Man’s Search For Meaning – Recommended Reading

Viktor Fankl survived several Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz.                

Only one out of twenty-eight so imprisoned survived the ordeal.  Frankl closely observed for the common denominator of those few who did survive. He did not find a single physical, physiological, cultural, or religious factor in common. 

Instead, he discovered that those with a strong enough purpose (he calls it a meaning) to carry out were the ones who made it.  There was no common purpose shared among them all.  There was not even a  predominant commonality of purpose.  Some simply  had a purpose to see a loved one again.  Some felt work they had begun prior to incarceration was so important they found a way to endure what for others was certain death.  Frankl himself fell into the latter category, and it so happened that the work he wanted to complete paralleled the observations he wrote about.

I recommend the book for former SO members who survived long-term oppressive conditions; or those wanting to understand what they were subjected to. 

Anyone who survived the Hole and other similar Miscavige tortures will appreciate this short passage demonstrating the sadistic Nazi concentration camp guard menality, and its effects:

Beatings occurred on the slightest provocation, sometimes for no reason at all…

…The most painful part of beatings is the insult which they imply…

…Then he began: “You pig, I have been watching you the whole time! I’ll teach you to work, yet! Wait till you dig dirt with your teeth — you’ll die like an animal!  In two days I’ll finish you off!  You’ve never done a stroke of work in your life. What were you, swine? A businessman?”  I was past caring. But I had to take his threat of killing me seriously, so I straightened up and looked him directly in the eye. “I was a doctor — a specialist.” 

“What?  A doctor?  I bet you got a lot of money out of people.”

“As it happens, I did most of my work for no money at all, in clinics for the poor.”  But, now I had said too much.  He threw himself on me and knocked me down, shouting like a madman. I can no longer remember  what he shouted.

Frankl even aptly answers the oft-repeated questions we hear about former senior executives, such as “why don’t they arise and revolt?”

The prisoner who had lost faith in the future — his future — was doomed. With his loss of belief in the future, he also lost his spiritual hold; he let himself decline and became subject to mental and physical decay.

I recommend the book to anyone feeling he or she lacks a driving, meaningful purpose in life. 

Frankl recommends that everyone find their own meaning.  It is a life giving process that rises folk above the dwindling sprial of do-nothing boredom, monotony, and the deathly lower harmonic of apathy.   Frankl stresses that the meaning-finding process can be assisted, but not directed.  Every individual must find for himself or herself that activity which fullfills his or her destiny. 

There is nothing in the world, I venture to say, tht would so effectively help one to survive even the worst conditions as the knowledge there is a meaning in one’s life.  There is much wisdom in the words of Nietzsche: ‘He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.

I could not help noting the parallels between Frankl’s observations and some fundamental prinicples L Ron Hubbard wrote of.   So much so that I would suggest any highly trained auditor could easily come to the conclusion Hubbard had to have read and incorporated Frankl, particularly when one considers Frankl’s book was  first published in 1946.

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  1. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    FYI, copies of “Man’s Search For Meaning” can be purchased at this bookseller for $3.95 (including shipping).

  2. Marty — Those pull quotes about the beatings could have been written by anyone who was at Int from the late 80’s to present time. It IS a fascinating book. Mike

  3. Watching Eyes

    …Then he began: “You pig, I have been watching you the whole time! I’ll teach you to work, yet! Wait till you dig dirt with your teeth….

    Hate to say it but that line will give the dwarf a new idea, if he hasn’t thought of it already.

    When I was reading that long quote from the book, for second I wasn’t sure if I was reading a quote from DM or the book.

  4. Spectacular post, Marty. I can totally relate to this. I have been a survivor and I really never knewn exactly why. Frankl explains it nicely and it really blew me away. So simple. Got some case gain on this one!
    And it is all too easy to give up. I have been at deaths door many times and I totally disagreed each time. I can see, in retrospect, that I always had a “Not Yet!” emanating from my universe.
    In South East Asia, my company was whittled down to almost nothing, I wasn’t ready. No, I had to go on so I could help handle what is wrong with people.

    I learned it again when I was strung out on drugs. Then again at Int and once more in PAC with Jenny Linsen.

    When I confronted RTC with their squirreling in 1997 I figured I was going to be doomed forever. But I didn’t care because as long as all of that squirreling was going on, I figured I was doomed as a thetan anyhow.
    I did get busted but no one really screwed with me. I knew I had a lot of work to do because if RTC was squirreling, then everything under them must have been in deep, deep, deep trouble. I figured I had to survive to turn it around, and lo! Here I am with all of you wonderful survivors.

    Got to keep on keepin on.

  5. And now … Herrrrrrrrrre’s Viktor!

  6. Thank you for this valuable posting Marty.

    Tom Price

  7. one of those who see

    Thanks for this Marty. Definitely on my “to read” list. What adds so much to horror of these stories from Sea Org members is the great promise of Scientology. Then to be handed the reverse is such a betrayal and must also be an incredible shock.

  8. THE MOST enlightening quote Viktor Frankl wrote for me was this~

    “The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance.”

    Imagine being abused in a Nazi concentration camp and having enough FREE THETA and analytical mind to contemplate that he had power over his Nazi abusers to choose his response to how they treated him.

    This man was a hero and philosophical treasure and lived til 92 in spite of being a Jewish physician in Nazi Germany and in spite of being incarcerated in Auschwitz. I recall reading how he postulated mid Nazi atrocities that he would live through it and one day lecture to students what occurred. He made the postulate stick.

    Here’s a good link on the great man.

  9. Marty-

    I can’t comment. I’m still blow’n down.

    Thanks for another one.


  10. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “Imagine being abused in a Nazi concentration camp and having enough FREE THETA and analytical mind to contemplate that he had power over his Nazi abusers to choose his response to how they treated him.”

    I like how you put that Karen#1. Truly remarkable! What an extraordinary man.

  11. Thanks Marty. This article reminds me of many “survivors” in our 3rd Dynamic (and also with our 4th Dynamic, such as the hero “survivor” William Rodriguez).

    “…I speak of a tragic optimism, that is, an optimism in the face of tragedy and in view of the human potential which at its best always allows for: (1) turning suffering into a human achievement and accomplishment;
    (2) deriving from guilt the opportunity to change oneself for the better; and
    (3) deriving from life’s transitoriness an incentive to take responsible action.”

    “It must be kept in mind, however, that optimism is not anything to be commanded or ordered… …This need for a reason is similar in another specifically human phenomenon – laughter. If you want anyone to laugh you have to provide him with a reason, e.g., you have to tell him a joke. In no way is it possible to evoke real laughter by urging him, or having him urge himself, to laugh. Doing so would be the same as urging people posed in front of a camera to say “cheese,” only to find that in the finished photographs their faces are frozen in artificial smiles.” — Viktor Frankl

  12. Jean-François Genest

    Thanks for the info. Did you see on the cover picture above that even Frankel’s book has been revised and updated.

  13. martyrathbun09

    by Frankl

  14. Jean-François Genest

    Nice “à propos” post Marty. You have a knack of coming up with those nice authors. I like the information that you transmit. I definitely will read it.

    I finished The Shack in CD Audiobook form. I really enjoyed it, even though I don’t worship the contents of implants. I still liked the concepts evoked by William Paul Young.
    I am sure I will enjoy Viktor Frankl.

  15. Freedom Fighter

    I read this book when I was in high school and highly recommend it. In fact, I think I’ll read it again in a new unit of time given the current circumstances.

  16. Jean-François Genest

    Perfect! Thanks Marty for clarifying and filling the void. 🙂

  17. Jean-François Genest

    I reserved the book with my public library. 🙂

  18. Thanks, Wayne. Just ordered it. Their prices are really low.

    And, thanks Marty. I’m on a quest to gain more understanding of this phenomena.

    Just for myself, there was an exact point I reached when I became so degraded, so emotionally humiliated and so at a loss to see any future change for the better, that I decided to buy into their game. It lessened the pain immediately. And it bought me time to regroup. This took some many months. I slowly gathered up the broken pieces of myself and began fitting them back together. Outwardly I appeared the lackey they wanted. Inward, I began waiting for the right moment to make a dash and dash I did when the chance came.

    It’s taken about 8 months of constant reading on the net (evenings and weekends) to unburden a slew off the snake skin of deception, false beingnesses, horrible service facs, and so much other crap.

    What adds complete validity to your recommended book is that this truly an intensely personal voyage. I can’t imagine passing on still encased in that body of lies.

    We owe so much to guys and gals who worked very hard in gathering up and publishing the data

    Thank you.

  19. I started reading this book two weeks ago, on your recommendation. I just finished the chapter you quoted from a few days ago. It’s painful, but extremely, extremely enlightening. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  20. Hey Marty, I couldn’t agree more. I was blown away by this book when I read it. Not only do I see it as relevant to what some survived during their time in the Sea Org but for me there seemed, at least from my perspective, a direct correlation between the subject matter and what happens when someone leaves the Sea Org. People join the SeaOrg with the best of intentions as we know, it brings so much meaning and purpose into their lives. It is certainly far bigger than oneself. When a person leaves, all of a sudden their life can became devoid of both that meaning and purpose, not to mention the inherent loss of one’s friends and family. In my case, having been born into it, it was the loss of everyone I had ever known, including my family which brings with it it’s own special form of torment and torture. This is I think why some people can tend to drift along after they get out. It is not until they truly find meaning in their lives once again that they can thrive. It is most definitely an incredible philisophical work.

  21. It simply remains incredible to me that Miscavige could so completely reverse the whole practice of Scientology….yet he demonstrably HAS.

    There is no “value” (or meaning) that exists independently of view by the spirit.

    All attempts to robotize beings are doomed.

    Enough current Scientologists have been given a “peek behind the curtain” now, due to The Truth Rundown and other exposes, that it is just a matter of time before nearly complete abandonment of orgs. The public has already voted with its feet. There are more Scientologists OUTSIDE of Scientology than within.

  22. Dear Marty,

    REALLY enjoyed this post.
    This is where I live. Right out of “OT Orgs”.
    One of my personal joys in life is to revitalize another’s purpose and I do it whenever the situation presents itself.

    I read a book about Auschwitz when I was a teenager and was reduced to tears. Another one of the survivors is still alive and he is my older sister’s father-in-law. I just attended his 80+ birthday party two weeks ago. He has the numbered tattoo on his wrist. His wife of over 50 years passed away last year and he brought his new girlfriend to the party. This is one resilient thetan with no tech to help him along.
    My point is, move forward and create your future…it will be what you create.

    Recently I connected with an old friend. This was someone that I had know since I was 17, that I had to look very hard to locate. We had not spoken in 10 years, but this being was the one I wanted and needed to talk
    to when I was leaving scn. His history in the Church predated mine by many years. A former Qual Sec at Saint Hill, successful mission holder and Class VIII auditor. He had left scn after the mission holders conference and I so wanted to get in comm. I used to brag about his ability to disseminate…totally pro. It appeared to be completely easy and effortless for him.

    Well, I did find him and we have been communicating for a while now. Something that came up was that he fancied writing. Well, as far as I’m concerned, if you are a writer you should be writing. I talked him into opening a blog and he did it.
    So, what happened? His blog has been up less than a month and what is this man getting compliments on? His writing. He is funny, acerbic, completely honest and can write with clarity. For the old timers, I suggest you take a peek. There are some very cool photos there too, that are no where else to be found, in the history of The Church of Scientology.
    My point being, REACH on your purpose line. Even if you have to come in on the lowest gradient. Use the tech..OT orgs is an incredible reference along with the Admin Scale tech. Guess I’m waxing philosophic today but hopefully, someone will get something out of this post.

    ARC to all.

  23. Today I found out through my husband’s very good friend, Ken Bouck, that we , my husband and I, Paul and Bodil Dinges, have been declared suppressive persons in the Church of Scientology for me having posted on the internet. My husband, Paul, has not to this day, as much as read anything posted on anything that could be considered an “entheta site”, much less posted anything. Believe me, despite my efforts. Yet, apparently we’ve both been declared suppressive persons, because of what I’ve done, repeatedly posting comments both under my nick: “SCIE-NO-MO-” and “Bodil”. I have mixed feelings about it. I regret that my husband might loose friendships because of me, which will no doubt put a hardship on our marriage, but yet I have no doubt that I should stand for what I believe is right – and Paul and I have had many, many, many heart-to-heart conversations about it – with him being the reasonable, “don’t destroy yourself in the attempt to be righteous” and I being “but it’s so wrong, you’ve got to make a stand”.

    Between the two of us, we’re making a good balance. We’re surviving very well. Our four children are informed and on our side, we’re doing well in business as well. The good part is all considerations about family and friendships are gone. I can say anything I want about my family: Tony and Lidia Dinges, Gunhild and Gary Jacobs, Inge Marie and Staffan Linde, Kenneth and Emma Palini, Daniel and Anna Palini, Otto Krog ( Boegelund-Jensen) , Signe Boegelund-Jensen, Anne and Erik Jensen. I can invoke my friends, too, Karna and Peter, Pia and Niels Bergstedt, Diane and Jan Hansen, Viveca Twellman, Mimi (forgot her last name), Allan Steffensen, Anne Kirsten and Jens, Ditte and Morten, Maura and Helen Murphy, Ib Nyegaard, Kurt Weiland, etc. etc. etc.

    Now that I’m declared a suppressive person, all considerations are gone. I have nothing to loose . What an incredibly open and new situation.

  24. Scott Campbell

    “Man’s Search for Meaning” is the first book I read at Marty’s behest last year. It was an inspiration to me and helped me tremendously on my journey to coming out publicly and speaking out about my experiences in the Church of Scientology.

    Anyone would be well advised to read this book. It may help you save your (or someone else’s) life.


  25. Your humble servant


    Thanks for the tip! I’ll buy one there.

  26. Marty,

    I have been reading the Tao Te Ching, per your suggestion.

    It’s great! Perhaps the best thing I’ve gained thus far is looking within for my peace and happiness, rather than trying to find it literally anywhere outside myself. It ain’t out there. It’s in here.

    Makes me wonder if meditation isn’t such a bad thing afterall. In the church, it’s obviously frowned upon.

    Thanks for all these great reading suggestions: The Shack, The Tao Te Ching and now Man’s Search for Meaning.

  27. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Marty and Mike,

    I know the both of you will whole heartedly understand me when I say to all who lurk here, read all that is and continues to be written here and take with you to “chew it over for awhile” ….. This book captures almost complete soul chilling reality of what it was like to be in “ethics trouble” or under handling at one of the below locations:

    Bonnie View – *’s or R’s or LRH’s House (BV) – This is actually the 1 House on Planet Earth every Int Base Staff Member looked forward to and hoped for the 1 day we all made it sane and safe enough for L Ron Hubbard to rest his body at for the rest of his hard working life. The entire area was turned into David Miscavig’s personal severe labor camp by DAVID MISCAVIGE. You don’t believe me…. ask Mr. Norman Starkey where it was he was forced to deficate into a clear plastic bag in the broad open at the direct order of David Miscavige. Or… ask Hara O’ Hare where it was she used a garden hose to shower her very dirty body in her under garments or…. next time Mike Sutter comes to “inspect” or vist OSA Int Offices or shows up to your house to panhandle your spirituality… ask him about HIM having to endure the same Norman Starkey and Hara O’Hare, Ray Mithoff and other’s endured on the grounds of L Ron Hubbards home.

    Maintenance Mans House (M&M)
    Old Gilman House (OGH) – This includes shacks, sheds, trailers and containers staff lived and slept in which were scattered throughout the area over the years.
    1 notable occupant of the HUNDREDS of occupant’s (including myself for over 300 days straight) who is very well known in the community and history of Scientology, the Church of Scientology International and Religious Technology Center overseen, managed and DICTATED by David Miscavige is named Marc Yeager. When you next meet him, DO NOT feel shy or become backed off or pass up the opprotunity for you yourself to FINALLY verify this data first hand, ask Marc Yeager about his being PHYSICALLY PUNCHED IN THE CHEST by DAVID MISCAVIGE and by the way, please inform him Jackson said he is very very sorry for having stood there watching, in a freakish state of confusion, the unbelievable happen – David Miscavige physically assulting a very well known Church of Scientology Executive / Sea Organization Executive Officer/Veteran or simply put – another human being violently and repeatedly topping it off by calling him the biggest suppressive that ever did would or could exist on planet earth. Sadly, and predictably he will say no it did not happen so unfortunately you will miss experiencing that soul chilling reality adjustment I, he and the hundreds of others felt run through us when we each witnessed the TRUTH.

    The Gound Shed – Surprisingly alot of good stuff happened here too…. like good ol’ “Out 2d” by many single heterosexual staff.

    Old Iso by the Garage – Geeze Louiessssseeee the memories of this place!

    The Garage – Befor and after it’s build-out.

    Happy Valley (HV or later referred to as “The Ranch”) – from it’s Inaugural use activated by RTC Conditions Order #1 through, but not limited to, the ensueing numerous Type III handlings, RPF Group 1 – consisting of general Int Base Staff and RPF Group 2 – consisting of “Special RPFers such as Marc Yeager, Ray Mithoff, Wipke (Sp? sorry) (CO Hamburg Org who Blew during a March 13th event whereby she was yet falsly again being announced as the Best CO in theWorld – seperate issue to report on) and up to when it was finally sold by CSI. Outside of OGH, HV housed more staff of the Int Base into seclusion and enduring human trafficing and abuse for the longest of times. Hundereds and hundreds of Int Base Staff filtered their souls though the grounds of Happy Valley. Not only did they live with the fear of getting caught of escape attempts by my guards, they then had to confront thier way through a very well know agressive and unmoral Indian Reservation. SO, it would be safe to say, unbeknownst to them, the Soboa Indians were in the back pocket of David Miscavige helping to ensure his firm grip around the balls of his “out- ethics” and terminally “criminal staff”. (By the way – I and all Int Base Staff would of rather to of trick or treated through South Central LA @ 0200 than through Soboba Indian Reservation during the high times at Happy Valley.)

    The Hole – This I was not around for to witness but can easily imagine what it was like for the “guards” having to keep up with all the blood that leaked from the weather seals around the door and windows. I am sure the moans sounding from within it would of made the cow’s across the river and in the Hemet Valley mysterisly stampeeded randonly throughout the years pissing the local dairies off to no end!

    There are more details I could go into here about more of the Int Base Buildings both within the fences and outside the fences. I will save those stories for antoher time. It’s getting late.

    OSA Staff, I know you know that I know that outside of yourself, David Miscavige and hundreds of “lurker’s” read this site daily. It is not only read daily but checked hourly for updates. The information you, Dave and others read here is THE TRUTH. It is a hard fact to confront. Believe it or not IT IS THE TRUTH. Just like you and I know the sun will rise tomorrow, it is unfortunate that I know more than the little facts you yourself know of David Miscavige criminal activity because I WAS THERE, like others, WITNESS to the reported crimes. I didn’t imagine or assume they existed before I reported them. Truth is the truth my friend and that the truth!

    Have you ever wondered why it is you do not see David Miscavige around much any more? Why there are less and less of his long public apperances, apperances to his very own SO Bases and SO Org’s. Like you, if it were you we were reporting the truth on, you’d be hiding like he is hiding – hiding because he is in the state of missed withhold phonemonema. You know what it means when someone becomes more and more secluded! I know you have the intelligence to understand me on this point!

    So let’s wake up. Shake the non-confront from your soul and allow your self to experience the many gains one get’s when responsible people step up and confront the evil allowed to settle into and through the spine of Sea Org Org’s, Scientology Org’s and it’s very parishioners! Come join myself and the others who you also read about that factually get the reals gains from standardly applied Dianetics and Scientology!

    Contact me by email – or call me 626 712 0668. I’ll be there for you, always willing to do what I do…. Help those in need to the best of my ability. I always did on staff and continue to do so today and tomorrow……..

    If there is ONE thing you could do for me (and many others) it is this, Announce the whereabouts and wellness of Heber Jentzch and Shelly Miscavige. WHEE IS SHELLY MISCAVIGE??? WHERE IS HEBER JENTZCH??

    — Jackson

  28. “Old PR practitioners… sought to startle or intrigue and the easiest way to do it was with exclamation point ‘facts’ which were in fact lies.

    … Thus PR is corrupted to ‘a technique of lying convincingly’.

    It makes a cynical world. It has smashed idealism, patriotism and morality.

    … Thus the law:


    … This world is full of the ‘noise’ of many lies, many babbles, many old fixations and hates.

    But truth has comm value. All the lies will dead-end someday.”

    HCO P/L 13 August 1970, Issue II PR Series 2,
    The Missing Ingredient
    (Management Series Vol. 3, p. 7)

    Yep… coming s0on!

    Thank you all for this major work

  29. Thank again Marty,
    I started to read many books on other phylosophies and discovered that the basics of Scientology are everywhere. Not only that, but, by having so much tech under my belt I can really understand the full concept of it.
    At lower levels I haven’t found anything able to erase a case, as oppose to release it. But many exercises as applied in other studies can be considered very good assists.
    I have a special love for LRH tech. I have seen it work… and I think will be good for the many people that were not as lucky as me (becaming an auditor or OEC trained) to study LRH and than compare to other sources.
    They will also find without any doubt that the one most people think being Scientology is actually black Scientology.
    Silvia Kusada

  30. Marty,

    I appreciate very much that you talk about and recommend some valuable books even if they are not from LRH.

    Very contrary to the Co$ using even “ethics orders” to forbid some books ( like “beyond a pale horse” ) and movies ( like “2001 a space odyssee” ).

  31. From
    the lecture 20 Dec 1961,

    „Now, when you’ve got populations which are in essence concentration camped, you have, of
    course, an ideal situation from one viewpoint—the viewpoint of somebody who doesn’t want
    any game.

    Now, Hitler didn’t have any trouble with a large section of his population. He just put them all
    in concentration camps and that was it. And it’s that kind of a game if you want to look at it. It’s
    not the game of government and who will we elect and democracy über alles, or something—it’s
    not all that kind of a government. It’s just the kind of a government, “Well, there they are nicely
    out of the running Everybody is out of the running; isn’t that nice. And things are just barely
    ticking over, and we’re not going to be troubled by those fellows from the 18th Panzer Division
    that put up such a hell of a fight on Exnoo. We’re not going to be troubled with them anymore
    because we got them implanted very nicely, and they’ve all been sent down to Earth, and the
    mores of the society there will take care of everything And they will never be in circulation
    again as space jockeys.” It’s that kind of thinking, you see?

    „Somebody tells me all these things and I say, “Ha. Now, let’s turn to page 2 of the rule book.”
    So that doesn’t make much of an impression on me. My credit in this particular line happens to
    be reduced by just that degree because I have no respect for these rule books. I think that—I
    think a prisoner always has a right to revolt. Always. I’ll stake my bottom kropotnick on the
    thing, see.

    I mean, if I myself were running a military prison someplace or another and it had a hundred
    thousand inmates and so forth, and somebody’d snarl around about those damn prisoners, “Do
    you know they’re liable to kick up a revolt at any moment?” I would be surprised at him for
    thinking that anything else could happen. A prisoner has a perfect right to revolt.

    A slave has a perfect right to strike off his chains, because by essence these are living beings.

    And some people are close enough to the edge of that thinking that they say, “Well, that’s
    correct. That’s correct. People have a right to be free. That is a right they do have and I agree
    with that right.”

    I don’t agree with the right that the privacy of the deepest-dyed criminal should be protected by
    all the forces of the state from invasion. I don’t believe in that. I believe that if a fellow means to
    shove a dirk into his fellow man at any given instant and he wishes to remain very private so
    that he can cut throats at will and unexpectedly, I believe that this fellow’s privacy is the privacy
    we should invade.

  32. crashingupwards

    Hi Karen. I agree with your appreciation of that quote. I have read others use it or variations of it, such as you cannot control how others behave, just the way you respond to it. Its great advice applicable to so many areas of life, from nasty co-workers to raising teenagers.
    I like where Marty has pointed out that the author uses the word meaning for purpose. It makes the title of the book that much more relevant when I substitute the word purpose as much of the human race has no purpose or a poorly defined purpose. How many of us were attracted to Scientology because it promised to help us find and/or restore our purpose in life. So many go through life never having found it, not knowing what they want to do with their lives. Millions go off to college not knowing what they want to do with their lives. So Purpose is an area we can all relate to.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Silvia, Thanks. I think LRH tech made it possible for me to fully appreciate a lot of wisdom that is out there. Since reading Frankl there is not an life incident I have experienced (good, bad or ugly) from which I did not learn a valuable lesson.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Jackson, sudden truth.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Bodil, Congratulations. SP declares have been used for no other reason, NONE, for the past ten years at least, than to inform the public of those who have arisen to self- and pan-determinism as beings. Congratulations.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Penny, thanks for the great advice.

  37. martyrathbun09

    AL, thank you

  38. Jackson,

    Thanks very much for this eye opening and chilling account.

  39. Well, I’ve not read this book, but this posting was exactly what I needed.

    I’ve run into some ‘adventures’ recently that have sent me spinning… back of these adventures lie unhandled overts of my own that I knew would come back to bite me, but I not-ised them to the best of my ability…. and life happily bitch-slapped me down. Ugh.

    In the ensuing entheta I forgot my purpose and drifted aimlessly upset.

    This posting reminded me of my purpose – straight out of HCO PL OT Orgs – the failed purpose is rekindled! However, I must take steps to handle the area of irresponsibility so as to no trip over that again in the future.

    Without my purpose I’d be lost. I question it from time to time but there it sits. It *is* my postulate after all – I can’t just abandon it now!

    I tend to keep to myself and if you’ve read my post entitiled “Odub Madness” ( you know this individuation is long term and will need to be addressed at some point up the track.

    Regardless, I’ve licked my wounds and now it is time to put those boots back on as it is all I know that makes any sense to me. That I get hit for it or for whatever foibles I may have merits little attention other than to attempt to minimize my liability there.

    Thanks for keeping on posting stuff like this Marty. Dunno what it is about the things you post, but you seem to have an innate sense of what buttons to push or some other mystical (it seems) ability to impinge. Whatever it is, today, I thank you for helping lift me and pointing me back in the direction I needed.

    I look forward to meeting all of you. In my world, this community Marty has gathered around him is the beacon showing me the way (well – it is *my* way – Marty just held up the light so I could see my way again).

    Love you guys!

  40. Wow. It has been difficult, strange and transformative enough as a mere public leaving the church and regaining my senses. I’ve learned from this blog and other writings and videos that no matter how intense and unpalatable my experiences may have been, I was on a luxury vacation compared to Sea Org members, particularly Int Base alumni subject to Der Fuhrer’s Auschwitz-style confinement camp, complete with Capos, beatings, food and sleep deprivation, hard labor and mental degradation.

    I’ve heard it stated here and elsewhere that it was FEAR of what circumstances lay outside for those considering leaving, FEAR of loss of comm lines and their own eternity that kept them from getting out and although that is very true, I can now also see more clearly what part strength of purpose and meaning had for many of you who stayed committed to that group for such a length of time, tolerating what you did.

    I found Frankl’s correlation of meaning and success to the commanding of laughter to be fascinating and revelatory.

    Thank you for the reference to this book, I will now finish reading it.


  41. Jackson, wow you have such a way with words. “So let’s wake up,
    and shake the non-confront from your soul…”

    Love Carol

  42. Marty, great post, awesome book. It truly aids in pushing one forward in life. IMO it strips one of the “social” veneer!

  43. In 2007, reports of Gold Base were leaking to critics. This is what I wrote at OCMB:

    “From all reports, we can see that David Miscavige has a fixation on feces. He has the lakes at Gold Base — which serve as a waste treatment system — drained periodically for cleaning. He makes RPF’ers, execs like Heber, shovel dried feces out of the lakebeds . The latest report has DM forcing people to live in squalid conditions that include defecating in plastic bags. This is DM at a very primitive state using feces to degrade people. When a leader is degraded to this level, it what we could call a “Kali level.” This is a very destructive level where making people interact with their own excrement and that of others is part of a mass, cultic dehumanization.

    “I have never once in my work as critic invoked the specter of Jonestown against Scientology. I have never wanted to cross that line, but I cross it today. Whereas I had previously compared DM to David Koresh, I now see DM in a Kali phase where he has become a Jim Jones personality. He is responsible for everything. He micromanages everything. No detail is unnoticed and the punishments for even small infractions are brutal.

    “DM has become a law unto himself and there is no one to stop him. He has his own private prison. He physically abuses and people. I heard that DM brutally pushed two people’s foreheads together with his hands. He ground their foreheads together while they were screaming in pain. DM’s biceps were bulging as were the veins in his neck. He was screaming and inflicting terror on these two people as their skulls were being ground together. Feces, pain, and physical torture are all primitive. They are tribal and signs that DM has passed into a place where he has no exterior controls, no reality checks, and has become so drunk with his own power that the only outcome will be for him to kill someone or drive people to suicide.

    “At this Kali level, DM may very well need to see and cause death, he may need to experience his absolute power over life and death. DM appears to have crossed over a threshold where he needs blood. This is the EP of Black Magick tribalism and DM is a Black Magick Tribal Chieftain. For some time now, I have felt that DM has entered the terminal phase in his “Tribal Chieftain” role. This is what Jim Jones did in Guyana. Jim Jones began to project his massive internal violence onto his followers…

    “There has been a large fracturing of Gold Base at the spiritual level. There has also been a tremendous release of information to the world that shows us the horrific conditions at Gold Base. The prisoners at Gold Base cry for freedom and an end to the nightmare. There are spiritual forces at work over which DM has no control and does not understand. This is all an end game as the internal collapse of Scientology continues.”

    I say to Scientologists who are still in: Outflow is the answer. Continue to outflow the truth about Scientology to the world. Flow power to the outflow that has happened. Bring light to the scene by speaking the truth with power. There is a very large and significant outflow from Gold. Power feeds power. Add to this outflow with your reports, your KR’s to the world. Be willing to communicate to the world. The large spiritual fracture, the large opening, has occurred. Speak into this opening. Walk into this opening. Your day of Freedom has arrived.

    Walk out of Scientology. ”

    Marty, I recommend that you make a new thread sometime about Evil. Allow former Scientologists to talk about Evil. In my experience, Scientologists do not understand what Evil is on the 8th Dynamic. Clearly, there is a case to be made that DM is a personification of Evil itself.


  44. Or “Gods of Eden” which puts forth a fascinating history of spirituality and one of the most powerful and beneficial Scientological explanations of the 8th dynamic I’ve ever seen.

    The Church banned this book via Goldenrod 10 or 15 years ago, calling it dangerous and squirrel.

  45. Stefan Tunedal

    I simply love this post, Bodil!! I am speechless!

  46. Stefan Tunedal

    Ensifer is a gem, truly! I read everything he writes.

  47. I stumbled upon Ensifer’s writings a few weeks ago and found his directness and clarity refreshing and his stories enthralling and highly informative. Cool photos, too. Next time you speak to him, please relay my appreciation and admiration for his blog.


  48. Jackson

    What an awakening you must have had. And what stories you have to tell. I hope you get to tell them all, far and wide.


  49. Bodil, LRH said it time and again, the biggest overt you can commit is commnicating and thats what most of us have been declared for – communicating.

    Can you imagine a world where it is safe to communicate? That was supposed to be Scientology, the same place that has an entire body of auditing procedures dedicated to rehabilitate a thetans ability to communicate freely to any one on any subject. But no, not the current Church of Missed Withholds. No free comm there. No. Nada, Nyet, non.

    And while I’m at it, on the inside – Can’t have problems with the church either because you won’t be allowed to spot the REAL source of problems there and make them vanish. No, no.
    And you are going to get any relief from the sufferings and hostilities of the church either because the currect C of $ is all about suffering and hostility. Forget upsets with the Church, this is not going to be allowed in sessions because your upsets with the Church are going to be address with endless Sec Checks, you know; “I am Not Auditing You”. No shit.
    And talk about fixed conditions – forget about it. The C of $ is a fixed condition. I think DMs ser fac is; “All SPs are Movin On Up and are free.”

    So you see, no case gain can be gotten within the C of $. It is dead. The only way to get real case gain is on the outside where you will be free to communicate about anything, free to have problems, have upsets etc and thus be able to address them in auditing without conseqences.

    You stood your ground against the suppression in the chrch and that is to be validated. That’s what LRH would expect of true Scientologists. Well done and welcome.

    ML Tom

    So consider yourselves free now. Free to commnicate. Free to be.

  50. Penny,

    I did not expect to find this here, this morning, but I am someone who just got something wonderful out of this post!

    Thank you.


  51. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Thanks Penny for the interesting info and advice. I’ll check it out.

  52. Jean-François Genest

    Bodil, I fully second Marty on this. Congratulations!
    Believe me, TRUE friends will REMAIN true friends regardless of circumstances.

    I declare you an “SP” as well:
    A State-of-The Art Person

    Please CONTINUE to post in profusion on the internet and continue to communicate, you criminal you Θ

  53. My only encounter with DM was when I literally stumbled into him at the Sand Castle at Flag around ’97 when I was re-doing the Solo Nots Golden Age of Tech torture. Break was almost over and everyone else had gone back into the course room. A congregation of tall, mostly blonde and all female white-suited RTC reps, maybe 8 or 10 of them, formed a semi-circle in the foyer. I was standing by myself, just outside the entrance, finishing smoking a cigarette, extending my break down to the wire.

    Just when I opened the door and started my dash to be on time for roll call, Miscavige walked around the corner into the foyer and the circle of obviously subservient and fawning Capos closed around him, all at attention and with full attention on him. They were blocking the stairs up to the course room door, so I had no choice but to elbow my way into and through the circle to get up the stairs. In so doing, I think my arm touched the sleeve of his very expensive, perfectly tailored green business suit. ALL the RTC reps head’s turned to look at me with disbelief and a flash of fear, as if I was Squeaky Fromme on an assassination attempt.

    As I ran up the stairs I overheard DM say, “Ready?” in a gruff voice, with a reply of “YESSIR!” in unison and they struck off down a set of stairs, with DM in the lead. I glanced down upon them and saw that DM had perfectly quaffed hair and almost a Fred Astair-like dance step as he descended the stairs in his really nifty, luxury dress shoes.

    This was like a “celebrity siting” for a mere public, like me.

    Didn’t impress me a bit.


  54. Jean-François Genest

    Throughout his writings and lectures, L. Ron Hubbard
    ALSO often recommends Non-LRH books to read.

  55. I’ve just been reading another book, ‘Not in His Image’, by John Lash. It has been a profound read. This book is based on his study of the texts of the Nag Hammadi library, some of the only remaining written records of the advanced mystery schools that existed before Christianity destroyed them. There are many parallels between Scientology and the Gnostic traditions (Gnostics, as defined in the book, are those who derive wisdom through direct experience with the spiritual nature of existence). This is a book for heretics! not something to read if you are attached to a salvationist faith.

    This book has helped me recover from the effects of Reverse Scientology. As I see it, what is going on in the COM is a microcosm of what is happening on the planet as a whole. I was only in the COM for 4 years. My experience has been extremely instructive: enlightening due to what I learned from LRH, and illusion shattering with what I experienced of the corruption.

    My personal story is not extreme by comparison to the stories of others who were more dedicated and devoted more of their lives to a noble purpose that was twisted to serve evil by David Miscavage (et. al.) I am thankful for all that I learned. It has made me stronger. I am thankful for all of you. You have made me stronger. I am not public with my name yet, as my husband is not ready, and I will honor what he needs to do on his journey out of the COM. He is so beautiful, i just love him.

    There is a process on the HRD, where you differentiate yourself from others, extricate yourself from valences. I have been out of the COM now for almost 2 years, still the experience has a strong influence in my life. Why is this?

  56. Independent Scientologist

    “The Gods of Eden” has a Scientology-inspired chapter called “The Nature of the Supreme Being” that absolutely blew my doors off. I can honestly say I never really understood the 8th dynamic till I read this. The book actually lists the Tech Dictionary as a reference.

  57. Kristine Carlton

    At the same time everyday I come take a look to see what’s new and was shocked that the number of “comments” was pretty low today. Is that because you have deleted that many? That you see parallels bewtween Hubbard and Viktor Frankl is mind boggling. To compare Scientology events to the holocaust events is atrocious.

  58. You are right!
    I was rolling on the floor with laughter after reading this latest “ensifer” blog entry…

  59. I found the book in pdf format and read it all last evening to this morning. This is my favorite statement: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
    A universal truth.

  60. Thank you for suggesting this Marty!
    I had soooooo many realizations from it. I was definitely uplifted in spirit and actually changed my viewpoint about a tad bit of a “suffering” situation I am in right around, bam, just like he says in the book. I got an ex-Class 6 who is “suffering” right now, to see that differently today too. It allowed me to act on my purpose.

  61. (I haven’t yet read all the comments.)
    It took physical liberation to save those few people left. Will it take this for S.O. members being held captive? Perhaps they are holding on to some purpose to stay sane, but do NEED us to physically liberate them none the less.

  62. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Jackson, You are a true friend indeed!!

    For all that are still out there peeking at this blog, please know that the Tech that David Miscavige altered, by his very whim, has directly caused the state of mind and body that you are in now. If LRH knew what has happened to HIS Tech, he would have hung Dear David by his balls!

    One thing that I know is that if David Miscavige is not taken off post, it will mean that this planet stands very little chance of making it and us with it. You know what I mean. Welcome to Prison Planet Earth and DM is the Sadistic Warden!

    Look at your fellow S.O. staff and the public you are suppose to be helping. What Indicators do you see? If there is not of genuine ARC and happiness that you observe, then what and whom is the cause?

    I love Scientology and LRH’s Tech because I HAVE observed it and used it to better my life and the lives of others on a daily basis for over 32 years! I didn’t walk away from Scientology, it was taken away by David Miscavige and his PTS crew and public.


  63. Marty~I definitely see the connection in the concepts, especially regarding being in present time (or not) and regarding create (or not).

    And I definitely would thank LRH for developing processes, really clear, laid out and precise with which to achieve present time and creation.
    How could I have even so deeply understood these words, achieve the conceptual understanding of what Mr. Frankl intended to convey to me? I absolutely could not have…before LRH’s tech, my study and application of…and with the help of others doing the same.
    Just sayin’ 🙂

  64. The ugly truth.

  65. AL~Perfectly put. “When a person leaves, all of a sudden their life can became devoid of both that meaning and purpose, not to mention the inherent loss of one’s friends and family.”
    Even finding new meaning in my children and revitalizing myself wasn’t as fulfilling as what I was working for before. Thanks to this connection, I have revitalized that purpose and can align it with my other dynamics, which is even greater than was possible in the CofM. I have MORE now.

  66. OTDT~I’m rolling over here. Bwhahahahaha 🙂
    Great description!

  67. Bodil~Crazy, huh?! You found out VERBALLY through a friend that you AND your husband are declared to be suppressive persons because YOU LOOKED AT and/or WROTE something in cyberspace. WoW!
    How many outpoints can you find in that one sentence?
    That proves out Virgil’s so nicely put points in one fell swoop.

  68. Gaiagnostic~Very nice to meet ya!
    I don’t know why
    but I do know that truth is truth,
    no matter where it came from.

  69. Bodil,

    congrats for your “SP” declare.

    Now you have more comrades than you can imagine 🙂

  70. Worsel~Is kropotnick a made up word?

  71. freescn~Hello again. I did read your blog post a while back but commented on it in another post…go figure. I posted a link to the pdf in the beginning of the comments. Fantastic read. Hope to meet ya too!

  72. martyrathbun09

    on this statement: “One thing that I know is that if David Miscavige is not taken off post, it will mean that this planet stands very little chance of making it and us with it.”, somehow I think people need to come off of that. He is not going to be “taken off post”; and he will make things much uglier (which will reflect on the subject of Scientology) on his way out the bottom. You can take those two facts right to the bank. Therefore, it is incumbant upon us to stop wasting attention on what is a fait accompli and get busy building a better bridge.

  73. Penny
    Yes I know what you mean about helping people revitalize their purposes. I actually put together a bunch of LRH references an definitions in the form of a seminar/”handling” to help orient people to their purposes and goal in life. As a Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor I work with the person until they have full conceptual and REAL workable understanding of the data. I cover Ethics, Ethics conditions, the Dynamics, what makes something an Overt, HCOPL 2May 85 ” Responsibility, Definition Of”, the Code of Honor, and Admin Scales, with emphasis on their relationships to each other. All this came about as a result of a totally incredible False Purpose Rundown and having survived being “put through the ringer” within the Church. Real ethics is one of my favorite things to work with, with a being. I and the people I have done this with, have had some totally wonderful cognitions and been quite “revitalized” . It is a wonderful thing to be able to do for another being. I love giving a being back his or her birthright.


  74. When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)

  75. Bodil & Paul,
    Those declares are actually “Declarations of Independence”, IMHO. No taxation without representation and all that.

    The freedoms are well worth it as one is no longer connected the Mestology, with it’s benefits of crush regging, criminal exchange, out LRH Tech, ethics and admin for it’s members.

  76. Go Jackson with the sudden!

    I remember the Castile Canyon property was gotten in the early 80’s and was a Christian retreat of sorts. I was a caretaker very briefly as the property was purchased in a low key manner in order to have a “hidey hole” for WDC and top management to go to in case of severe threats or raid or some such circumstance. That never happened and so the property got initially used for destimulating Andy Yarrow who was a very talented machinist in Cine and thus got it’s name of Happy Valley. Andy was respected so that LRH even bought him a big metal lathe which he wanted for his post.
    Happy Valley became berthing for staff, facilities for the RPF and facilities for the Cadets when children of Int base staff were brought there because the facilities the cadet org in Pac was pretty bad. The parents also had a much easier time to have “family time” which actually got nixed eventually by Dear Leader. It was renamed “The Ranch” as it was a better name for the place for the cadet org.
    The RPF & Cadet org at Int was disbanded and sent to other facilities in Pac and Flag, some kids stayed at the base and also sent to Flag. The property got sold to the Indians and is now a sports complex (sports fields were built for the cadets initially).

  77. lunamoth,

    Really pleased you enjoyed!

  78. Windwalker,
    Absolutely! I believe we agree here.
    It’s really exciting to see another get excited about their future, for sure.
    Sounds like your are doing a great job!

  79. It’s done.

  80. Coming from this expert in this arena, I will accept the compliment. Thank you, Marty.

  81. “Stake my bottom kropotnick” – be absolutely assured; count on it. A variation of the expression “bet (one’s) Bottom dollar. Kropotnick is a made-up name for a currency. (SHSBC-Glossary)

  82. Or copy to your iPods
    listen while jogging.

  83. Kristine, I sympathize. You come to take a look and get not one but 3 atrocious, mind-boggling shocks, not necessarily in that order. Like 3 unexpected Severe Reality Adjustments all in one day! Definitely yuck.

    I recommend you take a walk and take the oportunity to notice something you have not noticed before. That could help you pull out of the funk we have put you in.

  84. Independent Scnist,
    Yeah, I guess the Church Guard Dogs didn’t like the idea of referring anyone to the TECH DICTIONARY! OH MY GOD! CANCEL! CANCEL! CANCEL!

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