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Journalists Beware of Scientology Inc Spy

Jason Beghe phoned me to catch up with hurricane aftermath news. He told me that shortly after the New Yorker story ran a John Connolly, who represents himself as a Vanity Fair regular contributor, phoned Jason.  Connolly tried to pump Jason for anything he knew about the New Yorker’s investigation.  A covert investigation of the author Lawrence Wright.  While doing so Connolly attempted to drive a wedge between Jason on the one side and Mike Rinder and I on the other.  Since Jason didn’t just fall off the turnip truck Connolly did, hard.  

John Connolly has been a Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs informant for nearly two decades.  He has infiltrated several journalists doing stories on Scientology during that time, posing as a like-minded investigative journalist working on a Scientology story.  Journalists have apparently either not compared notes, or simply not noticed that Connolly hasn’t delivered on a Scientology story in the twenty years he says he’s been working on one.  Connolly was originally recruited by Eugene Martin Ingram.

Here is an excerpt from a document authored by then-DCO External OSA INT (currently CO OSA INT – and at all times since the early eighties to the present Intelligence Chief OSA Int effectively) Linda Hamel.  The document is dated, coincidentally, 14 February 2006 – five years ago, today.   It reports on Connolly’s spy work against the author of the unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise, UK journalist Andrew Morton.   

Welcome to the sunlight John Connolly.

14 Feb 2006

Connolly was here in LA working on the Pellicano story and contacted Morton and met with him on the basis of gaining his cooperation to be interviewed for an article for Vanity Fair about the books Morton has done on celebrities including the one he is writing on Tom Cruise. Connolly wanted to see what Morton was like and get any information about where Morton is currently at with regard to writing the book and to see if Morton would agree to be interviewed for an article. Based on the meeting, Connolly said that Morton seems to have finished his research already and is busy writing the book.

 Connolly told Morton that it would not be a puff piece and would show both sides including what would be said about Morton. (Connolly will use the article to  investigate Morton’s past treatment of other celebrities, use of sleazy sources, etc. that would undermine Morton’s credibility). Morton said he would check with St. Martin’s Press to get their take on cooperating for the story. Morton seems to be interested in generating publicity for the book.

 Connolly’s impression of Morton is that he is a serious writer and is a focused person but enjoyable to talk to. He knows how to use his charm to get people to talk. Morton also told him that it only took him five weeks to write the Monica Lewinsky book – so he is capable of churning out a lot in a short period of time.

 Morton said that he thought that Tom Cruise was a good story and that is why he wanted to write the book. The reporter got the impression from talking with Morton that Morton has collected a lot of information about the Church and that this will be well covered in the book. Morton also mentioned that he has an assistant who is working for him.

 Morton also said that he had met Paul Barresi a couple of times but did not go into the details of what Barresi said.

 Connolly’s impression is that Morton is a formidable adversary who is not going to back down. He thinks that Morton has made up his mind already as to the angle of the book but did not specifically say what it was.

 Morton mentioned that he had received a nasty letter from Bert Fields – he didn’t have any further comment about this.

 Morton asked if Anthony Pelicano ever worked for the client (the Church). Connolly, who is an expert on Pelicano said “no” and he doesn’t think that Tom Cruise has ever met Pelicano. Connolly will be getting back to Morton to see what St. Martin’s Press says. He has been given background documents that we have on Morton and on Barresi who we know that Morton has been using.

 This UK reporter that we have a line to has helped get information out about Morton hiring Paul Barresi. He is willing to continue to feed information and documents to the UK tabloids to discredit Morton. He made a proposal that he could rapidly write a pre-emptive positive book about Mr. Cruise, which he thought would undermine the one from St. Martin’s Press. However, when this idea of a pre-emptive book was checked with Tommy Davis, it was not something that he felt Mr. Cruise would want. 

This UK reporter will continue to be used for feeding information and stories to the UK tabloids about Morton. There is a rumor about Morton no longer being with his UK publisher Michael O’Mara which will be checked into to see if there was a conflict or a falling out. This could possibly be another attack point on Morton if it is found that there was a falling out.

 In the US Connolly, wants to do an investigative story and put a piece together on Morton and his use of sleazy sources in the books he has done about celebrities such as Madonna, the Beckhams and Tom Cruise. This would attack Morton on his reputation questioning the credibility of his sources.

The Hardest Working Man in the Independent Movement

I sometimes refer to Steve Hall as the hardest working man in the Independent Movement.  He has probably dedicated more time and energy to forwarding our ideas than anyone I am aware of and has been the most effective. Just as  important for me personally, when I surfaced publicly I found he had already been working along the same line I had announced I would be.  Steve completed his NOTs Rundowns during Hurricane week at Casablanca.  We had an opportunity to catch up and reflect on the early days of Indpendence, where we have come, and where we are going.   A video capturing some of that is below.  Steve also green lighted the publication of his NOTs success story and it follows the video.

Wow!, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow x 10. This has been a long time coming — well, getting onto my next action was a long time coming — specifically counter-intentioned by David Miscavige.  But only weeks after I disconnected from his organizations and him and spoke out — I found myself by total surprise starting my indoc for NOTs.

I first read about NOTs in 1979 — when I visited Austin Org and read LRH ED “The Year of Technical Breakthroughs.” I had heard about the wins and gosh…hoped one day I might be so lucky to experience them for myself if Scientology were really true.  You see I was still new to the subject then so my postulates were still mixed with a tinge of hope — hoping it all wasn’t “too good to be true.”

In 1984, after completing OT 1, I joined the Sea Org – again hoping that by casting my bat in with “the most ethical group on the planet” I wasn’t  also condemning myself to being parked on the Bridge.  I finished New OT IV in 1986 and then went into Central Marketing Unit — part of Exec Strata — and thus part of Int Management…and thanks to DM was blocked from taking my next step for the next 23 years. 

Then I met Marty — the most standard auditor I ever met.  Within minutes it seemed I was FLYING on my next step.  And I flew all the way through to the end with fantastic ease.  This is how NOTs should be. 

Effortless. And with all the gains. Since I started NOTs my life went into Power — (Normal condition in a higher range).  I’m having a ball kicking DM’s ass like it deserves to be kicked and living a full life across the dynamics.  My case is in excellent shape and I’m totally set up for my next action – Solo NOTs.

I would like to thank of course two people without whom this would not be possible.  First, my auditor Marty Rathbun — the greatest Scientologist I ever knew. If auditors are the most valuable people on the planet, and this guy is the best of all living auditors, that makes him in my book the most valuable being on earth. Period.

And the second person I would like to thank is of course LRH. The genius of these levels is unfathomable .  NOTs is not a rehash — it is brand new, mind  boggling discoveries. Words fail to describe the magnitude of his gift to Man. 

For where all this is leading, not even the sky is the limit.

Love – Steve Hall

Coast to Coast Calamity – BFG makes waves

Marc Headley will be on the popular late-night Coast to Coast radio show tonight.  Marc will be discussing, among other things, the Scientology Inc intelligence operations that have been run on he, his wife, and his two young children.  He will be discussing a number of internal Office of Special Affairs documents which demonstrate the unethical and illegal nature of those ops.  So that you all can follow along as Marc connects the dots I am posting below the documents he will be referring to.

These documents include proof of what Mike Rinder and I have been saying all along about how OSA routinely bribes telephone company employees to criminally invade people’s privacy by turning over their phone records to church thugs. 

These documents also demonstrate the perverse mentality of Miscavige that has been forced upon the entire OSA network.  I have met Marc and Claire’s children. I like them and they like me.  And I am some kind of hot right now about the “church’s” regard for their first-born, an extremely intuitive, smart, and friendly fellow.

While Marc and I don’t always see eye to eye on the worth of the technology, I am wishing him the best on having as much impact as possible in bringing Miscavige to justice tonight.

The documents:




March 6 2006 BFG

BFG April21 2006

Scientology Inc’s mafia-like Censorship

In the midst of unprecedented numbers visting my blog during the airing of the fourth post related to the New Yorker Story on Scientology, I was notified by WordPress yesterday that I was locked out of publishing new posts temporarily.  After many hours of investigation, the reason for the CENSORSHIP was finally disclosed:


We have received complaints that you are promoting your site in unsolicited emails. If you are doing so, please cease this activity. If we continue to receive these types of complaints regarding your site, your site can be suspended permanently.

I have unlocked your site and you may now use it again.


Odd, given the fact that no emails promoting my blog have ever emanated from my blog, nor from my own email. 

Not surprising though given the fact that this was the precise reason given by my url’s domain registrar when my blog url was re-routed to a dead end (effectively shutting down the blog) just  two weeks ago.  Incidentally, take a fresh look at my account of that censorship, and the nature of the information that apparently the grand Censor wished to silence then,   See a pattern?

In the interest of keeping the grand Censor in the dark, I won’t disclose the evidence I have linking both of these Ops to the Office of Special Affairs of Scientology Inc carrying out the orders of the grand Censor himself.

When I finally cleared this up with WordPress and re-obtained my right to post, I was about to listen to a Canadian Broadcast Corporation Radio special I was interviewed for on Thursday, scheduled to air this morning. The topic was Paul Haggis and the New Yorker story. The link to that was the likely next post.  However, the show did not air as scheduled.  I pulled some strings and found out why.  Scientology Inc lawyers launched a barrage of threats at CBC, pretty much guaranteeing them they’d be sued if they aired the program.  Don’t worry, I am certain CBC will come through – give them a week or so.  Miscavige just can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that the more he censors, his crimes become more his future; never even considering for a moment that should instead he simply come clean, those crimes would become his past.

These recent events makes me wonder just how many other outlets were shuddered into silence in the last week.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  – George Washington

The New Yorker: Miscavige and Cruise caught lying

Why is Miscavige's personal secretary posing with 1,000 lbs of burl?

The combined responses of Tom Cruise’s representatives and David Miscavige’s representatives to the fact that substantial church of Scientology labor was used to construct Cruise’s hangar and Ford Excursion vehicle in essence said:  John Brousseau only served as a consultant to such projects and no church labor was applied (it was all contracted work).   John Broussau rebuts Cruise and Miscavige here in about as authoritative a fashion as possible (with substantial physical evidence). 

John Brousseau’s time, place, form and event:

John Brousseau settles it 

PS: This is only the very tip of the iceberg.

More On Fed Probe into Miscavige

The St Petersburg Times has published a story based on the interviews of several folks who met with the FBI agents looking into Miscavige and co.

Mike Rinder pointed out yesterday the absurdity of the Sgt Shultz response of Tommy Davis (read David Miscavige) that “I see nothing, I hear nothing” when it comes to the FBI investigation.  Well, there is a very good reason (from Dave’s perspective) for that “see no evil” response.  The church has known about the FBI investigation for more than a year.   They also have a roster of each and every witness the FBI has interviewed.  Every time they sent their mosquitoes after myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, et al for the purposes of intimidation in the past year they knowingly committed a couple of fresh, new Federal crimes:  Obstruction of Justice and Federal Witness Tampering.   We have documentation for about six dozen counts for Miscavige’s indictment.

Miscavige Subject of FBI Investigation

Human Rights abuses directed by David Miscavige are the subject of an FBI investigation, according to The New Yorker magazine.   See details on this morning’s NBC Today show:

Larry Wright and The New Yorker

The New Yorker has just published a rather lengthy piece on Scientology, focusing in detail on the matter of Paul Haggis’ departure from the church.

Here is a current PBS interview with the author of the piece, Larry Wright:

Whether I agree with some of his views and conclusions or not, I  am fairly certain about two things concerning Larry Wright and his work.  One, he is honestly attempting to understand the phenomena that is Scientology from the outside. Two, he has opened a public debate on Scientology in such a thorough, balanced, newsworthy fashion  it will have huge and continuing repurcussions.  

If anyone wants to moan about a less than flattering treatment of LRH and the tech, again, you can thank David Miscavige in large part for that.  The church’s reaction toward Mr. Wright and the publication he works for is enough to make any outsider believe he is dealing with a destructive cult.  The incessant church badgering and threats to steer clear of writing anything about Miscavige can easily, and not even necessarily consciously, lead a man looking for answers to attribute more of their insanity to the Founder than is warranted in my view. 

 Miscavige and his minions spent hundreds of thousands throwing L Ron Hubbard under the bus so as to protect Miscavige.  That they continue to do so is no reason for us to shut up.  That is Radical Scientology’s intention.  More communication is the answer, not less.  And now is not the time to shy away from the public debate. You will see it roll out with gusto starting this week and continuing for many weeks.  Your voices are integral to the public discussion.

I am informed that as of around midnight tonight the New Yorker website will begin publishing a lot of back up documentation for the story.

At the end of the day, Mr. Wright and The New Yorker  deserve props for making it out the other end of the Miscavige meat grinder with one of the more informed, accurate pieces of journalism on the subject to date.

The headline and revelation about Wright’s work in the link below is worth all of the blood and guts spilled.  In South Texas folks say that there is nothing like a good chorizo sausage, even though the process of producing it is so brutal most can’t stomach watching it.

The Calm Before the Storm

A Category 2 hurricane is sure to hit early this coming week.  What we don’t know is how large this product of Mother Nature will expand to.  Pundits are all over the parking lot on the subject. It could wind up as anything from a Cat 3 all the way up to Cat 5.   In the meantime, a little calm before the storm:

Winter sunset at Casablance Tejas:

The loves of my life. My dear wife, the imcomparable Mosey, and our daughter (even though she is hairy for a chick she is the apple of my eye) Chiquita. Chillin’ on the bay:

One of many winter visitors. Even when it gets cold, it is hot at Casablanca.  This cat, by the way, is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, spiritual dudes you’d ever want to meet. Tom Felts, Independent from Washington D.C., has got some big time surprises in store for Corporate Scientology in 2011. 

Oh, yeah, two OT Vs who were severely abused by Corporate Scientology were rehabbed and gotten back on the Bridge, three abused OT VIIs were brought back up to  cause, and several complete Scientology Grades were completed from beginning to end to full EP.  And here is just one sprouting wings at the foundation of the bridge:

Oh My God! I just attested to my ARC SW. I knew it was going to be pretty damn easy being trained and having done quite a bit of auditing on SW and all the Grades, NED and Grad V actions. After my floating TA earlier today, however, I really felt done after only a handful of sessions over the last few days. My needle has been floating over that entire time. I blew masses I never expected to handle at this level of the Bridge and I know I’m on my way to Clear and beyond and definitely won’t be getting worse.


I have other wins brewing and will be writing them as they come because I can clearly predict the cognitions coming fast and furious. I can hardly put into words the gratitude I have for being able to blow through stops on getting to this point. Of course, I simply persisted in doing what Ron says and kept my integrity in and my eye on the mountain.


Thanks to my perfectly in-comm, in-ARC auditor Marty and thanks again LRH for putting the tech there.

Prevention of Bridge Progress in Corporate Scientology

The upshot of “Golden Age of Tech”, “Golden Age of Tech for OTs”, and what has become the standard operating procedure OT VII every six month “fixation on pt life rudiments intensives” is the prevention of auditing and progress up the Bridge toward spiritual freedom.  These practices have implanted a super fixidity in auditors upon pt behaviors of pre Clears and pre OTs.  And it gives pre Clears and pre OTs  ARC breaks and Present Time Problems they did not have before engaging in such expensive “auditing.” It is a violation of the CONTRACT entered into by every pre Clear and every pre OT with the church at the start of his or her journey.  The EP of Miscavige-tech super fixation on rudiments – whether it be actual rudiments (at the start of each session) or effective rudiments (repeated and endless sec checking) is OUT RUDIMENTS.  Where did I get such a blasphemous idea?  From auditing dozens of refugee Corporate Scientology folk in the manner L. Ron Hubbard suggested they be audited and from L. Ron Hubbard himself stating it as a TECHNICAL FACT:

Well, the first obersvation we can make, that rudiments go out to the degree that auditing doesn’t get done.  That’s a direct ratio. Rudiments go out to the degree that auditing does not get done.

Now, this poses you a problem. If you are using no session to put rudiments in, if you use no time at all to put rudiments in, of course, you’re apparently around the bend as far as handling the pc, because the rudiments are out. You see, here’s a puzzle that we face  at once.  If you’re not spending any time putting the rudiments in, of course, the rudiments are going to go out. But the more time you spend putting the rudiments in, the more rudiments you’ve got to put in. Have you got that?

So, somewhere here there’s an optimum amount of rudiments putting-in and it’s not very much. It’s on the order of five minutes. You know, five minutes and the rudiments are in; the pc will bear with that,  and not much more.  And when it goes to a half an hour, his present time problem is actually, basically, the fundamental problem of getting auditing.

Now, he’ll say the present time problem is something else, is something else, is something else, is something else; but his basic problem: is he going to get any auditing?  And after he’s had half to three-quarters of the session thrown away on a bunch of things that he didn’t care about, why, of course now, he has a new present time problem called “getting auditing.”  In the next session, he comes in with this new present time problem: “Am I ever going to get audited?” because he doesn’t consider any of these other things auditing…

The endless handling of rudiments is a limiting factor in auditing, because it produces eventually the ARC break of obtaining no auditing. (emphasis supplied)  So, the decision is, audit.  You’ll have less ARC breaks the more auditing you do. And of course, if your auditing is flawless from a standpoint of Model Session, and if some of these other things I’m bringing up are also present smoothly in the session, your days of having ARC breaky pcs ends as soon as you recognize that point — that he is there to be audited, and his basic contract is the basic contract to be audited.  And the more you audit him on the things his attention is fixedly on — I mean fixedly on, on the long track basis, you see – and the more attention you give to that and the more you handle that, the more he knows he’s being audited, the less ARC breaks you’re going to get.

It’s amazing what a pc will put up with to get auditing, quite amazing what they wil put up with to get auditing. Why make them put up with anything, but at the same time go on and audit.  So the best, hottest message I can give you on that exact subject is audit! Don’t fool with it; audit! See?

— L. Ron Hubbard, Basics of Auditing – St Hill Special Briefing Course 29 August 1961