LRH wrote a despatch to someone at ASI when I worked there in the early eighties. He commented that one cannot win an argument with a psychiatrist. That is because right when you have the psych cornered, he simply says “you’re crazy” and that is the end of the argument.  DM is losing huge. How do we know? He has been reduced to sending little “OT VIII”  harbingers of evil tidings around L.A. to call Mary Jo Leavitt “psychotic.”  You think they have the cajones to say it to her face?  Of course not.  You don’t think there is any coincidence he’s accused me of  being a “fucking lunatic” on the record through Tommy boy? And when fourteen more stood up and corroborated the facts, all Tommy had to say was “Marty has a habit of collecting lunatics.”  They are desperate, man. Why?

What has been happening out in the independent field for the past nine months has had huge effects within.

Do you realize it is a virtual certainty that nobody has been beaten up at the Int base since June 21?   One of Miscavige’s first moves when confronted with the public revelations about the Hole was to close it down. He killed two birds with one stone. He moved International Management into his $75 million palace; and now he has minions writing perjured declarations that that is what it was intended for all along.  Of course, he has not had to rub elbows with what he considers the riff raff because Miscavige has largely kept himself out of the country to avoid the media, law enforcement, and other motivators. But, it doesn’t take much to buy a person who has been effectively held captive in a torture chamber for years. So, before long you’ll see other testimonials from visitors who have seen International Management’s posh quarters and a bunch of smiling faces behind the desks. I suspected this would occur, and it is one of the reasons I didn’t get too excited about all the demands that I go get law enforcement to raid the base and free the slaves.  Law enforcement would have arrived and seen a Chinese restaurant where the numbers racket normally operates.

A lot of people have received repayments and refunds with little hassle this year. Yes, the Church has been attempting to make people sign gag orders in “exchange” for r/r’s but those who listened to sound advice refused and received their money anyway.

Millions of dollars in freeloader debts have been canceled. Many families have been reunited because the Miscavige regime has made deals to prevent people from becoming independent.

Long-term creditors have been paid off overnight.

PI’s are being withdrawn too rapidly to be orderly.

For the first time since LRH passed away millions of dollars have been spent on Scientology ads.  The campaign was launched on 15 May, exactly five days after the St Pete Times phoned Tommy asking to interview DM.  You can hardly click on any site making mention of the word Scientology without being bombarded with ads.  You might get the idea this is bad as it directs more potential victims into the belly of the beast. I doubt it. DM has the doors to the orgs welded shut with his exorbitant prices, suppressive finance systems, and creepy programs to take PEOPLE out of the dissemination cycle.  In the past couple months I personally have gotten three brand new people onto the independent Bridge because they happened across my blog while investigating the subject more on the net. When you talk truth on the subject, including not withholding or lying about what is going on with the church, it is almost impossible not to interest someone in the subject.

I have had people thank me for advising they take a strong stand that justice be done when to their surprise they found cycles they could not sort out for decades magically come right with the church.  They apologized that they couldn’t stand with us – but swore lasting friendship (albeit secretly).

Every person who stands up represents perhaps dozens who will be treated more humanely,  at least temporarily. I am sure that many of the people Mary Jo Leavitt reported on as being abused and ripped off by the church have already been made whole by the church. Not out of a sense of justice but to cover DM’s derrier.  And so Mary Jo and Sherry and Steve and Dan and Marriet and Shannon and Hiro and Christie and Cathy and Roberto and Damaris and Jim (and all fourteen who spoke out during the summer) have helped hundreds if not thousands of  people. They may never be thanked by the vast majority of people they helped.  But, I know what they have done and the ripple effects they have created and want them to know they are appreciated.

It is almost amusing to see people get all worked up about coups, and org boards, and moving in and taking charge. Why bother? DM and his minions have been largely working on our agenda  for the better part of the year.  I can  tell you on just about any given day where DM’s latest Boy Friday Tommy Davis is and what he is doing.  And I don’t have to hack reservation computers like he does to find out. We cause it. Sure, they continue with their criminality, and their reg tactics and squirrel tech are reaching new unprecedented lows (that is tough to change as  is inherently what they are about).  But, don’t lose sight of the fact that they’ve been forced take their boots off of the necks of many individuals.

While he has spent more than ten million dollars (conservative estimate) trying to keep the story local to Tampa Bay, Miscavige is busy churning out internal propaganda that he is under one of the greatest attacks from the forces of evil because of Scientology’s “unprecedented expansion.”  He figures he’ll get away with that Big Lie and weather this storm like he has so many others in the past.

Don’t fall for it for one second. I have seen the cycle repeat numerous times. When the heat is on he acts like little Lord Fauntelroy who never did anything wrong in his life (except maybe not save enough ailing doves).  The second the heat is off, he pulls off the benevolent “religious leader” mask, and announces in his best Jack Torrance, “Hello dear, I’m hoooooooooommmmeeee!” And it is hell all over again for everyone within striking distance.

While you all should take a win for all the individual people who have been helped, do not fall for the cosmetic – ad hoc basis – reform. In fact, it is no better than the flip side of the mafia protection racket.  Organized crime creates the threat, then protects the victim from the threat, for a price.

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  1. Marty, thank you so much for the update! If indeed, as you say, the hole is no longer and that the prisoners have been released.., than I can say that I deeply regreat that I had not stepped forward sooner. We are definitely having an effect and if, by all our efforts, we can get rid of every abuse, reunite every family, reunite all friends and expose the truth in full which means exposing the lies..if we can effect getting the church to take full responsibility for the criminal acts that have been committed on so many and bring about a true justice..well then we will have accomplished our job. I am very much looking forward to the day when I can get on with a more fulfilling feeding the hungry and giving shelter to the cold. Really doing something about the conditions ’round these parts with no hidden agendas. Now that sure be something in my book.

  2. martyrathbun09

    Sherry, thank you. While the “hole” itself is closed, that is not to say many people are not being held prisoner in RPF’s and “perpetual route out cycle camps”. I agree with you on aims.

  3. Very true what you write here Marty. However, many will be fooled by Davy’s Potemkin Village, especially those who are ignorant of the actual subject of Scientology and won’t notice the flagrant out tech and gross violations of policy which is probably why he has the public on an endless study of the “Basics” so that they don’t get anywhere near an actual policy letter or HCOB!

  4. I hope the RPF will be the next nut to crack. It truly is inhumane what is going on there especially at PAC.
    I know of at least 3 people that attempted “Suicide” just to get kicked out. 1 of them after she had gone through all the standard route out steps, including getting an FB and completing her leaving Sec Check. The RPF I/C then held on to her CSW waiting for her to change her mind, which she did after 5 months of duress and “handling”.

    It is gross to imprison people forever until they do what you want.

    If someone really wanted to get the story national you would get Anderson Cooper to go into the PAC RPF and document it all. Perhaps he and Lisa Ling would be interested in doing a story. They really do do exceptional pieces on human rights tragedies.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    Especially since the New Era of Management and the Mongolian cavalry have become the reference materials, instead of the OEC Volumes. I just heard from someone that the OEC Vols have been out of print and you can’t buy them?!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this true?

  6. Some of us that stepped into the independent field for services, like me, know that there is no going back to the church. I have found my home out here. Many highly trained, ARCfull and well meaning terminals exist here. I would go as far as to say that DMs “golden dawn” did happen, out here of course. Independent Scientologists by the many have found a place were to practice Scientology as originally intended.

  7. I remember seeing the announcement event after LRH moved on, where David had to introduce Pat Broeker onto the stage. He had a certain look and demeaner (he tilted his head down and to the side, eyes rolled slightly away, a look of witheld disgust in doing something against his pride) that just told the story of “you wait… its coming… you just wait”, then Pat strolled out onto stage completely oblivious to it. When I heard the reorganisation that occured after I realised the inner workings of the man. I saw him do the same thing at the CC event “This is Scientology” when he had tried to work the Reality angle by saying we were strange/weird, then put himself back into PR mode. I recognised he had an ability to do, what I think is, run aesthetics to handle a psychotic impulse. Thats very evaluative of me, although I think thats the modus operandi. I feel the same way about this being a small part of the larger suppressive cycle too. Well spotted Marty.

  8. Hi sherrymk and Mary Jo!

    I appreciate what you have done here. I don’t think either of you are crazy.

    I think you are AWESOME!!

    It wouldn’t say much for flag’s products if you were crazy. As Geir would say “Either the system is broken or the system is broken.”

    Thanks for holding the fort Marty and everyone.

    I don’t feel that I could get more auditing at Flag until the COS fully gets it’s ethics in. Not just “PR handlings” but that they get the FULL COGNITION!


  9. Marty, MaryJo, all of you who stepped forward, god Bless you all! We keep the pressure on and we will bring down the house so to speak! Today for the first time in a very long time I sobbed for hours and it was a good thing I finally feel free. What a group of incredible on purpose people. I am happy to be here with all of you. I now know it is true that when all seems dark (and it was all looking very dark for awhile) there is light at the end. The way out is truly the way through. I will continue to do my part.

    MaryJo you are awesome and those OTVIII’s that would even say a word about you truly did not attain anything
    but the inability to see the truth. A true OT would step up and look not listen. I know of many who walked and are walking . It is a glorious time.

  10. To ExRPFer Anderson Cooper does do great human interest stories however, my question being how much would DM pay for CNN not to run the story? CNN would call for a rebuttal for sure and I believe the COS pays big big bucks to advertise on the Anderson Cooper show. That is not to say it can’t or won’t be done as we all know anything is possible.

  11. That’s the rumor I heard as well. Actually more than a rumor because someone at Bridge told me they were “currently” out of print which was several years ago.

    Not surprising, since the Org Board that was usually posted in reception has pretty much vanished at least in the orgs in the PAC area. I remember asking someone at ASHO where I could find there Org Board and being somewhere near the broom closet in the back near the fire exit.

    Don’t ask for the OIC that’s classified Top Secret SCI on a need to know basis only!

  12. I just checked with Bridge Publications by phone, and the Green volumnes 0-3 are available through WISE! (The two people I asked had to go and check with someone!)

    Bridge will be getting back to me on where the Red Volumnes can be found.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance for this decades long scientologist, the principal writings of my religion are now esoterica?

    I feel like swearing.

    Fuck, I will.

    Pissed I am.

  13. So Yeager & Lesevre have been upgraded to the $70 million building paid for with parishioner money? Show’s you that being a servile coward has it’s upsides. Unfortunately for most Scientologists having a “leader” that beats his staff, falsifies stats, & alters LRH isn’t excusable.

    Of course money can cover up & make up for DM’s incompetence to a certain degree, but at some point the well runs dry. Lies of his proportion are costly affairs. Unfortunately for him, sending out an email with all his lies costs me a few minutes of my time. Debriefing someone face to face is also very inexpensive. And with lies of his magnitude he’ll need to 5.4x his IAS donations to fight this off.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Martin, I noticed the same thing on that event video. Thanks for validating my similar observation.

  15. I have to give DM this, he is very smart and someone who cannot be underestimated.

    He is a brilliant strategist, and if this blog is true he has changed his course. He looks to have had “some” ethics change, albeit v.little. He is just changing his course, which is a correct move because what he was executing proved to have been a failure.

    I think the attacks on the beatings etc, is O/R (overrun) and its not communicating anymore. Even though I know and personally believe it, it’s not real in public field.

    Having said that, the increased intensity of the dono push is the button right now. I’m getting your confidents are seeing this unfold. I am cheering for you.

    HCOPL Financial Irregularities from 1982 is the current issue, but better to be careful of narrowing the target of this to the individual than to the entity.

  16. Miscavige has a 75 million dollar palace? That is very provoking. His staff lived in horrid conditions from all of the stuff I read. I bet if the parishioners knew they would not be thrilled. You see this out in the other religious communites as well. Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker. Living in the palaces paid for by parishioners. Gives religion a bad name. Give SCN a bad name. This too must be stopped. People who beat staff ought not live in big houses.

  17. I bet they are going to be out of print until DM can order new ones printed with all his “corrections” included.

    What an outpoint, really, that you cannot get the red or green volumes. What happend to KSW #1?

  18. I thought you guys would get a kick out of this quote I came across, because obviously the CoS is not doing this:

    “The only way to make sure people you agree with can speak is to support the rights of people you don’t agree with.” -Eleanor Holmes Norton

  19. Yes Rob it is quite provoking that he lives in that palace while others live in squalor. He really does remind me of Jim Baker.

    James Orsen Bakker (born January 2, 1940, in Muskegon, Michigan) is an American televangelist, a former Assemblies of God minister, and a former host (with his then-wife Tammy Faye Bakker) of The PTL Club, a popular evangelical Christian television program. A sex scandal led to his resignation from the ministry. Subsequent revelations of accounting fraud brought about his imprisonment and divorce and effectively ended his time in the larger public eye.

  20. Huh?

    Marty, if the espee hall were to be shutdown, what happens to the likes of Heber Jensch and others who “know to much”? I don’t see these folks being set free without a huge flap, an SP times story on steroids. Also, what about Shelly Miscavige? Are you saying that these people have already been moved or even released?


  21. Concerned Citizen

    WOW!!! thanks, I have been looking for that quote for months, ( for a disrealated cycle) I agree with this completly.

  22. Marty, good to see these things now happening. One of the reasons I have spoken out about DM’s violence has been to make him think long and hard before EVER laying a finger on another staff member. I am sure the verbal abuse continues. We must keep the pressure on, as soon as we relax, it will be “business as usual.”


  23. Hey Marty if I haven’t said so lately, despite our differences and debates on certain points which I feel are minor disagreements. I think that you have done an incredible job of exposing the crimes Miscavige has perpetrated in the name of his own twisted concept of “Scientology” and I’d personally like to thank you for making this blog available.

    You are having an effect.

  24. I know the Church doles out a lot of money to hush things up but maybe if he was doing a story for CNN and 60 Minutes (which he does a lot) I don’t think they could shut up 2 of the biggest networks on the planet. People would listen if it were on there.

    I think we should try to get enough data together to send him. I think he would do it. Either that or try to get Michael Moore to make a movie about it. They really couldn’t stop him. The more they would try to shut him up the more he would investigate.

  25. Take a look at where they showcase the IAS event with TC and JT in attendance. It looks like DM purchased the editor of US to write about TC’s speech and Suri’s cuteness at the event. It won’t be long before DM spends all of the money.

  26. Re. Reform: Anon delivers. (Those who’ve blown the cult have been most helptful, too.)

    Re. DM laying low for a while:
    Why would the legion ever decide to turn down the fire? I hope you exes won’t let time dull the light you shine on past and present abuses.

  27. This Anon thanks you and Mary Jo for speaking out. ❤ ❤
    I hope that more will follow your good example.

  28. A SO member told me that Osa made an eval and found out that lots of attacks against Scientology were from ex-SO members, as they had no chance of ever getting back on lines as their bill being too high.
    So now it is, when a SO members leaves he doesn’t get any more a huge freeloaderbill and some none at all, depending on how long they were staff.
    Currently they are reviewing all freeloader bills and reducing them with the purpose of getting all those ex SO members back on lines.
    This So member also told that if they have couples that want to have kids, they let them go as the SO doesn’t want to supress the 2D, and those are normal wishes.
    You are causing something !

  29. “You are at the threshold of this state and I want to encourage you to make it more real to you by creating it and putting it into your near future. From recent success stories, I found out that it is a very successful action to donate early for New OT VIII, as it creates an anchor point which has the tendency to pull one to OT”

    I`ve got the above per email from the Freewinds today. I share it just in Case that somebody would like to donate. If not, than you have something to smile about.

  30. Marty I emailed you a new writeup.

  31. Sir, you wrote:

    martyrathbun09 // October 21, 2009 at 12:47 am | Reply

    Sherry, thank you. While the “hole” itself is closed, that is not to say many people are not being held prisoner in RPF’s and “perpetual route out cycle camps”.

    If you have knowledge of people beeing held against their will, it is your duty, as a citizen, to inform the police.

  32. Understood, and you are welcome.

  33. martyrathbun09

    I did not receive, please try again.

  34. I want to thank you for speaking out loud despite personal danger. Not funny to get attacked from the Führer. My daughter is working at Gold, and I think about her every single day. I allowed her to join as she was 16. I know now that this was a big mistake. But I hope that life there is getting better for her and all the others now,because of your words.

  35. Hi Sherry, I’d like to salute you, We have been close at some point in the past.

  36. So, DM has been sending out his minions to tell the public that Mary Jo is psychotic? Apparently he cannot see the incongruity in suggesting that someone who has attained the highest level of Scientology is insane. Hardly a good advertisement for the ‘products’ of the CoS is it? But, judging by the actions of some of those who have scaled the heights of ‘The Bridge’, you’d have to admit that something is very wrong. Recently, I had a conversation with an OTVIII on a public street. Well, I say conversation, it consisted of me trying to get a word in edgeways while being ranted at and accused of all manner of things. He accused me of being “Crazy, nuts, insane!”, which may or may not be true, but his behaviour was certainly not rational. In any case, you can see for yourself here: (What sort of person says “When you die, you’ll die alone and in pain and in the dark. And I’m glad.”?)

    I was very pleased to hear of Mary Jo and Sherry leaving the suppressive organisation that the CoS has become and more importantly, having the courage to speak out. They are clearly not psychotic, but on the contrary are courageous and have integrity, which is something that cannot be said about many who remain in the CoS, even though they known things are very wrong.

    Hopefully this will prompt many more to come forward and do the same and we can bring about a speedy end to the abuses and mental enslavement wrought by the evil despot at the helm of the SS Titanic II.

  37. “While you all should take a win for all the individual people who have been helped, do not fall for the cosmetic – ad hoc basis – reform. In fact, it is no better than the flip side of the mafia protection racket. Organized crime creates the threat, then protects the victim from the threat, for a price.”

    Yes, policy is now so far reversed as to be a mafia like protection racket. Service PL, the
    public is expected to service the COS, and in fact
    in order to obtain and continue with upper levels one has to pay ” protection money.”

    Similarly first policy, ” Maintain friendly relations with the environment and your public”
    has become, ” Do as we want or we’ll attack you.”

  38. thatsnotmyname

    The “psychotic” Mary Jo tried to handle things with standard policy and tech. Her attention to application of the actual source references speaks for itself. While we can be grateful for the progress being made, let’s not forget there is true psychotic sociopath at the helm of the Church, and until THAT us handled we can only take a “half-ack” for our efforts to date.

  39. This is all good news Marty, good news indeed. It proves Miscavige ultimately cannot succeed in his schemes regardless of the resources at his disposal, if we all stand up, speak out and expose his crimes.

    It’s just like the old martial arts move: you have managed to take Miscavige’s own destructive force and power and turn it back against him by doing nothing more than standing up, speaking out and exposing it. The more he acts the more his own force works against him because his crimes are brought to view. Realizing this Miscavige has only two real choices: reform (get on-source) or use more force and momentum (the only likely scenario) in which case he is exposed further. In response he’ll use even more force (that’s all he knows), leaning harder on more and more people (Mafioso style) alienating even greater numbers of Church members who in turn will swell the ranks of those who stand up, speak out and expose his crimes.

    The only sadness lies in the answer to the question: how many more people will be hurt, how many more families splintered before he finally fails?

    Not for one second do I think less of anyone who accepts a gag order to extricate themselves from their nightmare. In fact, I cheer because their win is our win; it usually means another family is out from under the suppression. But there is no question that the greater the number of people who refuse to be gagged, who stand up, speak out and expose Miscavige’s crimes the less time this process will take to reach its inevitable end, and the less damage will be caused in the interim.

    That is the real difference people can make if they now: STAND UP and SPEAK OUT. It’s only a matter of numbers.

    It’s time; in fact it’s long overdue, certainly for me as an individual and I know my family feels the same way. It’s hard to stand in the shadows while Miscavige’s searchlight illuminates those of your friends brave enough to stand out in the open.

    It’s time to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT.

  40. Theo Sismanides

    This is some news! Is this valid info? Is this really happening?

  41. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, thank you and I appreciate what you are doing here. I didn’t know and I guess a lot of us didn’t know about such things. That you are informing us is so good.

    Now, this is the post that I like most. It definitely shows some of the people’s effects on the church. This is so encouraging, really. More people should feel more safe to come out now and speak.

    I have one objection though. Do not underestimate what the org board to oust Miscavige can do (LOL). People can donate for that cause and say “enough with him better pay 20 $ and contribute to that cause”. People can buy something in exchange that can be produced with the sole purpose to oust Miscavige. People can contribute for each and every alteration of the tech that is nailed down by some ethics, tech and admin experts. This is Scientology and it is not anybody’s realm. This is our Scientology, we have been hit hard by the true SPs and now we want to have our church back. We are not but just some via between Source and the people of Earth. Tampering with Source is the Why for DM’s fall. And what a fall it is. The Org Board Ousting Miscavige is happening. There is PR people on it, there is no Finance yet but there can be, there is Recruiters, though there is no appointed HAS (LOL), there is a leader to it and a spearhead, that being you, We just have to get it more streamlined and organized. Simple as that.

    Otherwise I had a ball reading about all the things that are happening. Org board or no org board it is happening.

  42. FYI, Anderson Cooper actually did a whole series on Scientology which was supposed to have aired several months ago. They contacted some of the principles to let them know when the stories were supposed to air. And we waited. And watched. And no story!

    So it’s actually not a matter of them doing a story, it’s a matter of them actually airing what they’ve already put together.

    Maybe if enough people contact the show, we’ll finally see this aired.

  43. What I truly don’t understand is that even Jim Bakker got caught for tax invasion and spending his followers money. I don’t get why DM has not been caught by the IRS. The only thing I can think is that he has that area so well covered but even the best can’t cover everything. I don’t give DM the credit to even think he could cover his behind in a storm. Except for the fact he is using his celebrities to speak out for him. Truth indicates and these people just don’t look is the only thing I can think.

    It is truly hard to fathom at “Truth Relvealed” anyone would just take what was preached to be truth!

    It will be a wonderful day when all of this comes out in the open and we are free to do with the tech what was intended, truly help people.

  44. Thank you NOTSaware. Is there some way you could contact me? Would love to chat. You can send a message thru Marty who will forward it to me anonymously if you feel more comfortable doing that.

  45. Just resent it Marty. Someone might be trying to cut your comm lines. This is the second or third time you haven’t gotten an email from me and I’ve never had that happen before.

  46. Bridge did get back to me and the tech volumes can be ordered, they are just not on their website.

    I was given a link; that can be used, but I discovered that that link has no links to it from any other web pages (per google) and the base url forwards to a page with only the Dianetics book on it.

    It is still very disturbing to me the the source volumes of the “taped path” are relegated to such a hidden position in the promotion of Scientology materials. You would have to know the books exist to even ask for them, yet they are the prime source of “tech”.

  47. “You can hardly click on any site making mention of the word Scientology without being bombarded with ads. You might get the idea this is bad as it directs more potential victims into the belly of the beast. I doubt it. DM has the doors to the orgs welded shut with his exorbitant prices, suppressive finance systems, and creepy programs to take PEOPLE out of the dissemination cycle.”

    This is a key point. DM can take all sorts of actions like books to libraries etc yet ensure that the net effect is continual long term downstats. e.g. We’ll never clear the planet with prices fixed arbitrarily where they’re at right now, or without feeder missions for orgs which aren’t suppressed by heavy ethics purges. I’ll bet the success of Milano for decades is because the ED doesn’t allow management to clamp down on the 10 missions, or maybe OTL Italy knows not to mess with her.

  48. KSW1Fan, I have to say something. It may be long and I hope Marty publishes it.

    I understand the upset you are going through with your daughter.

    I hope you get a chance to see her every now and then. It is important that you do.

    I understand why you let her join.
    My mother let me join when I was younger than that -and I am almost 40 now.

    I wanted to do something good for the world. We all did.
    Reluctantly, with tears, my mother let me go -only because she saw the excitement and spark in my eyes and she wanted me to be self determined. 9 years ago, for many of the reasons you have read about, I finally left the sea org.

    The trap here is to feel betrayed and succumb to invitations to hate. I refuse to.

    I find it much more rewarding and better to never regret yesterday. Focus on the future and what’s to come and the positive things that will come from the experience we are in or have gone through.

    My experiences in the SO were not what LRH intended and in some cases illegal. I am making these things known so they can be stopped in PT.
    But I cannot complain about my choices in the past. I have ended up with the love of my life and I have the most amazing family.

    I focus on the positive side of things and take responsibility for what’s going on.

    My advice to you is to really communicate to her that you will ALWAYS be there for her.

    You will need to do this in person. Written letters of this statement may never make it to her.

    Tell her that you have noticed more and more people getting declared out here, and it seems like some “housecleaning” is going on, but right or wrong, no matter what, in the end, you will ALWAYS be there for her and you will never cut your communication with her.

    The fear that you will lose your family is enough to throw your integrity out the window and keep yourself from speaking up.

    I could be wrong, but, leaving Golden Era may mean an automatic declare these days -with what the staff are wittnessing.

    Because of the group confessionals that happen up there -where you are chosen and put up on stage in front of the crew and admit something juicy, you start to think less and less about yourself, and the thought of leaving AND THEN losing your family and all your friends is too much.

    Leaving just isn’t an option in your mindset.

    Realize that:
    the suppressive weight you feel on your shoulders about not communicating what you have seen to her, because it may come up in her next metered interview, resulting in her getting into trouble for listening to you and not handling your “dissifection and Black PR”. -The hell it would put her through is too much. And you couldn’t do that to her, you love her.

    That weight you feel, is DM. He created all that.

    LRH cancelled the disconnection policy because it is easily misused and should never be enforced. Enforcing disconnection goes against too many of the core principals of Scientology.

    Your daughter is feeling the SAME weight to not say anything that is going on at int. She loves you -and doesn’t want to put you through hell. Besides, it’s “Spreading black PR” and DM has everyone up there believing “it isn’t the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” to say anything that goes on up there no matter how outrageous.

    So DM cunningly throws everyone’s integrity out the window and has every Scientologist by the gonads.

    Unless they stop listening to him.

    Therein lies his power.

    So let her know, that no matter what goes down in the future, you will always be there for her and you will never cut your communication with her.

    She needs to know this. When she does, DM will lose his grip on her more and more and she will have a reason to regain her integrity.

    It will give her the strength. Families are wonderful and powerful. DM knows this.

    If she balks at the idea of you talking to her if she is ever declared, show her some basic LRH 🙂


    “The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.
    And the true sign of sanity and greatness is to so continue.

    For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope.

    For those who cannot, there is only sorrow, hatred and despair. And these are not the things of which greatness or sanity or happiness are made.

    True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one – and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them.

    Justice, mercy, forgiveness, all are unimportant beside the ability not to change because of provocation or demands to do so.

    When cruelty in the name of discipline dominates a race, that race has been taught to hate. And that race is doomed.

    It requires real strength to love man. And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.

    Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength.

    To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

    Reference: What is Greatness? -LRH


    Anyone who will continue to speak with someone they love after they have been declared a suppressive, is truly a great person in my book.

    Ethics officers do it. They are entrusted with helping people survive. They administer the tech of survival.

    There is no reason you can’t speak to to an SP either.

    Of course, if the person IS really dangerous, then ethics is a personal thing, it is still -and has always been- your decision to disconnect or not. You may even want to try and handle the person before deciding to disconnect. Disconnection is a means to increase your survival. Battered wives do it all the time.

    If any of you have a loved-one out there who is “declared”, shatter DMs hold on your gonads and reconnect. They love you too. Only good can come from communication.

    If someone says “but the bulletin on Disconnection and PTSness says..” -ask them if this ever got cancelled:


    “Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you
    Unless you have observed it
    And it is true according to
    your observation.
    That is all.”

    Reference: Personal Integrity -LRH


    Tell them flatly, “that isn’t true for me”.

    DM policy is easy to argue with.

    I don’t think they can argue with LRH.

  49. Axiom 142 you experienced what could be classified simply as Black Dianetics or Reverse Scientology.

    What this “OT” did was violate so many technical references that it’s hard to believe that he isn’t a card carrying member of the APA and a personal friend of the late Dr D Ewen Cameron!

  50. Lotus Miyamoto

    Like Bakker, DM’s crimes have already been committed and exposed. I bet he goes to prison too. He looks ridiculous running around trying to cover up what he has done. His attempt to cover up screams “I am guilty”. The word “pathetic” comes to mind.

  51. Concerned Citizen

    I have suspected that he has some serious dirt the IRS, Inter Pol, FBI CIA etc, don’t want aired. If you recall, along with the IRS change, came Interpol cleaning the Churches file and distributing the true data on the Church to thousands. He has extorted impunity for himself, that is the only logical explanation.

  52. Theo Sismanides

    Concerned Citizen, thank you. I have a lot of questions on that, too. How come CST (church of spiritual technology) owns the copyrights and RTC is a licensee? This is on Anyone can look into that and find about CST.

    And who is CST? These are questions I have had since I was in the SO? How come they own the copyrights and how come RTC is just a licensee to them? And what about that thing said about Meade Emory? How come nobody can dead agent that information and prove it wrong?

    I repeat. The only reason for DMs fall is tampering with Source and Standard Tech. People have questions. SO members, too. And much more significant ones. These need to be answered in a logical, makes-sense way. We cannot have all this data on the Internet and just deny it. We have to have proof that they are lies.

    Apart from that, I agree that Miscavige must have some kind of connection and cover by such agencies. How come though? What is behind all this? Scientology is our the next religion of the world. If Bush could be ITS Constantine, this means a lot. They want it applied the way they want.

    There is some serious dirt here and I don’t think we should close our eyes to it, no matter how hard it is to confront it.

    I am still expecting an answer from anyone on what is this CST!!! My God, I found out about it while in the SO on the Internet!! Talking about a Hidden Data Line of magnitute. Who are they and what do they do with Scientology owning the copyrights after the IRS agreement.

    (I will seek for the exact document stating that IRS is just a licensee of the copyrights to CST and will provide a link here. If anyone has it, please post it here).

  53. Absolutely RJ, George Baillie was obviously trying to cave me in. And ‘all’ I did was tell him about DM beating people and that Marty and Mike Rinder had left the CoS and were speaking out. Why couldn’t he use good old 2WC and ARC to handle my disagreements?

    In the video, he says “YOU ARE NUTS! Period.” (and walks away). This is a perfect example of Marty’s LRH quote in the article: “That is because right when you have the psych cornered, he simply says “you’re crazy” and that is the end of the argument.”

    So now we have Sea Org members in the valence of a psych?!


  54. Theo Sismanides

    Sea Org members in the valence of psychs! LOL but how true. Axiom 142, this is a new marketing line in our warchest. SO members in the valence of Psychs! Ha, ha, ha, poor fellows! When you lose integrity, you never know where that is going to take you.

  55. Theo Sismanides

    So, I have questions. If anyone can help me out understand what the heck is going on. How come CST (church of spiritual technology) owns the copyrights and RTC is a licensee? This is on Anyone can look into that and find about CST.

  56. Ron didn’t want one organization to be in total control of the subject so he personally founded the Church of Spiritual Technology, not Meade Emory!

    Meade Emory was one of the legal consultants, who as they point out happened to be a Commissioner of the IRS at about the time “Snow White” went down, whether this was planned or due to serendipitous circumstances i.e. coincidence is a matter of speculation and debate.

    However the fact is that CST is or was supposed to be an autonomous organization that was designed as a buffer against what has in fact happened which is one individual (possibly acting as a witting or unwitting asset but definitely a sociopath and psychotic psychopath) from claiming to be “COB” and seizing control of the whole subject!

    That said the authors of the website which was predicated on an earlier website known as Veritas have done a lot of gold solid research, but in some cases in my opinion they miss the forest for the trees! By claiming that the IRS now controls Scientology. A premise that to me, makes no sense!

    What would a bunch of failed accountants, which is basically what the IRS consists of, or “Tax cruds” as the Ol’ man used to call them want with the Church of Scientology? Cui Bono?

    Despite Miscavige’s and it seems Sc-irs-ology protestations to the contrary. The IRS was and still continues to be nothing more than “a stalking horse” for other Government interests which are covered in various GO Directives.

    Ron never considered the IRS or as he liked to call them the “Infernal Ravening Service” more than an annoyance.

    Again having written this. The fact is that you don’t actually have to worry about who really controls the Church of Scientology , whether it’s CIA or just some diminutive megalomanic with delusions of grandeur. All you have to do is simply stop supporting the organization and stop feeding this voracious beast!

    Once the funds dry up trust me who ever is actually running the show will scurry back to their little holes in Langley or wherever they come from and leave Miscavige flapping in the breeze and eventually being frog legged to his just desserts just like his old friend and patron Reed Slatkin.

    Truly a Kodak moment 🙂

  57. 142,
    I knew George Baillee back in Toronto in the mid 70s. He’s a good guy and has been at this for a good long time.

    Unfortunately, this conversation is not one of his better moments.

    I think I understand something better though in watching this. His HE&R can be handled, or anyone’s for that matter, with a much higher tone as per the Chart of Human Eval. Lighter and on an acceptance level that he can have.

    All this nonsense he spewed is obviously from a man not confronting. On the other hand 142, you are going to get that type of reaction unless you hone your address to something haveable.

    Try a simpler message, for instance, take DM’s violation of PL 24 Feb 64″“Urgent, Org Programming”:

    “If the Org slumps: Don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed. For Orgs as for pcs ‘Solve it With Scientology.’ Every time I myself have sought to solve finance or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that Org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund raising Barbecues.” L. Ron Hubbard

    Point that out, ask questions, like ‘What is the reference for all this fundraising?’

    In George’s case, if you simply referred him to Source, he’d confront that.

  58. I started to respond with a “yippee!”, but it seemed odd to be celebrating you sobbing for hours. 🙂 But, I celebrate the freedom you feel after letting your emotion flow. Your joy makes me very happy.

    This is why we protest.

  59. Theo Sismanides

    Marty thank you. I did. It’s very revealing. I didn’t know of him. However, I still have questions as there is the point of CST which Larry also picks up saying that they licence RTC. How come? Is Miscavige just their licensee or is what? I cannot get it. Why wouldn’t he be the head of CST who own the copyrights?

    And for Christ sake, finally, can we, Scientologists, who have been seeing this CST and everything about it on the Internet, have some elaborate writing and quite some explanation on what it really is, and who runs it and what is it’s role, so as stop dubbing in data from all over the place?

    I am earnestly asking you, as you are a person who probably knows much more but still I need and I bet a lot of others still do, a lot of data on that so that I can understand better the scene.

    Of course this is the hat of the church to dead agent such writings and implications on the Internet about CST, CIA, bla, bla, bla, but since no one gives a damn, I am asking you as you are already taking a lot of responsibility for many dropped cycles.

    thanks a lot in advance

  60. Pingback: Miscavige Reform | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  61. Back in 1983 I briefly agreed to do a doubt formula. I was told the stats were booming so asked to see the stat graphs in the FOLO CIC.
    Even at that time they were too confidential for me to be allowed to look.

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