Just spotted some charge there as the process as you say, was going on, hahaha.

    I think I spotted the exact thing and item there. It was never so clear to me. The problem was/is that there is a whole bunch of people there to confront and I just had quite some reaction, if you know what I mean. I was thinking afterwards that there is now 2 armies, 2 camps in Scientology. Ok there is a 3rd one the Freezone but they do not deal at all with the church, whereas we do and we confront the church.

    So, I took a walk and still felt weird. I was thinking of this War between the Indies and the C of M. It IS a kind of war, I don’t want to dub in something there, but this confrontation exists, it’s real.

    So, I spotted the charge being on the Scientologist who does nothing about it and sees nothing as Theystolemychurch said. And I felt that there is a whole army there of them, and it’s like a shield for Miscavige. He uses them and is protected by them.

    Of course I don’t want to sound like one stupid person here, but I just felt that there is a big ridge there and it’s a whole Reactive Mind to be processed there. That of a whole 3rd Dynamic, that group of Scientologists who ”

    Don’t Want to See Anything, Don’t Want to Communicate About Anything, Just Follow the Slick Guy’s Orders and Directions and Don’t Necessarily Have to Follow LRH Policy”

    This is a group and has a Reactive Mind, a Collective Thought there. I think… I don’t how it happened, I don’t even quite understand it, but after I was feeling good about DM there came this thing and I went down the tone scale to anger and Sudden, hahaha.

    OK, there’s gonna be another round and another process. But this time I know WHO is the right target for me. The Individual Scientologist of that group as mentioned above.

  279. Theo Sismanides

    Oh, and one other thing. I said the WHO but there is a WHY also. The WHY is GLIBNESS.

    Scientologists are glib. Or they are just Theoriticians, I mean they understand policy and tech perfectly but just in Theory. Or they are GLIB. Those 2 categories. Now there is another one but it is not a category. This is by itself. The Anointed One. The Slick Guy. But he is just by himself one 3rd factor. The Big Lies Guy, who messes those two categories above.

    GLIB is a very serious phenomenon. I bet you Worsel if we were to M9 and Clay Demo KSW on some of those guys and they get a pass by one of the trained guys here, you would have spotted many things.

    Getting Conceptual Understanding is not so easy. It takes a bit of training, some serious training. LRH developped the Student Hat for Class VIs, right? And they were familiar with a lot of Tech. And still he did that.

    And then he had the Primary Rd. Where is that now?

    And then KTL?

    And as a first gradient BSM.

    And Word Clearing Method 1 up to 9, or whatever it is.

    He undercut the gradient there. Why?

    Because obviously he knew that people will NOT get it.

    And this is where we are at all of those years.

    People do not have Certainty not just of the Tech and Policy but of what the fuck they are doing in Scientology. They think they need to get another ticket to paradise. They don’t feel as THETANS, haha, if I can say this, they ARE NOT.

    They are not at BE.

    They need symbols and rulers and leaders and communities, they are not free yet.

    So, no Certainty and they just give up. Now after some years they will get it. That Certainty. And now they see others (community feeling) they get data as to what is going on, they see many fleeing to the other camp, that of the Independents and they say “OK, it looks safe now”. So they move out.

    It’s gradients, I think. And takes time.

    But had they done some good job on Studying the materials and Not being glig, we would have gained so much time and trouble. This is why KSW #1.

    But we are on a happy glib trip here on this Planet, anyway. And the slick guy does his best, to make them even glibber. He is pulling all of the teeth out of the Tech and Policy. But this time we got many and many and many that are not buying his slickness.

    So… that’s my take on it and that’s the WHO and the WHY. So the biggest problem is in the Academies. Because that’s where you get to study the materials or the Sup gives you a hell of a time.

  280. Theo Sismanides

    My friend Sinar,

    Sooo…. the Unctuous Chocolate cake!!! Wow, for the Anointed One! Oh, my god, I couldn’t imagine that his preferences in cakes would give him away. He has to be more careful, my friend. Tssstsstss! That was out-security! It should have been called the Anointed Chocolate cake. OSA please take note as, you know, some little details here and there, better be straightened out for the Anointed one! Out PR! Unctuous Chocolate Cake?!!!? Why Unctuous? Then we can do a Slick Chocolate Cake, too!!! And give the guy away? Come on OSA, do your job for once.

    Hahaha, Sinar, you see we are getting close there by just clearing up concepts!!! Hahaha. The Unctuous Chocolate Cake, DM’s favourite dessert!!! Mmmmmmm !!!! Interesting! I think you get my point. Thanks

  281. Theo Sismanides

    Cat Daddy, told ya, you should stay out of this Scientology inside things. I can undestand they enturbulate you. Why don’t you go for a walk in a park to destimulate? This is a blog for a lot of people who have been in the SO. Ever heard about it? It is not a walk in the park. You don’t tell me about sanity. I didn’t ever ask you even what is your name here or your past or story with Scientology. It looks like you just want to monitor things from your own viewpoint. SP declares, real ones are part of the Ethics Codes of Scientology. Sorry.

    So, be an Anonymous and a guest and be nice to people who have given 10 or more years of this lifetime for a cause and know something more about it than you. Will you please?

  282. Wayne, I made up a drill once to better understand the ethics conditions and formulas. I listed all steps to go UP the formulas in a table in sequence. Next colum was the opposite: the steps you’d undertake when you go DOWN the conditions. That was helpful in recognizing conditions in life situations.
    To abolish the original LRH-books, the comm-line from publics to LRH, after they have been essential in every boom since 1950 is a reversal of the step “Don’t disconnect.” from the Power Formula. You find many of the actions of the DM-Church are plain reversals of the actual steps. (like the regging for money without giving genuine exchange is clear in the Liability or below band, etc.) They are going DOWN the Conditions.
    I like your observations as to the changes made in books, the exactness of it. To prevent the get Lost” in a comment, I would like to make a table of such changes.
    So anybody, who has made similar, specific observations of changed materials is invited to send them to me. I plan to make a table of that and have it published. I think, this could be a tool in making people to look.

  283. OTDT~Ewwwwwww!
    Cat Daddy~In this case whacked out meant the girl (10 years old) was blurting out really angry things, crying uncontrollably, jumping around in class.
    Theo~Smörgåsbordian is made up of my 3 daughters, 1 husband, 1 dog, 2 cats…

  284. Hey Penny,
    Are you still in Santa Rosa? Do you know any other independents here?

  285. Wallflower, that really cracked me up!

  286. Okay, OTDT, this just brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard!
    Geeze, does anyone in the Church know or remember that LRH was AGAINST fund raising? I have to write RTC about this. I want to see what there answer will be. I bet they either ignore me or simply try to find some policy to try to justify it: like the overused (and misinterpereted) “Purpose is senior to Policy.” That is always a sure sign that somebody can’t apply the proper policy.

  287. Thought Provoking


    Good questions about stops on Div 6 lines when there are protesters. I’d like to know this too. Our org did not have any body routing traffic once it went Ideal because we went off the main thoroughfares. I think the only reason we weren’t required to get a testing center (in a busy local) in addition to our new org was that we had a very successful kiosk set up in the busiest mall nearby.

    Back in 2005-6, we had at least one full time person there doing stress tests and selling Dianetics, the DVD or the kit. Sometimes we had two kiosks going at the same time. Several times a year we would do bookselling blitzes and would cover multiple areas around the city over a weekend. We sold tons of books and while I was on staff I personally did the follow up on all book buyers. It was our number one source of new public, then FSMs and OCAs.

    I don’t know if they are still doing this today but the last time I was in the area was in late 2008 and they still ran the mall kiosks. I hope they are.

  288. Not once did LRH make any reference to “fundraise/fundraising” in the Tech Vols, OEC Vols, FEBC Tapes or the Management Series.

    No wonder a non-LRH, non-Scientology source is utilized for this squirrel activity.

  289. “And I don’t see that popular measures, self-abnegation and democracy have done anything for Man but push him further into the mud. Currently, popularity endorses degraded novels, self-abnegation has filled the South East Asian jungles with stone idols and corpses, and democracy has given us inflation and income tax.”

    O RLY

  290. I apoligize for the sanity remark but not for the stop and the intention

    Theo are you fully aware you are defending declaring people SP. I am not enturbelated . Part of me laughs at the Irony of it all. In your own words you are Dramatizing or in wogian. You are re-enacting and falling back into familiar behaviourall paterns or in Scientology language Valances.
    What I object to is that pass by the fact that the more condense and cult-like the CO$ gets the more mind-controlled the few people will be who remain. Go ahead than be like them. Become what you resisted.


  291. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Perhaps that may be true in the latest squirrel editions of the Admin Vols, but it’s not the case with the 1976 issue when LRH was well alive and active in his body, and was aware of the existing Admin Vols then.

    Though the following is the only LRH reference I know where he mentions fund raising. I’m sure LRH never anticipated the current off-policy fundraising or he would have made this “DO NOT” even more clear. Though I think he made it clear enough here!

    The following can be found in both Volumn 3 (Treasury) and 4 (Tech) …


    [Excerpt from HCO Policy Letter of 24 February 1964 Urgent – Org Programming]

    “If the Org slumps: Don’t engage in “fund raising” or “selling postcards” or borrowing money.

    Just make more income with Scientology.

    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.”

    – OEC, Volume 3 – Treasury and Volume 4 – Technical Division (Copyright 1976, Second U.S. Printing)

    Clearly, the “Church of Scientology” has demonstrated it’s COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS, and is now an official squirrel group.

    If you’re a Scientologist within the CoS right now, as uncomforting as it may feel and that you likely never meant to be, you are a member of an officialized squirrel group now.

    (The last sentence is not directed at you Foremost, my friend. :))

  292. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    That’s AWESOME, Worsel. That will be extremely helpful. Thanks!

  293. Ha ha ha!! I like the body odor and sterno lines!

  294. Greetz, Wayne.

    The proper dictionary entry for the word is “fund-raising”, and that’s why I didn’t locate it. Since I have all materials digitally, I can search everything in 1 fell swoop. And that seems to be the only reference there is to “fund raising”.

    Chances are DM has defined “Solve it with Scientology” by regging Scientologists to purchase buildings for Scientology, thus weakly seeking to flank the Intent of that Policy.

    I read that PL to mean as in “Sell and Deliver” Scientology Services to solve financial & personnel Issues. It appears this policy has been bypassed by having created various Scientology supported Organizations & Enterprises in its stead such as the Idle Orgs, IAS, etc. which go directly to its membership, thereby circumventing the Requirement to sell Scientology. No wonder little training and auditing goes on.

    I’m sure LRH never anticipated the current off-policy fundraising or he would have made this “DO NOT” even more clear.

    And I’m sure as soon as LRH would have caught wind of the fact Service Stats are down, he would have made it a top priority to put that back in again. DM just implements all sorts of wonderful Golden Ages of Bullshit, creates a major real Estate Empire and IAS $milks$ the membership to the Hilt, but neglects, even avoids taking the necessary actions to increase the Stats to “actually” deliver Scientology.

    If the RTC Culture has become that blind, then forget them. Not real Scientologists.


  295. Jewel,
    Email me at if you want to talk about the old days at SFO.


  296. I wonder which version(s) have been preserved on the steel or titanium plates in the Church of Spiritual Technology vaults? Original? Revised? All?

  297. Tara thank you. What was the medication/drugs given to her normally and what was the diagnoses that led to such prescription.

  298. Cat Daddy~My 10 yr. old daughter said the girl in her class who whacked out “didn’t take her anger management medication.” That’s all I know about that.

  299. Yes, in the sense that good people should be warned about their extreme out ethics so as not to get entangled in their unethical dealings.

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