“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.” – Emiliano Zapata

An OSA mission to Mexico rounded up virtually every family member of Roberto Sanchez (Mexican Amigo) and used what ever means, fair or foul, to turn them against Roberto for having spoken his mind.  Roberto is standing strong – even at the potential cost of losing his entire family. Please communicate to him your support, let him know he has family across the world who would never turn on him no matter what. Thank you.

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees.”  – Emiliano Zapata

54 responses to ““I would rather die standing than live on my knees.” – Emiliano Zapata

  1. I’ll never turn back I know too much now. Because OSA did this I’m emailing/facebook etc. 50 Scientologists within the next 24 hours, and I’ll do so each time I hear about something like this.

  2. Horrible what DM is doing thru OSA but he is only making his downfall faster!

    Roberto´s got integrity galore!!!!!! In the end he will be the winner and DM the loser!

    I can really see that this is a war and our weapon is thruth and DM hasn´t got any weapon to use because he is unable to use truth!

  3. 2nd Gen Scientologist

    **** You Miscavage! We will crush you! My motivation was starting to wane from it’s initial heights. Work started to increase in importance, but this FIRES ME UP BIG TIME!!! I will not stop until your ass is hauled off to jail or you flee to Columbia. You have no idea who I am, but you can find me on course doing your basics and I WILL CONVERT every Scientologist I encounter.

    Hope you enjoy your final days as dictator of the COS.

  4. Marty..you mean his wife too? I just read this again after sending a comm to Roberto thru his blog.

  5. I just left Roberto a message on his blog. DM is a coward and these OSA people are doing the work of evil people.

  6. I just wrote to Roberto on his blog and copied both notes above, as well as Marty’s post.

    I hope there will be a lot more support from his immediate field.

  7. When you walk through a storm
    Keep your chin up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of the storm
    Is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark.

    Walk on through the wind,
    Walk on through the rain,
    Tho’ your dreams be tossed and blown.Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone,
    You’ll never walk alone.

    I’m with you Roberto. This condition will change faster than you may think.

  8. For a long time I thought the Church had been infiltrated by CIA. Now it’s becoming more obvious that in reality it must be the Mafia!

    Funny how Miscavige had the audacity to call you “King Pin” Marty, because that is exactly the way Miscavige operates. Like a Capo or King Pin.

    Well all the PM, active measures and psy op, that Hill & Knowlton, Mullen & Associates or whatever spooky firm he’s hitched his sorry lying ass to ain’t going to save it!

    There is just too many of us now who have seen through the lie and looked behind that curtain and what we’ve seen sure ain’t purdy.

    It’s time we fought fire with fire and started exposing his patrons meritous-asses for the sleaze ball scum they are. Because without them he wouldn’t be able to pull off this shit.

    I say we start shinning a light on these criminals and watch ’em scurry back to their holes like the cock roaches they are.

    Miscavige said the “war was over” just because he handled a bunch of, as Ron calls ’em “tax cruds”.

    Just wait until he sees a group of pissed off angry Scientologists, demanding his resignation!

    No the war ain’t over baby! In fact its hardly begun!!!!

  9. Concerned Citizen

    Hang tight my friend. I know how you feel, but in the end, it is us who will triumph. It is people like you, with the guts it takes that are the real Scientologist. I feel very fortunate to know you even just though E mail and well I really wish you the best of luck.

  10. Done. Sir. What cowards the IAS are. IAS when ya coming to Dallas? We can talk about the crush reg visit by your van at my house in clearwater while I was mowing the yard.

  11. good job… it is nice to know we are becoming a family and we all want to help!!

  12. This is sickening!

    Roberto you are my friend and I am shocked you family would turn on you like this.

    I thought the COS was supposed to be making some ethics change??

  13. Underground For Now


    I can’t figure out how to email Roberto. I have gone to his site. My spanish is limited. Can you help me figure this out?

    I want Robert to know he now has a 67 years old 6’5″ 275 lb older gringo brother. I am the film and video producer who made the 2nd chance video in the Ensenada prison in 2000 for Rick Pendry & Criminon. In the September, 2000 Rick Pendry stold my video from the edit bay, before I could use the footage to raise money to pay my crew and get my $3,500 direct expense money back in my pocket. OSA would not back me up. I wrote a major KR. This was “Grand Theft” and they said it was a WISE matter. Since when is dealing with Criminon a WIDA matter?
    From what I understand the video was shown world wide and the creater (me & my crew) did not get a verbal or written acknowledgment. Of course in October Rick and his wife were awarded the Freedom Medal.

    From my experience OSA is a criminal organization since they covered up a Grand Theft action.

    This is true.

    Jack Airey (no longer underground)

    Now OSA you know who I am. And beliveve me I am not on my knees!!!

  14. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Jack! We are honored to have you as a brother.

  15. martyrathbun09

    Sherry, It is unclear right now the final count, because Roberto has not given up the fight. I may have posted this prematurely – because this guy is no quitter. He is working on the matter as of this moment. Right now, he needs to know he’s got friends to the end.

  16. Stay strong Roberto. This is exactly why I will never stop fighting against the abuses done in the name of Scientology. It’s disgusting and needs to stop NOW.

  17. Underground For Now

    No Marty I am honored to be part of this sane group who will not get on their knees.

    Christie took my photo today. We have one of me and one of the two of us. You pick. My write-up coming to you in less than 48 hours.

    I was telling Chritie earlier today I am experiencing case gain with my decision to leave the COS led by a 2nd class tyrant. Every day as I complete more cycles in doing my write up the next day I get a shift in my universe. Identical to the shift I always get after a well done auditing session.


  18. Go Jack!

  19. Roberto: just to let you know that my house is your house, you are not alone, since I ask you for help my point of view is different and I am stronger, you flow me pure ARC and I consider you my friend.

    If you need to take a sigh and recharge you are more than welcome in my home.

  20. Lotus Miyamoto

    DM just tied another knot in his noose by sending OSA to turn your family against you.
    Now he looks guiltier than ever!

    Do not worry Roberto. Your family will find out the truth and realize they were threatened and lied to and will rejoin you when they do.

    Believe me DM is foaming at the mouth over the fact that you refuse to back down and continue to help expose his criminal acts. He is not decent enough to step up and confess his wrongdoing and appoligize for the lives he has ruined.

    You have personal integrity he has none.

    No one messes with my family or yours as far as I am concerned. Hang in there Roberto! We are with you. You are not alone!

    DM , not very smart eh? There is no where for you to hide on planet earth now DM. Your criminality has been exposed and I cant wait till the IRS comes after you. Have fun in prison. I bet you never thought you would go down a loser. I guess you forget that real Scientology makes honest beings who have rights and enough integrity to take a stand for those rights.

  21. Marty, I sent Roberto a separate email – but will add this here too –

    As you said to me once before – I wish you great strength right now as there is little worse than losing one’s loved ones. We are here for you, friends forever. You are an incredible person for sticking to your integrity.
    Your friend, Christie

  22. martyrathbun09

    Great – can’t wait to get the pics and write up.

  23. Dear Roberto,

    We are family. We stand strong and we stand together.

    You have my admiration and you have all my support!

    Love, Cathy

  24. Congratulations Jack.

    Stay strong Roberto. You are a beautiful human being exposing the truth and for that I applaud you! I am very sorry that the dictator David Miscavige is using his Mafia to turn your family against you . It’s disgusting that this behavior is done by a religious leader. The truth will always win in the end. Please know that you are loved and have many people supporting you.

  25. Here’s a quote for you Roberto,

    “All men have fears, but the Brave put down their fears and go forward.
    Sometimes to Death, but always to Victory.”

    Don’t know who said it but anyways, I can see us actually winning this and getting Scientology back on track, and it won’t take 5 years either.

    We’re not on some death march to oblivion by any means.

  26. Roberto,

    We are your family and will stick by you forever. We will make sure DM is in jail and completely removed from the CoS. We have given him enough chance to reform and get his Ethics in. Well, he lost that chance.

    I am honored to call you my brother and my family member.

    DM and his OSA criminal friends will SHATTER once my write up and my picture appears on this blog.

    I am talking to on-line OTs and Scientologists daily, they are sick and tired of DM and his off-policy, out-tech and abuses. I am helping them with LRH’s policies. They are waking up and LOOKING and taking ACTIONS.

    OSA, you will be going to jail with DM if you continue protecting DM and his crimes. STOP NOW, we are giving you the last chance.

  27. Roberto,
    Thank you for all you’ve done and don’t let OSA get under your skin. No matter how much you might think that they affect your family, your family loves you and always that love and respect will prevail over lies and manipulation.

  28. Just wrote Roberto with the advice not to meet with more than one or, if you’ve got a friend, more than two. The common tactic is to outnumber you and isolate you and make you feel like it’s you against the world. DM never, and I mean, NEVER goes anywhere alone. It’s always him + a number of others against you by yourself. Always.

  29. Hi Roberto,

    Your statement is one of true pride and courage. And you have an entire network of friends out here to support you. We are only speaking the truth, are not afraid and will attain justice. Thank you for all you have done and having the courage to stand for what is true for you.

    We are accomplishing.

    Together we win.

  30. To Jack Airey,

    Wow — had no idea — never caught wind of this — and I totally and specifically remember this video. Stood out and I will always remember it. Has been added to the list of items that will be reconciled and made right as per LRH Policy — as Ron would have handled it.

  31. Roberto – LRH says:

    “In Scientology, just remember, this when all looks dark: IT WILL ALL COME OUT ALL RIGHT.”


  32. Just read this little quote and wanted to share it:

    “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” B. Disraeli, former British Prime Minister.

    Those who have taken action, are finding happiness, as is mentioned above by Jack.

  33. Concerned Citizen

    I will keep this in mind

  34. Is Rick Pendry a pretty tall guy that worked on the Ensenada project? I met one of those guys. Pretty tall wore cowboy boots I believe.

  35. Underground For Now


    Yes Rick Pendry is tall and he did wear cowboy boots. He was one of the honcho’s of the 2nd chance program in 2000.

    To SK,

    Thank you for your kind words about my 2nd chance video. This is the first public ACK and it only took 9 years.

    I never saw the completed version.

  36. There must be some tech on this. I thought about the fact we are a PTP to DM and OSA. That also means he has attention stuck on this, which also gives us a carrier wave to use 😉
    If more and more stand up and make known where we stand DM will get the feedback on it. The more people stand up, there more dispersed and the stronger the perceived failure in OSA and in DM. Since he isn’t applying “handle the sourec of the problem”, but is “solving himself into further problems” he obviously isn’t hatted on that mechanism. When he gets enough reality on his failed purpose he will stop. When they all really realise they are hurting people of good will they have to cave in. Unless he is a true SP, then I guess it will go on until everyone else “caves him in”.
    I don’t know all the tech, and that may or not be how it works, but I wanted to contribute something right now after seeing whats happening.
    Stay strong Roberto, you have many many many friends, and unconditional love is definately here for you.

  37. MissedGarbage Watcher

    Roberto, your strong decision will be rewarded in the near future, sooner or later, I’m sure.

    Absolutely DM has no chance to win in the end.
    It is obvious that our pressure on him is working
    and causing their crazy reactions.

    The more they go crazy the sooner they will cave in and the people within the “Church” will wake up to see the truth as you see now.

    Then you will be understood and respected by all your family members.

  38. Hey Roberto,

    You should feel honored and important. DM spent a lot of money and manpower trying to cave you in, and he’s pretty short in the manpower department these days!

    Make sure your family and friends all watch the ABC Nightline shows today and tomorrow. They will be posted on YouTube or the ABC site. Maybe you can translate them into Spanish.

  39. But, but, but… I thought Tommy Davis went on record saying that Disconnection as a practice doesn’t exist? Surely he wouldn’t LIE like that? Not the official spokesperson for the Church! Sorry for the sarcasm – of course he is a damn liar. So sorry for what these creeps are doing Roberto. Times like these definitely serve to demonstrate who ones friends really are.

  40. Roberto, I left the Sea Org 2 years ago after having been in 20. The SO environment gradually grew suppressive to me, the noose became tighter until I could not breathe any longer. But I wanted to live! Thanks to Marty, Steve and their friends I have been able to confirm who wanted me dead. Your honesty and integrity really wakes up the Freedom Fighter in me. Of course you have my backing, unconditionally. Not for a moment do I doubt that the truth will prevail and goodness will win.
    I am curious how many others previously the quiet type may want to speak up now. But just how could we simply shut off the computer and pretend Robertos of the world does not affect our life.

  41. Roberto,
    Hang in there. I know exactly what sort of duress DM will apply. It`s repugnant, it`s suppressive, it`s tough to get through. You have many, many friends that understand the vicious, mean, pusillanimous levels this SP will go to to bring you to heel. Don`t, and you win. It`s that simple. He has NO POWER unless you give it to him. He`s nothing. His PTS and out-ethics cohorts have nothing. You have impinged and it`s a noble, courageous and ethical act of the highest order.

    Trust me, you`ll win and be incredibly strong for hanging through on this.

    Other than that, I`ve got a huge house in the country and you are always welcome.

  42. Bless you, UndergroundNoMore!

    Sorry to hear about the theft you endured. I suppose you saw that Criminon was driven out of Albuquerque earlier this year owing over $600,000 to the local city council.

    And these two individuals (Rick and Joy) co-chair committees of the National Foundation for Women Legislators!

  43. Much love to you Roberto, from the other side of the globe. You are in my prayers.

  44. Underground For Now

    To Heather:

    Rick & Joy Pendry…Modern day Bonnie & Clyde

  45. Congratuations, Jack, and welcome! I’m looking forward to seeing your official announcement tomorrow!

  46. Marty could you give us an update on Roberto please. How is he doing?

  47. When an ideological line was drawn in the sand during the American Civil War, we also saw brother pitted against brother. In today’s Scientology Civil War, our side is simply saying “no” to DM’s slavery in a very public way. No one on our side is telling anyone to turn on their family and friends. But DM’s evil attacks are something quite different. He will soon find that blood is thicker than his version of Scientology. He is truly on the wrong side of history and these despicable tactics WILL catch up with him.

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  49. theo Sismanides

    Roberto, those cowards can only attack individuals. They cannot attack our group and our ideas.

    I am not worried about you since I know you are way up the tone scale!

    You should let us know how it’s going and if you need something from us.

    I am passing this to people through Facebook.

    Miscavige uses his Apparatus now to get Jettero Heller! Who is pissing against the wind now?

    Ha ha ha.

    Let us hear from you, how it is going and I didn’t know about all your success with the business association and the government. Very well done.

  50. theo Sismanides

    to all the OTs: we are fools to make war on our brothers in arms

    You need to stand up now and be counted

    This is dedicated to you Roberto:

  51. StarsAwait
    Way to go.!

  52. Jack – please contact me on my email:

  53. Ooops better still on the hushmail account –

  54. monica casillas

    the whole organization is a cult, they want money, and they do mind control its simple. i went there to find out and i left, never going back. however, it was a very wierd experience, now with that said, i have much respect for the people that are scientlogist the ones that left. my brother was rafael tinoco, did alot in that church the celebrity center, he passed away. now he is free.

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