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A Workers’ Paradise for Tom Cruise

The document below is one of hundreds of reports written by staff members of the Gold base on the movements, statements, likes, dislikes and other personal matters concerning Tom Cruise.   I doubt Tom is fully aware of  just how closely David Miscavige micro manages Tom’s life.  I doubt he will become aware – if he didn’t wake up through my correspondence last year with his personal attorney (posted on this blog), he might as well be under the late Australian psychiatrist Harry Baily’s deep-sleep therapy.   Letter to Cruise’s attorney for info,

Now, a few words about the internal despatch in bold italics below.

From the sounds of it, Miscavige had already weaseled his way in between Kate and Tom  – note the staff member picks up Tom to take him to see Kate for breakfast at 2:30 pm.

Note that Tom wants a church corporate discount on a Ford Excursion, utilizing the church’s fleet account.  And of course his wish was granted.

Note his reaction to JB’s super-delux, over-the-top paint job on his motorcycle.  See the job at,

Also note that the church clearly set up Tom’s communications network for his bus on the set.  Tom Willis was at the time of this despatch an executive of the Church of  Spiritual Technology (CST).  LRH gave CST executives the duty, among others, of policing the Religious Technology Center (and David Miscavige) to prevent the type of private personal inurement – violative of the church’s tax exempt status – that is evident throughout this despatch, including the work of Willis himself.

The “Silver Screen” is Tom’s personal bus – pimped out to the nines by church staff, the subject of several upcoming posts.

Now, with respect to the final paragraph, I highly recommend that those who have not already seen it, please watch the church’s Freedom magazine video A Worker’s Paradise at the following link,

That video was done in a feeble attempt to discredit  CNN’s Anderson Cooper and all those former church members who appeared on his one-week AC 360 special series last April.   The video footage of the 500 acres of manicured, green oasis-like property is accurate. 

Now, realize that the reason there are no people in those videos is that David Miscavige has locked all several hundred base staff up, so that Tom Cruise may have the run of the 500 acres.  Miscavige doesn’t want anyone “enturbulating” Tom, so the workers must remain behind closed doors, slaving away while Tom romps through his 500 acre Workers’ Paradise.

While I still hope Tom one day comes to his senses, I must admit I have little sympathy for his viewpoint that his multi-acre Beverly Hills estate is like a “prison.”  Particularly, when several hundred actual prisoners must stay locked up in order for him to escape his mansion.

The document:

COB COMM RTC                                     28 July 2005 



Dear Sir;

 As info, Mr. Cruise got up at 2:30PM to have breakfast with Kate.

 I brought him to Building 50 to pick her up and he asked to see the Harley Davidson so he could show Kate. I pulled out the Harley and he sat in the middle of the road outside the garage and said he could sit here all day staring at this bike – it is the best Harley and best paint job he has ever seen.

 In the same garage on the other side is Mr. Bellin’s FORD Mustang – he thought that it was AWESOME and asked me if I could get a FORD discount on this.

 He told me that he bought an old GT for Steven Spielberg and maybe he should get a new one for him as a thanks for the film, like same color as the old one and give him a new one as well. 

I told him I would get him brochures etc.

 He asked Kate if she would like one to drive as he really liked it and wants one. She said yes!! And was already trying to figure out a color!

 He also asked about the Excursion and a discount and I told him yes that Josh had informed me and he would be getting the FORD discount.

 Additionally, I told him that his Triumph went in for chrome triple clamps to match the rest of the bike and that the guy at Triumph went out looking for a black Rocket III and there was this gorgeous red gem.

 The guy asked me how it was done as it was spectacular and I told him that there were only 3 motorcycles like that on planet earth and it was totally proprietary.

 Mr. Cruise loved this.

 Also he told me that the Message system made such a difference already – he does not get disturbed at all – and can communicate from within the coach. He wanted to know if it could communicate straight to the Blackberry’s of his staff and I told him we were working on this and that it looked totally possible [Note: Tom Willis has this being done and should be done by tomorrow night ready for install – I did not tell Mr. Cruise this, as Mr. Willis just got this nailed]. 

He asked how Silver Screen was doing and I told him it was doing very well and that JB was up there. I told him the executives of Marathon know who the coach is for but not the workers and none of them had seen the designs. I handled this by removing the personal pictures in the renderings and put a full set on the side of the coach for all workers to see. Since doing this, workers have been originating working late and on Saturdays to get the coach done faster as they have never produced anything like this before. And that the feedback from the audio personnel was that they were learning so much in doing this coach on quality of audio as well as how much a Crestron can do [Note: Marathon has never had the ACs controlled by Crestron and we figured out how to do this as apparently for years this has been a problem for them – I did not tell him this part].

 He was very happy about this.

He asked me when COB was coming back and I told him I did not know.  

He mentioned again that he loves the Husqvarna [TC 450] and that it is awesome.

 Additionally, he commented that he loves being at the base and does not want to leave just like the Ship there is so much space. He said that his LA house is like a prison – he is stuck behind a gate. He said again that the base was the best place in the world for him. 

This is ok.


Buildings and the Founder

A couple years ago Bill Mahr did a very interesting and entertaining documentary on religion called Religulous.  Readers of this blog forwarded me  short excerpts from Religulous that show some interesting parallels between the church of Scientology and the Roman Catholic church.  Might make for some lively and enlightening discussion.

Mark McKinstry – Another Dissemination Genius Arises from the Ashes



Some of you may know me. My name is Mark McKinstry.

I did my first Scientology service in October 1975 at the Davis Mission, while a student at the University of California. I joined staff a few months later. My staff experience has been primarily on dissemination lines:

  • I was part of the Davis Mission Division VI, which was one of the largest on the planet at the time.
  • I worked at both the Guardians Office Worldwide and Mission Office Worldwide when they were headquartered at St. Hill for 7 years. 1977-1982
  • I was a partner in Latch Management Services, a group that pioneered WISE consulting and dissemination to professionals, starting with Chiropractors. Sterling Management was an offshoot from this group. At one point our combined clients made up 25% of FSO GI weekly. Something WISE groups had never before accomplished. 1982 – 1987
  • I joined the Sea Org in 1988. I held the post of National Sales Manager at Bridge Publications for 17 years and personally got orders for over 14 million LRH books (fiction and non-fiction).


I routed out of the Sea Org in 2007 and have been quietly off the lines since.

I am speaking up now.

For the most part, I was a productive and loyal staff member. My posts kept me on external lines for the most part. I worked directly with Author Services on Fiction lines and Central Marketing/GOLD on the non-fiction campaigns. My job was primarily to help create and present our Marketing and PR campaigns to major retailers like Barnes & Noble, Borders or Walmart and get them to order LRH books and set up promotions in their stores to display and advertise them. I also closed publishers in South America to publish LRH books in their countries. I established the Bridge office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As part of this post, I would go to the Int Base for meetings with Central Marketing staff and executives over these areas.


In 1997, there was a plan to create a Scientology marketing campaign, similar to what had been done with Dianetics in the 80’s. The initial book to be “re-released” was SCIENTOLOGY: A NEW SLANT ON LIFE.

The advertising vehicle for NSOL was a TV campaign called GREAT LIES. You may remember it. A psychiatrist holding a brain, yelling “you are just a brain”. Needless to say, this campaign was not well received by my buyers and by the release date of the book, we had gotten orders for around 70,000 copies.

I was ordered to Int along with my Project Ops Don Arnow and after being put on the meter to find my crimes in front of WDC and IMEC, was given the ultimatum by COB that we either make a target of 250,000 books ordered by release or get kicked out of the Sea Org.

Being kicked out to the Sea Org meant the end of my career, my marriage, 22 years of work. This was the ethics gradient for non-compliance to a COB order. A destructive order at that.

If we were to make the 250,000 target and the books ordered did not “sell-through” to the consumer in 6-8 weeks, the books would then be destroyed and our relationships with the buyers who bought those books severely damaged. These consequences were known, but as COB had ordered it, so nobody questioned it.

Don and I with the help of some select CMU staff, put together a PR campaign video (riding on the publicity that John Travolta had been getting with Pulp Fiction) and used this to get orders for 270,000 books. To get this many books ordered at release meant books in every bookstore, airport, Walmart, and many grocery stores in America that sold books. We went to 40 states to do this, mostly by car.

The TV campaign was the bust that the buyers had initially predicted. Over 95% of the books were destroyed by the accounts after they failed to sell in the first two months.

We both were highly commended by COB for making the “do or die” target, had our ethics files cancelled, but severely damaged our goodwill with accounts. It was no victory for me.

Following the 911 attacks, I was attending the Frankfurt book fair in October and got word to return home ASAP I had received an order from COB to get 20 Dianetics books into every store in the U.S. on an immediate basis.

The facts were that 20 books per store, at the rate that stores had been selling Dianetics, would have been a seven-year supply per store. There was no marketing campaign, just the fact of 9/11and COB’s idea that this would increase demand for self-help books.

I proposed a plan that would gradually increase the stock in stores to 20 per store over a six month period, as we created demand for the books as there had been no Dianetics marketing being done for years. This was rejected and the “do or die” order stood.

This time, the “gun to the head of the salesman” did not work. I could not pass the “disagreement check” in order to fire on this sales trip. Others went in my place (and got no orders from any account). Some time later, I was labeled a “stat crasher” and sent to the Pac RPF.

It was there that I met almost 100 SO vets who had been offloaded from the Int base by orders of COB. Each one with the r-factor that they would be declared if they routed out.

I won’t fully recount here what the PAC RPF is like. At best it is a gulag where time stands still. The only thing that makes it bearable are the some of the dedicated staff there. Some had been on the program for seven years or more. That is seven years without a day off, no contact with wife or family, no music, twenty-minute meal breaks. A phone call to your parent’s on Christmas day. A day otherwise spent cleaning floors and toilets. For the most part the RPF is kept hidden from the public and staff. For the most part, we helped build sets for the Int events and furniture for the “Ideal Orgs”.

At one point, following an IAS event, the RPF was allowed to watch the video of the event where Tom Cruise receives the IAS medal and is proclaimed by DM as “the most dedicated Scientologist I know”. I looked over at the guy sitting next to me, a man who had worked on the ship with LRH, had been an SO member for over 25 years, who had been on the RPF for 6 years separated from his wife and family. Really? An actor who has been actively disseminating for a couple of years is the most dedicated Scientologist on the planet?

I finished the RPF program in 2.5 years (a relatively fast completion time) and returned to Bridge Publications. The trade lines (dissemination to raw public) were now completely dead. The national bookstore accounts had not even been visited in my absence. All the attention and effort was on setting up the Bridge manufacturing lines, repackaging the books and more sales to Scientologists (existing public). The HCOPL PROPORTIONATE MARKETING outlines how marketing should be done, with the majority going to raw public campaigns. The exact opposite of what is occurring.

The staff who had made some progress in the 80’s on raw public dissemination were for the most part either RPFed or declared. Most of these people were my close friends that I had worked with “in the trenches”: Ronnie Miscavige, Bill Dendiu, Fred Harris, Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Gabrielle Allen, Phil Anderson, Yael Sherlock. Most declared Suppressive Persons. How could that be?

As an S.O. member not at the Int base, you would never know that they had been declared. They would just disappear off the lines with no mention of what had occurred. The only way I knew that Bill Dendiu was out of the S.O. was I met him at LAX on the way back from Brazil. Someone that I had worked with for almost 20 years.


When I heard that Mike Rinder had blown, I began searching the internet to see if I could find some trace of him. I had not worked much with Mike directly, but we were involved in many of the same campaigns. At one point when I was being “investigated” I got word that Mike had stood up for me at a meeting at Int. You never forget something like that.

Everyone is your friend when you get commended by COB. But your real friends are those who stand up for you, when it is not popular to do so. It is so easy to find fault with another staff member, much harder to defend them, because in this environment you open yourself the to charge of having mutual overts or in some way defying “command intention”.

What Marty and Mike write on this site is true. It is the only vehicle that I know of that fills the vacuum as to what has been going on. It is information that few Sea Org members and Scientologists are privy to. S.O. members are denied access to the internet for the most part, with filters to keep them from seeing sites like this.

To see Freedom Magazine come out with its “investigation” on ex-S.O. Really? Freedom magazine? There aren’t 4th dynamic abuses worth exposing? We need to convince everyone that anyone who dares to have a contrary opinion is open to have 25 years of service pilloried? I don’t agree.

The reason that people have to go outside the Church to make themselves heard is obvious. The “Emperor’s New Clothes” is in effect full time internally. Who is going to question DM, let alone depose him?

I support Mike and Marty in getting the truth made know so that it can be dealt with before the resources of Scientology are consumed in defending David Miscavige at all costs. Because if enough people don’t wake up internally as to what is going on, eventually the handling will be done externally.

In making this statement, I will be cut off from friends who are “in good standing” with the Church. Or declared. So be it.

If it is one less day that Heber or others have to stay “in the hole”, or the RPF, it is worth it.

Mark McKinstry


Stat Analysis of a Dead Radical church

I have commented before that LRH admin technology has long since been banned in Miscavige’s church.   Only in the independent field are those breakthroughs currently in use.  The core of LRH management tech is the multiple viewpoint system.  It is only possible where independent, uncooked, unaltered data is provided from many different viewpoints of the current scene.  For several months now, we have for the first time in decades made that possible with respect to Scientology. Thanks to Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins, Amy Scobee, Marc Headley,  many other whistleblowers, bloggers and web site and forum operators; and all of YOU contributors.  Only here are we free to utilize Data Series Evaluator technology.  And only here do we pay heed to honest statistic analysis.

With inexorable promptitude (phrase borrowed from early eighties LRH ED tape) Samuel  submitted an enlightening stat analysis.  On the weekend when corporate Scientologists are being plied with false stats, false claims, and false braggadocio of the International Association of Shills annual implant, our own Samuel provided us with a verifiable statistical analysis of the state of Scientology.   Witness the Phoenix. Here it is for your review:


Update with two year graphs:


Mike Rinder on The Edge

International Association of Shills

Before I get started on another IAS fraud story,  a short announcement.  On the day of the IAS event, tomorrow Friday Oct 15th, a one hour interview with Mike Rinder will be aired on the Edge with Tom Smith in Tampa.  You can tune in at 12:30 p.m. eastern time at

With the annual IAS event just around the corner, here is some timely news.

Below you will find an actual casting call notice in the United Kingdom.  It was issued the week of the IAS event 2009.   Rumors swirled about this in certain forums many months ago.  I couldn’t believe it was looking for extras for the IAS event.  I guess I was reasonable. Recently I met with an actor who actually answered the call.   He confirmed that five busloads of extras were shipped out to fill up the Great Hall at St Hill Manor for the 25th Anniversary event.  The actors were briefed that they were not to let on that they were extras.  They were instructed to act enthusiastic as if they were thrilled to hear Miscavige’s bombastic claims at the event.

You might want to advise kool aid drinkers you know who insist on going to events to be on the look out for folks who just don’t seem to fit in, folks who perhaps are acting.  But, maybe that won’t be of much use, since I believe the majority of folks going to those events these days are doing just that: trying really hard to pretend that it is all for real.

The actual casting call notice:

Casting Calls > Actors & Extras wanted > Other auditions

Extras required for International event: WEDS AND THURS THIS WEEK in LONDON

Casting no. 130383  –  All regions, UK

Casting complete: Applications now closed.

PAID WORK – YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GET TO East Grinstead for 10am tomorrow trains from VICTORIA LONDON

PAID WORK – YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GET TO East Grinstead for 10am tomorrow trains from VICTORIA LONDON


A Los Angeles production company is putting on a major international event on the 16th October in front of 7,000 people. This event will also be broadcast internationally.

For this we need an abundance of extras!

REHEARSALS start Thursday 15th at 10am for rhe event the on FRIDAY so you need to be available both days


Apply now!

Location: All regions, United Kingdom

Payment details: PAID WORK

Any gender, aged 18 to 40 from the United Kingdom

Miscavige Meltdown – the Proof

One of the most widely read posts on this blog was published on 24 April 2010, Miscavige Meltdown. It was Mike Rinder’s account of an ambush staged by seven Miscavige flunkies on Mike in the parking lot of a doctor’s office where he was waiting for Christie. The seven were Miscavige’s deputy Jenny Linsen, ED Int Guialluame Lesevre, David Blumberg, Sue “David Miscavige is Scientology” Wilhere, Cathy Rinder, Taryn Rinder and Andrew Rinder.  Here is the the link to that post for those unfamiliar with it:

The BBC broadcast a short sound bite of the ambush.  Here is the entire sound recording of the event.  It is followed by a transcript.  The recording was made in the United Kingdom via a cell phone Mike was holding so it is not the greatest quality. I suggest starting the audio recording and follow along with the transcript.  If you can make it all the way through, well done, and pass on your increasing ability to confront evil.

  Rinder confrontation transcript:

April 23, 2010

Mike Rinder: Hello

John Sweeney: Hello Mike, I don’t know why we got cut off there

MR: Yeah, I don’t know why either

JS: Ok, so essentially…. um, um….you did sign depositions, or affidavits at this period, but they, you certainly didn’t, you didn’t lie and you didn’t ask anybody else to lie?

Cathy Rinder (CR): Fucker

MR: Hey John, guess what…

David Bloomberg: Mother Fucker

MR: …. my brother, my daughter, David Bloomberg, a whole gang of people just came here in the parking lot.

Several people screaming at the same time: Mike, Fuck you, Mike, Fuck you, …….etc

MR: You get out of here

Jenny Linson: You look at your daughter. You piece of shit.

MR: Oh, Fuck off Jenny.

JL: Fuck you.

Several people screaming at the same time

CR: ….. I don’t care

MR: Can you hear what they are saying? John can you hear this?

JS: I can’t, I’m afraid. Who is that?

CR: Look at your daughter

AR: Talk to us

?: Shut up

Taryn Rinder: I’m your daughter, Mike

JS: Hello

MR: Are you listening?

JS: Yes

CR: You deserted us

JL: You deserted your family, you won’t talk to your family, you won’t see your family, you brother is here, your daughter is here, your wife is here

MR: I’ll talk to Andrew, I’ll talk to you

CR: Oh Yeah?

JL: ….and they want to talk to you, you deserted your family, you deserted your family you piece of shit, you deserted your family

CR: You walked out on me, you Fucker

MR: Screw off Jenny

JL: You walked out on your family

Taryn Rinder (TR): And you tried to fuck with Benjamin, you tried to fuck with Benjamin

MR: Taryn

TR: You’re trying to fuck with me. You’re trying to fuck with my home.

MR: Taryn

TR: Your church, and my church, you’re fucking with everything I believe in

CR: You leave Benjamin alone, you knock it off

MR: That’s fine Cathy

CR: No, it’s not fine, you fuck off, you fucking stop

JL: Your family came here to talk to you, and you refuse to talk to your family

AR: Talk to me Michael, talk to me

JS: Mike are you OK?

AR: Don’t be a dick, don’t be a fucking dick

MR tries to get into the car. Car horn….. (Andrew trying to stop him and take the keys and his arm pushes up against the car horn.)

AR: Don’t be a dick man, Look just talk to me, Talk to me

MR: Andrew, I will talk to you but not with all these other people

AR: Talk to me now, c’mon

MR: Ok, get in the car, get in the car

AR: I can’t get in the car, you don’t even know what it’s taken for me to get here, you have no idea what I’ve gotta go through, It’s just not Ok, you can’t do this to me (concurrent to car horn).

MR: Andrew

AR: You can’t. It’s my life Mike

MR: It’s mine too

AR: I got it, it’s just….you just can’t do this to me. Ok?

Car horn

AR: You’re breaking my finger

JS: Mike, mike, can you…

MR: I’m not

JL: Talk to your brother, Stop what you are doing and listen to your brother, stop hurting your brother

AR: Mike talk to me, talk to me

MR: I will talk to you, get in the car

JL: Stop hurting your brother, stop………your brother

AR: Stop giving me crap

JL: Stop hurting your brother, stop, listen to your brother

MR: Don’t you take the keys

AR: I came from Melbourne to talk to you

MR: I want to talk to you

JL: Mike stop

MR: I’m willing to talk to you, but I will talk to you in the car, you get in the car and I’ll talk to you. I’ll drive off.

AR: Take the keys out

MR: Get in the car

(scuffle of noise, shoving, wrestling of something….)

AR: ……..My sunglasses

AR: Don’t you go anywhere alright

MR: I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to shut the door guys.

Other people talking…..

AR?: I’ll get it then

DB: …….. the phone

MR: Ok Dave, go ahead.

JL: Mike this is……(?) you cock-sucking piece of shit

MR: Oh, Jenny you’re really helping

JL: Oh yeah, let me tell you………….

MR: Forget it Andrew, forget it

AR: I’ve come a long way

JL: That’s it

People talking, not discernable

JL: Don’t go anywhere

MR: Don’t do that. It’s not OK.

MR: Andrew

(concurrently there is scuffling, shoving, wrestling of keys, phone or something)

JS: Hello? Hello? Hello?

Disconnected, JS calls back.

JS: No they’ve all, they’re still in, I’m still recording myself. I need to, let me see how he is.

MR: Hello

JS: Hi, Mike, It’s John…. I’m….uh well

CR: Want to keep going? ….. Fucking……stupid…..

MR: I would like it if you would call the police

JL: Look what you did to your wife , look what you did to your wife

MR: Call the Clearwater police and send them to

JL: Look what you did to your wife, look what you did to your wife

CR: Look at it Mike

JL: look what you did to your wife, look what you did to us

JS: Call the Clearwater police, what number?

AR: C’mon, Mike don’t do this, confront me, fucking confront ME

JS: Could you tell the others that we are, that I am recording this conversation and we want to use it for….

AR: Stop being a Fuck-wit, Stop it

MR: I just want to let everybody know that this whole conversation is being recorded by the BBC

JL: That’s fine, That’s fine, because your wife and your daughter came to see you and you diiiiiisconnected from them, they came to see you and YOU won’t see them

CR: You walked out on us

MR: Did you get that on tape John?

AR: Good, but you can talk to me

JS: Yes, um, who was talking there

AR: Mike

MR: That was Jenny Devocht

JL: First of all, I said fine to you, I didn’t say fine to them, your family came to see you and you won’t talk to them, and that’s…

MR: Oh, fuck off you little piece of shit

JL: No, you stop it Mike

MR: Jenny, piss off

JL: It’s CATHY that’s talking to you

CR: I’M talking to you

MR: No, you’ve got a little, you’ve got a little gang here

JL: Your brother’s here, your daughter’s here, you’re married to her, you won’t see your family.

CR: I want to talk to you

AR: Just talk to me, man

JL: Your family is here to see you and you refuse to talk to them, that’s the truth.

AR: C’mon, talk to me

CR: You won’t talk to me Mike

MR: You’re right

AR: But you can talk to me

MR: I’ll talk to you, I told you already I’ll talk to you, I’m happy to talk to you, but I won’t talk to you with that little bitch shouting in the background……

AR: I know, I know, I got it

Holly Johangten: Mike, can you come here please, you (directed at the other people) are not welcome here

JL: His wife is going with him

TR: I’m your daughter

JL: She’s his daughter

CR: I’m his wife

JL: His wife and his daughter are here, it’s his daughter, his daughter, and his brother

MR: Hey

HJ: You are not welcome in here, and you are not

JL: His daughter…..

HJ: Do you want them to come with you?

MR: No

CR: Ma’am, I am, ma’am…..

HJ: I don’t care, this is my place of establishment and I would like you to leave right now

CR: No, I am married to him and I am going to talk to him

HJ: (Directed at her receptionist) Can you go take care of her needles for her please? Thanks.

CR: I’m talking to him

HJ: Would you like me to call the police?

MR: Yes, please

HJ: Please leave

CR: I’m going to talk to him, OK?

MR: Would you please call the police

JS: Are you asking me to?

HJ: Get out now

MR: No, no John, I’m at the doctors because Christie was at the doctor

CR: He is my husband, I’m going to talk to him

HJ: You’re not welcome here, I don’t care

JS: Right

MR: And I’m in, I walked inside the doctors office and the doctor was a little upset

HJ: I don’t care whose daughter you are, please leave here right now

JS: Right, OK

MR: Because there is a bunch of people screaming outside, and demanding to come in, and my daughter tried to push her and…..

HJ: Can you shut the door please?

AR: Yeah, sure. Mike?

JS: Right, has this ever happened before at all?

MR: No it hasn’t

HJ: It’s not up to him.

JS: And this was a half hour conversation that we had before

MR: Right

JS: Who knows, Um……

CR: says something in the background (not discernable)

MR: Oh, get the fuck out of here, don’t cause more trouble, you’re already causing enough trouble.

CR: Oh yeah, you won’t talk to me

MR: What do you care?

CR: You stay away from Benjamin, you mother fucker

MR: What do you care?

TR: We care about him.

CR: I care about that Ok

TR: Me too

MR: About what?

CR: About Benjamin

MR: Oh, and like that really hurt him, right?

CR: You better stop

MR: After you, after you…..

CR: You have no idea, Ok.

MR: Good you made your point, Bye

CR: No, fuck you, you’re going to stop it

TR: No

MR: Bye

CR: You’re going to stop mucking with our lives, and your fucking kids OK?

TR: And with me

MR: I am not

CR: Yes you are, you are going to stop

MR: Oh, why because you told me so?

TR: No

CR: That’s right

MR: That’s not going to work, Cathy

CR: I’m telling you, you better stop, you better stop

MR: You better wake up.

CR: You better fucking wake up, buddy.

MR: You better wake up to what’s really going on

CR: You have no fucking idea, Ok. I don’t give a fuck. All I know, is that what you’ve been doing and what you’re doing now is committing SP acts every minute, of every fucking day.

MR: And if you think that that has an effect on me, you’re wrong

CR: I’m not …..

JS: And who is talking now Mike?

MR: Cathy

CR: I’m telling you, you are going to stop

JS: And that’s um, that’s your ex-wife? Does she know that I’m recording this conversation?

MR: Yes, they all know that you’re recording this conversation, John.

TR: We don’t care. This is my comm cycle to you.

MR: Taryn, I’m happy to talk to you.

CR: You are not listening to her. Listen to her Mike.

MR: Listen

CR: You have no idea.

MR: Oh, yes I do.

TR: Well then, that’s the problem.

AR: Get off the phone and talk to her.

MR: Yes I do. I have a very good idea.

CR: You’re fucking nuts. Ok.

MR: That’s true. Obviously.

CR: ……You have a fucking axe to grind and you are not in present time.

MR: That really impinged.

CR: Yeah, let me tell you something….

AR: Yeah….

MR: That really impinged, that really impinged. That really, that really impinged.

CR: You are…. to us, and effecting my entire family. You are not going to do it anymore, and you are going to stop. STOP doing what you are doing. It isn’t worth it, Mike. For what?

MR: To save you.

TR: Oh, no. No.

CR: Fuck Off.

MR: Oh yeah, well I really appreciate that.

TR: No fucking way. You know it. You know it. And everything you do….

CR: Oh really to save me, oh yeah, that’s your intention? (pointing at her arm)

MR: Oh, like I walked up and grabbed you?

CR: Yeah, you did.

MR: Oh right. (Laughing in disbelief.)

AR: Hey, Knock it off, knock it off. Mike.

MR: I want to talk to you Andrew. I have no problem talking to you.

AR: Then do it. Hang up. Talk to me.

MR: I will talk to you, but I’m not going to talk to you with an audience.

CR: I’m staying here.

AR: I got that.

MR: I’ll talk to you and T. I’ll talk to you and T.

AR: Good then lets do it.


MR: Bye John.

AR: Bye.

JS: Bye.

The Mad Mind of Miscavige

The following is an excerpt from a mid-2007 despatch dictated by David Miscavige.

In the last few weeks, it has not been nice. Do you know that pimple you saw? Well, I popped it. We’re talking two guys buying X-rated movies and masturbating simultaneously in the same room with one being the husband and one being the wife, going through Dean and Deluca (a gourmet mail order catalog) catalogs as husband and wife and the bald-headed guy buying the other one cheese as a favor. We’re talking about the guy who was on the finance lines and refused to get you the finance issues, waiting for R to come back so he can be permanently appointed for the rest of the universe as the International Finance Dictator. We’re talking about me finding out exactly what Mike was doing in 1982. We’re talking about Marc’s op. We’re talking about me knowing exactly what MR has been doing on his sympathizing for all the SPs who got nothing done.

Translation:  The bald-headed fellow is Marc Yager, WDC Chairman and CO CMO INT.  The cheese-eater is Guillaume Lesevre, ED International. You’ve heard Mike, Tom, Steve, Dan, Amy and I talk or write about Miscavige’s constant accusations that Yager and Guillaume were homosexual lovers. Well, here it is in writing.  This is after Debbie Cook’s experience in the Hole wherein Miscavige threatened all of Int that if they didn’t get a homosexual confession out of Marc and Guillaume, he would send Tom Cruise down to beat the hell out of them.   Debbie reported that Marc and Guillaume did not confess despite brutal beatings.  Debbie was then ordered to stand in a garbage can with a sign “lesbian” around her neck to be physically and orally assaulted for the next day. For those unfamiliar with this history please see,

After all that, what does Miscavige do?  He starts writing despatches like the one above to his pets at the time in continental units.  He runs a black propaganda campaign, with purely invented, lewd stories to tittilate his minions and destroy the reputation of top international management.

The Int Finance Dir he refers to is Wendell.  And yes, he is waiting for LRH; and the fact he won’t come off that belief drives Miscavige batty daily.

The reference to MR (Rinder) sympathizing with SPs back in 82?  You got it, he had disagreements with the power pushes Miscavige did at the time violently taking out Mayo, two CO CMO Ints, Mary Sue Hubbard, and Mission Holders Network.

That’s right DOX. Plenty of them.  Spread around the world in dozens of safe locations to guarantee they shall see the light of day.  Despite Miscavige’s expensive, violent, and best efforts otherwise.

Madness from Coast to Coast – the Mosquitoes

Well, 36 hours after Daniel’s departure from Tiziano and Jamie’s,  six full time PIs still have the place under surveillance.     $30,000 to $50,000 spent per day, conservative estimate, in an attempt to cave in this couple.  Product?  $30,000 to $50,000 a day wasted, and their image as a radical, bullying cult more firmly etched in the public mind.

All the while, Lil’ Dave Lebow has been in Clearwater orchestrating full-time harrassment against Mike Rinder. 

Some people have expressed to me the concern that my graphic reporting of the Radical Scientology Cult PI hijinks might tend to back off people who would otherwise step forward to help in the cause.  That may be so.  But, those who consider backing off ought to know that we are beginning to expererience a major tipping point that I suggested several months ago that we might see sooner or later. That is, when enough people stand up to the bullying rather than do what Miscavige intends the targets of his harassment to do – that is, shrink and crawl quietly into darkness – the in terorrem effect will, once and for all, be lost.  Remember, Miscavige has two missiles in his arsenal. One, intimidation with seemingly unlmited chutzpah and money in order to wear one down to the attitude of “it is not worth it any more.”  Two, when “one” has had its intended effect, use seemingly unlimited funds to either a) make the legal and PR trouble he has created with this over-the-top intimidation tactics go away, or b) throw the target a bone to settle and go away quietly.   I also said from the beginning that breaking the mafia-like monopoly of terror Miscavige runs is inevitable because we are a new breed of cat.  We are immune to both missiles in his arsenal.  We just ain’t afraid, and we are not buyable at any price.

With Radical Scientology PI’s swarming like mosquitos a few helpful tips are in order.

If you get messed with by the PI’s, realize that objective number one for OSA/Miscavige is to get into your head.  Did you know that when you scratch the itch after a mosquito bites, you exacerbate the problem by spreading its deposited poison?  If you can withstand the first few impulses to scratch, the itch will go away.

So, rule one is to not let them bother you.

However, this is not so workable when you are subjected to swarms of hungry mosquitoes. In that case, it will behoove you to swat the little peckers before they insert their blood suckers into your skin.  The key to this second rule, is don’t get frazzled. Do it sytematically, and calmly and you are liable to prevent much penetration. If it persists, you might want to fog or spray your area – treat them a bit more aggressively.  But, again a calm, rational approach works best.

If the mosquitoes persist and make your home, and your person, a habitat, then you had better have your perimeter treated, perhaps by a professional.   In the case of Miscavige’s mosquitoes, law enforcement is the best mosquito guard.  Some of his better paid mosquitoes will develop a resistance to the professional mosquito guard.  But, if you continue informing your local professionals they will likely up the gradient giving you a comfortable perimeter.

Dear Leader’s favorite private investigator, David Lubow, usually slinks around in the shadows pretending to be an International Man of Mystery. Most often he is found hiding on the other end of a phone spreading Black PR.  On that score, he has always served as an accurate reflection of Miscavige’s state of mind.  Accordingly, he has been spotted of late desparately attempting to get under targets’ skin, on the streets and sidewalks engaging in overt harassment.

Here he is two days ago surveilling Mike Rinder at a restaurant in Clearwater:

Did anyone see the resemblance to a mosquito?

Here is Lebow the very next day, across the street from Mike and Christie’s home in Tarpon Springs:

As you can see, Lebow is apparently using “swarm tech”, quite ineffectively.

Mike finally calls the local exterminator because Lebow, carrying out Miscavige’s On Human Behavior PAB tech of making himself so repulsive as to offend the sensibilities of innocents in the environment (namely Mike and Christie’s neighbors).   But, not before thoroughly reversing the flow by questioning the investigator to understand and document the nature of its harassment.

Again, don’t lose sight of this fact. Miscavige’s mission is to make all of his hosts in his image. Dave Lebow is a study in the current state of mind of David Miscavige.

Montalvo Update – The Wild, Wild West

Daniel Montalvo continued to be under effective house arrest most of the day.   A multi-agent Radical Scientology cult  private eye team has had Daniel under surveillance full time since his release.  Twice the investigators have made aggressive moves with their vehicles toward Daniel’s friend and host Tiziano Lugli.  

This evening, Tiziano and Jamie took Daniel to dinner at a cafe on Sunset Blvd.   A four car team of Radical Scientology cult investigators leered from across the street. When they finished eating,  Tiziano and Jamie approached the PI team. As the two neared the pack of gangsters, team leader Mike Kelly (same guy who lead the JB surveilance team at Tiziano’s  this summer; and surveilled Mosey’s and my arrival at LA International the week before last)  screamed like a stuck pig crying he was fearful that Jamie and Tiziano were going to “mug” he and his three hired thugs. Kelly slammed Tiziano’s arm knocking his video camera to the ground. Jamie called 911.  Twenty LA County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene aiming shotguns at all the PIs and Tiziano and Jamie.  Tiziano and the pregnant Jamie were cuffed along with the PIs until the watch commander arrived to sort out what was going on.  When they realized it was the Radical Scientology cult PI’s at work again, they gave Tiziano and Jamie a head start home detaining the PI’s in the meantime.

When the smoke finally cleared, Daniel had vanished.

Don’t worry. He is in good hands.

Tiziano and Jamie took some knocks,  but the kid rides again, at least for now, free from effective house arrest.

Minutes later another four cars full of Scientology cult PIs arrived at Tiziano’s home demanding that Daniel be produced to be served with  a restraining order.  Too late, there was no Daniel to produce.

Turns out Eliott Abelson went to court – with no notice to Daniel – representing Daniel’s wife alleging physical spousal abuse purportedly occuring several months ago.  Never reported to the police of course.   They claimed it was an emergency matter to restrain Daniel from going within 100 yards of the Hollywood Blvd management building and the Complex.  The very premises he has been attempting to forever leave behind.  The very premises the church utilized legal threats and family pleas in order to lure Daniel back to. Abelson continues to be a shameless, lying shyster.

As to spousal abuse, what else do you expect?  Isn’t that precisely what they accused me, Amy, Tom and Mike of in their Freedom mags? 

The Criminal Mind of Miscavige apparently mandates such allegations be made. He is obsessed with accusing others of his own sordid intentions and activities.

Miscavige is one sick, sick puppy. 

And an increasingly ineffective one.

Hopefully, Sheriff Baca will wake up and restore order in a county gone lawless when it comes to the Radical Scientology cult.  Hopefully, Miscavige doesn’t take him down like he did his other LA buddy, a certain one-time movie star. 

Interesting how Miscavige is so effective at bringing down apparent friends he tricks into trusting him, while being so utterly ineffective at ruining those who are wise to his tricks and are exposing him for what he is.