A very important letter – Finale

A very important letter – finale:


The great majority of Scientologists I know are good people who are genuinely interested in improving conditions on this planet and helping others. I have to believe that if they knew what I now know, they too would be horrified. But I know how easy it was for me to defend our organization and dismiss our critics, without ever truly looking at what was being said; I did it for thirty-five years. And so, after writing this letter, I am fully aware that some of my friends may choose to no longer associate with me, or in some cases work with me. I will always take their calls, as I always took yours. However, I have finally come to the conclusion that I can no longer be a part of this group. Frankly, I had to look no further than your refusal to denounce the church’s anti-gay stance, and the indefensible actions, and inactions, of those who condone this behavior within the organization. I am only ashamed that I waited this many months to act. I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.


Paul Haggis

Ps. I’ve attached our email correspondence.  At some point it became evident that you did not value my concerns about the church’s tacit support of an amendment that violated the civil rights of so many of our citizens. Perhaps if you had done a little more research on me, the church’s senior management wouldn’t have dismissed those concerns quite so cavalierly. While I am no great believer in resumes and awards, this is what you would have discovered:

* Founder, Artists For Peace and Justice,
– sponsoring schools, an orphanage and a children’s hospital in the slums of Haiti
* Co-Founder, BrandAid Foundation and BrandAid Project
– marketing the work of artisans from the poorest countries in the world,
* Board Member, Office of The Americas
– supporting peace and justice initiatives around the world
* Board Member, Center For The Advancement of Non-Violence
* Member and active supporter, Amnesty International
* Member, President’s Council, Defenders of Wildlife
* Member and fundraiser, Environment California and CalPirg
* Member and Award Recipient, American Civil Liberties Union
* Member and supporter, Death Penalty Focus
* Member and supporter, Equality For All
* Fundraiser, NPH (Our Little Brothers) – for the children of the slums of Haiti
* Member, Citizens Commission on Human Rights
* Patron with Honors, IAS
And formerly:
* Trustee, Religious Freedom Trust
* Board Member and fundraiser, Hollywood Education and Literacy Project
* Board Member and fundraiser, For The Arts, For Every Child
– supporting art and music in public schools
* Board Member and fundraiser, The Christic Institute
– supporting Human Rights in Central America
* Founding Board Member, Earth Communication Office
* Working Board Member, Environmental Media Association
* Fundraiser, El Rescate – Human Rights for El Salvador
* Fundraiser, PAVA – Aid and Human Rights in Guatemala

Awards for outspoken support of Civil and Human Rights:

* Valentine Davies Award – Writers Guild of America
“for bringing honor and dignity to writers everywhere”
*Bill of Rights Award – American Civil Liberties Union
*Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award – Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
*Peace & Justice Award – Office of the Americas, presented by Daniel Ellsberg
*Signis Award, Venezia, World Catholic Association
*ALMA Award – National Council of Latino Civil Rights
*Ethel Levitt Award for Humanitarian Service – Levitt & Quinn
*Prism Award – Entertainment Industries Council
*Humanitas Prize (2) – Humanitas
*Legacy Award, for Artistic and Humanitarian Achievement
*Environmental Media Award – EMA
*EMA Green Seal Award – EMA
*Image Award – NAACP
*Creative Integrity Award – Multicultural Motion Picture Association
*EDGE Awards (2) – Entertainment Industries Council
*Artistic Freedom Award – City of West Hollywood
*Catholics in Media Award – Catholics in Media Associates

And many dozens of fundraisers and salons at our home on behalf of Human and Civil Rights, the Environment, the Peace Movement, Education, Justice and Equality.

Bloggers PS:

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  1. Aha!
    I was really curious when I saw that Jason Beghe was working with Paul and couldn’t figure it out as he (Paul), was still “in”. Little did I know. 🙂 Well done Paul.

  2. Thanks for the big momentum boost Paul, it’s something you’ll always be able to look back on, sticking your neck out for Scientology at a very crucial point.

  3. Underground For Now

    For those who do not know the rest of the story about Paul Haggis I am taking the liberty to post his Mini Bio.

    Mini Biography
    Paul Haggis is the award-winning filmmaker who, in 2006, became the first screenwriter, since 1950, to write two Best Film Oscar winners back-to-back – “Million Dollar Baby” (2004) directed by Clint Eastwood, and “Crash” (2005) which he himself directed. For “Crash,” he won Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. The film also received an additional four nominations including one for Haggis’ direction. “Crash” reaped numerous awards during its year of release from associations such as the IFP Spirit Awards, the Screen Actors Guild, and BAFTA.

    In 2006, Haggis’ screenplay collaborations included the duo Clint Eastwood productions “Flags of our Fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima,” the latter earning him his third screenplay Oscar nomination. He also helped pen “Casino Royale,” which garnered considerable acclaim for reinvigorating the James Bond spy franchise and has written the screenplay for the next Bond production “Quantum of Solace.”

    Haggis’ directorial follow-up to “Crash” was “In the Valley of Elah” which he wrote, directed, and produced, for Warner Independent Pictures. The film, which starred Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon, was a suspense drama of a father’s search for his missing son, who is reported AWOL after returning from Iraq. Jones earned a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his performance in the film.

    Most recently, Haggis and his partner Michael Nozik formed Hwy 61 Films, based at United Artists. Their first venture is an adaptation of the celebrated Australian novel “The Ranger’s Apprentice.”

    Haggis was born in London, Ontario, Canada and moved to California in his early 20s. For over two decades he has written, directed and produced television shows such as “thirtysomething” and “The Tracey Ullman Show,” and also developed credits as a pup writer on many Norman Lear sitcoms. He created the acclaimed, if short-lived, CBS series “EZ Streets” which the New York Times cited as one of the most influential shows of all time, noting, that without it “there would be no Sopranos.”

    Haggis is equally committed to his private and social concerns. He is co-founder of Artists for Peace and Justice, a working board member of EMA (The Environmental Media Association) as well as the advocacy group Office Of The Americas, among others.

    He is married, the father of four children, and splits his time between residences in Los Angeles and New York.

    IMDb Mini Biography By: zkozlowski

    I have never met Mr. Haggis, but I have admired his work in the film industry.

    Paul, thanks for going public. I am proud to stand with you shoulder to shoulder.

    Jack Airey

  4. Paul.

    When’s the next James Bond coming out?

    Oops! Wrong blog!

    Seriously, I loved the letter. It was well written and came to exact point many of us have come to.

    Anyway, you a true artist because you are able to speak for many.

    Welcome to the group!

  5. I admire your eloquence and integrity sir.
    Oh, and as it turns out, quite a few of your creative efforts as well! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0353673/

    Thanks Paul.

  6. Paul what a awesome being you are to have stood up for the rights of the people. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. All my best goes out to you.

    Your accomplishments are beyond awesome and say so much about you and your integrity.

    My best to you forever.

  7. Integrity.
    Paul Haggis.
    Paul Haggis.
    Paul Haggis….

  8. Only one comment.


    It’s coming apart at the seams, isn’t it?

  9. Hello Paul,
    Good to hear from you again and I’m as happy to call you my friend today as the day I accosted you on that street corner in London.

  10. Thank God!

    I have followed Paul Haggis’ career for many many years. I’ve studied and very much admired his work.

    Thank you very much, Paul, for taking this stand.

    Welcome to Total Freedom from the Tyranny of the Church of Scientology.


  11. Hello there! Welcome Paul!

  12. Mr. Haggis,

    All I can say is THANK YOU so very much for writing this letter and standing up for the truth. The effects from this will be profound.

    I am blown away.

    Love, Christie

  13. martyrathbun09


  14. Amazing!
    What a group of heroes!

  15. Holy Crap. I was guessing small. I cannot believe those idiots in COS management dissed you like that Paul. Good grief they are stupid.

  16. Wow, thank you so much Paul.

    I must say that I didn’t need to know your name or your thousands of awards, recognitions and accolades to know that you are a great, true and honest person who stands up straight and tall for what he believes is right. I knew this by your written words — alone.

    It would be an honor to meet you some day.


  17. Another Surfer

    Beautifully written, especially when read in its entirety in one sitting.

    Thanks to each and every one of you who are speaking out (and providing venues for those speaking out) about the human rights abuses, the prejudices, and all of the “outpoints” of the church of scientology.

  18. Many years before His Holiness Dalai Lama became a household name, Paul hosted HH with Richard Geer at his home. Top top celebrities were invited and His Holiness was welcomed. I am a buddhist now and have always remembered Paul’s generosity to His Holiness so many years ago. I wanted to add this little piece to Paul’s incredible list of humanitarian service and say thank you for coming forward. WH

  19. I am awfully glad to see this. Thanks for making it public, Marty.

  20. That’s f’ing great! At first I thought this letter was from JT. Maybe soon he’ll write a letter too. I wonder what wonderful crap OSA is going to try to do to this guy. Probably not much.

    Doo, doo, doo,
    Another one bites the dust…

  21. Paul: from the bottom of my heart I thank you for fighting so hard for freedom and human rights, and for understanding and caring enough to fight for our freedom and rights too.

  22. I am so glad to read this and to know that Haggis has woken up in such a profound way. Way to go, sir. You are a credit to Hollywood and the human race.

  23. Thank you Paul!
    Thank you for having the courage to look and not listen.
    But thank you most for being able to see the truth.

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  25. “I wonder what wonderful crap OSA is going to try to do to this guy. Probably not much.”

    The more people who step up the thinner they spread till it’s ineffective. And the more people coming forward just makes more people come forward faster.

    When there’s fliers all over LA and CW with 30 faces on them and an explanation, OSA will start to change sides. Those guys already have all the facts, for them it’s about which way the wind is blowing. Cowards are only respecters of force. If the majority of Scientology was on our side right now, for no other reason than that they’d decide to have all sorts of cognitions. It’s not about just looking at the data.

    OSA, unless you start flying right you’ll always know you were too scared to do the right thing just at the moment it mattered. How do ever fully audit that out? Wouldn’t you rather have that self respect and pride from which you’re own sense of aesthetics, happiness etc all comes from?

  26. Well, doubt formula correctly applied brings about better conditions. Just ksw by the book yet again.

  27. Cracking good!

  28. Paul, you have inspired me more than you know. Thank you so very much for standing up for the rights of so many voiceless and fearful people.
    I admire you beyond words.
    I know you will continue to flourish and prosper.

    Marty, you are the true definition of CAUSE! I’m honored to be your friend.

  29. I had the privilege of working with Paul many years ago when he graciously agreed to help with some Dianetics TV ads. I found him to be immensely talented, very intelligent, and a really, really wonderful guy. He is also, as his letter demonstrates, a man of courage and integrity. My hat is off to you Paul, for being willing to stand up for your beliefs.

  30. Bravo!

    Thank you so much Mr. Haggis!

  31. I re-read some of this letter. It’s really a pretty inspiring letter and the guy obviously believes strongly in human rights. It has been refreshing recently for people to remind me of some of the purposes I had that were good when I was in.

    I really think the snowball has gotten pretty big now and this time next year there won’t be much left of this church as we know it.

    It’s come down to the fact that people who really do support human rights credibly will have no choice but leave. It turns out that the most unlikely place to find any of those human rights that are repeated so robotically at all those events is in fact the church of scientology.

  32. This is directed to those who have posted about how they think Rathbun is going to make some sort of difference to Scientology.

    Dream on.

    When he was in – when he had the power and authority within the CofS , he did absolutely nothing.

    No wait, let me take that back – he did everything DM told him to do.

    And when punches and kicks were thrown – where was Rathbun? Cringing in the corner.

    When Scientologists and Sea Org Members were being abused – did he stand up and speak for the victims? Did he fight against DM? Did he stop the violence? Nope.

    And now he is out and you think this cringing git is going to lead the charge?

    Good luck with that.

  33. Now THAT is impacting.
    Thank you very much, sir.

  34. Mick,
    Youch, that was some bilious stuff. I don’t think a carton of Tums is going to do it any good.

    Try eating rocks. Throwing them doesn’t work.

  35. Concerned Citizen

    I don’t know who you are nor do I care, but I do know that you have no right, I repeat, no right to say something like this about Marty or any of his fellow whistle blowers, unless you had been there yourself, sleep deprived, with a tremendous amount of pressure on your shoulders, physically injured, constantly invalidated and reduced to nothing, accused by an “infallible leader” When you are in this condition, you wake up in the morning wondering if what you said was what you said, if what you saw was what you saw, if what you perceive is real or as you are constantly told, imagined. Your hold on reality is tenuous
    And your days are filled with the preoccupations of retaining your sanity and fulfilling the demands that it seems, can never be met. It is a wonder, and cause for much respect, that he finally still can tell the source of the suppression and differentiate between the real Scientology and comrade Miscavige’s brand of Siberia.
    You underestimate the man you so disdainfully treat, he is here at great danger to his person, and standing up for what he now sees is right. It is no wonder to me that most Scientologist don’t see what they see, it is the exact reverse application of Scientology, if correctly used it makes free people, reverse it and it makes blind slaves. That is something LRH himself warned of. So my question to you Mick, is what are you doing to help this cause? Nothing? Then you are not worth listening to at all. You obviously don’t know the fortitude it takes to live through this and come out the other end.
    But worry not, for one thing is certain, if Marty does not succeed in waking people up and salvaging Scientology thus, comrade will in fact destroy it in short order, with no results, squirrel management and his inability to see where he is wrong.

  36. Mick; Marty has already made a difference. Like he said in a past blog, the beatings have stopped and in place of the “Hole” we at least have a Chinese restaraunt.

    But more importantly – what have you done to stop the abuses?

  37. Paul,

    I’ve been an admirer of your work. I salute you for your courage and integrity. Very well done.


  38. Micky, You are Tommy Davis!

    Go and get a life PLEASE and stop being a slave to DM.

  39. Mick is a former exec in the Sea Org, with many years of loyal service to the cult, and a history of standing up for what is right – even while in Scientology.

    You can read his story on ESMB.

    I disagree with Mick. But Mick’s views should be considered, and taken into account. Marty thinks so – or he never would have posted Mick’s comment.

    Well done, Marty.

    I think you are now one of the most effective critics of the Church of Scientology of all time. Keep it up, and you may even surpass Gerry Armstrong! :>

  40. martyrathbun09

    Alanzo, take a look at the four part letters. Then take a look at Mick’s comment and diversion. I have allowed him to identify himself clearly – and his sensitivities and awareness of the power and beauty of the subject matter of the original post – so that others know from when he comes. He has represented himself – as-is – remarkably well.

  41. Mick ran a board for Ex-SO for a couple decades, that’s all. Mick has done a LOT, both in and out.

    One thing that is good about not being in the cult anymore – we can disagree with each other, and we can express our views in a spirited environment which values the free exchange of ideas.

    Marty’s getting better and better that!

    And so are we all.

  42. Marty –

    OK. I have.

    Mick just has an opinion.

    That he disagrees does not make him evil.

    It makes him Mick.

  43. Mick please compare where you are with other places you have been. Twin up with someone and “get off” some charge.
    We are entrusted to keep scientology working. In the face of the cruelist juxtaposition of loyalty, purpose and psychosis Marty has done what we are all going through and had to steel himself to the almost superhuman confront needed to view the situation at hand and stand up the bullets and scorn of both those against us, against LRH and against KSW1, as well as those who we have developed life long bonds that can not see.
    Marty has already helped so many, if your goal is to prove otherwise, it will be as futile as telling the son to stop shining.

    Again thankyou so much Marty and thankyou so much Paul, may the day come soon when Scientology is safe and happiness and good relationships are as bountiful as LRH dreamed, intended and developed tech to make a fact.

  44. Mick,

    I feel that you should seriously challenge your view that “people cannot change”. In the SO or during my experience in Scientology I have committed a lot of sins and things which I later regretted, so did Marty, so did you. And even if later on you attempted to make up by taking a stand and leaving, anyway did you compensate for all the IAS donations you collected? Man, they weren’t just pennies…

    But the remarkable thing is that you changed your ways, you became a better person and this is the same process everyone of us is going through.

    I believe this blog is not about reform of the C. of S. I believe this blog is about RECONCILIATION, reconciliation with the best part of ourselves, reconciliation with lost friends, reconciliation with what was the GOOD part of us, not the worst part.

    If you want to continuosly hold up only the worst part of each one of us, the worst part of our life history, our bad accomplishments and sins, then please do me a favour: go back in the church of scientology because there is where you really belong.

    I have already been declared SP and so did Marty and so did many of the people here. We don’t need another “random sp declarer” around. The C. of S. in its present form is enough.


  45. ABC Nightline, at end of Part 2, asked viewer to vote on whether Scientology’s religious tax exemption should be revoked.

    You were on this tax thing from the start, Marty. What is your take on revoked or not?

  46. Alanzo,
    Mick’s upset is something that you, having trained on at least part of the BC, can do something about. You should get your line in to him and help him handle it. I’m sure he’d appreciate being able to express without what is properly termed ‘BPC’.

    Or do you even use the materials any more?

  47. Alanzo,
    This is not about him being ‘evil’. Of course HE isn’t. Nobody is. Mick’s BPC juxtaposed with the rest of the posts and their tenor, shows up.

  48. It makes him downtone, hopeless and at least unaware of what is going on around him…
    DM is Caligula for introducing his dog to the upper ranks!

  49. Mick was a high ranking EX SO member, and has done much to get EX SO members back in comm with each other. Mick has a right so say whatever he likes. Marty has a right to post it or not. You have a right to disagree with him or not.

  50. Mick,
    When we are all celebrating a major win, you decide to vent sour grapes?
    By your logic, your participation in the Sea Org, agreement with the RPF, disconnection, etc, makes you just as responsible for the abuses and nothing you have done or ever will do can make up for it???
    You are saying that nobody can be better.
    Thank goodness that’s not true.
    More change has occurred in the last year than was ever hoped for. Thank you Marty and thank you all.

  51. Exactly. I think a lesson we should all have learned from watching DM is that NONE of us is above criticism.

    I appreciate you having the guts to post Micks comments. I don’t agree with Mick;s point of view on this, but I do understand him.

  52. No, he’s not evil.

    He’s just bitter, vindictive and an endless “victim”. Oh, and probably the last person I’d want any former S.O. to talk to.

  53. Hey Mr. Haggis, I was glad to read your letter. It was well written as I would expect from you and as a previous friend of Lauren’s I’m especially happy to hear what you had to say. Thank you for being strong enough to reverse a long-held position. Many I have known (and loved) have not had the integrity to do so even when confronted with the facts. Every bit of support here on the other side of the CoS is welcomed, but I anticipate great things from your public announcement. 🙂 Thank you!!

  54. Gary Sekigahama

    To Jason and Paul,

    Thank you for publically announcing your leaving. To the cult and their precious collecting of celebrities, it cuts both ways. I know more celebrities have left and hope they in turn speak out also.


  56. But!

    Back on to the topic!

    Paul Haggis is OUT!

    And the dude can WRITE!! :>


  57. Alanzo-

    Mick is diverting all of us on this board AWAY from the beauty and impact created by Paul Haggis’s resignation letter from CoS.

    If Mick were truly interested in doing something worthwhile to expose DM and CoS he would have at the VERY least included an acknowledgement of the power of Paul’s letter somewhere in his overly-critical “opinion” of Marty. Isn’t that what these comments should be in response to?

    I understand that Mick is an ex-SO Exec and has run an anti-CoS board for 2 decades, and that’s appreciated. But why is he belittling what Marty has ALREADY accomplished in exposing DM/CoS:

    (1) The St. Pete’s Times Truth Rundown
    (2) Nightline expose on CoS
    (3) Creating a safe place for all of us to voice our concerns and declare our independence from the CoS.

    On orders of magnitude, Marty has accomplished more TA action than any former SO member ever has. That doesn’t mean he has put in more effort than others, but he has created the biggest effects.

    Why then is Mick so hellbent on attacking Marty? And on a post revealing Paul Haggis’s highly imapcting letter of resignation from CoS at that?

  58. Wow, Amy Scobee said the same thing I did!

    Hey Amy – Thank you very much for calling David Miscavige a tyrant on national television. Do you realize how long I have wished that would finally happen?

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing.


  59. Gary Sekigahama,

    You are right that more celebrities have left… I am putting my resignation letter together as we speak.


  60. This letter should appear in newspapers.

  61. Hi Paul! You may remember me from CC days..I’ve been to your home a few times over the years for various events. Sherry Many(Katz).

    I’ve watched your career blossom. “Crash” was simply brilliant and probably the most impacting film of it’s time. No one who saw it could stop talking about it. You woke people up…and I see, by your actions here, that this will be a continuing theme in your life.

    I want you to know how much I admire that you have gone public with your views. It took a lot of courage, a lot of confront.

    Carry on my friend.


  62. No, Mick is a good man, but from reading his story, it is clear that he has a lot of BPC. I do, and I wasn’t treated even half as bad as Mick was treated. It’s amazing that he managed to pull through. A lesser man would have succumbed.
    Even so, I fail to see why he picked Marty as a target. Marty does what he can, but he might not do it as Mick thinks he should do it, that’s all, but that doesn’t mean we should pick on Mick.
    That sounds more like what OSA would like us to do.

  63. Paul Haggis,

    Thank you.

  64. As a previous Scientologist – OT VIII and one who spent 8 years in the early days of the SO — I am hopeful that we as independent people don’t get into finger pointing – who was brave and who wasn’t. Who was kind and who wasn’t.

    We are here now — in a new space with an opportunity to take the BEST of Scientology forward into however we have chosen to live our lives. Whether some of us continue to practice Scientology or some other religion or some other philosophy — all the great wisdom traditions agree on a core point. In the basic goodness of man.

    I believe we are each where we are BECAUSE of where we have been and I understand that some still feel anger and upset. I know I still have nightmares BUT they are getting better and better. I am now thankful for my 20 year involvement.

    My Buddhist teacher recently said that to speak badly of a former teacher or former path is to create a divide within ourselves, within our OWN mind. Where we have to “hate/ignore/feel bad about/sad about etc” one aspect of our lives and the other side — feels good etc. And the two never meet – thus a divide.

    It was a liberating comment to me as I have tended to want to see most everything Scientology come falling down. How silly. It was a huge part of my life. And helped to form me — good and bad — into who I am today.

    It is my hope that this independent project continues to grow. That the abuses within the church start to get cleaned up. That families are re-united and we are free to choose which path we pursue without friends thinking we have lost our mind 🙂 and I can actually find friends who left the SO years ago and have basically gone into hiding.


  65. A well written letter, Paul. Thank you so much for taking a stand against the human rights abuses.

  66. Shawn's friend

    An amazingly well written letter, Paul. Thank you for speaking out against the abuses.

  67. Paul, you did the right thing and I hope others will follow in your stead. Bravo!

  68. Margaret,

    If you were to ask David Miscavige, he’d probably say that anyone who publicly criticises the CoS is a ‘victim’ (he’d probably even throw in a comment about them being “stuck in an electronic incident” 😉 ). That means you, Marty, me and everyone else who has posted to this blog.

    Mick is very outspoken in his views and perhaps not very tactful but he does know what he is talking about. If you read his story and what he went through, you might understand where his anger and frustration comes from. Reading Mick’s story was a major factor in me realising that something was very wrong in the CoS, and eventually deciding to leave.

    But anyway, this blog entry is all about Paul Haggis leaving the CoS. As Alanzo so perceptively noted, he can write. I fervently hope that he uses his undoubted talents to communicate to all the other celebrities who continue to support the CoS under Miscavige’s tyranny. I fully expect an exodus of Miscavige’s biggest supporters in the near future.

    Thank you Paul for having the courage and integrity to stand up and do what you know to be right.

    PS Could you write a part for me in the next Bond film? (well it was worth a shot)


  69. Paul,

    OMG. Thank you for thinking and standing up over issues of abuse and unfairness in Scientology. On the off chance Jason or someone else hasn’t recommended it, please read another excellent writer’s book on the early years, BARE-FACED MESSIAH, by Russell Miller.

  70. Part of my reaction to the controversy going on between Mick and the others about Marty and all, is that I too am guilty of abuses while in the C of S. I have disconnected and shunned , I have distrusted, I have gone along with lies, I have disbelieved the truth, I have supported SP’s because I thought they were angels….
    Will it be safe for me to come out or will I be stood up against the wall and shot for my lack of awareness, courage, integrity, intelligence?
    I don’t look on Marty as any saint or savior, but I am willing to see where he is going with this.

  71. Thank you, Paul.

  72. good lord I just read the rest of the ‘comments” how hilarious !

    Good lord – go look on ESMB and you will find this post from October the 4th.

    I did not post it here. For those of you who have trouble with the written word – let me repeat it, I did not post it here.

    So save your outrage and your commentaries. Go over to ESMB and answer me there.

    This is Rathbun’s blog and I am not interested in using it to diss him.

  73. jessicaheartsart

    Dear Mick,
    Mr. Rathbun is not perfect and neither are you. You shouldn’t judge another person unless you’ve had an opportunity to walk in those same shoes. As a “Wog”, I can at least appreciate the fact he is trying. Leaving COS must have been scarey, heartbreaking, and loney after putting so many years of hardwork into it. Leaving an abusive environment is sometimes the most difficutlt thing to do.

    So, with that said, for all those who have stood up for what is right (including Mr. Haggis, Ms. Katz, Ms. Leavitt, Mr. Logan, and Co.), I thank you with sincerity.

  74. Mick Wenlock has just posted over on ESMB ( http://forum.exscn.net/showpost.php?p=319661&postcount=326 ) that the above repost of his ESMB posting (first post on the thread I just linked) was not made by him.

    Since I have never known Mick Wenlock to lie about such things, I conclude The “Mick” who posted that here is an imposter and the purpose of posting that here was to foment strife amongst the anti-DM freedom fighters.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who might want to do such a thing, eh?

    Michael A. Hobson

  75. Gertrude Schutte

    OSA needs to wake up and impeach DM just as Nixon was impeached. DM hasn’t had a session in 18 years or so (according to sources to him who have since left), maybe because he will be found out about. Poor Tomi now in the hot seat having never been giving the suppressive treatment due to his celeb Mom’s position (celebs receive special treatment and DM would not endanger that), so maybe you are safe Tomi.

    This is my 1st comment, I am in good standing but have been semi-active (I have been getting people into Scn, and did some study on the Basics) for many years due to abuses, forced abortion (LRH expressively denounces this and was never required when he was in command), threatened declare with no ethics gradients, etc. I just got scared and laid low for many yrs.

    Imagine receiving a “metered interview” with top 10-12 RTC/CMO execs all standing around, giving you 5 min to get off your crimes or you will be declared, no standard auditing/ethics gradients whatsoever. Then the physical abuse carried about by DM’s right hand man, scared the shit out of me, to where I have hid in the sidelines for years. Keeping silent to protect my family/friends from being horrified about what occurred, not wanted to disaffect others but meanwhile being disaffected internally about the wrongness of the actions and not daring to air any disagreement for fear of consequences. Just trying to maintain some semblance of neutrality so as to preserve some sense of being able to go up the Bridge someday. Never being able to get a correction to these wrongs to this day leaves me little hope.

    Celebs are treated like Gold meanwhile the most dedicated members who are willing to actually join the Sea Org and give it their all are treated like the dirt, unbelievable but true. I’ve recruited many people to join the SO and believe me they are Gold and so hard to find, who is willing to give that kind of dedication?

    The rampant dono’s for IAS, Ideal Orgs, Super Power, Basics are pulling the top disseminators and staff off hat to get money for no exchange, imagine if that much effort were pushed towards those people wearing their hats on post of servicing and FSMing what a flood of people would be on lines on OT 7.

    As for the events, I remember when those started and being on the financial planning committe in an org having to come up with tons of money from money donated by public for their services to fund those very very expensive events, we would be on beans and rice for food to fund DM’s self aggrandisement campaigns. All the top mgmt officials ED Int, Snr C/S Int, President of Cof S, CO CMOI, Norman Starkey (entrusted with LRH’s estate) have all been absent in these events and to my understanding were all declared and in the “hole” by DM.

    These are all good people I truly looked up to and had many great stellar products, maybe they tried to stop DM and got delared and held in forever silence due to their positions. If they got assigned to the hole, what would happen to my small voice, you can’t say a thing against DM, it’s like he is God, what right does he have to beat on people? And beat he did despsite OSA’s denials.

    OSA you need to do something as this is only going to get worse and worse and the Church is gradually being destroyed all due to a psycho leader, if you really care for eternity you will get it together and do something. You cannot keep lying and covering up for that suppressive person. Mgmt on down is going to need some major clean up to knock out this engrained suppressive/force handling of people to get them to comply to off policy, it’s gonna take a major handling. We all know it’s happening but are afraid to speak up for fear of consequences. Thank God for sites like this that is raising the awareness and that I am not alone in this and it has happened to others enmass and engaging others to speak out finally.

    Celebs wake up and realize the abuses and know that you are given the Gold of the Gold of treatment and unfortunately I am not a Celeb and wasn’t granted that type of treatment. I was a “Jew” and not a “German”. This is very real stuff and don’t doubt it for a minute. You are allowed your imperfections but get this, a command team under the guidance of DM were sent into PAC (LA organizations) and staff were Security Checked to see if they had masturbated. Imagine if you were to be checked as such and gotten in big ethics trouble for that? Unbelievable but true.

    God I remember being beaten down and weary from lack of sleep having to stay up till 4-5 am doing renos then having to go back on post at 9 am to service the public, what a miserable time, it just wasn’t fun anymore like it was back in day when LRH was in command. Damn DM and his regime.

  76. Thanks Paul, and to everyone who is as-ising conditions they find undesirable as 8 dynamic beings.

  77. Hi Gertrude,
    Thanks for speaking up with a first hand account.
    If you were referring to Marty when you talked about “second hand man”, my own viewpoint is it doesn’t matter where Marty is at.

    If Marty was trying to usurp DM and hurt Scientology even more, the worst method of doing that would be to create a whole generation of Scientologists and managers who are aware of exactly how DM took power and abused it. And point out all of these out tech and off policy actions, and point out that LRH writings are the only way to go. Scientology is going to wake up, and the end goal at least for me is to create vigilance and watchfulness and distrust of anyone entering in arbitraries into SO and orgs, and DM’s removal eventually as well. That’ll get the stats through the roof. Again, good job speaking up.

  78. I just want to say that Axiom142 would make a GREAT James Bond!

    Alanzo (:>)

    And OSA, or whoever else pretended to be Mick – it STILL didn’t work – DID IT???

  79. Yeah move over Daniel Craig!

    Miscavige AKA Enst Blofeld evil number one SPECTRE playing himself.

    By the way good call Alanzo on the “Mick” post. I smelled OSA when I read it too 🙂

  80. Thank you Paul !!!!

  81. This letter is well labelled “very important”. I do believe that this can be a turning point. A beginning of a return to integrity from Scientology publics, celebs or not, who have had their suspicions and disagreements but have shut up about it.
    As an ex reg/fundraiser/recruiter I can tell you that many many of the public KNOWS that something is wrong, has many disagreements, but sticks around to now lose the Bridge (they think). They’re too chicken to surf the Net, (the question is on elig forms, and leads to added questions if it reads: expensive) but the word will go around about things like this.
    They will see that it’s not just “losers” and “disgruntled staff” or whatever the internal BPR is.
    Similarly (as an example) as a Sea Org member when I heard that Amy Scobee was declared, Joe Howard, and a few others, I knew things had flipped and someone was getting rid of the good guys. It helped me open my eyes. I found out on rumor lines.
    Thank you very much Mr Haggis both for the resignation and for making it public.

  82. The Scientology Civil War is being won on the celebrity front! And I mean “civil” in the most positive, non-violent sense of the word.

  83. Thank you WH. This thread has produced a lot of tone arm action. I appreciate your insights about not letting upset and resentment about the past rule our present. To a large degree, that is still occurring with me after four decades in SCN, but these forums and blogs do change viewpoints.

    The development with Paul Haggis is very important. And what Marty is doing here on his blog is contributing in a big way to producing change. I also appreciate all the viewpoints, across the spectrum from Mick’s to yours. For all the “little guys” like me who have endured for years, these are exciting, frightening, but potentially liberating times.

    Thanks for your very sane and philosophically therapeutic point.

  84. WH,
    I’m very happy to hear you have regained the joys of your life. The insight from your Buddhist teacher, that a ‘divide’, can cause suffering is just wonderful to hear. As you know, in Scientology we call that a ‘dichotomy’, and it’s the genus of ‘charge’, for the spiritual being.

    That divide is the thing protested on this blog and others, the dichotomy of the factual aims of Scientology, the joy that can be attained, the marvelous lightness of being and love, and the heavy handed duress and strife emanating from Mr. Miscavige.

    Understanding that man is basically good, and is under an intolerable burden that causes him to lash out, and despite that lashing out, one can maintain his affinity for man, not allow it to be alloyed, and do something to aid the being under the burden, is the mark of men of peace.

    I think you are one such man. Thank you for being joyful and expressing it.

  85. Astrid,
    I think I’ve read your story. I’ve also read the book you recommend, several times. There are lots of other books and facts that counter R. Miller’s.

    You’ve been through a lot, I dare say. I also dare say, there’s more to go. If you read the post from WH, on this thread you’ll find someone who has managed to resolve the conflicts and ‘divides’ in his experience of living.

    That’s something to go for, and when attained, there you can find peace.

    Mr. Miller’s book provides no such resolution. Factually, a large number of the people he sourced are in fact still using many of the tenets and practices of Scientology.

    There’s more to this than Miller’s book.

  86. Gertrude,
    I was hesitant to even try to acknowledge what you wrote, as its so from the heart and obviously from a very real viewpoint, I wouldn’t want to under acknowledgde. But what I felt was an understanding of the walking on eggshells and anguish and loss.
    It also helped me to understand how piercing Pauls perception is and from what place such vigilance for human rights is coming from, to see through PR of Machiavalian proportions.
    I am very proud to have this comm line, its allowing ethics from the heart and fibre of wonderful beings to be shown.

  87. I think the saddest cut of all is that all of us really, truly wanted a new civilization, experienced auditing as an amazing and workable solution and then found ourselves caught up in crazy / authoritarian misapplications within our own Church.

    Like Paul, I am ashamed. Over 25 years ago, I just stopped going in to the Church unless I had an actual service to do, laying low and wondering how the hell it could be handled. Now I have some hope and Marty, among others, has provided a means for all of us to step up to the plate, not to destroy, but to reform.

  88. Gertrude Schutte

    I agree and my hopes that the stable datums of LRH once again return. LRH use to issue unconditional amnesties, every few years, DM doesn’t have it in his heart to forgive anyone of anything. The last amnesty he issued 18 years ago had conditions on it. Just the fact that he keeps peoples 2D OW’s on his computer so he can pull them up at a moment’s notice to use against them to suppress and take them down”. He’s apalling. I’m looking forward to this great religion returning to it’s roots.

  89. I think you are on to something there RJ.

    Perhaps we will see a pint-sized despot who takes over a church and insidiously subverts it and uses his power to enslave those who support it, in a future movie penned by Paul Haggis?

    Since everyone would know who was being represented, that would really get Miscavige chewing the carpet. 🙂

  90. Gertrude Schutte

    Martin, thank you for your very kind acknowledgement. After the 10 man metered interview having been told to “keep your trap shut” about it, the suppression is coming off by talking about it openly and reading others similar experiences. I would never have ever imagined having to come to this place and admit that I was PTS to my own Church (DM in particular and his subordinates enforcing his suppressive orders). I hate that it has come to this but it has to be.
    I have seen so many wonderful people routing out of the S.O. enmass, it’s frightening. One guy who routed out in ’08 was there for 25 yrs, said it just wasn’t fun anymore, the meal breaks went from 1 hour, down to 30 min, that’s hardly enough time to eat let alone catch a nap from having to stay up to ungodly hours of the morning churning out production. Another friend (was there approximately 28 yrs) that routed out in ’08 said that he hadn’t had a day off in 5 years! Astonishing, you cannot run good dedicated people like that w/o something breaking down somewhere and in this case they are leaving, just can’t take it anymore. If they are lucky enough to route out vs being declared for all the wrong reasons.
    I hope this helps many others as it is me.

  91. Paul, Thank you so much for taking this stand. I hope we see more and more celebrities seeing the light, and making a public statement.

  92. Dear Paul,

    Thank you for standing up, speaking up and walking away. That took real courage and the repercussions in the Scientology community, & Hollywood itself, are going to be widespread.

    Scientology PTS/SP tech & disconnection mandates ruined my family and caused untold heartache – even death. I went along with the protochol, just as I went along with believing I could make a change with keeping scientology working . I thought that was the right thing to do but all the while I was forfeiting my integrity and alienating my family for the ‘greater good’.

    Early on I had been made to disconnect from my parents. Later on I found out that my husband Paul Mace and I had been alienated from each other, without either of us us recognixing it in time. By the time I realized what happened, it was too late to repair the situation, as our lives had moved on.

    When he died in an accident a few years later, Scientology did nothing but close the folder and ship it into oblivion. The same thing happened with his first wife Judy, who died in an accident 3 months after he did while on the way to the org to do the same program. In Scientology, death is nothing but a “farewell, see you next time around” affair, and so their orphaned daughter’s cries were met with enforced auditing, of which I am guilty of pushing. Then Paul’s widow left the church. Being a scientologist meant doing what was right according to the church, no matter what the costs. and once again disconnection became yet another wrong solution.

    At that point it did not matter about family because I’d already disconnected from most, even by default from the ones through death.
    I stayed on in the church and did the things that every compliant scientologist does. This went on for years.

    Eventually, push came to shove. I finally stood up to Int Management against some out tech and injustices I had been privy to and in a heartbeat the tables were turned. I was now the enemy to be silenced by a threat of no eternity. I admit that when attacked, I cowered but I did not give up the way Int wanted me to. With no apparent recourse, and the refusal to sink to the implied idea of committing suicide, I left quietly and without apparent sorrow. Unfortunately, a shattered life knows no grief at the onset. Like a good robotic scientologist in fear of the dreaded SP label, I quietly moved on, severing scientology ties as I went along, trying to rebuild my live or what was left of it.

    It took years before I would venture onto the internet and discover the lies we’d been told, the heartache of others, the corrupt organization which I’d given so many years of my life to. Realizing that I had been as uncaring and callous with disconnecting from my loved ones as the church had been with me, I set about to repair the pain I caused, but disconnection hurts deep and I am still eating crow for my part in it. It’s ok. Lives were ruined and being flippant about it for so long requires that a price be paid. I admire you standing up for your ‘SP’ inlaws but I believe that if you were not as big celebrity as you are, you would would have been labeled PTS and made to do handlings until you did disconnect.

    Anyway, I am here to join you in standing up and wearing the once dreaded SP label for the sake of integrity. Your letter here, along with Nancy Many’s courage to publish her new book, have encouraged me to speak up. Thank you!!

    I wish you the best in your situation and hope that you are not shunned by those you care about because of your brave decision.

    Kathy Mace

  93. “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology. ” – LRH

    This is the vision I aligned with when I joined the CoS. This is what I aligned my efforts to, and assumed was the guiding light for others in the group as well.

    I had my share of ethical challenges. I had my share of wins beyond my wildest dreams. I had my share of upsets and betrayals.

    So did you.

    After I was kicked out of my group, as Miscavology was being put in to place, I continued to pursue this vision, aided by other, like-minded individuals. I reached a point in my growth where I realized that to heal myself further, I needed others to heal, regain their integrity and wholeness across all of their dynamics, re-assess their visions, and follow their hearts. That was several years ago.
    Since then, there have been quite a number of people come forward and tell their stories. ESMB, Ex-Scn Kids, Marty’s blog, etc. Some are truly gut wrenching stories. But the point is, people are no longer withholding this stuff, but letting it come forward, and confronting it, and letting it go.

    Every story like this that I read, besides providing relief to the author, strengthens us all.
    DM is just a destructive little side-show. All he can do is pervert tech and play ‘divide and conquer’. We are bigger than that. We can heal ourselves. And can provide the space for our friends to do so as well. Looking forward, we can all still work towards a common vision, if that is something we still want to do. Not because we have to. Because we want to. I think Mankind is worth it and deserves it.

    “Feeling Stronger Every Day”

  94. Both Mike and Mick have pointed out that “Mick’s” post was a copy/paste from a post he made on ESMB several weeks ago. Although someone apparently does wish to distract from the subject at hand and foment trouble, it was not Mick.

    I think it’s healthy that a view that was obviously not in agreement with the majority was allowed to be expressed, if such such freedoms are allowed it will go a long ways towards preventing any future incarnation of CofS/Scientology to from becoming abusive.

    Another step in that direction might be to not just allow it or see it as a manifestation of “bpc” or “case” that needs to be handled, but to actually consider if there is any truth to such views – something that DM and CofS as a group are not very good at doing, which I believe was also a factor in CofS becoming abusive.

  95. Paul, You are the epitome of courage, wisdom, strength, intelligence, love and compassion. I simply adore you. THANK YOU!

  96. If that were to take place, I’d want to be in it for sure!

  97. Kathy,

    Your post made me cry.

    I’m so sorry.

  98. Dear Paul,

    While I don’t know you personally our children attended school together and, in fact, your daughter was a very good friend to my daughter during a tumultuous time in her life. Your daughter befriended my daughter and it made a huge difference for her. I believe they are still friends to this day and I will always remember this. I can now see that she is a true product of her parenting!

    I do not know for sure that you monitor these comments but on the chance that you do I would like to tell you that you are a true friend to all of us that are seeking truth, decency and freedom for all.

    My heart aches for those dedicated Sea Org members who are under a suppression many of us simply cannot begin to comprehend. While it may appear they are “all” part of the suppression I can only imagine it is a slow and insidious suppression that one cannot imagine is occurring until it has occurred. I think you have done much to make a difference.

    You have taught your children well 🙂

    Thank you again and again!!!

  99. Actually Axiom, I wouldn’t have been quite so upset at Mick had I known that his message was not meant for this group/board.

  100. If DM is such a great or inspired leader, why hasn’t he done a TV interview since his Nightline debacle of 17 years ago? Why won’t he answer pointed questions? What does he have to hide or fear? Why does he hide behind Tomi, who apparently knows how to act the baby, throw a temper tantrum and storm out (as we saw Friday night)?

  101. Hey Marty, just a suggestion, but when someone takes the time to come out pubically…and we all know the confront it takes to do that..can we just have the comments be an acknowledgement for that person’s efforts? All this other crap takes away from that deserved acknowledgement, which I think is what whoever started the Mick thing was trying to do anyways. Why feed into it or allow it?

  102. Kathy
    Your story broke my heart 😦 I’m so sorry for everything you have gone through.

  103. Dear Paul,

    I’m not sure if you’ll read this but:

    1. I’m overjoyed that you’ve left. And remember, you don’t have a disconnection policy- your door is always open to them, whereas the reverse may not be true. Remember this, if you’re ever in doubt as to who is being ‘reasonable’.

    2. I believe the “Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights”, which you cite among your accolades, is one of several puppet organizations for the church of scientology. Don’t take my word for it, but research about it yourself. You may wish to reconsider your membership of this organisation too.

  104. I fully agree with this comment by CC. I haven’t walked in Marty’s shoes and I can’t be 100% sure what I would have done in the same circumstances. I have no right to pass judgement. But I see Marty doing a lot now to help expose the truth and to encourage people to do what is right and decent. That counts for a lot. There are people still being abused. That’s where our focus needs to be.

  105. martyrathbun09

    Yes, Sher. I was bit remiss on this one.

  106. martyrathbun09

    That means a lot to me coming from you. That is because I know where your heart is. That is why I call you Grace. I think, we all, including me, could use a little more Grace.

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  108. Paul Haggis has done a great thing by writing so clearly the ethical problems he sees in CoS management, and inTommy D in particular. It is wonderful to read the letter Paul wrote and to see the courage and integrity he has. God bless him muchly.

    I suppose you’ve all seen that this story is getting coverage – front page of the HuffingtonPost just now, following Tony Ortega’s story in the Village Voice and another on movieline.



  109. Marty, I join you in wanting more grace in my life and to an instrument of grace in the lives of others.

    Lots of love to you and your wife.

  110. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Paul,
    I wish to thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do in the name of human rights. It is my sincere hope that those you address and those other Scientologist you and I know are good people who find the truth is so against the scientology they know, they simply can’t believe it, as I refused to for so long, wake up and stand up for their religion, for decency and transparency. But till then we who have lived the nightmare in the flesh, thank you

  111. I agree wholeheartedly with you Sherry. It would be really nice if “coming out” stories don’t get cluttered with other things (not to say they are not important), but it should really be posts to acknowledge the very brave thing that has been done. Then again, Paul’s coming out may have inspired a few others to post their stories too. – like

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  113. Lotus Miyamoto

    I personally think that Tommy Davis wants to leave David Miscavige and is starting to get the idea he is being used but is afraid to leave because he knows how nasty OSA can be to those who leave.

    He seems like a nice young man who could have such a happy successful life if he was not supporting DM, a criminal abuser. I think Tommy should just quit and walk away, no permission, no goodbye, nothing.

    Tommy, leave now before you wind up getting hit for DM’s crimes. Seriously, just walk away.
    You are being lied to and I think you probably know this or at least suspect it by now.

    You are being bashed publicly on the internet already. Is DM worth sacrificing your life and reputation for? We are talking about a man who sits in hiding while you take all the heat for his crimes. Think about it…

  114. whitescientologist

    Most of people have been baffled by the dichotomy of good/bad they encounter in Scientology, and the explanation is very simple, one is Black Scientology, the other is White Scientology. Many Scientologists are confounded by them, and cannot distinguish its differences, similarities and identities. Black Scientology is equivalent to psychology and psychiatry in terms of human rights violations, we could find the fascination of it tantamount to (black) magick…instead White Scientology is entirely good…we need to clear Scientology, to separate Black Scientology from White Scientology…a classical example of Black Scientology is the phrase, “democracy has given us inflation and income tax…” which is a false datum.

  115. martyrathbun09

    Here is the link to an account of Tommy’s attempt to enter ABC premises last Thursday to “spike” the Nightline show: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/scientology_flack_strikes_out_SJRNhKFTPOnH567DZ4Q4CO

  116. Angelle Guyette

    I met Mr. Haggis week before last on the set of The Next 3 Days, where I was an actor working as a stand-in. I didn’t know about this letter, or I would have offered my support and shared this point of exasperation:

    When I wrote, “How Do Others See You?”, an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sharing my own frustrations and experiences regarding those who claim to corner the market on what I had always called my faith, I got so many responses from people who were glad I was speaking out because they were afraid to.

    Folks read things like Mr. Haggis’ letter or my article, and allow themselves just to accept it, to think we don’t have as much to lose as they do – or from another angle, that just because it might be expected of a morally upright person, that it is easy to make the choice he did, to choose the words he did, and to do so, knowing, with a deeply aching heart, that he could lose friendships with people he has cared about, and a community that was clearly part of his “Home Base.” If you haven’t spent as much time living on the road as people like us have, you may not understand – so allow me to clarify: Home Base – it’s everyone and everything you don’t get to spend the time you’d like to with that you consider part of who you are. Sometimes when we travel so much, all we have is the is this concept of what we belong to because we can’t be there to participate physically as much as we do in our hearts and in our lives. For you, Mr. Haggis, to give up such a large part of that, is something that I hope people don’t take for granted – something I hope will shine a light on what people should be doing instead of cowering silently in their comfortable pews.

  117. martyrathbun09

    Amen. I don’t and won’t take it for granted. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  118. Dean, are you officially out, too? Just curious. Your Scn home page is still up.

  119. I am not with the church of scientology. I am however an advocate of “Do the right thing and be fair all the way around” Thats my saying.lol sorry . anyway, I happened across your letter and was quite frankly shocked at what I read. This sounds like an L. Ron Hubbard nightmare. I was terribly sad to hear about the Travoltas terrible tragedy that I think could have been avoided. I chalked it up to scientology. As i heard it that poor young soul could have live and been fine if it wasnt for intervention by the senior scientologists. This is just what i have heard. I never checked anything out myself to verify. Anyway I stray off course. I am writing to say how nice it is to know there are other people willing to do the right thing even at cost to themselves because it is the right thing. I try to follow that path. If there were more stand up people in this world like you to influence people, it could be a place where everyone is a friend.

  120. I knew Tommy Davis when he was 19 and at Columbia University. He is a very sweet and good person. It saddens me to see how DM has usedTom’s lineage, good looks and true intent to do good in this world. Believe me, Tom is a really good guy. Scn is master brainwashing and they’ve really abused Tom. I feel for him. I do hope he and his parents wake up for they are truly decent people who deserve the best life has to offer. What people are perceiving as Tom is simply another testament to the bad effects Scn wreaks on a life. Please don’t blame him or slam him…he knows not what he is doing for they’ve robbed him of critical thought. Blame LRH and DM.

  121. You are a beautiful artist and man. You have done what only one other in your station has – Jason Beghe. I know you are now aware of what others have experienced in this cult. If you are shunned by your fellows, it is their loss. But I have a feeling they will not shun you for some are such bottom feeders, they still need you for their next job:) Honestly, that’s what I feel. Anybody who has been in Scn for a length of time knows there is something terribly wrong. Yet, why do some of us wake up and walk out while others cannot. Either because they are afraid or because they feel the potential for success is still within the network. That’s what Celebrity Centre is all about. Making you cough up the dough so that you may not only rub elbows with those who can give you jobs, but become super human…which none of us are. Show me a homo novis. What a joke. Paul, you are gorgeous!

  122. Angelle Guyette

    I was so struck by Mr. Haggis’ letter and focused on the issue, that I didn’t consider how mentioning having met him on set might be a violation of trust.
    I’ve not been reprimanded for this posting, but retrospectively, it troubles me.
    There are rare times when writing about an issue requires making one’s associations public, and others when keeping them private is the more powerful way to demonstrate one’s heartfelt support.
    Would it be possible for me to remove or edit my post?

  123. Angelle Guyette

    Paul Haggis, there are many Directors in the world, but few human beings willing to open themselves to the social, emotional, fiscal and even physical upheaval that comes with making morally upright decisions to help change the world for the better.

    Please allow me to offer you my deepest, heartfelt support – and share a point of exasperation with those who should have your courage:

    Shortly before I spoke as a straight woman in support of my own county’s Anti-Discrimination Law, the “Fairness for all” supportive sticker I wore made me a target for an intimidating group in an otherwise deserted hallway. I got to experience firsthand for a few moments what members of the GLBT community must often face every day. It only bolstered my conviction: Anti-Discrimination Legislation needs to be enacted everywhere!

    When I wrote an article, “How Do Others See You?” which appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, presenting my frustrations regarding opponants who claim to corner the market on what I had always called my faith, I got responses from people all over the country who said they were glad I was speaking out because they were afraid to.

    Folks read things like Mr. Haggis’ letter or my article, and allow themselves just to accept it, to think we don’t have as much to lose as they do – or from another angle, that just because it might be expected of a morally upright person, that it is easy to make the choice he did, to choose the words he did, and to do so, knowing, with a deeply aching heart, that he could lose friendships with people he has cared about, and a community that was clearly part of his “Home Base.”

    If you haven’t spent as much time living on the road as people like us have, you may not understand – so allow me to clarify: Home Base – it’s everyone and everything you don’t get to spend the time you’d like to with that you consider part of who you are. Sometimes when we travel so much, all we have is the concept of what we belong to because we can’t be there to participate physically as much as we do in our hearts and in our lives.

    For you, Mr. Haggis, to give up such a large part of that, is something that I hope people don’t take for granted – something I hope will shine a light on what people should be doing instead of cowering silently in their comfortable pews.

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  126. Paul Haggis,

    Big hugs from Brazil.
    It is so nice to see more and more people opening their eyes and exposing the harms or religion.
    Wish you all the best!

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