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Rise and Shine

I noticed by a number of indicators that apparently the past few days of posts on the subject of Scientology spying have created some fear within the ranks of Independents and others who frequent this blog.  I can tell by the comments, numbers, back channel email and phone comm.

I noticed some people playing the old “ignore” the black panther card.  It goes, “I have nothing to hide, I am a friend with everybody, and I’ll just charm them right on up the tone scale.”  For those who don’t care much about the future of Scientology, and thus don’t make it their business to do much about it, that is perfectly workable. However, for those dedicating some time to salvaging the subject from the jaws of Miscavige defeat,  I am afraid that that philosophy just does not work. The former are not targets for hard ball, the latter are.   Hard core anti-Scientologists are not even targets for hard ball.  Anti-Scientology activity warrants you kid glove treatment by Miscavige.  Corporate Scientology Public Enemies worthy of hard core operations are Independents doing something effective about the continued and future use of the subject Scientology. By comparison, Anti Scientologists are friends of Dave.  That is why it takes a lot more courage to do something about the state of Scientology than to contribute to its demise.  For more on that subject, see

There are two other problems with the “ignore” rationale.

First, whether you have something to hide is utterly irrelevant. Scientology intelligence operatives don’t befriend you primarily to find out stuff about you that you are hiding in order to stay out of trouble.  They befriend you in order to influence you into situations, to find stuff they can take out of context to black PR you and play psychological warfare on you, to covertly drive wedges between you and others, and to lose you your employment, all for the purposes of ruining you utterly.

Second, you are not going to charm a died-in-the-wool 1.1 up the tone scale. If you think you are, then you just plain don’t get the tone scale as covered in Science of Survival, PDC, and a number of other books and lecture series.  Every one of OSA’s agents are certified 1.1s right out of the same mold as their ultimate master David Miscavige.

And, therein lies the good news.  The article Catching Scientology Spies omitted the most important point of all – the most obvious point. It was omitted because it is a given between us primary targets.  And that point is, every one of OSA’s agents are certified 1.1s right out of the same mold as their ultimate master David Miscavige.

Intelligence is a 1.1 business.  The only effective undercover agents are really good 1.1s. They have  got to be real good 1.1s in order to survive in the trade for very long.  Don’t mistake this for the acting trade. This is the living a double life business, convincingly living a synthetic valence over an extended period of time while carrying out the purpose of destroying the life of the target.

So, while we shared fifteen or so common traits of these 1.1s, we omitted to mention the most important overriding point, intelligence agents are 1.1.  Not just in the Scientology field – in all intelligence fields.  And that is why repelling operatives is so easy for someone well above 3.0 who understands the tone scale.  Pretty simple.  I don’t let 1.1s too deep into my life.   If you know the tone scale and the tech of it, there is not much to worry about. The more you know the easier it is. If one only had a superficial knowledge and the ability to rattle off a
number of tones, and a couple of characteristics, it would be a fairly arduous
task.  But if you knew the tone scale so well you can perceive the chronic wavelength a person emits the moment he/she walks into the room it becomes as easy as living a stressless life.  Every tone has its own, unique wavelength.
And with practice they are perceptible. That is Philadelphia Doctorate Course tech, and it takes a pretty straightened out case where theta perceptics are alive and functioning.  But, in the meantime, one can study and work on it. Hell, there are a lot more valuable benefits to such a study than simply spotting and repelling plants.  So, forget the topic of this article; I highly recommend such a course of study for anyone.

The message I wanted to convey here is that despite my attempts to get people’s confront of evil up a few notches, don’t mistake that for the promotion of a dangerous environment. It is not dangerous if you avail yourself of the tech and don’t lead a 1.1 life with a gaggle of 1.1. “friends”, and don’t go reasonable falling for the 1.1 ploys of plastic people in your life. And if you stop buying the theetie-wheetie nonsense that there is no evil in the world and that we all will win solely by holding hands and singing Kumbaya; because, after all, we are all one and the same.  Making people believe that is the biggest and oldest con in this universe.  It sure sounds warm and fuzzy, but it is a covert (1.1) means of getting you to check your ability to “differentiate” at the door, the first step in dispensing with your sanity and causation.

For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again.  It is not. You rarely see me engage in that, and it bothers me when I see trigger happy people attempting to shoot someone for treason on the blog with little provocation.  I chalk that up to an inability to hold one’s position in space, to confront what is before one and to investigate to determine truth.  I do invite people to up their confront and increase their abilities to perceive and reckon truth.  After all, it is truth that will set you free.

With Friends like that…Washington Post pt II

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
– attributed to Buddha
Another “church” of Scientology Office of Special Affairs “intelligence” memo is appended below.  This one is dated 11 April, 2006 and is a follow up to the last post on this blog concerning Corporate Scientology’s war on Washington Post Senior Editor Richard Leiby. 
Please note how the word “friend” is used seven different times in this memo.  I think it would behoove folks to beware of “friends” sent in, bought off or otherwise corrupted by Corporate Scientology.   Radical Scientologists are quite capable of and inclined toward the intentional wounding of minds. 
The memo: 


Attorney-Client Privileged


                             April 11, 2006




          A friend asked Leiby how his trip to California was. He said that it was terrible because of the rain.  They know each other through Ida, and she knew he had been in California working on an article. The topic initially was Ida and some concern about her health.


          Leiby said that he has been busy working in other priorities. When the friend wished him good luck on his story on Scientology, he went down tone. The friend commented that he did not appear to be enthusiastic about it. Leiby response was, “sometime other things take priority and you get taken off something and don’t get excited any longer.” Leiby said that it would take some months before he does anything with the Scientology story and he said it as if he had no idea himself of when this would be. He then told the friend that he doesn’t have an exact timing or deadline to do it.


          The friend wished him well and ended the conversation.


          CHUCK BEATTY:


          As he’s usually close to Lerma and plugged in to “media” the subject came up in a routine conversation with a friend. Beatty said that he used to get two or three calls a month from young reporters who asked him questions like “does Scientology brainwash?” Beatty was nattering about these reporters because they asked him stupid questions and it clearly showed that they didn’t do their homework. Beatty said that he is not qualified to answer such a question anyway.  The friend then brought up having seen an article by Leiby from last year (on the web). Beatty said that he knows of Leiby and that he is a very good reporter, but he did not know of anything that Leiby is doing in PT.



Expecting data still from other sources.



Scientology Cult vs. Washington Post – part one

News coverage thus far on this post:

Village Voice: 


Probably the only man who hates the Washington Post more than Richard Nixon did is David Miscavige, leader of the Corporate Scientology Cult.

In 2006 Washington Post Senior Editor Richard Leiby was working on a story concerning the corporation that according to its founding documents (as directed by L Ron Hubbard) had the power to prevent David Miscavige from  creating a dictatorship of Corporate Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

Leiby was no stranger to Scientology stories.  He had been targetted by the Scientology’s Guardian’s Office in the 1970’s for his investigative reporting for the Clearwater Sun newspaper.

Accordingly, in 2006 Miscavige called for OSA (Office of Special Affairs, the Guardian’s Office successor) to hit Leiby with all slick ops in order to silence the Washington Post and try to prevent disclosures about CST.

The first op included sending  “a source” in on Leiby to elicit personal information from him, searching the trash of Leiby and of his wife with whom he was separated, and launching investigations to use the Leibys’ ongoing divorce proceeding as a club against Mr. Leiby.  Recent investigations indicate Leiby’s wife – who was blanketed by OSA initially – ultimately caved and accepted Corporate Scientology assistance in using her divorce proceedings as a boot to Mr. Leiby’s throat.  That is the way it goes with Corporate Scientology, it is all about leverage.  And it is all about crushing the “opposition” by any means imaginable.

The following is an Office of Special Affairs Investigation (Intelligence) Division report of March 27, 2006 detailing the initial Leiby offensive.




March 27, 2006





In approximately March of 2005 Leiby was living with Arnie Lerma as he was having marriage trouble and was kicked out of the house by his wife.  He had planned to stay there for a month or two while he got things together.


At the end of January we found the new apartment that Leiby moved to in Rockville, Maryland, about 2 miles away from his wife (Theresa) and their three children. 


Although they have been separated for a year no divorce papers have been filed as yet, as he and his wife are fighting over the equity in the home and are working out property settlements with their attorneys before filing anything in court.


The wife, Theresa Defino, is the Executive Editor of the Physician’s Practice magazine – a magazine for doctors that covers the business side of the medical field such as insurance contracts, billing etc. She has been a medical writer her entire career. She works from home and the children are with her – a 16 year old girl and 12-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.


Special collections [Ed note: euphemism for stealing the garbage] could not be done at Leiby’s apartment but this was checked regularly at the wife’s home [her garbage WAS collected]. Thus far nothing of interest has turned up. 


Leiby has been very stressed out about the divorce and per a source, he gave up his gossip column “Reliable Source” with the Post, as he could not handle it.  He also has a situation with his personal finances as he has to pay for the divorce and the attorney fees, plus the house and his apartment.


Leiby made two calls to CST on March 24th each time leaving just his name and his Washington phone number. DSA DC made a call on the 27th Leiby’s senior at the Washington Post, Deborah Heard. She was informed that as Leiby was so completely biased, we were not going to be calling him back but we would talk to anyone else at the Post.  Deborah responded that she hoped that someone would call him back as she had 65 juniors and she did not know what they were all working on. It was reiterated that Leiby was extremely biased and had recently been a roommate with someone who is a major attacker of the Church, who has threatened the Church and has been involved with extremist right wing groups. Deborah was taken aback but was still repeating that we should call Leiby back. She was told that this was not going to happen, as while we have had other reporters that were biased, at least they gave us an opportunity to respond and quoted what was said. However with Leiby it was felt that he would not fairly represent what was said.


Deborah responded that she was sorry we felt that way, but in her 15 years of working with Leiby at the Post, she has found him to be a “serious, dedicated, meticulous reporter.” She said that with any complaint, there are three avenues – Legal and go to the Legal Dept (she was informed that it was not a Legal issue), that the ombudsman, Deborah Howell is the readers advocate and we could write to her. Lastly, the Department Head can hear complaints and she wants to hear complaints about her staff.  She was informed this was a complaint and she then suggested that a letter be sent to her with the complaint. 


A letter will be sent to Deborah Heard that details the past relationship with Leiby and what the upsets are that make us feel he is not qualified to report on the Church.


         We are currently workout out a new meeting with Leiby with the resource to get more information to find out what the current scene is with his wife, any specific data as to why she kicked him out, what he is planning on doing, etc.




Catching Radical Scientology Spies

By Steve Hall, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun

Being the Indies most often targeted for infiltration and destruction by David Miscavige, and as our blocks have been particularly hot of late, and recognizing that between us we’ve identified and neutralized close to a dozen OSA operatives before they could do much damage: we thought we’d collaborate to share some tips.  Tips for living a relatively happy, Independent life while continuing to advance the ball.

David Miscavige’s intelligence operation network, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) has been very sloppy of late.  There is a rule of thumb that can be applied here:  The number of  Miscavige’s gasket blowing tantrums are directly proportional to the number of  bone-headed, over-the-top OSA desperation blunders.  The latter are committed in vain attempts to cut down the frequency of the former.  As in most matters Miscavige, his psychosis is the cause of those motivators that he runs on everybody else as his cause for going psychotic.  We know, a messy scene.

But, we’ve learned a few things in the course of blunting the incursion of some deep-cover OSA operatives.  We’d like to share these so that others might be able to guard against the embarrassment of being betrayed by an OSA plant.

OSA agents have demonstrated several – and some most  – of the following behavior patterns:

  1. Name dropping in a sort of creepy way.  They particularly like to make themselves sound like life-long comrades of Mike Rinder, Steve Hall, and Marty Rathbun.  They make a big point of it – and in every instance we have heard it is a manufactured or highly exaggerated claim used when making pitches that they can be trusted. Please do not confuse this with genuine anecdotes about friends.  This is the sort of out of tune “I’m in the inner sanctum”, “I have known and worked with them for X years,” “They are my friends on Facebook, along with X others,” kind of “you can trust me” bull.
  2. They try to get names and contact information of particularly effective anonymous Indies. More specifically of late they have tried all manner of shifts to find out the identities of:

a)      The creator of the website. 

b)      The persons behind the identities OTDT and Deep Fax on this blog.

c)      But in general, any individuals who post anonymously on the blog who discloses damaging information or who appears to be someone important. 

  1. They are very illogical in their own “security” considerations.  They are very complex on the subject.   While their identities are clearly known by association with certain Indies they still will come up with all manner of excuse for not overtly posting or speaking out or telling all about the crimes they have witnessed.
  2. Criticism of Miscavige is reserved if uttered at all. Often their critical statements about the church are general, and primarily consist of LRH quotes (intended to make it appear they are very “On Source”).  Listen closely, they site policy to stop quite often (an SP characteristic).
  3. They often ask about “the strategy” or “plans” and have schemes to “participate” or “work together” in order to become trusted and learn all about what is going on and potentially to ensnare or entrap their targets.
  4. When asked questions about their activities or intentions (by email) they comm lag while they clear their answers with their handlers.
  5. They have a “sales pitch” they deliver to everyone, whether asked for or not. It sounds like a rehearsed GAT patter – because that’s essentially what it is.
  6. They do not want to present themselves to law enforcement or government agencies to provide testimony nor do they wish to put themselves into a position to be questioned under oath in a civil proceeding.
  7. They avoid speaking to the media, excusing it as a “suppressive act” and will even try to dissuade others from doing so, saying “it should be handled through standard channels.”
  8.  They covertly invalidate the purpose of getting in ethics on Miscavige and Co. and attempt to shift their target onto a benign sounding purpose (re-purpose) such as “making money” developing businesses or “just loving everyone”.
  9.  They invite their targets to involve themselves in sketchy activities and situations designed to backfire on the target. They are particularly fond of trying to win agreement with ideas for “taking over” the church (precisely what DM has been falsely alleging since 2009).
  10.  They third party key terminals to create internecine warfare. Examples: they complain they are being third partied when they are not. They characterize Indie’s as “followers” of someone else.
  11.  They roll out elaborate stories designed to covertly, and you have to listen carefully to catch it, impart the message that the Indie movement is creating bad results.
  12.  To establish “reality” with their target, they present themselves as “just like you” in various ways: their history is just like yours, their profession is just like yours, their likes and dislikes are just like yours, their second dynamic is just like yours, etc.

Incidentally,  2 a and b might suggest something  to you as it did to us.  That is, and OTDT especially are IMPINGING on Miscavige.  Why?  In the case of, the site documents the exact scam Miscavige pulled, demonstrating with written evidence that he has hijacked LRH’s intentions for the future viability and expansion of Scientology and sabotaged plans for their execution.   In the case of OTDT, he/she captures the essence of Miscavige’s personality to a tee. 

No witch hunts are invited.  Just some tips to friends.  The fact of the matter is Miscavige is freaked that the Indie movement is continuing to grow after two years and so he is throwing unprecedented resources at stopping it. Primarily he is banking on intelligence ops doing the trick.

Steve, Marty and Mike

Pie Face

Postscript: Could not miss the opportunity to make use of this photo taken in Sydney, now that people understand the significance of the term! Mike

Sydney, August 2010

Brian Mandigo Acquitted

Brian Mandigo, also known as Anon Sparrow, was acquitted of charges of Stalking and Wearing a Mask to Intimidate.  Brian is the fellow who does the frequent, many times solo, protests in front of the Founding Church of Scientology Washington D.C.  I have commented before that I have found his tactics offensive, sometimes tasteless and counter-productive.

However, I have also found the Corporate Church’s tactics in dealing with him far more offensive than Brian’s.  Those tactics included having members of the Nation of Islam come out to overtly and covertly physically threaten Brian.  Worse, they wheeled in lawyer Rick Moxon to work with the District Attorney to trump up the charges that were recently dismissed.

The church of Scientology has unclean hands when it comes to stalking and using costumes to intimidate as they proved very recently at my home.  Their form of stalking and intimidation goes on day after day, using sophisticated equipment and myriad highly paid cut outs so as to lurk undetected and effectively without liability to Corporate Scientology.  And it occurs nationwide and worldwide.

Further, their tactics of lying to law enforcement and spending thousands upon thousands to influence prosecutors in order to abuse the processes of law so as to  “dead agent” a single person execercising his or her constitutional rights is unconscionable.

In this particular case an Independent Scientologist, Tom Felts,  testified on behalf of the defense.  In thanks for performing his civic duty, he was subjected to a particularly hurtful form of  Radical Scientology harassment.

Kudos to Tom for doing the right thing.

And congratulations to Brian for standing up to the beast and prevailing.

Corporate Scientology Public Enemy #1, pt II

Corporate Scientology’s Ideal Student

Now that you’ve seen the Ideal OTA, Ideal OT VIII, and one hell of a lot about the Ideal orgs of David Miscavige, let’s take a look at his Ideal Student.   A year, almost to the day, after having come to Corpus Christi with 19 other Corporate Scientologists –  including Tommy Davis, Michael Roberts and the Duffs (Denise and Michael), Jan Eastgate, Chris Smith, et al – aboard Tom Cruise’s private jet on a mission to “intimidate” me so as to kidnap JB, Michael Doven has been rewarded for his failed mission.  Miscavige is now touting Micheal Doven as a celebrity of sorts: the first Golden Age of Knowledge Completion.

Get it people, four years after the release of the largest single cross order to Scientology Training in the history of Scientology, ONE person has completed Miscavige’s line-up to hell.   Is Michael auditing anyone?  No.  Is Michael even an auditor?  No.   Is he enrolled to become one?  No.   A year after having the opportunity to have his head screwed on straight by me personally, Doven has been taken OFF the Bridge.  Here is the exclusive interview I had with Michael last April where you can witness Miscavige’s ideal student acting like Miscavige’s Ideal OTA Allender:

*transcript available at the end of his post compliments of Margaret

Here’s the post giving the context and what lead up to that interview:

There is a reason Doven was awarded full time study by Dave (and called an “internationally recognized artist”) after his failed mission.  The clue is in the interview link – and Doven’s waffly, doubt-ridden, comm lags.  If he ever jumped ship – having served as Dave’s live-in spy to Tom for the ten years he was out of Scientology –  Dave and Tom couldn’t handle the fall out.  Having nothing but cowed, ill associates has its advantages.


Transcript of phone call between Marty Rathbun and Michael Doven on Wednesday, April 28, 2010:


[Sound of birds chirping, footsteps, car door opens/closes, clearing throat, rattling keys, etc.]


[phone picks up]


MARTY: Michael.


MARTY: Hi, what’s happening?

MICHAEL: Well, uh, love to chat. Uh, love to chat you up a little bit, and see if I can inject some sanity into this thing.

MARTY: Inject some what?

MICHAEL: Sanity.

MARTY: Into what?

MICHAEL: This whole scene, Marty. This whole … this whole scene, you know?

MARTY: Yeah, well, you know I’m willing to talk to anybody on any subject, my Grade 0 is fully in. Uh, but I don’t think you know me well enough to know the incorrect way to approach me is to have 12 people … or 16 people in 4 cars descend on my place.

MICHAEL: I understand that. I mean you don’t know me well enough to know … I actually understand that.

MARTY: I know .. I know you know. But yet .. but yet you DO it. And that is the frightening thing. I mean there’s this gamemanship, this intimidation stuff, and you’re being a vehicle for it. And I know that you know that it’s not right.

MICHAEL: Yeah, yeah. Well that’s uh … that’s not my gig…you know …

MARTY: I know that Michael.

MICHAEL: … everyone has their agenda. And … and … there are certain … you know there are individuals with passionate feelings about .. you know … communicating with you in different ways. Right? And uh … and uh … you know, although there may be some agreement as to … uh … the desire for that to occur … and/or the uh … you know, the … what they want to communicate … uh … that’s … you know the HOW that takes place … that’s uh … I’m calling you now. I’m calling you now. And uh …

MARTY: Where’s everybody else?

MICHAEL: Well I don’t know everybody else … I’m at McDonalds with … uh … two friends. Uh, I don’t know if you know ‘em, Michael and Denise Duff …


MICHAEL: Michael and Denise Duff …

MARTY: Uh huh.

MICHAEL: … and Michael Roberts.

MARTY: Michael Roberts? And uh …


MARTY: Wow. Who were the other guys in the car with you?

MICHAEL: That’s who was in the car with me.

MARTY: The guy in the back with the blonde hair is Michael Duff?

MICHAEL: Uhhh … this morning … that is a dull morning … No, that’s not … no Michael Duff has black hair.

MARTY: Right, he was in the front seat with the camera.

MICHAEL: Uh yeah … uh yes, but the guy in the backseat’s name … I don’t frankly know.

MARTY: Is it an Int guy?

MICHAEL: Um, I believe … I don’t know.

MARTY: You got a guy in your car you don’t even know Michael.

MICHAEL: Yeah, well there was a car load of individuals, and I didn’t know … have everybody’s name.

MARTY: Ok. I just uh … this is very odd. I like to identify who it is who came to visit me.

MICHAEL: I know, I know that. I understand that. I … I uh … I would have chosen to … uh .. you know … I would have preferred to call … email … then show up. You know? And make an appointment. Something … that would have been more … uh … more uh … more my choice. I’m not going to make less of other people’s choices, but that that would have been what I would have chosen to do. And uh … it’s just a straighter uh … straighter approach … you know?

MARTY: Mmm huh.

MICHAEL: So … so … uh … so there you go. That’s … that’s that.

[Car door opens and closes; sounds of cars driving by.]

MICHAEL: Umm … I just wanted to talk about your … you know, over a number of months … it’s just like … Alright, what’s taking place here? HOW is it taking place? WHY is it taking place? WHAT is taking place? You know, how … how … how we get to this point, to where one who wants help and who wants to help people I know and care about … uh …

MARTY: [while walking] I’m helping people Michael now … this is the wrong button … I’m helping people now like I’ve never helped people before. In fact, I’m doing my job unobstructed like I’ve never been able to do my job before. So I don’t … that paradigm doesn’t really work for me.

MICHAEL: Yeah, but let me ask you a question. At one point, before, just earlier, somewhere earlier, was there a sense of KNOWING you were helping with certainty and KNOWING that it was working, and KNOWING that you were contributing to something good? Was there that point?


MARTY: You told Tiziano that I was “the who”. What did you mean by that?

MICHAEL: I told Tiziano that date coincident with the time that I spent with you, or directly after, were the lowest work years of my life.

MARTY: Mmm hmm.


MARTY: And you attribute that to me?

MICHAEL: I don’t know where else to look, Marty.

MARTY: [Laugh]

MICHAEL: I can look at myself, I can take responsiblity for my shit, alright …

MARTY: Everything was … everything was hunky-dory until Dave got his talons into Tom [Cruise], and now Tom is a mini-me David Miscavige and that’s your problem.

MICHAEL: Well, I … I … don’t know …

MARTY: And I saw it, and saw it, and I witnessed it and I observed it, and I was completely in a position where I had no obligation or no fish-to-fry with anybody, and I observed it.


MICHAEL: Okay. And … and..and..and… uh [unintelligible] … that’s your viewpoint.

MARTY: I mean … it IS my viewpoint.

MICHAEL: Yeah, okay, you’re entitled to that. I … I got that. I … I got that. I uh I don’t work for him. I haven’t for a number of years. I haven’t seen him. I’m not currently … that’s not … I’m not here to represent him, you know? I just have my own … you know, whatever. I got that. But I got the sense back then … did .. you know, you said you didn’t, you weren’t … you had no agenda at the time. You know, and you were just … but, were you helping? Did you help …?

MARTY: To answer … to answer your question … an earlier time when I was helping …?


MARTY: I think when I got Tom’s case straightened out from all the quickie bullshit he got from Ray, Dave and Greg … got his OT IV straightened out, got his OT V done, got him through his divorce, got him his life together … got him to start helping people like he’d never helped before, like Jaime … that was help.

MICHAEL: Okay. Okay. So you had a sense of helping, alright? So at what point did you decide “Okay, now let’s just fucking destroy them all, and destroy everything that I’ve just worked for ….”

MARTY: What are you talking about?

MICHAEL: “… and anybody that’s had any gains.”

MARTY: Where’s this generality coming from? Where’s this generality coming from?

MICHAEL: Well, what do you mean … which generality?

MARTY: Destroy … who am I destroying? Who have I … attempted to destroy? Who have I … I have not attempted to destroy anybody.

MICHAEL: Well, listen …

MARTY: Who have I attempted to destroy? This is Dave’s case you’re running on me.

MICHAEL: No, no, no, no … (unintelligible).

MARTY: Oh this is. This, this, this is. You’re trying to put intentions into me that I have not demonstrated, I have not communicated. Nor have I demonstrated in my actions.

MICHAEL: Well okay, how about this? In terms of your actions, let me just … just ask you … in terms of the numbers of individuals around the planet who you know and have cared for at one point, who have had absolutely wonderful wins and gains, HOW are they being affected by your actions now?

MARTY: Who? Name somebody. Is there a problem with somebody?

[Sounds of interior airport noises in the background.]

MICHAEL: Any, any upstanding current member of Scientology …

MARTY: Yeah …?

MICHAEL: … are you helping them or harming them?

MARTY: I’m helping them. And …

MICHAEL: And HOW is that help?

MARTY: Because they are stalled and they are getting reverse Scientology applied to them. And they are becoming, and doing things against … they’re doing things against their nature, and they’re being requ … [to someone else next to Marty] … hey Peter, how you doin’ my man … you got my marine corps cap on bro …

PETER: [mumbling] Mmm …yeah …

MARTY: … you big time …

PETER: [mumbling] …mmm …mmm…

MARTY: …been a long time we talked …

PETER: [softly] … yeah right …

MARTY: …alright bro, I’ll catch ya. [To Michael] … Umm, reverse Scientology’s bein’ run on all y’all. And the fact …

MICHAEL: Okay … okay …

MARTY: And the fact that you’re having to go out and do things that go against your better judgement, is the proof of it. The fact that you admit you come out down here with 16 people to try to ambush Marty and try to intimidate him somehow … I mean I know you Michael, you know that, you know me better than that. You spent two years with me, man.

MICHAEL: Well … I uh … I’m talking to you now.

MARTY: I know, and I’m talking to you.

MICHAEL: [Softly] I know. [*deep breath*] Here’s the deal Marty. I … you now, the people I run into … and I got that you have attracted to you all the disaffecteds and those who have …

MARTY: That’s not true.

MICHAEL: … bad things not …

MARTY: That’s not true.


MARTY: That’s not true. The disaffecteds … you know the Anonymous people called me … and said I’m a much bigger threat to Miscav … to them than Miscavige will ever be. Because they see the same thing. They see this guy as taking the whole ship down with him, and they’re afraid of me. So the disaffecteds and people that want to attack Scientology, fear me more than they fear David Miscavige.



MICHAEL: … well what does that mea …? … I don’t know what that means.

MARTY: What it means is that this conver … what it means is that this conversation you’re having with me should be being had with David Miscavige.

MICHAEL: Yeah, but …

MARTY: He’s your problem.

MICHAEL: But I see …

MARTY: He’s your problem.

MICHAEL: I got … I got that you … that that’s your viewpoint. I see … what I see is I’m winning … and doing well … and having wins … and expressing those wins … and sharing them … and pitching in … and joining orgs … and helping … that’s what I’m seeing.

MARTY: Have you read my blog?

MICHAEL: I’ve read parts of it, not everything. I’ve read parts of it.

MARTY: Well, you know, it’s like spike Lee says … judge me by the body of my work, don’t judge me on some individual thing, ok? Read the blog. It’s like we’re … it’s like two ships passing in the night right now. I wear my … I wear my Self in the wide open, and I bare my soul. It’s all there for the whole world to see. And for you to start telling me that I’m doing things to *attack* uh … multiple … even multiple individuals, let alone uh, you know … multitudes of people … it’s just inaccurate.

MICHAEL: Well how are you HELPING all of those of us, including yourself in earlier years … [inintelligible] … put some chance of hope there for people … how is that helping?

MARTY: I don’t know … I don’t know where to begin with you, because it’s all there. Scientology’s been hijacked. It’s been hijacked for the personal aggrandizement of a extremely egotistical person.

MICHAEL: So what are you gonna do, take it back? Or just give it away, or just destroy it? What’s the plan there? Wreck it because it was hijacked? Or make it better?

MARTY: Take it back? What you mean “take it back, destroy, hijack” … no … what I …

MICHAEL: I don’t know, what are you going to do with it?

MARTY: What I’m doing with it is applying it. Applying it as it was intended to be applied. And making it safe for others to do so. You guys gotta wake up and smell the coffee, man. The Church is dead, man.

MICHAEL: That’s not true for me and thousands of others, but if that’s true for that’s true for you, and I’m sorry to hear that.

MARTY: The Church is dead. He killed it. It’s dead.


MARTY: I’m doing that right now, man.


MARTY: That’s why you need to … that’s why you need to do your homework … instead of just taking orders from DM … and find out who you’re talking to, because you’re talking to a reality point ….

MICHAEL: I haven’t talked to him or seen him in two fucking years!

MARTY: And you’re going to sit there with a straight face and tell me that you’re not following his orders right now … you tell me Tommy Davis uh … commandeered this whole plan and figured out to send 20 people down here?

MICHAEL: I’m telling you I volunteered to come and speak with you because that’s what I wanted.

MARTY: Because we need some straight R on this … I mean if we’re gonna have a talk, let’s talk R, let’s not talk bullshit.

MICHAEL: Okay, I’ll tell you straight, I volunteered to come because I wanted to talk to you.

MARTY: You wanted to *stop* me? Where’s that at, man?

MICHAEL: I wanted to get in comm. And I gotta tell you, you must know by now … that that probably isn’t too popular.

MARTY: Iknow, it’s completely unpopular.


MARTY: Utterly, I understand that.

MICHAEL: So that tells you where I stand, you know.

MARTY: Shheesh … Michael, you came down with 20 freakin people, please.

MICHAEL: Yeah. Well …

MARTY: I gotta pick somebody up, I’m gonna have to call you back, I’m sorry they’re coming in right now. And I’ve got one of your guys is video-recording me, in the uh .. in the … in the … you wanna tell these guys to back off, or do you wanna …

CHRIS SMITH: Who are you talking to?

MARTY: I’m talking to him.

MICHAEL: They’re not my guys.

CHRIS SMITH: No, I’m talking to you right now. No, I’m actually talking to you right now.

MARTY: I’ve got Chris Smith doing a confrontation with me …

CHRIS SMITH: I’m doing confrontation?

MARTY: And a guys got a video camera in my face …

CHRIS SMITH: Now this is Marty “Destroyer” Rathbun …

MARTY: …so you wanna talk?…

CHRIS SMITH: … being videotaped. Who is it you’re talking to Marty? Who could be more important than us?

MARTY: Here you go …

MICHAEL: Now we’re …

MARTY: (Back into the phone.) I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later.

Idle Org Fraud – The Proof


In the summer of 2006, right about the time Idle Org regging went over the top to stay, and it had spread around the world, David Miscavige had to address some burning questions the public was asking.  In order to handle the “noise” from the “riff raff” public, he went straight to his A team – the OT Ambassadors.  He knew as his ambassadors they’d spread back into org fields and set the riff raff straight, “tone 40” style.   Now, buckle your seat belts before you read Miscavige’s words below.  When he doesn’t have a Sherman-speak speech on teleprompter side checked by his $1,000 an hour attorneys, the damnedest stuff issues from his mouth.  Note well, incidentally, how he outright dismisses L Ron Hubbard in front of this crowd.  What is remarkable is that inspite of the non-sequitor, non-sensical, and plain idiotic Miscavige answers, these OTA’s apparently were satisfied, clicked their heels and went right to work damping out the public resistance. Anybody still want to argue against the proposition that the higher one moves on Miscavige’s Bridge the more compliant and tractable he or she becomes?  





From recording of live event


OK?  All right.  Ok. Now. So here’s some questions that came up on orgs. Now that I’ve given you all that data, let me tell you this, because I know you’re going get together people on that. People ask, “Why in the city? Why in the country? Why a test center? And why does it have to be so big?” Ok.


Taking all this data, there are very basic factors. LRH gives data on where an org can be prominently located. In major cities you often want them right there, prominently located in the middle of the city. Some cities, everybody leaves after work and they’re not in city. Ok? So that’s one factor.  Why the country? Because you can build it bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. And economic wise for people to get, to live around that area, etc….



… So how big do you want it? How big… people say “Why 45-60,000?” Because we’ve generally calculated out that’s about the size that you can fit in these different services. But take a look what you want. You want your public division displays. You want people to walk through. You want several film rooms. People can walk in and just see a film. Ok. You want to be able to deliver a seminar. You can have a weekend seminar where new people are coming, but then they’re going to keep going on co-audit. Next weekend they’re going to be back. But the new people are going to be there for the weekend seminar. Well, that means you need a second seminar room for co-auditing. So you need two of them. You want a co-audit going of group processing, you need another room. So why this size? Ok, what size do I want you to have? Ok, 200,000 square feet. Do you see what I mean? You can’t really pick the size. What size? The bigger the better. I’ll give you another clue. The bigger, the easier. That’s all. So we want as big as possible. But the real issue are knowing what these services are, you know you want a bunch of public rooms. You know, we don’t have it down at Flag you can walk into the Auditorium, but think about the org you went to, here’s how it would go:


I’d walk in, “Hi, I want to know what Scientology is.”  “Ok, the Reg is over here.” (LAUGHTER).


And “I’d like to go into a seminar.”  “Ok, please, welcome to our broom closet.” Ok.






We’re trying to get these big areas because these are many group services.  So that’s – for some of those of questions that’s the general answer.   Knowing what these services are, you get a better idea as to what sort of org you’re looking for.  And obviously all the ones we’ve had, they have an element that makes it – okay, good, yeah – this is gonna work. 


Radical Scientology’s Public Enemy #1

All streams flow to the sea

because it is lower than they are.

Humility gives it its power.

– Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching