Merchant of Chaos

LRH begins The True Story of Scientology with this:

The true story of Scientology is simple, concise and direct. It is quickly told:

1. A philosopher developed a philosophy about life and death.

2. People find it interesting.

3. People find it works.

4. People pass it along to others.

5. It grows.

“When we examine this extremely accurate and very brief account, we see that there must be in our civilization some very disturbing elements for anything else to be believed about Scientology. These disturbing elements are the Merchants of Chaos. They deal in confusion and upset. Their daily bread is made by creating chaos. If chaos were to lessen, so would their incomes.”

LRH follows that introduction with a series of characteristics of the Merchant of Chaos.  Think these through and see if they remind you of anyone:

“It is to their interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible, for only then can they profit. Their incomes, force and power rise in direct ratio to the amount of threat they can inject into the surroundings of people.With that threat, they can extort revenue, appropriations, heightened circulations and recompense without question. These are the Merchants of Chaos. If they did not generate it and buy and sell it, they would, they suppose, be poor…

“…This is the cold-blooded manufacture of ‘a dangerous environment.’ People do not need this news and if they did, they need the facts, not the upset. But if you hit a person hard enough, he can be made to give up money. That’s the basic formula of extortion…”

“…The world simply must not be a better place according to the Chaos Merchant. If people were less disturbed, less beaten down by their environments, there would be no new appropriations for police and armies and big rockets and there’d be not even pennies for a screaming sensational press…”

The person who came to mind when I read this has attempted to re-write the True Story of Scientology as follows:

1. He has taken studied, extreme measures to write the author of Scientology out of the picture. Most recently he had the LRH biographer once again drop the biography of LRH and write 110 pages of PR copy on himself as the author of the greatest breakthroughs in Dianetics and Scientology in their histories.

2. He doesn’t find it interesting in the slightest. So much so, he hasn’t audited in nearly twenty years.

3. He has taken measures to use Scientology in the reverse so that it works in reverse to a detrimental result.

4. He diverted and socked away nearly a billion dollars that otherwise might have been spent on dissemination – a central management function – for his own personal aggrandizement.

5. Under his leadership the movement has had unprecedented shrinkage, to the point it is now being held afloat by a captive, elite public that are lavished with statuses in exchange for lucre.

I’m just sayin’.

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  1. “But if you hit a person hard enough, he can be made to give up money. That’s the basic formula of extortion…”

    This part of the quote stood out for me in particular. That is exactly what is being done now. Just more and more pressure until money is squeezed out.
    And I think if every person that donated asked where there money actually went instead of looking forward to a shiny trophy or pin, maybe this whole strong arm section that DM has working for him, known as the “IAS” would disappear.

  2. Marty, Thank you!

    Here is what a new OTVIII told me a few days ago:

    “we all need to see the LRH when anything
    comes up especially when we’re BI’s on what gets on our lines.”

  3. Concerned Citizen

    Aside from this very well laid out post, Marty made a comment that jumped at me.
    “Well put. Anyone from Int will tell you the moment anybody demonstrated a great deal of competence and fellow staff began to notice, Miscavige’s cross hairs would soon appear on their foreheads”
    Mmmm!!. Though he bears resemblance to Hitler, this guy seems more and more similar to Stalin. I mean, down to the constant purging and vanishing of their wife’s

  4. Very nicely written, Marty.

    Unfortunately, as you say he has his elite deviants who keep him in power. Many who like him are “merchants of chaos” in their own right.

    Funny I thought of a tune by the late Warren Zevon when I mentioned John Coale who is one of Miscavige’s biggest contributors in an earlier post.

    Anyway I thought it was appropiate for some reason:,+Guns+and+Money

    Enjoy 🙂

  5. It is sickening how he has managed to relegate source to merely an aside, a side note or side bar to the main event, used JUST enough that public don’t immediately rebel while his own image is pushed with gusto.

    I noticed in the Tommy Davis news interview being discussed in the earlier thread that (in addition to the fact that Davis lied regarding disconnection) he only mentioned L. Ron Hubbard once in the entire seven minute clip and that was in a throw away line, a sort of by-the-way.

    With source shoved out of the picture people lose touch with the idea of reaching for and using LRH materials as their stable data and thus lose their antidote to the poison spread by the Merchant of Chaos, allowing him to give prominence to his IAS extortion machine and all the other atrocities he commits.

    “We are the IAS. Now and forever” Really? Well, we’ll see about that because: We are NOT the IAS. Not now, not ever.

  6. martyrathbun09


  7. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I did enjoy. Another appropriate one comes to mind: Drugs, Guns and Money by Chuck D and public enemy.

  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. You are not the first to mention this. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good book (not dry) that tells us the story of Stalin?

  9. Yeah I agree 🙂

    Anyone out there who’s into T-shirt graphics? If you put out the following in bold letters as follows:

    “We are NOT the IAS. Not now, not ever!”

    I’ll buy ten of them!

  10. Concerned Citizen

    I have something better;
    PBS has a series on Stalin, which is very well documented and even entretaining.

    But if you just read the Wikipedia article on him, you’ll find so many similarities on modus operandi and strategy. Heck eve the physical resemblance is eerie

  11. Me too!!

  12. I read this one recently nearly nonstop & couldnt put it down:

    Stalin by Edvard Radzinsky

    altho I’m history buff + researchfag… so my definition of “dry” might not be the same as yours. but it was also well recommended by the washington post.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Great, thanks a lot.

  14. Buffalo stats from a Feb 8th 05′ post on ARS
    “Rich Dunning, former Deputy ED of Buffalo Org has been doing a bit of
    posting over on OCMB and answered a few questions for me about the
    Buffalo Org stats.

    Rich left staff about 18-24 months ago, after the Buffalo org had it’s
    big grand opening of the new building complete with panel tech.

    Rich reported on the following stats:

    BIS– Bodies in the Shop. This means the number of different
    individuals in the org and doing a service in a stat week– Thursday
    at 2 to Thursday at 2.

    Average BIS 10 – 30 people.

    WDAH– Well Done Auditing Hours

    It varied due to the fact that they sometimes had no auditors

    GI– Gross Income

    This stat also varied but on average it was $1000.00 a week. They
    had a once in a lifetime “high” stat of $42,000.00 one week.

    # of public attending the International events like the IAS event or
    LRH’s birthday.

    Average 40 people per event.

    Rich reports that the stats got a little bit better after (Int)
    Management was there, but then it went right back down after that.”

  15. Put me down for a batch of T shirts.

    We are reading Mein Kampf in our household at the moment and the way Hitler used propaganda, events and even building structures to further his evil message has been recreated by the Merchant of Chaos in almost identical fashion. But the truth is the Merchant of Chaos possesses a number of startling resemblances to both Stalin and Hitler in the way he operates.

    But here is a truly chilling thought that has often crossed my mind: Miscavige usurped power over and dominates a religion and its members, at least for a little while longer, and though he has hurt many people and some have actually died, he has known that the laws of the land could call him to account and this fact has no doubt reined him in, to some degree or another.

    Imagine what he would have done if it had been a country he had come to dominate. Unrestrained, able to mould the law to his own ends, imagine what laws he would passed and the actions he would have taken.

    Sleep tight.

  16. Chuck Beatty you wrote about 08 ILO stats but I can’t find them, do you know where they are?

  17. Marty, what a great post. It really made a startling contrast.

    I shiver when I think of the chaos and mayhem one inflows during an IAS briefing. These briefings are just brutal.

    I just read the wikipedia on Stalin and the traits are almost identical. It is really and truley amazing how close DM and Stalin are. They are even short little fuggers.

  18. Concerned Citizen

    Here is the Link to the PBS Video. It is almost like a movie.

  19. Here’s an account of the infamous unmock of OC org:

    “Yes, the Orange County Org was booming in the late 80’s, early 90’s! They were Saint Hill size and their was a New World Corps present which was giving auditing to all the staff. The Executive Director was John Woodruff and he had a veteran team of executives under him including Dave Petit who went on to glory as C. O. of Celebrity Centre LA.

    DM attempted to transfer Woodruff from O.C. to L.A. Day and Woodruff politely turned him down and said he prefered to remain at O.C. – Woodruff mentioned this to O.C. public at an event. Maybe about 6 weeks later, Woodruff let O.C. know that D.M. would not take no for an answer and Woodruff left. He wasn’t at L.A. Day all that long, maybe 2 or 2 1/2 years and then he was busted and no longer on staff. No one was told what happened to him or what went wrong. Does anybody on ESMB know? He was not declared because from time to time he would show up in the O.C. Academy to do some studying and his wife and children were still active at the Org. Petit of course moved to CCLA.

    DM had unmocked the executive team of one of the largest and most successful Class 5 Orgs on the planet. Remember one of LRH’s Policies which was often quoted verbally but seldom followed, “Never unmock a working Installation!” A successful team with very high stats was not to be unmocked whether it was a management team, a division, a department, a section or an entire Org.

    O.C. Org went the Ideal Org route and purchased an Ideal Org about 4 years ago. It is a lovely historic type building in downtown Santa Ana. After all the hoopla surrounding the purchase, a month went by and then C of S starting promoting for another 4.5 million bucks or so for the “Design and Furnishing” phase. The locals were not told there would be such a phase when they began the funding drive to accumulate the 6 1/2 million dollars. After only allowing them 1 month to celebrate the fruits of their purchase, the Design phase was just dropped on them as a surprise.

    They have had the building for about 4 years but as far as I know, they only use it once in awhile to put on events there. That is one reason that their older building, which is where all the delivery occurs, is not being maintained in a pristine condition. It seemed to me that after the O.C. public scraped the barrel to raise the $6.5 million for the building and then was not allowed to occupy it but instead hit with a $4.5 million tab for the design phase, that was the point where the Org started to collapse as to stats and scale of delivery. C of S senior management removed the top management of one of the most successful orgs, i.e. unmocked a working installation pulled out the New World Corps which was auditing the staff members and then stripped $6.5 million from the local public plus part of the $4.5 million for the never fully funded “design phase”, leaving the public stripped of cash so they can’t afford services. If a policy was to be written on how to bring down a powerful Org, what was done to the O.C. Org should serve as its model.”

  20. Concerned Citizen

    I often read look at this, I like it and tonight I thought this is kind of like what Marty, Steve, Geir and the rest of the gang are doing. Enjoy

  21. I was just told a “DM story” by a family member who is on staff that seems appropriate to this post. The story goes, and this is exactly how I heard it: While DM was camera man of the Cine Project, LRH wanted to show him something on how to operate the filming equipment. He asked Dave to come down from the camera chair (We all remember that famous photo right?). DM refused saying that it was his post and that he would defend it and not allow himself to be bypassed by anyone (so much for getting hatted by Source I guess). As the story goes LRH was pissed off at him for this and told him to get down, but Dave still refused saying that he would hold his post and not allow even LRH to “bypass” him. LRH disgruntled about this let Dave continue to operate the camera… The story teller then told me: “now look at the guy, he’s the leader of Scientology, cause he held his post and held his position in space” as if this incident had something to do with his coming to power. The story, which I doubt is true and more likely part of a whispering campaign for DM amongst staff and public in light of recent events, totally puts DM in a position of power over LRH. I though it was weird coming from a Class V org staff member, he just sort of said it “out of the blue” as if some new news. We weren’t anywhere near the subject in our conversation.

  22. I said it on the scientology-cult website and now I’ll say it again here. Someone should prepare a few thousand copies of a leaflet (say half a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ printed two sides) with some simplistic facts about Davey and the mess he has made of Scientology. The strategic objective is to ruin staff morale — and guess who will have to go out and pick them up.

    It needs to be printed on that plasticized paper used for some envelopes that is NOT biodegradable. Then it needs to be dropped on Gold Base from a crop dusting plane or helicopter.

    I know they have some firepower, but I doubt they would shoot down a miscellaneous aircraft passing over on a windless late afternoon.

    This could be done for probably less than a thousand bucks.

  23. Underground For Now

    2XL in black please. I will order 7. One for each day of the week

  24. Thanks for this great post, Marty. My first “contact” with DM was in the early 80s. I was reading a front page story in the NY Times about a “schism” in the COS. There was a photo of an angry DM with his finger pointing right at a mission holder’s face. I was BI’s on him then – wish I had trusted my indicators more at that time.

  25. Agreed! I’m not the IAS either I’m a scientologist loyal to source, not to DM that’s for sure.

  26. Here are some additional LRH references that I believe are applicable to this scene:


    Admin Know-How Series 15
    There are two uses (violently opposed to each other) to which Scientology orgs can be put.
    They are
    I – To forward the advance of self and all dynamics toward total survival.
    2. To use the great power and control of an org over others to defend oneself.
    When a decent being goes to work in an org he uses 1. When a suppressive goes to work in an org he uses 2. When you get in ethics, the decent one raises his necessity level and measures up. The suppressive type blows (leaves). It is of vital interest to all of us that we have orgs that serve to increase survival on all
    dynamics. And that we prevent orgs being used as means to oppress others.
    The answer, oddly enough, is to GET IN ETHICS exactly on-policy and correctly. And we
    will advance.

    The following is an excerpt:

    Admin Know-How Series 17
    “The only time (by actual experience and data) you lose staff and have an unstaffed org is
    when you let low stat people in. Low stat personnel gets rid of good staff members. An org that can’t be staffed has an SP in it!”

    and finally, from HCO PL 15 Mar 77R DATA SERIES 41R

    “Occasionally you’ll find a scene wherein a person’s or area’s PR is greater to him than his production – PR, personal PR, means more than
    production. And that is a characteristic of a suppressive. He’ll fog the situation up with big PR about how good it is so it can’t be handled.”

    LRH obviously had been around the block a few times with situations like this.

    Hope this helps.

  27. Truth to Power

    “Well put. Anyone from Int will tell you the moment anybody demonstrated a great deal of competence and fellow staff began to notice, Miscavige’s cross hairs would soon appear on their foreheads”

    One specific instance was in the 90’s, DM had labels made that replaced the SO uniform labels that one wore, like INT LANDLORD OFFICE to say DEVT MERCHANT, or OP MAKER, and they kept on getting worse, LIAR and many other really degrading labels were worn by the most competent staff at the Int Base for months. I remember than those wearing the labels came under some pretty nasty attacks from random staff. And if one refused to wear those labels than there really was hell to pay. These tactics, in retrospect were extremely suppressive and would wear at the effectiveness and at the very root of staff competence. I wish I could remember some of the other names on those name tags, because they were pretty horrific at times…

  28. martyrathbun09

    Truth speaks truth. Do you remember Gary Weise’s label? He was actually declared with it on golden rod.

  29. martyrathbun09

    It helps a lot. Great references.

  30. martyrathbun09

    I hear ya.

  31. thatsnotmyname

    I think maybe it’s time for a kind of Truth Rundown Part II. The full psychosis that is DM’s little empire hasn’t really been laid bare in one place. Random examples like this, together with a full time/place/form/event of all the brutality, squirrel sec-checking, the degradation of staff, the humiliations, everything, the whole nine yards. Preferably in multi-media, but at least in written form. Maybe deserves its own site, or a section on Scientology-cult? There are bits and peices scattered around, but a full document in one place would be very powerful I feel, posibly priceless.

  32. martyrathbun09

    I investigated Woodruff when he decided to leave LA Org. The big alarming “crime” discovered was that he was being paid a handsome salary taken off the top of GI – while the staff struggled. Only there was a hitch. Guillaume Lesevre and Marc Yager authorized the financial irregularity as part of their “negotiations” to get him to leave OC and go to LAO. DM told Guillaume and Yager to “get him to LA O”. When they saw Woodruff, he told them “no”, until they sweetened the pot.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Thanks CC.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, interesting parallels.

  35. martyrathbun09

    Yes, that crossed my mind many nights over the past few years, particularly when I recalled the “Constantine” statement.

  36. martyrathbun09

    I think Thoughtful is working on this.

  37. * It has become a regular occurrence to have Solo NOTs auditors complete New OT VII in as little as 2 years. With intention to get through, setting up their lives so they could do 5 to 6 sessions a day, they are completing in 2 years or less*

    I`ve got a long mail from Deputy Captain Flag today about all the quickies there.

    I wonder if I can go there and just attest, I did 2 years already.

  38. Here is another LRH quote, from the 1st ACC.
    1 ACC-44 30.10.53

    “It isn’t an ethical question. Motivators and overt acts are not a question which belongs
    in morality or ethics. And any time you tangle it with morality or ethics, you’re simply letting
    your preclear agree some more with a system which won’t put him up into the line of being an
    artist again or being able to make space again or anything else. Morality is itself an interesting thing because it’s a nice game; it’s a game of restraint and restriction. When it gets played down to the level of making somebody a slave, that’s playing the game a little bit too far and a fellow looks up and he can’t quite see that it’s a game anymore.”

    Note: I am not advocating any abandonment of technology having to do with Overts and motivators. The point is “are you using it to help the person, or to degrade them?”
    Further, I think that the issue of “ethics” has been grossly perverted in the current org line up. LRH Policy has a built-in “work ethic”.
    We want products. We want them honestly.
    Quality-Quantity-Viablility. Statistics must measure honest production. That to me is the backbone of “ethics” in the 3rd dynamic. Not “what overts have you committed?”
    That is Inquisition Tech, Witch Hunt Tech, or some other off-beat practice.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Tom. That is right on the money. You’ve touched on the demise by reversal of o/w tech in Miscavology.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Strike while the iron is hot; its all based on the mood of Dear Leader.

  41. That story, or some version of it, is true. I was not there to observe but a number of fellow staff at the base relayed it to me much as you’ve described. Make no mistake, DM is a powerhouse. In a real bad place as a person, suppressive even, but a powerhouse nonetheless. That doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be [brought to justice].

  42. martyrathbun09

    A powerhouse like Al Capone. I’ve investigated organized crime in east coast cities and South Texas. I know organized crime. DM is a thug. Pure and simple. Every confrontation he did on the way up was with numbers on his side. To my regret, I was one of those numbers on many occasions. But, don’t delude yourself.

  43. This crosshairs comment – the targeting of Upstats – reminds me of something in the David Ogilvie book “On Advertising” .

    The book is considered by some as a bible on the subject of Advertizing – whether it is or not one thing is for sure and that is that Ogilvie built up one of the largest and most successful advertising agencies ever.

    In the book he comments that he always told his top managers that if they were afraid to hire or have people better than they were, they would create an organization of midgets.

    The comment is illustrated with one of those Russian Dolls that opens up to reveal another one inside of it, which in turn has another inside of it and so on. Everything always getting smaller.

    Not really the way to create an expanding and flourishing organization!

  44. One of my fears is that the current “Church of Scientology” under Miscavige is actually a vast Mk Ultra subproject i.e. Government certified and approved, first phase and that there is a plan to introduce Miscavige’s altered version of “Scientology” or reverse Scientology which is basically “Black Dianetics” covered in the following Journal of Scientology or JOS on a broader scale:

    T H E J O U R N A L O F
    Issues 3-G, 4-G & 5-G [ 1952, ca. late Sept., early Oct. & late Oct. ]
    Published by
    The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc.
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Danger: Black Dianetics!
    L. Ron Hubbard
    Death, insanity, aberration, or merely a slavish obedience can be efficiently
    effected by the use of Black Dianetics. Further, adequate laws do not exist at this time
    to bar the use of these techniques. The law provides that only the individual so
    wronged can make complaint or swear out a warrant for offenders using these
    A person on whom Black Dianetics has been employed seldom retains the
    sanity or will to make a complaint, or does not know he has been victimized. In
    addition, persons claiming such offenses against their persons are commonly
    catalogued by doctors as suffering from delusion. Thus the employer of Black
    Dianetics can escape unpunished under existing legal procedures.
    One invites, by the release of such powerful and insidious methods, the censure
    of those who seek to hold society together. But a little thought will tell one that these
    techniques are better released and known to many than hidden and known to but a few.
    A shabby, inefficient, and fifth-rate shadow of these techniques has been
    employed by Russia and other governments. The cases of Mindzenty, Vogeler, and
    Oatis reflect a faint forerunner of such methods. Even the United States government,
    honorable above most governments, has sought better ways to “influence” human
    Hypnotism is a rather old and untrustworthy method of influencing or enslaving
    others. However, hypnotism is very unreliable even when it can be effected upon an
    individual. The mechanisms of hypnotism, quite incidentally and of no great
    importance, are circumscribed in Black Dianetics.
    One could not release this furiously violent poison unless one first had the
    antidote. Processing, even that contained in Self Analysis, can undo Black Dianetics
    unless, of course, the victim has been driven into suicide or past the point of no
    return—a feat which is not difficult, but a condition which is not desirable where the
    operator seeks real advantage.
    Several people are dead because of Black Dianetics. Hundreds of thousands are
    dead because of the atom bomb. Thousands may die because of Black Dianetics.

    Millions may die because of nuclear physics. But also because of nuclear
    physics man may reach the stars. And because of Scientology we may some day win a
    world without insanity, without criminals, and without war.
    Efforts to influence and prevail over the minds of individuals, groups, and
    nations have been exerted since the dawn of time. These efforts have utilized every
    known means of psychic and physical phenomena.
    One of the earlier broad efforts consisted in the field of astronomy where, in
    Chaldea, Babylon, and other early civilizations, priests procured power by predicting
    solar and stellar activity such as eclipses and comets. By first stating the phenomena
    would occur, the priests would be held to be in league with the gods by a populace
    which beheld the spectacular occurrences. The courses of men and nations could thus
    be swayed by a body of men with recourse to phenomena known to them and yet
    unknown to the vulgar.
    Another effort of swaying minds occurred in Persia and Syria between the 11th
    and 13th centuries A.D. A sect known as the Assassins utilized the popular belief in
    Muhammetan Paradise to rule, viciously and powerfully, a large segment of the known
    world. This sect enforced its will upon the rulers and influential men of its time by
    assassination, and, indeed, that is the derivation of that word. The leaders of this sect
    would ply religious young men with hashish and then transport them to a marvelous
    garden which contained all the sensual delights recounted in the Koran, even to the
    forty black-eyed houris. The young men, believing themselves in Paradise itself, would
    be told that they could not remain there unless they obeyed the slightest wish of the sect
    and that they could not return unless they were actually dead. The young men, so
    bedazzled, were then returned to the “world of the living” and were used to slay
    important persons, for what mattered it that the assassin was killed, since he would, at
    worst, return to “Paradise.” Thus any ruler or influential man in the world, once
    threatened by this sect, would obey its mandates as to tribute or the passing of new
    In India, down through the millennia, various methods of influencing human
    thought have been practiced with greater or lesser success. One of these wandered into
    the western world and became known as “hypnotism.” The variability of its success
    was such and the extravagant and unfounded claims made for it were so out of the
    ordinary that even today there are many people who do not believe it exists.
    The basic technique of hypnotism consists of one individual, the hypnotist,
    relaxing or coaxing into quiescence another individual called the “subject.” The operator
    then makes certain suggestions to the subject and the subject may, during the session or
    after it is dictated, obey. Hypnotic subjects are in the minority and skilled hypnotists are
    few and so this method of influencing minds has had limited scope.
    Further, the hypnotist claims curative powers in hypnotism and a careful
    examination of the field demonstrates that hypnotism is far more harmful to a mind than
    beneficial. Thus hypnotism, a curious phenomena, is not greatly employed. But it has,
    nevertheless, been employed to the harm of individuals and the “betterment” of
    It is claimed by hypnotism’s zealots—and it has them in plenty—that a
    hypnotized subject will not perform immoral or dangerous acts. Experiment
    demonstrates a limited truth in this but it also demonstrates that a hypnotic subject can
    be influenced against his best interests. The charlatanism in this field is very great.
    Other methods of influencing and swaying minds are all about us. They range
    from the cold brutality of threatened death to the extensive practice of advertising. Each
    depends upon some natural phenomenon or phenomena, whether known or unknown.

    Copyright (©) 1952 by L. Ron Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

  45. Truth to Power

    On the flip side of the coin, there was one person at the Int Base who did nothing. He was a raving maniac and he was in-charge of grounds. This guy’s name was Spike Bush and he did nothing productive, his stats were false and DM would speak glowingly of him at briefings. Failed execs would be sent to grounds (before the RPF really caught on again in the 90s) and Spike would “condition them” (morally beat the living crap out of them) I remember one occasion where I arrived at the garage to find him choking a woman and screaming at her, when he saw me coming he let go of her throat. He assaulted three other women that I know of and never got in trouble for it.

  46. Concerned Citizen

    Off topic but interesting non the less. A non scientologist co worker, who has been trying to enlighten me on the evils of Scientology, made a comment this morning that caught my attention.

    She said that she is not surprised Scientologist Celebrities don’t “Open their eyes”
    Since they are used to tabloid printing lies and farfetched made up stories about them, and have been subjected to “previous staffs” trying to extort money from them or sell wild stories to the press. So obviously Celebrities start to dismiss any sort of accusation that seems to mirror any of these things.
    I think she may be right on that count. Also I was thinking that the people we really want to get to are Scientologist, one of the reasons I stay in the fold is to be able to reach to fellow parishioners who like I used to do, walk around with blinders. So I want to second onpurpose comment on October 18ths post. “IAS DM has made zero ethics change”. I would have never looked at these web sites, due to their name, had it not been that Marty listed them. ( I have complete trust on the guy)
    But many don’t actually know him, like I did, and I am having a hard time steering even disillusioned Scientologist to these sites, I have opted for printing some of the text and showing them that.
    Some will agree with the data and then will say, but it is written by someone that calls the site Scientology Cult. I found one called ask the Scientologist. That is a great name and I was totally willing to look at it. But there is enough bias in it, that I did not look further.
    I know if you survey the general population, this name would work wonders, but the general population have already got that there is something really wrong with the Church, and are less able to impact the church than if actual active Scientologist read this data. This is also why I have insisted on sticking to facts, so that scientologist looking don’t feel that this is a bunch of opinions. Of course it is ok to give opinions as long as you say that is what these are.
    I would bet that if the site’s names got changed to something like, We are scientologist, or Scientologist for change, or Answers by Scientologist for Scientologist. Just a thought.
    I know when I posted on the disconnection topic, I came across wrong, it not being clear that the story was not mine. I really got a bit unsettled by Tommy’s statement. That to me is so much more destructive than… well, I’m sorry about that. I really respect thoughtful and his site and I would post my story if things were a little different. Who knows, maybe I will change my mind anyway. Right now I’d love to get as many Scientologist enlightened as possible. And this comment is not meant as criticism or inval at all, it is a suggestion that I feel would be helpful.

  47. Interesting. Thanks for the input.

  48. Gary Weise was labeled “INCORRIGIBLE” by DM on golden rod. I remember it clearly.

    DM told me that LRH verbally removed him from post as camera man even though he had just assumed the post. He was giving it as an example as to why it was okay for DM to verbally remove people with no prior gradients, “because LRH did it” to him.

    Out the window went the hatting, conditions ethics gradients, justice, use of files or anything else in any reference on the handling of personnel because the hidden data line is what DM claims LRH did with him, so that’s what he’s going to do with everyone else.

  49. martyrathbun09

    Make sure you write this to Thoughtful, he has something in the works.

  50. Joe, having worked with the Ol’man yourself do you personally believe he would have put up with such insubordination?

    I don’t!

    From the research I’ve done, Miscavige managed to stay under the radar at ‘Over the Rainbow’ playing the role of “devoted Scientologist”, ergo it is doubtful that being willful and insubordinate would have endeared him to Ron, who would later call him “a trusted associate”, and “a good friend” in his 15 May 83 Declaration to the Probate judge in Riverside CA (a Declaration that was shown to me by an OSA terminal when I began to complain about the way Miscavige was running things, actually the full text is as follows: “Since there apparently have been specific allegations of wrongdoing by David Miscavige, I wish to take this opportunity to communicate my unequivocal confidence in David Miscavige, who is a long time devoted Scientologist, a trusted associate, and a good friend to me. Any activities which he may have engaged in at any time concerning my personal or business affairs have been done with my knowledge and authorization and for my benefit. The charge that he is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false and not worthy of further comment than that.” Insinuating that if the Ol’man trusted him then I should therefore trust him.). As I wrote in an earlier post Ron tended to trust some people more than he should, having to do with” building a world with broken straws”. It probably never occurred to anyone at the time that not only was Miscavige a “broken” but a twisted “straw” as well!

    Anyway like any good mole Miscavige managed to stay on Ron’s good side and I doubt if non compliance with a request would have kept him there. However, like all myths , for example the famous one of George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, it is promoted to support a legend of some kind and in this case I believe it is being used to support some kind of meme or idea that the lil’ twerp knows better than the Ol’man!

  51. martyrathbun09

    RJ, that affidavit that Miscavige uses as his “anointment” was drafted by DM and LRH’s lawyers (whom LRH NEVER MET, were hired, run, and paid for by DM). It had to be put like that or else Ron Dewolf (LRH’s estranged son) would have won his petition to have LRH declared dead or incompetent. The petition alleged Miscavige was plundering LRH’s accounts through ASI and sought to appoint Dewolf guardian over LRH’s assets. It was an attempt – coordinated with the Justice Dept – to draw LRH out of seclusion and into Grand Juries and a couple dozen lawsuits that named him as a defendant. It had to be worded the way it was to put period to the allegations without LRH having to show up and possibly get served with GJ summonses and civil suits. That DM uses it as some everlasting anointment is that much more criminal, in my opinion, when you know the context in which it was obtained. Wow, there is a lot more context which will have to wait for another forum – but that is enough to help you weigh the importance of that affidavit. As far as the camera incident is concerned, I wasn’t there, but I definitely saw DM use it a Stalinisque manner to build his cult of personality.

  52. I don’t know one on Stalin but”Hungry Ghosts: Mao’s secret famine” is a good book on Mao if you don’t mind throwing up. Also an ice water dip for what’s coming in the long term if we don’t handle DM.

    Hitler wrote in mein kamf that to gain power a leader has to stage large rallies at night when people were more mentally suggestible. Large so there’s apathy regarding dissent.

  53. Personally, when this OSA terminal showed me the document I went ya right (to myself of course and actually suspected that Miscavige or someone else wrote it , though I didn’t say so at the time) but the fact is that it was allegedly signed and fingerprinted by the Ol’man himself, so there must have been some agreement there, that Davy was doing a fine job of taking care of his interests, at the time there would have been no reason to suspect otherwise.

    Regarding the myth of Miscavige’s insubordination as far as I’m concerned it is a myth that is being used to forward his own infallibility.

    Therefore I stand by what I originally wrote, having worked for the Ol’man myself I know for a fact he would never have countenanced Miscavige’s insubordination with out at least finding out what the hell was going on and talking to him about it!

    Regarding the Declaration itself. Thank you for the background on it. Personally I couldn’t believe that the Ol’man would hold such a twisted weasel as Miscavige in such esteem.

    Yet the fact is that the Declaration is there in writing and this rumor is not.

  54. Buffalo org never went very far. Most times the heat was shut off and even the power. Phones too.

    The people for the most part are good there. I am not sure if I knew him or not but I did talk to him in email once or twice.

    I that high of income might have been the week I stupidly paid to go clear when I thought I was grade 4X and I was sent to ASHO. Yeah no auditor but they took the money anyhow.

    But I did not pay that much so I have no idea of the timing of that for I never saw it when I was there since the early 70’s.

  55. The document in question is on the Internet!
    The Court fingerprint expert Donald Keir compared Hubbard’s Fingerprints on it with his fingerprints on his identification card from the Navy, and his LAPD Identification card, and Hubbard’s letter is exhibit 2.

    Hubbard LAPD

  56. That OSA chick “recommended” to Scientologists to drop Sherry as a friend. I would not classify that as enforced disconnection.

    It would be another thing if somebody could prove that these Scientologists will be pressured and forced to make these changes.

  57. Hello Marty,
    Thank you for the information shared on your site and for providing an outlet for people such as me to speak freely. I admire your courage and strength for standing up for what is right.

    I believe you are absolutely correct in that it is the Scientologist who will become the church’s biggest foe as a result of the long standing pattern of personal abuses and gross departures from source. I am sure in time, more and more honest to goodness people will come forward and eventually things will change for the better.

    I’ve been off staff and out of touch with the org now for about 8 years. Prior to this, I held a senior executive position of 13 years at a Class V org. What finally did it for me was threat of an enturb order for expressing my opinion about the “Ideal Orgs” push. Since then, it hasn’t been safe for me to have any connection with Scientology, as I felt I would again say something to land me in hot water – by the way, I felt equally disgusted when I heard about “The Basics” a few years later. It’s amazing to me how anyone can manage to pass a checkout and meter check after reading KSW#1 and Tech Degrades these days.

    As far as the org is concerned I’m in “good standing” but to tell the truth I’m far from it. I’ve done nothing to hurt the church but I’ll never set foot in there again. It’s a shame actually, because I was once a very dedicated and on-purpose staff member, and very much an asset to the org.

    Since leaving staff I have completely rebuilt my life: I have an awesome wife, a wonderful family and a great career. I can’t believe I am actually saying this but I am well on the way to making up for the 13 years that I now consider lost.

    Again, thank you Marty. Reading your experiences and your views has helped me as-is some of the anguish I still carry. I wish you great success in all your endeavors.

    Ps. O.O. that is an awesome telex! That would be such a fun one to execute…come to think of it, you know if the orgs actually did it they might finally have a shot at Org Program #1…funny, I bet no one even mentions that program anymore.

  58. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing your life here. If you get a quiet half an hour, download William James’ The Will to Believe and read it. Even if you’ve turned your back on Scn you don’t need to walk away from it with a thirteen year loss.

  59. Ok, I will do. Thank you again, Marty.

  60. I see your point regarding “The Will to Believe”:

    Basically, in seeking truth, as it is true for life, one should expect to err along the way; and that one is much better off having made the journey than not all, for fear of making errors.

    …I certainly have had my fair share of gains, and the staff experience has helped to shape me into what I have become today so you’re right I shouldn’t right it off completely. I benefited, from that respect. I would have preferred a better outcome, however.

  61. martyrathbun09

    I hear you. I’m glad you liked the piece. We are all a lot better off moving forward at cause rather than as victims.

  62. nita lynn terry

    Don’t know anything about the politics Miscavich sorry if that was a misspelling of his name, but I am listening to the original recordings of the technology by L. Ron Hubbard in his own voice, and I find them quite interesting. If it did not make sense to me ,I would not continue listening and assessing and incorporating valuable information which is very positive for growth, travel, and understanding of the way things work. Information is good. We have our minds for a reason.

  63. nita lynn terry

    Why are people at war. I am looking for philosophical ideas about the way things work. I am from a country where everyone is allowed to share their ideas…..Freedom of speech. As long as their aren’t acts impinging on the personal space or personal lives of people…Causing any damage in their lives whatsoever….And the philosophy is used in a kind humanitarian way , then it is a OK with me. It is always ethical ,I think, to use such philosophies gently and very wisely and that in itself must take a great understanding in ethics and the rights a human being has been given by the creator himself.

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