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How Radical Scientology Rips Off Medicaid

Wake up.  This is not an exception.  This is Standard Operating Procedure.  As one former Corporate Scientologist put it to me recently, Radical Scientology is all about “razor blades in apples.” 

The James Gang – Part Two 

by Haydn James (T Paine)

Though I’ve written about the Miscavige and Radical Scientology’s abuses I’ve witnessed, perhaps out of some misplaced British sentiment of allowing justice to take its natural course I wasn’t going to publicly say too much about Dr. Juan Villarreal. But recent events with my friend Mosey Rathbun changed my mind.

And while I am going to hold back much of what I know and play those cards close to my chest, what Marty wrote about Dr. Juan Villarreal having no qualms when it comes to walking over others to play the big man with the IAS and gain favor with Miscavige is right on the money (no pun intended).

You see, I worked for Dr. Villarreal from May 2008 to Oct 2009 in an executive capacity at his dental practice in Harlingen, Texas along with my wife Lucy and my youngest daughter Katrina who worked in his dental lab — three members of the James Gang were employed by him.

Shortly after arriving in Harlingen I found out that Dr. Villarreal had donated millions of dollars to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) and many other Miscavige bogus schemes. The walls of his office were adorned with plaques and photo shots of prominent Scientology executives handing him awards for those financial contributions. In fact, the last act of my predecessor (while he was turning over the job to me) was to arrange a line of credit for Villarreal with a local bank in excess of $100,000 so he could keep on donating to Miscavige/Scientology. That wasn’t the first line of credit arranged for that purpose and it wouldn’t be the last.

Rather than list all of Villarreal’s many donations to Miscavige it would be easier to just list the Miscavige schemes to which he hasn’t contributed money except I can’t think of any. But the IAS was the main recipient by a long way; Villarreal is up there in the rarified heights of the top few status tiers. And in October 2008, as I recall, he flew over to England to the annual IAS money-fest to be lauded, stroked and pressured out of more funds.

Like many people I believe in some form of social justice. But I’m certainly no communist, I believe that if a person makes a bucket load of money they are entitled to spend it on whatever they wish. And with a gross income of around a million dollars a month, as the sole owner of Harlingen Family Dentistry, Dr. Villarreal’s bucket of cash was certainly overflowing. But quite apart from the fact that his donations help fund and support the abusive Scientology regime, there is a burning question which has to be answered: Did all the money (many millions of dollars) Villarreal donated to Miscavige’s Scientology over the years really belong to him?

I say no way, and for three very good reasons.

First reason: Villarreal made part of his wealth and profit by grossly underpaying his office staff over a period of years.

Harlingen is a rural town in one of the poorest counties in the United States and jobs are hard to come by. Dr. Villarreal knew the score, he admitted to me he knew the score, so took advantage of the scene and built his large practice (which consisted of around 20 dentists, hygienists and key dental assistants, plus 100 or so medical and admin support staff) by keeping many of those support staff close to minimum wage and in Texas that meant $7.25 an hour when I was there.

And when it came to salary review time I didn’t envy my HR manager having to tell some of the employees that Dr. Villarreal was only willing to give them an annual pay raise of 25 cents or even as little as10 cents an hour. The HR manager found it hard because some of the employees broke down, burst into tears and were at a loss to understand why they were not worth more (they were of course). But in a small town like Harlingen they had nowhere else to go (we received applications by the sack full every month from people seeking jobs) so they put up with it.

While we were there Lucy and I helped a number of staff write pay increase proposals so compelling they couldn’t be refused (we even wrote parts of them ourselves) and had some success in raising pay and are proud of that but even so I felt bad.

And Villarreal took further advantage of the local unemployment scene. Three or four times a year he ran a course at his practice that trained students to be dental assistants which on the face of it sounds great. But the truth is that every few months 10 to 12 young unemployed people from Harlingen would scrape together $2400 or so (many borrowed the money), pay it to Dr. Villarreal, take their course in dental assisting and land a job at Harlingen Family Dentistry only to be paid by Villarreal more or less what a floor cleaner would earn directly across the street at the local MacDonald’s while the practice raked in between $70,000 and $100,000 a year for the courses.

When I was there Dr. Villarreal explained to me that he had been in business for 23 years so all the above has been a long term situation.

Second reason: Dr. Villarreal made his money in part by utterly refusing to fund basic medical healthcare for his staff.

My HR manager briefed me one day that, shortly before I arrived at Harlingen Family Dentistry, he had spent many hours researching and compiling a staff healthcare proposal with a number of viable options. Around the same time Villarreal was planning the construction of his new and palatial 10,000 square house (which is now built) he rejected all such proposals. Despite being able to afford it and despite his staff being a hard working bunch they would just have to find healthcare elsewhere or go without.

And as many of his staff were single moms with at least a couple of kids and were paid so little by him, he knew Medicaid would pick up part of their healthcare tab, which is ironic because around $5million of his dental practice’s annual $11 million income came straight from Federal Medicaid funds (a direct bank wire of between $80,000.00 and $100,000.00 per week, yes per week). So he was raking it in from Medicaid at one end while making them pick up his tab at the other.

Third reason and most importantly: Dr. Villarreal stole from the monthly support-staff bonus sum to fund the IAS and other Miscavige ponzi schemes.

The hundred or so support staffers were on a bonus system whereby if the monthly income and production targets which Villarreal set were reached, a percentage of the practice profits would be shared amongst them. The profit was calculated by subtracting all the practice costs and overheads from that month’s total income. Problem was Villarreal counted the repayments of loans and lines of credit taken out to fund Miscavige and Scientology as practice overheads (which they are obviously not). The hundred or so support staffers (who are not Scientologists) have no idea that, for some years now, they have been sending contributions to Miscavige’s Scientology.

I was the manager; the control of finances was done at board level. So the first I knew of all this was when Dr. Teegardin (Scientologist, local mission staff member, dentist and Villarreal’s financial comptroller) came to me one day with my wife Lucy present and complained about how Villarreal was including Scientology funding in the overheads of the practice and thus shredding the support staff bonus sum. She specifically cited as an example one support staff member who would receive $200 less that month as a result and asked for my help in “handling” Dr. Villarreal.

There were other times Dr. Teegardin complained to me about Villarreal’s handling of the practice’s finances (we’ll leave those things for another time and place) but to be clear, Teegardin stated that Villarreal included direct payments to Miscavige’s Scientology as practice “overheads” and this certainly bears further investigation because you can be certain that if you add up all the bonus sums that were wrongly denied the 100 or so support staff over the years at Harlingen Family Dentistry it must total quite a sum.

If you think all this sounds rather cold and ruthless, you’d be right, and before too long the members of the James Gang that worked for Villarreal would experience that ruthless streak first hand.

One morning at the dental office in late Sept 2009, towards the end of a production meeting, Dr. Juan Villarreal dismissed some of the other staff which left just four people with him in the room: two dentists who were Scientologists along with Lucy and me.

Villarreal had recently returned from the Freewinds (IAS HQ) and explained to us that, as a new OT 8, he was now a reg (salesman) for the IAS — and as head of the local minuscule Radical Scientology mission he had a whopping quota from Miscavige to raise $50,000.00 for the IAS in a matter of a few days.

He went on to apply pressure to the four of us to donate to the IAS, asking us to name our current status in the IAS and telling us to move up the status ladder.

I told him in no uncertain terms that there was no Scientology policy basis for the IAS; none whatsoever so it shouldn’t even exist let alone fund raise, there was no LRH policy basis for fund raising, and as I didn’t recall ever paying a penny to the IAS I had no status.

He made a cynical retort that I seemed to have a policy answer for everything, which does happen to be true but it was news to me that L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology policy was subordinate to a Miscavige scheme. And of course, in hindsight, I realize that at that moment I missed his withholds big time. I had trashed the idea of giving ANY money to the IAS, I had inadvertently told him that what he had been doing with the practice finances for years was just plain wrong and at the same time I had yanked away his many justifiers. He didn’t thank me for it.

Needless to say that IAS fund raiser interjected into the dental office conference did not go well. And it was clear that when Villarreal went to Dallas Org shortly thereafter he discussed my comments with top level church executives who happened to be there at the time working to turn it into an “ideal” org.

Not long after that Villarreal fired me from employment at his dental practice. Not satisfied with just that he also fired my wife Lucy and fired my 18 year old daughter Katrina, three members of the James Gang in one fell swoop.

The fact that he put three members of the same family out of work all at the same time, effectively stranding them in rural South Texas, 1500 miles from their family home (a house they could no longer afford to keep) didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

Later Villarreal thought nothing of having his staff lie, in writing, as to why he fired each of us and I have the documents to prove it. But I shouldn’t be surprised; while I was working for him he was prepared to have one of his staff lie for him on the witness stand in a case where a patient was trying to sue him.

All this and the fact that he had earlier told me that I was the best office manager he’d ever had tells you the lengths he was prepared to go to protect his and Miscavige’s money making schemes.

But it goes much deeper than all this. Clearly Dr. Juan Villarreal specializes in doing exactly what Miscavige habitually does:

  1. Paying low wages.
  2. Denying health care and sponging off Medicaid (check out the Sea Org).
  3. Extracting donations from people whether they agree or not.
  4. Condemning, punishing or discarding into the wilderness anyone that disagrees with him.


And like other Radical Scientology “businessmen” Lucy and I have had the misfortune to work with since we left the Sea Org in 2006, its clear Dr. Villarreal does these things because he is either cut from the same cloth as Miscavige or he’s a coward and acts to avoid punishment. Villarreal certainly complained to me about how he was heavily harassed and punished at Flag and the Ship. I’ll let you, the reader, decide.

Regardless, as with the attack on Mosey Rathbun, I think it’s an act of extreme cowardice to treat vulnerable employees shoddily and rip them off in order to fend off or buy off punishment from above (Miscavige and his Radical Scientology hierarchy) but that’s what Dr. Juan Villarreal and many others do.

Its time Radical Scientology businessmen stopped being cowards and started acting like human beings because right now they act less than human.

As for the James Gang – we know our rights and will see justice done, not just for us and not just with Dr. Villarreal but for others too and on a broader scale. 

T. Paine

What is Freedom?

Reading some MLK this morning, which has become my habit on the day designated to acknowledge the man and his work, I came across some material you might find useful.

Martin Luther King arrested

On the mechanics of suppression and how it denies an individual the power of choice, MLK from What Is Freedom?, The Ethical Demands for Integration:

What is Freedom?  It is, first, the capacity to deliberate or weigh alternatives. “Shall I be a teacher or a lawyer?”  “Shall I vote for this candidate or the other candidate?” “Shall I be a Democrat, Republican or Socialist?”   Second, freedom expresses itself in decision.  The word decision like the word incision involves the image of cutting. Incision means to cut in, decision means to cut off . When I make a decision I cut off alternatives and make a choice.  The existentialists say we must choose, that we are choosing animals; and if we do not choose we sink into thinghood and the mass mind. A third expression of freedom is responsibility.  This is the obligation of the person to respond if he is questioned about his decisions.  No one else can respond for him.  He alone must respond, for his acts are determineed by the centered totality of his being.

From this analysis we can clearly see the evilness of segregation.  It cuts off one’s capacity to deliberate, decide and respond.  The absence of freedom is the imposition of restraint on my deliberation as to what I shall do, where I shall live, how much I shall earn, the kind of tasks I shall pursue.  I am robbed of the basic quality of man-ness. When I cannot choose what I shall do or where I shall live or how I shall survive, it means in fact that someone or some system has already made these a priori decision for me, and I am reduced to an animal. I do not live; I merely exist. The only resemblances I have to real life are the motor responses and functions that are akin to humankind. I cannot adequately assume responsibility as a person because I have been made a party to a decision in which I played no part in making.

Now to be sure, this is hyperbole in some degree but only to underscore what actually happens when a man is robbed of his freedom. The very nature of his life is altered and his being cannot make the full circle of personhood because that which is basic to the character of life itself has been diminished.”

On confronting the evil of suppression, MLK from Stride Toward Freedom:

As I thought further I came to see that what we were really doing was withdrawing our cooperation from an evil system, rather than merely withdrawing our economic support from the bus company. The bus company, being an external expression of the system, would naturally suffer, but the basic aim was to refuse to cooperate with evil. At this point I began to think about Thoreau’s Essay on Civil Disobedience.  I remembered how, as a college student, I had been moved when I first read this work. I became convinced that what we were preparing to do in Montgomery was related to what Thoreau had expressed. We were simply saying to the white community, “We can no longer lend our cooperation to an evil system.”

Something began to say to me, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate  it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”   When oppressed people willingly accept their oppression  they only serve  to give the oppressor a convenient justification for his acts.  Often the oppressor goes along unaware of the evil involved in his oppression so long as the oppressed accepts it. So in ordered to be true to one’s conscience and true to God, a righteous man has no alternative but to refuse to cooperate with an evil system.  This I felt was the nature of our action…”

Finally, while reading the following passage,  it occurred to me that we are blessed to have a number of Mother Pollards among us.  Why it tends  to be women who demonstrate this intuitive strength, I do not know.  But, it does so happen to be that way.  This is in acknowledgment to each of you; and no doubt you will know who you are when you read it. MLK from The Strength of Love:

One of the most dedicated participants in the bus protest in Montgomery, Alabama was an elderly Negro whom we affectionately called Mother Pollard. Although poverty stricken and uneducated, she was amazingly intelligent and possessed a deep understanding of the meaning of the movement.  After having walked for several weeks, she was asked if she were tired. With ungrammatical profundity, she answered, “My feets is tired, but my soul is rested.”

On a particular Monday evening, following a tension-packed week which included being arrested and receiving numerous threatening telephone calls, I spoke at a mass meeting.  I attempted to convey an overt impression of strength and courage, although inwardly depressed and fear-stricken. At the end of the meeting, Mother Pollard came to the front of the church and said, “Come here, son.”  I  immediately went to her and hugged her affectionately. “Something is wrong with you,” she said. “You didn’t talk strong tonight.”  Seeking further to disguise my fears, I retorted, “Oh, no, Mother Pollard, nothing is wrong. I am feeling as fine as ever.”  But her insight was discerning. “Now you can’t fool me,” she said.  “I knows something is wrong. Is it that we ain’t doing things to please you?  Or is it that the white folks is bothering you?”  Before I could respond, she looked directly into my eyes and said, “I don told you we is with you all the way.”  Then her face became radiant and she said in words of quiet certainty, “But even if we ain’t with you, God’s gonna take care of you.”  As she spoke these consoling words, everything in me quivered and quickened with the pulsing tremor of raw energy.

Since that dreary night in 1956, Mother Pollard has passed on to glory and I have known very few quiet days. I have been tortured without and tormented within by the raging fires of tribulation. I have been forced to muster what strength and courage I have to withstand howling winds of pain and jostling storms of adversity. But as the years have unfolded the eloquently simple words of Mother Pollard have come back again and again to give light and peace and guidance to my troubled soul.  “God’s gonna take care of you.”

This faith transforms the whirlwind of despair into a warm and reviving breeze of hope.  The words of a motto which a generation ago were commonly found on the walls in the homes of devout persons need to be etched on our hearts:

                    Fear knocked at the door.

                   Faith answered.

                  There was no one there.


Gnats and Losers


Do you know what we call mosquitoes without peckers in Texas? Gnats.

Miscavige’s throes are becoming progressively more pathetic. He cannot even muster mosquitoes any more it seems; he has degenerated into utilizing gnats.

Despite having been called out in public by myself on this blog for his penchant for sending his resources to execute creepy encounters with women, he’s done it yet again, today.

Saturday morning, while I was on layover in Houston enroute home, Miscavige sent a couple gnats to visit Mosey while home alone.

Here is the braveheart he sent:

Gnat 1 - Ricardo Barrera


The gnat hollered up the outside stairs of our home at Mosey: “tell Marty to stop hurting pc’s. He’s hurting pc’s. And you’re helping him.” No specifics of course, because it is the CRIMINAL MIND in full blown dramatizaation. Mosey told him to come back in a couple hours to tell me to my face. She has no use for jive ass Western Union messenger boys, especially ones working for a putz like Miscavige. The gnat began to flee the scene.

Mosey followed him to get a photo of the car he came in and determine who else he was with.

The gnat pleaded to Mosey to leave him alone, claiming she was harassing him by following him down the street. After several hundred yards the gnat hollered into his cell phone: “leave, get out of here!” It seems the gnat was told by OSA that he was in deep shit if we got the license number of the car of his accomplice. Mosey spotted frenzied activity in the sole car on the road, a quarter mile away. She shot down to the car to photograph the accomplice. Here’s gnat II, covering her ass:

Gnat 2 - Ginger Lorraine Auel Paterson Zarafshani Barrera

Gnat I scrambled into the car driven by Gnat II. Mosey escorted their sorry asses out of town, the gnats scurrying like cockroaches.

Turns out the driver is Austin public, Patron Ginger L Auel (Paterson, Zarafshani) Barrera.  And gnat 1 turns out to be her latest husband Ricardo Barrera.

Ricardo Barrera reportedly works for “OT VIII”, Patron with fairy dust sprinkled Pink Wings  Dr. Juan Villareal, in Harlingen Texas.

For those who don’t know how OSA operates, they send out desperate public when Miscavige directs things be done that outside Private Investigators won’t be caught dead doing. When it raises ethical or legal or even public relations considerations such that a PI won’t do it, they bring in public Kool Aid drinking Radical Scientologists.

Evidently – and I’ll report whichever way the evidence falls in the end – this Op centers around Barrera’s avowed intention to win the IAS Freedom award. He makes no secret of his intentions. And Juan Villareal is apparently doing everything in his corrupt power to help him achieve it – no doubt to raise his own stock with his daddy Dave.

This Wednesday Barrera, who along with his wife as accomplice executed organized terroristic stalking today, is giving a seminar to Probation Officers in Harlingen on, are you sitting down?, Criminal Reform. Barrera did not establish this line, he did not pioneer in any way, shape or form. No, he got his foot in the door because another employee of Villareal has a brother high up the in Probation Office. That line is about to be blown out of the water in a quite unpleasant way. Villareal, who is coordinating all this is currently under investigation by the United States Department of Justice for his discriminatory, illegal employment practices.

I no longer can find much empathy for those who continue to financially support Miscavige and support him by way of their creepy intimidation games. I know what some will say: but, wait you all supported him in the past. Yeah, but we all didn’t have two solid years of dozens from the highest echelons of the church corroborating one another on the fraud that is Radical Corporate Scientology. We also didn’t have years of virtually all Scientology resources engaging in forcible, life ruining extortion for the most OFF POLICY, OFF SOURCE, and destructive anti-Scientology programs imaginable. And most importantly, we are decidedly not supporting the SP in any manner. One could not have a clue about the subject of Scientology, real Scientology, to be playing the only games Miscavige dictates be played these days.

Bottom line is, people who continue to avidly support Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology dark ops are out- ethics losers. And when they mess with us, there are going to be consequences. This is no threat. Rather, it is simple, correct application of the technology of ethics. We’ll just be applying a little more pressure on them than the bank (read Miscavige) does so that they may regain their sanity and perhaps follow an ethical path.

Stay tuned for the full story on Dr. Juan Villareal – the perfect Miscavige OT VIII public, systematically manipulating, using, and abusing people in order to stay ahead of the Jones’s on the IAS status ladder.

RS Puts Its Freak On for Amy and Mat

Here is some breaking news from my good friend of 33 years Mat Pesh.  It further illustrates a point I have been making to friends for some time now: the Ogre that is destroying the church of Scientology is not only its failure to practice the technology but also  its insistence on performing over-the-top freak shows attempting to shut people up.  David Miscavige’s primary collection line is based on his continued, off-policy advertisements of attacks against “Scientology.”   While painting himself as a victim he carefuly omits 100% of the “attacks” are brought about by his insane continuing efforts to control thought and suppress free speech, much like is documented below as occuring to this day (literally).

By the way, thanks Amy and Mat.  Mike Rinder and I got a whole hell of a lot accomplished over the past couple days. I was wondering why there was so little distraction from the mosquitoes.  Now, I know why.


by Mat Pesch

For those who don’t already know, my wife Amy Scobee and I were both in the Sea Organization for over 25 years before leaving in 2005.

Like thousands of others, we had to deal with our families being torn apart due to the “church” disconnection policy.

About two years ago, certain events occurred that brought us to the point where we needed to speak out. The first was seeing several thousand non-Scientologists (Anonymous) publicly taking a stand against Scientology’s human rights violations. The second was that the Scientology Spokesman (Tommy Davis) went on CNN, claiming that they had absolutely no such practice as disconnection.

Amy and I knew what making a stand would mean in terms of time, money and exposure to the infamous Scientology harassment techniques. But we also knew that through 2 ½ decades of service, we were part of creating this monster and felt we had a responsibility to take action.

A school bully doesn’t give back your lunch money just because you stay silent or act nice. Likewise, this lying, criminal, bullying “church” wasn’t going to give people back their families and their basic human rights without a fight. So, we knew what we had to do.

This decision led to our contribution to the Saint Petersbug Times stories and Amy writing and publishing her book, SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP.

For the past two years, we have made ourselves available to a never-ending list of media, religious scholars and leaders, government officials, authors and concerned citizens. We are always willing to drop what we are doing for this cause and have traveled to various cities, states and even countries to help expose radical Scientology’s abuse of human rights.

This brings us to our latest adventure.

Earlier this week, Amy and I flew to Los Angeles for a quick stop-over so Amy could meet with some people investigating the “church”.

As usual, tax-free religious donations were used to pay a number of private investigators to follow us around. They tried to intimidate Amy by repeatedly asking her how it felt to be “paid to lie” – a question David Miscavige should be asking himself personally on an hourly basis.

You can briefly see one of the PI encounters here.

The night before, after many hours of trailing by at least three cars and their ineffective intimidation attempts, it got pretty old so we called the police. The PI’s dispersed. Three police cars responded immediately and a police report was filed against Scientology. By the time we finished talking, three more people were interested in reading Amy’s book to find out what goes on behind Scientology’s facade.

The next morning, Amy and I went to the LAX airport to catch our flight home. We were in line to go through the security check point. There were about a dozen no-nonsense TSA personnel scanning and patting down passengers. Things were pretty boring (a bottle of water found in a back pack and a nail clipper in an old lady’s purse), but that was about to change…

Amy and I were almost next in line for the security check point when a middle-aged woman walked up to my wife and asked if she was Amy Scobee. Amy said, “Yes, and who are you?” She said “Who I am is not important. I was supposed to meet you and find out how much you’re getting paid.”

Knowing that criminals absolutely hate exposure, I went off.

At the top of my voice and pointing directly at the woman, I yelled,

Hey, everybody! This lady is from the Scientology cult, sent here to harass us for exposing their acts against humanity.”

This is how Scientology torments people in your community!”

The cult leader, David Miscavige’s wife Shelly has not been publicly seen – dead or alive – in almost three years!”

With that, TSA security was on the woman, asking her why she was there and telling her it was forbidden for her to harass their passengers.

The lady lied and told them she was traveling. Bad move. She had no luggage and no travel papers. Last I saw, the TSA staff were escorting her to who knows where…

Amy and I were put through the check point where one of the main TSA officers was very interested to learn how radical Scientology and their terrorist arm (OSA) use paid and duped agents to torment whistle-blowers.

If the “church” wants to continue acting like the criminal organization that they are, any remaining public support they may have will most certainly be lost – if not their entire status as a “religion” and any legal and monetary benefits that religious recognition may provide them.

Independent vs. Radical – more differentiation

Let us not ever lose sight of what sets an Independent Scientologist apart from a Radical Scientologist.  Independent Scientologists represent the hope that the workability of Scientology can and will be salvaged from the reversal of the subject that is practiced and enforced by Radical (Corporate) Scientology.  That will be achieved by recognizing where Scientology has been and is being reversed by RS, and as-ising the reversal by practice of STANDARD TECHNOLOGY. Standard Technology can only be realized by recognizing and validating the fundamental principles and purposes of the subject – and never losing sight of them in practice.   The following passage by LRH from Creation of Human Ability (in an introduction to the Axioms)  describes some of those fundamentals, while at the same time describing the Radical Scientology reversal process quite well. 

Scientology concludes and demonstrates certain truths. These truths might be considered to be the highest common denominator of existence itself.


The following  summary of these truths has the aspect of precision observations rather that philosophic hazardings. When treated as precision observations, many results occur. When regarded as philosophic  opinions, only more philosophy results.




By this it is meant that an idea or opinion is, fundamentally, superior to space, energy and time or organizations of form, since it is conceived that space, energy and time are themselves broadly agreed-upon considerations.  That so many minds agree brings about reality in the form of space, energy and time. 


These mechanics, then, of space, energy and time, are the product of agreed upon considerations mutually held by life.


The aspect of existence when viewed from the level of Man, however, is a reverse of the greater truth above.  For Man works on the secondary opinion that mechanics are real and that his own personal considerations are less important than space, energy and time.  This is an inversion.  These mechanics of space, energy and time, the forms, objects and combinations thereof, have taken such precedence in Man that they have become more important than considerations, as such, and so his ability is overpowered and he is unable to act freely in the framework of mechanics. Man, therefore, has an inverted view.  Whereas considerations, such as those he daily makes, are the actual source of space, energy, time and forms, Man is operating so as not to alter his basic considerations.  He, therefore, invalidates himself by supposing an Other-determinism of space, energy, time and form. Although he is part of that which created these, he gives them such strength and validity that his own considerations thereafter must fall subordinate to space, energy, time and forms, and so he cannot alter the universe in which he dwells.


The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his consideration of space, energy, time and forms of life, and his roles in it.  If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe and barriers of his own creation.  Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation.  He creates these barriers himself or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.


There is a basic series of assumptions in processing, which assumptions do not alter the philosophy of Scientology. The first of these assumptions is that Man can have a greater freedom. The second is that so long as he remains relatively sane, he desires a greater freedom. And the third assumption is that the auditor desires to deliver a greater freedom to that person with whom he is working.  If these assumptions are not agreed upon and are not used, then auditing degenerates into “the observation of effect,” a pursuit which has degraded what is called “modern science.”


The goal of processing is to bring an individual into such thorough communication with the physical universe that he can regain the power and ability of his own considerations (postulates).


A Scientologist is one who understands life. His technical skill is devoted to the resolution of the problems of life…


The post that follows was submitted by Northwest Independent Coordinator Tony DePhillips.  Tony coordinates an impressive network of prominent, smart OTs from Alaska to Oregon and from Washington to Wyoming – many of whom, for a variety of good reasons, are still flying missions under the radar.   This little gem on the subject of statistics was written by one of them. An indvidual, by the way, who has accumulated considerable Scientology expansion statistics of his own over the years.

I am going to introduce his post with the answer to his implied question: why aren’t statistics being shared and operated on by Miscavige and co?   Well, it is one answer, straight from cob:

Sworn deposition testimony of David Miscavige taken in a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court in April 1990, three years after having invented and then appropriated to himself the highest “ecclesiastical” position in the church, Chairman of the Board RTC:




A. NO.



















by Nanook of the Northwest

The biggest omission in any Scientology event or International Scientology News magazine is the statistics of Scientology.

As every Scientologist knows all Orgs and Missions dutifully collect and report their statistics each and every week. The basic statistics are: Gross Income; Gross Book sales; Number of book sold; Number of auditing hours; Total value of services delivered; Number of books sold to new people (who have never started a paid service in Scientology) and First Service Starts (people starting their very first paid service in Scientology). Bigger Scientology centers have stats like the Number of Auditors made, or People who made it to Clear. There are MANY more statistics; Scientology Orgs and Missions report as many as 30 to 80 statistics to management every week.

Statistics are tabulated for each type of Scientology center, Organizations, Missions, Advanced Orgs, etc. They are tabulated by country, region, continent and of course world wide. The record of statistics goes WAY back.

It is possible to see the complete statistics of Scientology stretching back to at least the 1970’s, if not earlier.

So the question is: Why doesn’t the church SHOW the stats?

If the number of new people starting their first paid service in Scientology was going up and up and up, don’t you think that they would show us the graph?

Of course they would!!!!!

If any or all of the major statistics of Scientology were going up and up and up for the last 40 years you can bet your last cent that the church would be showing the graphs to every one.

Its not that the Church does not show ANY stats. There are graphs shown at events and such. Maybe there will be a graph of the number of LRH books donated to libraries. Or the number of Way to Happiness booklets distributed. But these are not the real basic statistics of Scientology.

Any communication from Management to Scientologists should include the real statistics. Let’s see the Mission network stats, all of them as mentioned above for the last year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Let’s see the same for all Class 5 Organizations. If the Ideal Org program is working than this should not be a problem.

The very fact that the statistics are NOT shown is a strong indicator that they are DOWN.

Of course one cant say they are down just by not seeing the graph, but simple logic dictates that the statistical graphs not being shown broadly indicates something negative.

L. Ron Hubbard has written literally hundreds of policy directives about management by statistics.

In the policy letter entitled: “False Reports” (2 April 1965) Mr. Hubbard says:
“You will find inevitably that where there is a false report, a false attestation or a no-report or a refused report many other offenses can suddenly emerge. These were hidden like a group cancer. Pulled to view, the group clears.” …”Troubles, commotions and upsets only occur after a series of false reports, false attestations, no-reports or withheld reports.” (Italics not added, they are in the original LRH text.)

In any sort of a true group the stats would be shown, good or bad. They are the reality of what is. Up or down, the stats show expansion or contraction. If they are up then the discussion is about why they went up and what can be done to continue the rise. And if they are down, then the group can discuss why they went down and what can be done to make the stats go up again.
But to not show the stats, or report false stats short circuits the process. Now there can be no real discussion of what needs to be done.

A no-report indicates either a complete incompetence or something is being hidden…or both. It is completely wrong to think that there are “other reasons” for not showing the stats. Some may dream up the idea that reporting down stats is bad for morale. But LRH does NOT say this is the case.

Any competent and honest management would NEVER withhold this information, they would report what is and then work with the group to improve things, unless they had something to hide.

If you managed a company and one department refused to report their regular statistics but instead reported a bunch of newly made up statistics promoting how great things were going, what would YOU do?

Reverse Scientology – Have, Do, Be

A Tom Cruise Dream Comes True – the Silver Screen

David Miscavige, self-proclaimed “ecclesiastical leader” of the Church of Scientology, used many shifts to lead Tom Cruise into becoming his bossom buddy and  foresaking his career by way of public Miscavige-like behaviors.  One tactic was to use under-minimum-wage church staff to produce a string of over-the-top “personal” gifts from Dave to Tom.  One of those gifts was a custom-upgraded bus specially designed and tricked to cater to Tom’s every wish for a personal facility on the set of his movies.   While Cruise paid the costs of material and non-Scientology core structural labor, many hundreds of hours of Sea Org (the fraternal, elite “religious” order of Scientology) labor and craftsmanship coordinated, designed, and executed the plan to deliver a one-of-a-kind product, from Dave to Tom with love.

Custom Made Logo For Dave to Tom Love Bus


 The following despatch from Dir Vehicles Gold (Yvonnne Gonzalves) to COB COMM RTC refers to her Sea Org crew running rampant through Marathon (custom coach) company to ensure Dave’s target for delivering Tom’s bus is met.  This is only the beginning of the bizarre story of a “church” turned into a Hollywood custom gift production unit.

COB COMM RTC                      13 July 2005



Dear Sir;

Thanks very much and yes I have been silent.

I have been working over the Marathon owner, production head and head of engineering and design in order to get the TM back.

In present time the bus is to be completed by August 28th from Sept 12th from October 28th– I have done this by making quality control get done whilst the coach is being built [instead of one week at the end of manufacture], except for one test which has to get done at the end (electrical load test which required 12 hours of running the bus at full electrical load to ensure it can handle it – is a safety test). Only allowing 4 days for the painting of the coach (normally a 3 week TM). Getting as much done concurrent as possible.

I did find the why which you had mentioned to JB you did not feel had been found and it is financial.

Despite the planning being in place the bus was moving at a snail’s pace.

To explain, this company is building 18 coaches concurrent and Silver Screen is a custom coach requiring 2X the hours and incurs overtime. It is not handled with any priority due to the funding it requires. The general spec coaches which are sold off the lot and bring in instant funds are kept going through the production line in order to keep the company above boards. Bumping any of these “spec” coaches results in finance troubles and personnel out of work and is why the owner and head of production do not want to “speed” Silver Screen up.

It is one of the main factors which resulted in the owner and head of production bumping the Silver Screen bus back to Oct 28th.

This bus is more custom than anything they have ever done.

I am not making this my problem – it is the companies and am making the owner and head of production very aware of who they are making the coach for and the result this will have for them as a company.

It has started to move better as a result once I got this out of the head of production on the finance and is why I have the TM back to August 28th – literally I am running the head of production on the bus at least three times a day getting reports from him and ensuring that dones are gotten and any bugs/questions are handled.

There are two shifts on the bus and means that there are personnel on it from 7am till 12am at night. There is an estimated 9,000 man hours to go on its production and thus is 2,500 hours a week I need on it and there are currently 1,500 hours worked out to occur per week and this is being worked on by the head of production.

I am pushing them on purpose and getting the bus done for the man even before August 28th and will keep hammering them for how to get it reduced further. Naming out where time can be saved and getting this executed.


This company operates on a corporate organization tech which states people come first and I am pushing this to the hilt as well i.e. service as that is all I am asking for.


The owner and head of production repeatedly tell me that they wish I had been on the project back in Dec 2004 when Michael Doven first started it and in Feb 05 when he “signed the spec sheet” for the original design. As I literally handle any question within hours if not 10 minutes when they arise – like light fixture issues etc. I keep telling them they have no excuse not to get this bus done and it is in their best interest to get it delivered in exceptional time frame and anything they need I will handle.

Also for the four weeks that Mr. Cruise is shooting and Silver Screen is in production the owner keeps offering a brand new coach for him to use for that time period which I have refused. I want the real coach for him to shoot with.

I am going to continue to push on doing more actions on the coach concurrent in order to get the coach done for Mr. Cruise.

I have brought it back an additional 2 weeks and obviously need to continue.


Sherry is assisting at anytime I need her.

The roman shades were all sorted out and they look gorgeous.


This is ok.


P.S. One other idea I had to further get the TM brought back I could have Tommy D call and tell them that Mr. Cruise is expecting the coach on site when he starts to shoot on July 27th and that they had better deliver. I thought of using Tommy on it as part of his liability and assisting to get it done since he failed to inform that this coach was being built. Maybe this is not a good idea but thought I should communicate it.

Radical Scientology’s Operation Sleaze Out

Just when it began to look like it couldn’t get any darker than the last chapter…  

I have appended below OSA International’s “[Chuck] Beatty Handling Program.”   It is dated 2007.  It is genuine and will be proven so in a court of law if and when need be.

When I  likened David Miscavige to J Edgar (Mary) Hoover some months
ago, I was not stretching things. The Beatty program is the proof.
Hoover was renowned for using the Federal Bureau of Investigation
to collect blackmail material on Congressmen, Senators,  Civil Rights leaders and even Presidents.  His specialty was creating dossiers covering their sexual peccadilloes.  It was the exposure of this decades-long
conduct nearly forty years ago that spurred the evolution of
ordinary citizens not much caring to know about the sexual secrets of
others, even public figures.

But not even Hoover, by now an infamous icon for the concept of
public corruption and twisted evil, to my knowledge went out and
attempted to frame his targets with sexual embarrassment.  He was
just investigating what was there. 

Not so with Miscavige, as the following program makes clear.  Clearly, the dark premise on which they based their sick operation has been proven to be false. Otherwise, with all their operatives – including by the way the
infamous Dave Lubow (who was assigned targets on this op) – and
unlimited money they would have procured the “goods” and used them.
 They haven’t.  Incidentally, I think if anyone of us were subjected to over three thousand hours of evil purpose sec checking on the RPF as Chuck was, there is no telling what thoughts such mind control would have conjured in our minds. 

I would like to express my admiration for the target of this dark
op, Chuck Beatty.  On three counts.

One, he had an opportunity to specify deletions or include
explanatory notes, just as was done with an earlier OSA Op published on this blog. Chuck declined.  He said to go ahead and publish it in full – let
the chips fall where they may, let the truth be known.  Chuck is a
braver man than David Miscavige will ever be.

Two, Chuck spoke out about the abuses at the international Radical Scientology headquarters before there was much of a network to protect a whistleblower’s back.  For that Chuck is a lot braver than a lot of us.

Three, while Chuck does not (or last I checked) consider himself a
Scientologist, he has made it quite evident through his commentary
on this blog that he wants to see the Church of Scientology reform
by foremost following the policy of its Founder.  Chuck has also
demonstrated to my satisfaction that he duplicates, understands and
can think with LRH policy far, far beyond any  level David
Miscavige has demonstrated.  So, I suppose it is only fitting that
he is targeted by Miscavige in the unprecedentedly vicious manner
in which Chuck has been targeted.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant”.    –  late Supreme Court
Justice Louis Brandeis


 February 21, 2006




OSA NW ORDER 64 How Intelligence is Run


 Beatty was in the Sea Org for 27 years, the last 8 of which were spent on the RPF.

Based on several write-ups that Beatty did and reports in his file, he is fixated on the 2D and has been suppressing being a pervert for years (pornography, transvestite activity, masturbation and had a huge button on the size of his penis which was actually a ruin for him). It is very likely that he is no longer under restraint in this area, that he is involved in porn and possibly looking at kiddie porn since he has an interest in this area in the past and it is easily accessible over the net.

 Beatty’s history on staff shows him incapable of applying standard tech. He got removed from every post he held. He had over 120 PC folders and 3,256 hours of RPF auditing but committed continuous overts and out tech and got nowhere. Beatty compulsively outflows and has been a key instigator in stirring up and turning ex-Sea Org members and getting them to post their disaffection and natter.

 He is continually promoting for ex-Sea Org members that he can contact in order to get them to come out publicly and spread more black PR in order to discredit the Sea Org, the Int base and COB. He feels safe behind his computer but he is basically a coward in person and is easily influence. He says that there are six people above him (in the hierarchy of enemies) including Arnie Lerma.

 When Beatty was routing out, he signed non-disclosure agreements but he realized that the Church was not going to this and he has since actively promoted to disaffecteds that the Church won’t attack you for committing further SP acts. Beatty has not wanted to get into any legal confrontations with the Church. He does not make much money and doesn’t have a big drive to make a lot of money. He likes low level work. He has wanted a simple life where he can pay his rent, eat and have a little expense money and pursue his “intellectual” interests, which for him entails documenting the lives and experiences of ex-SO members.

 Beatty works at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette selling subscriptions to the paper. Getting him fired from this job would accomplish nothing in terms of getting him to cease his anti-Scientology activity. He has felt that the paper would come to his defense if he got attacked by the Church, however when Ken Shapiro sent out an email exposing Beatty to the XSO message board, Beatty did nothing except complain and claim that OSA was behind it.

 Beatty seems to be protecting his new found status on ars and with the XSO board. He really considers himself to be a big, intellectual, intelligent person and an expert on Scientology, which he is working to reform. When repeatedly confronted by an ARS poster asking him what the real reason was that he left the Church (hinting that Beatty wanted to be free to be a pervert) Beatty blew the comm cycle. Information was previously but out there about Beatty’s real history in the Church, which is a lot different that what he represents. 

Beatty is also protecting what little money he has, as he has to survive on it. If someone actually came up with a viable legal threat against him, off our ground, he would more than likely back down.


 To end CB’s black PR of Scientology.


 1. Crimes on Beatty found and documented.

2. CB dismissed as an attacker or totally restrained and muzzled.


  1. Take full responsibility for the execution of this program. INV CHF

 2. Read and word clear this program. INV CHF 

3. Study the following references:



OSA NW ORDER 64 How Intelligence is Run


 4. Arrange a meeting with the Pittsburgh PI and get briefed thoroughly briefed up on the actions that he will do with regard to Beatty.


5. Individually brief any other resources on what their role is going to be in the handling of CB.



  1. As Beatty is one of the key instigators that is causing trouble externally, ensure no cross orders are issued to cut across this handling .

          INV CHIEF

 2. Use HCOPL 23 Aug 79R I, Debug Tech at the first sign of a bug in getting the targets done.


 3. Coordinate and clear all actions with Legal and an attorney per OSA NW Order 60 Legal Approval.


 4. Continue to get data from the established line and report this up each time new data comes in.


 5. Get financial OK before expending any funds for professionals while executing this program.


 6. Get in a line so that any new messages or postings by Beatty are being monitored daily and that any key traffic is being distributed to those with targets on this program.


7. Maintain security and “need to know” at all times.



  1. Get Shapiro to send another email to selected people on XSO about his “upset” with what Beatty is doing on the basis that what Beatty is doing is dishonest and underhanded. This will be done to DA what Beatty has been saying and to discredit him.INV CHIEF

 2. Have Shapiro continue to send out messages to the XSO people challenging Beatty’s behavior i.e. and expose that Beatty is forwarding enemy objectives by exposing his close connection with Touretzky and Kent (a known arm terminal).


 3. Set up several more people on the XSO message board and get them making postings to DA the lies and tell Beatty that he needs to knock off what he is doing. These postings are to point out the falsehoods and that Beatty is trying to come off like an expert but in reality he failed at every post he did and couldn’t apply tech.


 4. Each time Beatty posts or puts out a message, get the XSO posters to counter this and attack him. Get him exposed as a dupe of Touretzky, Steven Kent, Arnie Lerma and the gossip rag, the New York Post.


 5. Get an XSO resource onto ars to attack Beatty like Shwartz does to Touretzky and others – by hammering him daily with postings that invalidate him, expose his true motives and discreditable activity.


 6. Find an email for Beatty’s sister and brother (in Nevada) and get the XSO resource to email them, giving them data about the real reasons he left the Church (as per his own write ups).


 7. Get Shapiro to register the domain name


 8. Review all the postings that CB has ever written and select quotes from these postings that can be used against him, and post them on the website.


 9. Collect statements from people who knew stating how he failed on every single post he had when he was on staff and any other relevant information that can be used to discredit CB. The information on the site is designed to 1) discredit and 2) DA CB. Post the information gathered on the website.


 10. Get the website registered with Google and optimize the website so it is the N. 1 website when searching for Beatty’s name on Google.


 11. Compile a DA on Beatty showing his connections and support of Lerma (neo-Nazi), Henson (convicted hate criminal), Touretzky (racist) and post the full DA on the website.


 12. Get the DA on Beatty sent to media contacts to discredit him as a source and cut these lines.


 13. Make Schwarz aware of the website and suggest to her to get quotes from the website and post them to ARS and other newsgroups.


 14. Get Schwarz to mirror the Beatty website on her personal site.


 15. Concurrently, get the West Coast resource to run a series of defeatist messages to CB i.e. that fighting against Scientology is not worthwhile, that there are a lot of other things he is interested in and should pursue and that Scientology will always be around.


 16. Get the West Coast resource to direct CB into creating on other things, such as traveling, doing renos, and several other things CB likes to get done and get him to “retire” from attacking the Church.


 17. Beatty is currently living with his sister in Pittsburgh. Have the PI get Beatty signed up to receive kinky materials (at the house).


 18. Get Beatty sent urls to sites which would have the kinds of 2D materials that he is known to be interested in.


 19. Get Beatty sent materials and urls for local sex locations that he would be interested in going to.


 20. Concurrently get the SF resource in comm with Beatty and have him push to get involved with someone on the 2D. He will take any opportunity to get Beatty to go out and start meeting girls at bars, clubs, etc.


 21. Concurrently, get Sam, local resource to build up his line with Beatty so that they are able to do social things together.


 22. Have Sam verify if Beatty is into downloading child porn (this was an area of interest in the past). This will need to be done by getting the trust built up so that Beatty talks about this or shows him what is on his computer.


 23. Conditional: If Beatty has downloaded anything that appears to be child porn, get this reported to law enforcement right away.


 24. Conditional: Once this has been reported, get law enforcement to follow up and take action.


 25. Conditional: Expose this and get CB dismissed as an attacker.


 26. Review the actions that have been done and work out what further actions need to be done to get Beatty to cease attacking Scientology.


 27. Execute any additional targets to get Beatty to cease attacking as per the above review.



Yvonne and Ken Schick – Give me a T for Texas!

 A couple years back some Texas big wigs rammed through a deal with a Spanish construction company to build and operate toll roads (with millions in kickbacks,and free interstate travel forever lost) across this great state. In response, more than ten thousand ranchers, farmers and common folk marched on Austin. Didn’t take long for the deal to get canceled. A seventy-something year-old sod buster was interviewed at the time. He said words to this effect: people think Texas is run by the New World Order; I got news, when the beginning of the end the New World Order happens, it’ll start right here in the heart of Texas.

I’m not sure what that all has to do with this, but it was the first thing that came to my mind when I received the following announcement from a couple of major league O.T.s from Austin.

Yvonne (OT VIII) and Ken (OT VII) Schick are free and clear and independent. Ken was head of the Austin OT Committee and Yvonne was its Exec Sec. The Schicks are IAS Patrons with Honors, Ideal Org Humanitarians, SuperPower Key Contributors and have donated out the wazoo to library campaigns, planetary dissemination, you name it. Most would consider them among the leading OL’s in the area.

Give me a T for Texas!

Ken and Yvonne Schick

Dear Friends,

For a thetan there are two very essential rights: One is the right to his own sanity, and the other is the right to leave a game.”  LRH, PDC, Dec 3rd1952 

Ken and Yvonne Schick hereby announce that we are withdrawing our support and leaving the organization of the Church of Scientology. 

We know that we have both benefited from auditing and training we have received.  We respect L. Ron Hubbard and believe that his intention to help his fellow man was sincere.  We still consider ourselves Scientologists in that our spiritual beliefs about the nature of man and relationship with his fellow man and the universe are consistent with the principles of Scientology.  Furthermore, we will continue the application of Scientology in our daily lives.

We know that the staffs at all the orgs are filled with very caring, very dedicated individuals who would do anything to help their fellow man. 

Some of you receiving this are our closest friends in the world with whom we have shared play time, work, the ups and downs and joys of life.  We realize that this decision will mean the end of our friendship with some.   We will let you decide if that is your own determinism or one enforced upon you by others.

All of that said, we can no longer support what we feel the organization has become under the leadership of David Miscavige.  We feel that LRH started a church for the purpose of bringing spiritual freedom to man and that Mr. Miscavige has morphed it into something else entirely that appears to be mostly about money and his personal aggrandizement.  We have each personally experienced the “forbidden cognition”: that our church is declining, that there is an SP behind that decline, and that the SP is David Miscavige.

There has been no single incident or source that brought us to this point.  Rather it has been years of personal experiences along with observation of events and data that finally started coming together.   For most of the last 20 years, any doubts or reservations we had were categorized as something that would get handled eventually.  We began to violate our own sense of personal decency and core values in order to be “on board”, “KSW-in”, members of the team.    

More recently, we decided we must resolve our doubt and our evaluation led us to conclude that Miscavige has grossly altered LRH tech, has focused the largest percentage of the activity of the group on fundraising in one form or another, is intent on milking every dime out of every member, and (quite frankly) has gone psychotic.  For any of you who want to know more about how we came to the decision, we suggest you think for yourself and look for yourself starting with the websites that report information Mr. Miscavige does not want you to have.  We were especially moved by the letter written by OT VIII Luis Garcia.  He did a very thorough job of documenting the exact points that were there for us.  We recommend reading Luis’ letter; A Letter From Garcia.  We also recommend: Friends of LRH, Leaving Scientology, and Marty Rathbun’s blog

Our decision is made.  We do not welcome any handling from anyone who might feel so inclined or be so directed.  If anyone shows up at our home unannounced and uninvited, we will assume it can only be a “mission” and you will be asked to leave with no further discussion.  That said, we are not cutting our communication lines or disconnecting from anyone who wants to call us friend. 

We do not know if retaliation will be unleashed against us.  One factor that motivated us was the malicious attacks we saw against people who decided to leave the group.  Perhaps you will be told how very “evil” we are.  Perhaps information we gave in session or to an MAA assuming confidentially will be broadcast.  Ask yourself, “What kind of church does this?”

To those of you who already know this just is not what LRH intended, we hope that our leap will give you courage to do the same for your own peace of mind.

To those of you who want to leave but feel trapped by family and business relationships, our hearts go out to you.  Keep looking, stay true to your personal integrity, and you will find a way.

To those of you who remain loyal to Miscavige’s org, we ask that you simply LOOK.  Just like LRH advised us.  Look at the real results, not the PR.  Look at the effects being created in the general public.  It has been a downhill ride since that man took over LRH’s church.

We are grateful to the bold men and women who have had the courage to leave the church run by Miscavige and then speak out publicly so that the truth is told.  We appreciate that there are committed individuals who want to keep alive LRH’s purpose and technology for helping others. 

We wish all of you the brightest of New Year’s with all of the spiritual freedom you have dreamed of for the ages.  “Flourish and prosper.”  LRH, The Way to Happiness.

Sincerely,  Ken and Yvonne Schick

OT VII completion and OT VIII